SPECIAL EXTRA EDITORIAL: Putin, President for Life


Putin, President for Life

We told you so.

Vladimir Putin has announced he will take back the reins of power in 2012, and this means he will undoubtedly rule Russia for the rest of his life, just like Stalin and Brezhnev before him.

Right here on our blog, Russophile maggots like Kevin Rothrock and Anatoly Karlin repeated the Kremlin mantra that this would never happen. Now, they stand exposed.  We condemn their mendacious treachery, as they sought to do all they could to blunt opposition to Putin making this move and thereby facilitate it.  Now, these venal scumbags will turn around and say: “It doesn’t matter, Putin always had power.”  We would laugh, if we were not so busy weeping for what was once Russia and is now the USSR.

Like a servile slave, current “president” Dmitri Medvedev has agreed to stand down from power without even trying to achieve reelection, and to formally become Putin’s henchman.

Like we always warned would happen, those who “gave Putin a chance” have only given him the chance to consolidate his power and fully recreate a neo-Soviet state in Russia, one that is actually worse than the USSR because it is ruled by the KGB.

The people of Russia are doomed.  Heedless of Santayana’s warning, they will repeat the mistakes of the past and once again be destroyed by them.  More and more oblivious of reality and and of criticism, Putin will grow older and older in power and will crush more and more of the life out of Russian society.

They have one last chance:  They could stand up and lay down their lives between now and March 2012 to stop this shameless power grab by a proud KGB spy. If they don’t, the last window will close and Russia’s fate will be sealed. We doubt there are enough Russians left who truly love their country to make such a thing even remotely possible.  So Russia will slide into the neo-Soviet ire.

More and more Russians will want to leave, and sooner or later the Russian government will have to stop allowing them.  Dissent will be crushed more vigorously, and the secret police will become more and more active. Limits will be placed on the ways and means that Russians can communicate with foreigners, and ever more draconian pressure will be placed on the Internet.

The Russian economy will depend more and more on the price of crude oil, a finite resource that cannot last forever,   Pummeled by international markets, the Russian economy will look more and more like the Soviet economy, less and less able to deliver basic subsistence to ordinary Russians.

Russia will become more and more of a class society as loyalty to Putin and his neo-Soviet ideology, which includes religious Orthodoxy, becomes integral to professional success.  Putin will revive more and more of the Soviet past, until the differences between Russia and the USSR and minimal and insignificant.

This has always been Putin’s plan, to rule forever and to bring the USSR back to life.  Those who failed to oppose the execution of this plan now bear responsibility for its success.

This starts with U.S. President Barack Obama.  Obama treated Dima Medvedev as if he were a real ruler, and in so doing helped to blunt criticism of Putin’s obvious effort to become president for life. We condemn this cowardly, outrageous behavior of the American president, and we know that history will come to know him as the 21st Century’s Neville Chamberlain.

We weep for Russia.


126 responses to “SPECIAL EXTRA EDITORIAL: Putin, President for Life

  1. Russian “siloviki” (FSB / KGB) to develop control over the Internet. They even proposed it as UN convention:

    Putin semi-hitlerian styled billboards appeared on russian streets. Someone already makes fun out of them:

    Russian OMON on the guard of United Russia (Putin’s NSDAP) meeting.

    The same meeting resulted in increase of Russian Duma term from 4 to 5 years. Fun: one of attendees of that meeting (don’t know if he is a deputy) has a VKontakte account (Russian Facebook-wannabe social service. They stole Facebook design). http://vkontakte.ru/sokin

    You can use Google Translate to read his message wall for full list of results of aforementioned NSDAP United Russia meeting:

  2. “We doubt there are enough Russians left who truly love their country to make such a thing even remotely possible.”

    Well, I am Russian. Am I ready to put my life for current Russia’s future – NO. Do I love it so much – NO. When Russia will collapse into several more or less “normal” countries, then I’ll love on of these countries more. If I ever see it in my life. But even then I will not put my life for it. To give your life for the country is only for poor and stupid, no matter where – USA or Russia. Rich or Smart people don’t go fight for “Freedom” or “Communism”. And don’t tell me americans think differently. You will put US flag on your house buy most of you won’t allow you children to go to military.

    What is funny is that most dictators now don’t end well. So even when some particular country, like Lybia is so backward that it allows dictator to flourish, he has problems with happy retirement because the world around is changing so fast and it really became much smaller than even 30 years ago. Even 15 years ago. So I would not worry too much about this “election”. It would be funny to see how it will all turn out in the future, especially if you are far away from Russia.

