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PHOTOGRAPHS: Russia Comes to Life

Artemy Lebedev is a Russian designer and restauranteur who blogs as “Tema” on the LiveJournal forum.  He recently posted a series of four photographs taken by another LJ blogger, Internallife, which we republish after the jump.  They are interesting because they seamlessly integrate partial animation.  In one photo the model’s belly rises and falls while she breathes, in other she blinks her eyes, creating a startling contrast.  The images drew nearly 700 comments on Lebedev’s blog, and show that Russians are capable of doing really clever things sometimes, if they choose to apply themselves.

They also so how utterly corrupt Russia really is, because they show up only in the context of borderline pornography and other low pursuits, some actually criminal like hacking and piracy.  Though the photographers assure readers that the model is of legal age and employed, she looks like a child, and why must this technique be shown in this context? Why not something a little more . . . civilized? Why can’t these Russians see that that if they need to assure readers the woman is of legal age, they probably should have considered a different model, or an non-sexual way of showing their talent.  Such moral thoughts seem totally beyond Russia’s ken.  In light of our editorial in today’s issue about a brutal gang-rape of a drugged female student in London, these photos offer a terrifying type of insight about the attitude of Russians towards their women.

Anyway, it’s too much Russia in a nutshell (and we do mean nut!) for us to overlook.  If you cannot see the animation, try a different browser or click through the original on Tema’s website.


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One Photo is Worth a Thousand Screams

A fake advertisement for the Central Department Store (TsUm) in Moscow created by an artist who wants to lampoon Russia’s presidential duo. This almost rivals Batman and Robin!

Ah, Russia! A Photo Essay

A photo essay, courtesy of LR reader MCUSA:

You think horse should be used here, stupid foreigner? Ha! Russian laugh at you!

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PHOTO: So that’s how he does it!

It has an effective range of up to 1,000 yards!

Source:  Oleg Panfilov’s Facebook.

Photo Essay

You said it, sister!

Miraculous Russian Churches Obliterated by Russian Dictatorship

After the jump, photos of miraculously beautiful turn-of-the-century Russian Orthodox churches (and, yes, even a Roman Catholic one!) as photographed by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii.  These and hundreds more like them were eradicated by the same KGB whose proud servant now rules the country, and many of their resident priests were murdered.  How ironic that now these same priests are selling their souls to the devil and cooperating with Vladimir Putin to build a new ne0-Soviet state where religion is used as an element of power.

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One Photo is Worth a thousand Screams

The toll of fire fatalities at the “Khromaya Loshad” night club in Perm (pictured, left) has risen to 125, with 100 more currently hospitalized, many of them in critical condition.

At least 15 children lost both their parents in the conflagration.

Many of the victims were killed not by fire or smoke but by being stampeded by fellow Russians fighting to get out the only exit.

After the jump, shocking pictures from the scene reveal bodies stacked like cord wood in the streets, shirtless burned men standing without medical attention in the freezing cold, clueless party goers moments before hell broke loose, and the horrifically bleak burial conditions met by those who did not survive. They also show the special plane that was needed to carry burn victims from Siberia to Moscow because Perm, a major Russian city, lacks sufficient medical facilities to care for them.  You can also watch video from inside the club here and read a Russian blogger’s first-hand account of the events in English here.

We would like to ask:  Mr. Putin, why do you have money to buzz the USA with nuclear bombers and send weapons of war to the crazed Islamists in Iran but not to provide burn treatment in Perm?

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