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CARTOON: Yelkin on Putin’s Return

Source: Ellustrator.

CARTOON: The Kremlin Walls

Question: Is this a view of the Kremlin from the outside looking in, or the inside looking out?

Source: Ellustrator.

CARTOON: In Russian Eden

The sign on the Putinsnake's tree advertises signup for Putin's People's Front party. The Putinsnake hisses: Come closer, just a little closer.

Source:  Ellustrator.

CARTOON: Putin’s Quadriga Problem

Ellustrator reports the news that somebody famous has been run over by a quadriga, the four-horsed chariot of ancient Rome (and the annual person-of-the-year award given out by Germany which Putin recently saw jerked cruelly out of his grasp).

Source: Ellustrator.


CARTOON: Mano a Mano

Moscow has opened a new “sex museum” and it features a surprising and controversial image of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama jousting with phalluses.  The image appears after the jump, readers are urged to use caution as it is sexually explicit.  It is noteworthy that the artist chooses to depict Putin rather than Dima Medvedev jousting with Obama;  this reflects the fact that, as we report in today’s issue, Medevedev is an increasingly marginalized man.

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CARTOON: Whither Medvedev?

The signs on the wall are help-wanted advertisements.

Source: Ellustrator

CARTOONS: Russia and its Super Toilet

Translation: Get lost! This is an anti-terrorist toilet!

Source: Ellustrator.

Source: Ellustrator.

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