    So, to answer your question about giving your life for the country – no thanks. I’d rather live happily in the country of my choice, if I’m smart enough… I wonder, wouldn’t they close borders soon? So many Russians are leaving… maybe not so much in numbers, but in quality – it is usually the most energetic and they take their money with them and “tales from hell” to tell to the world…

    • @And don’t tell me americans think differently. You will put US flag on your house buy most of you won’t allow you children to go to military.

      Well, you know… Vietnam War was a very unpopular war and a source of a huge trauma that effectively ended the draft in America in 1973. But the thing is, most of the American forces in Vietnam were either volunteers of lifers (career soldiers) anyway, and I don’t even count the officers or those not in the field: among the enlisted Army soldiers who have died in Vietnam only 50% were conscripts, and it was just 5% among the killed Marine grunts.

    • The thing is, you project your very personal views on several broad groups of people – “most energetic”, “rich”, “smart”, etc. It makes an impression that you have some reliable information about the mindset of these groups in Russia. Which you don’t have, of course.

      What’s makes it even funnier, the very group you associate with, came into existence during Putin’s years…

  3. If you want to check real Putin’s rating, look how many likes and dislikes of this video. At the moment of posting the ratio was: LIKE: 28, DISLIKE: 161.

    The BIG question for Russia, what proportion of those people who dislike Putin really want some sort of normal country and society. Putin tries to convince us all that most people in Russia who hate him want something crazily terrible and evil, like Stalin. If USA could make its own studies and publish them on the internet, it would be great. But nobody wants to try, probably out of fear of FSB or out of stupidity, I don’t know.

    I know that USA don’t want to risk changing Russia’s government unless it is 100% necessary because of security of nuclear weapon. So that’s why Obama look like complete asshole. However, been on his place, it’s hard to say what could be done differently. Yes, he could have give a miss to Medvedev lunch, however, by eating with Medvedev, he tried to help those around Medvedev get more power against Putin’s policies. It is loose-loose situation, whatever you try with Russia.

    • > If you want to check real Putin’s rating,
      > look how many likes and dislikes of this video.
      > At the moment of posting the ratio was:
      > LIKE: 28, DISLIKE: 161.

      The video was about members of some obscure opposition making fun out of Putin billboards. So the negative votes were actually in support of Putin. Good thing is that they probably came from NASHI-jugend who are known for spamming such kind of videos with their poison.

      > If USA could make its own studies and publish
      > them on the internet, it would be great.

      Only independent study would make sense.

      > I know that USA don’t want to risk changing Russia’s
      > government unless it is 100% necessary because
      > security of nuclear weapon.

      USA can relatively easy trigger government change in Russia: use loyal oil-rich arab countries to bring down oil prices → watch Russian stock markets vanishing in black hole → see Russians on streets in barbaric haze at the verge of civil war and complete country collapse.

      That’s just one possible scenario and it was actually put in use to help USSR collapse.

      > however, by eating with Medvedev, he tried to help those
      > around Medvedev get more power against Putin’s policies.

      This would have no effect in Russia. You need some political freedom in country for such things to work. “those around Medvedev” — such people don’t exist on Russia. There are only “those around Putin” or you are packing your suitcases and flee Russia. Unless you want to be poisoned / gunned down / tormented to death by KGB / FSB of course.

      • Sorry, I forgot to include link. I was not saying about the video above. I was saying about this video of Putin going for president!

        So proportion of dislikes of this video really says something!!!

      • Garnet, I generally agree with you.

        Two corrections: NASHI usually influence “Thumbs up” comments. They often can’t influence Like/Dislike bar so much because it requres much more votes. They often find it hard to employ this amount of people or imitate IPs for general LIKE-DISLIKE of video. It does not mean that they can’t do it if they really want, but they do it more rare probably.

        Second, what would happen if Obama ignore Medvedev. I don’t think it would have improved anything. So when Obama think Zero-Zero result but in one case he can at least help export some US firms to Skolkovo, why not. I just don’t see what Obama could do better with Medvedev… ignore him? I don’t think it would work. I hope US will make big list of those who are prohibited to get visas and invest in international banks this would be really OUCH! for some murderers in Russia.

        • Mp X, yes, you are actually right about Obama-Medvedev. Since they are both puppets with almost no real power it makes sense for them to “work together” in public eye. It’s just whatever agreement they make, it’s first approved by their masters :-)

  4. So does Putin have to go through this Presidential/Prime Ministerial switch again in years to come? Or is the term limit rule worded to apply only to the third term?

    • For the next 12 years he is the President… if Russia still exist in 12 and half years time, then they will have to think of something, in 2024. LOL. But Titanic does not sail for so long…

  5. In today`s Russia hooligans destroy only cheap cars (affraid of rich owners) and newly arrived Muslims` voices are loud.

