CARTOON: Putin to the Rescue!

Source: Ellustrator.

3 responses to “CARTOON: Putin to the Rescue!

  1. A photo can be more profound than a cartoon. moscow KGB “church” air freshener for the bathroom :

  2. Gontmakher: Russia’s fire-ravaged regions likely to suffer again this winter

    Paul Goble

    Having focused all their attention on putting out fires across Russia – and most but far from all are now extinguished — Yevgeny Gontmakher says, Russian officials are neglecting necessary preparations for winter, something that could lead the country “from catastrophe to catastrophe” once the weather turns cold.

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  3. More damage control because putin caused russia to burn like hell :

    Medvedev tells Russia governors to please people
    Yesterday at 22:59 | Reuters MOSCOW, Aug 30 (Reuters) – President Dmitry Medvedev warned Russia’s Kremlin-appointed regional governors on Monday that he is closely watching their approval ratings and hinted they won’t last long in the job if they cannot keep people happy.

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