EDITORIAL: Does Britain still Remember Chamberlain?


Does Britain still Remember Chamberlain?

Simon Tisdall, a columnist for The Guardian in Britain, says Russians think of British Prime Minister David Cameron a “useful idiot” who offers the KGB regime of Vladimir Putin “de facto, unthinking legitimization.”

Tony Brenton, Britain’s ambassador to Russia from 2004 through 2008, says that “Russia’s ruling elite has become immovable and predatory, elections are fixed, corruption is on a par with Nigeria, the legal system is pliable, and the police and security agencies untouchable.” He says its government is a sham:  “While Dmitri Medvedev enjoys the title of president, Vladimir Putin continues to call the real shots.”

But despite that, the British idiot-in-chief recently traveled to Moscow and inked hundreds of millions in trade deals in exchange for ignoring Russian human rights atrocities and the murder of Alexander Litvinenko in London.

Taking his cues from America’s coward-in-chief Barack Obama, Cameron is attempting to curry favor with the Kremlin in order to score cheap political points at home.  In our issue today, we republish an essay by Russian Pavel Stroilov warning Cameron about the dangers his stupidity present for British national security.

Of course, it’s hard to blame the Brits too harshly when the President of the United States is an even more egregious traitor to democratic values in Russia.  But it’s still possible. Because the USA did not have a barbaric murder like that of Litvinenko to remind it of the true horrors of the neo-Soviet state, and Britain does. Nor does the USA have a Neville Chamberlain, who attempted to appease Nazi Germany and saw the results as bombs rained down across his country.

Have the Britons completely forgotten Litvinenko and Chamberlain? Are they so panicked by the global economic downturn that they are prepared to abandon their national security and their basic national values in hopes of receiving some of the bounty of Russia’s oil wealth?

If so, they should look at their financial pages.  The Russian stock market and national currency just took their biggest hits in two years.  The Russian stock market has now lost nearly one third of its value in just the last six months.  Russia can’t even help itself, much less other nations.

And they should look at Russia’s leadership. Do they really think they can trust a clan of proud KGB spies who spent their lives learning how to destroy Britain and trying to?


29 responses to “EDITORIAL: Does Britain still Remember Chamberlain?

  1. Just another useful idiot head of a G7 country… The US, Italy, France, Germany, now the UK… Which states are NOT ruled by useful idiots, LR, “Kosovo”, probably? Why don’t you emigrate?

    • What you don’t understand, because you are an idiotic Russian, is a little thing we have in the West called an election. Where we live, unlike your sad, frozen little prison, we can throw out the useful idiots and replace them with brilliant heroes, like Ronald Reagan for example. Today a useful idiot, tomorrow John McCain. Who knows, maybe one day Russians will get grown up and civilized enough to try it for themselves.

      • Sure, you live in a free country. Hope to see 45% of poor free Americans represented in the next Senate. Hope they would even have a free party that works for them some day. And hope you start asking yourself why another free party that represents 3% of the richest free has a majority in the free senate so far. But honestly, I don’t think you even understand how flawed your system is.

        P.S. “Today a useful idiot, tomorrow John McCain.” – I noted you don’t consider McCain useful, thanks.

        • What party are you referring to when you mention “another free party that represents 3% of the richest free has a majority in the free senate.”

          • Let me see… The US Labor Party, maybe? Those three percent of the richest must be really laborous, right?:)

            • There is no Labor Party in the United States, at least nobody ever heard of it. The majority party in the U.S. Senate is Democratic Party and I don’t know why you think it represents the richest 3 % of population.

              • Sure, my mistake, was talking about the House in general, of course.

                • If you mean the U.S. Congress, there is no such thing as “in general.” It has two equal chambers; one is House of Representatives which is now controlled by Republicans and the other is the Senate which is controlled by Democrats. Each makes laws independently of the other, both must approve.

                  So, back to your thing. Why are you saying the Congress “represents the richest 3% of population?” There is no property qualification for voting. It represents the whole 100 % of the population, I think.

                  • RV, blacks are 12.6% of the US population. There are 100 members in the Senate, 535 in the Congress in general, and it’s the Congress#112 you have now. There are about 40 black congressmen now.

                    1) What is the number of republican black congressmen?

                    2) What is the number of black senate members?

                    3) What was the number of black senate members throughout the US history?

                    Answers: 1) 0. 2) 0. 3) 6.

                    12,6% group of your population, taken by race, are not represented in the upper chamber – at all.

      • @larussophobe
        I’ll take that you are the maintainer of this (otherwise very interesting) blog. Can you argue without resorting to insults? You’re underminig your own credibility.

  2. “one day Russians will get grown up and civilized”.Larussophobe live in the biblical scale of the time-the world have been created 6000 years ago and Russians will soon stop regarding the liberty as the mixture with a pederast.

  3. Is this russian? Or bolchevite newspeak? I just cant make any sense
    of what Komrade Ben is saying…or has party poop made any sense ever?

    • Ming – speaking Russian? French? Chinese?

    • Must say that I enjoy you input, Ming.

      However, you must remember, that ‘Komrade Ben’ is probably high on his self brewed ‘somogonka’ and hence his ‘party poop’ propaganda is at a premium.

      Be honest, have you ever known a brain washed Kommunist indoctrinated Komrade to ever think logically or rationally.

      To drive this point home, just look at Komrade Dimwitry’s input!

  4. It’s pretty funny how how Commissar Ioffe treats the USA. I like “we can though out useful idiots (Carter?) and replace them with brilliant heroes, like Ronard Reagan, for example. Today a useful idiot, tomorrow John McCain.”.

    There is subtle humor when a USSR expat is calling John McCain a “yesterday’s useful idiot”. I think “useful idiots” was the term for British intellectuals who admired Stalin and generally for Soviet sympathizers in Western countries.

    • And American liberals, French liberals, etc etc etc

    • And pretty much every current Western European leader. I think the British guy was the last one, now he is no more a “brilliant hero, like Ronard Reagan”:)))

      Merkel, Sarcozy, Berlusconi, Obama, now Cameron – nice to know the world electing them is wrong, and LR and their faithful bunch of neocon intellectuals are sooo right:)))

  5. One must ask themselves, is it better to elect fools for at least four years (six in case of our french friends conveniently taken up as example by mr.putin) at a time or have one side imposing their will for 24 years… Any reasonable person versed in politics can observe – Russia under its leadership today is far more sinister than its soviet predecessor. Who had a sole purpose of self preservation of an empire created as a result of death and turmoil never seen before in human history. Now It has learned a chameleon trait, adapting useful free market mechanisms to advance it’s brute policy of domination in european energy markets in a midst of a very serious economic crisis. With high unemployment, energy costs and general malaise in the west – that is being a perfect formula for despots and murderers as the rest look the other way in exchange of cheap and stable gas and oil.

  6. The treatment of cases such as the murder of Litvinenko is nothing new in the British politics, unfortunately – politics go first, before justice:


  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking one of my blog-posts. Good luck with blogging more / once a week. It is really hard to keep up a blog. I know all about it. Again, good luck

  8. alan b'stard M P

    Good man Chamberlain, as was Edward VIII who tried to prevent war, but was prevented by the traitors and kikes of the parliament

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