  6. Patriarch Kirill’s apostate “Russian Orthodox” world is going to collapse – the Russian Orthodox Church is already seen as both imperialistic and semi-heretical by other Orthodox Churches.

    • The other week, Kirill of the Moscow KGB “church” came to Luhansk, Ukraine. The mayor forbid any other events for the 2 days that KGB Kirill was in Luhansk and all public transportation was directed to provide easy transport for anybody that wanted to come to see him. {Please note that in 2004 Yanukovych knocked out the teeth of the Minister of transportation for allowing Ukrainians public transport to Kyiv during the Orange Revolution; and public transportation has been stopped from going to Kyiv during peaceful demonstrations in Kyiv – in the past two (2) years.} Next week KGB Kirill will visit Western Ukraine for the first time, even though Ukraine is not his canonical territory.


      Russian Orthodox Church embroiled in corruption scandal

      A Russian Orthodox provincial priest was revealed to have amassed a collection of luxury cars and to keep hundreds of thousands of pounds of cash in his safe.

      In the case of Father Grigoriev, he was shown to own a BMW jeep, a Mercedes jeep, and a Mercedes saloon as well as three flats and a country house. To add insult to injury, a secret camera filmed the priest bragging about his £60,000 Swiss watch, his £12,000 phone, while talking about his love of Italian designer clothes and fine dining. In an indication of how much wealth the priest had amassed, he complained of recently being robbed of the equivalent of £300,000 from his safe.


      • I hope that russian patriarch stayed in the abode fit for the head of russian orthodix church – in the public toilet in the center of Kyiv….

    • Published Tuesday, February 10 2009

      2.2.2009, RUpor


      The only thing that Kirill succeeded in doing is to create a paramilitary “Orthodox corps” within the pro-Kremlin youth movement called “Nashi.” During the pontifical synod at the Church of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, the “Nashisty,” together with the police, guarded adjacent districts, prevented the followers of the disgraced Metropolitan Diomid from exiting the subway, and impeded journalists in their work.

      In his solemn speech during his enthronement, the patriarch called himself a “defender of the Church’s external canonical borders.” […]

      In 1996 he became a member of the Board of Directors of the Peresvet Bank, which serves the financial interests of the Patriarchate. According to Moscow-based journalists, this marks the beginning of the metropolitan’s financial and real estate abuses.

      In September 1996, issue no. 34 of the newspaper _Moskovskie novosti_ (Moscow News) featured a report about the fact that in 1994-1996 the OVTsS, headed by Metropolitan Kirill, organized the importation of tens of thousands of tons of goods (primarily cigarettes) bypassing customs duties, under the guise of humanitarian aid, which amounted to tens of millions of dollars. These accusations were supported by other popular secular newspapers (incl. the journalist Sergei Bychkov of _Moskovskii komsomolets_). […]

      The Church managed to earn several hundred million dollars, and Kirill’s worth was estimated at 1.5 billion dollars. According to some data, today his fortune is estimated at 4 billion dollars.

      In May 2001 the same journalist, Sergei Bychkov, published an article entitled “The Metropolitan from the Snuffbox,” in which he repeated the earlier allegations about Metropolitan Kirill’s tobacco imports, and for the first time publicly identifed Kirill as “agent Mikhailov,” recalling […] the links between the KGB and the ROC in Soviet times.

      “Information about the metropolitan’s purchase of a villa in Switzerland” (ibid.) has appeared in the mass media. According to Aleksandr Soldatov, the chief editor of the authoritative publication Портал-Credo.Ru, which is devoted to religious and ecclesiastical life, Metropolitan Kirill is an active and experienced businessman. His interests include playing the stock market, the oil business, metals trading, and cars. On his site, Antikompromat.ru, political scientist and researcher Vladimir Pribylovsky mentions agent “Mikhailov” in the materials of the Yakunin-Ponomarev commission.

      January 1973: “The agents of the KGB organs, ‘Magistr’ and ‘Mikhailov,’ were dispatched in order to take part in the work of the World Council of Churches in Thailand and India. These agents exerted an advantageous influence on the Council’s work and presented materials representing operational interest concerning the situation in the WCC” […]. Deputy Head of the Fourth Department of the Fifth Directorate of the KGB at the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Lieutenant Colonel Fitsev.”

      In a particular decision handed down by the commission of the Supreme Soviet it is also stated: “The commission directs the attention of the leadership of the ROC to the anti-constitutional use by the Central Committee of the CPSU and the KGB organs of the USSR of a number of church bodies in their goals by means of recruitment and the infiltration in them of KGB agents. Thus, directed by the OVTsS, the KGB agents designated by the codenames “Sviatoslav,” “Alamant,” “Mikhailov,” “Topaz,” “Nesterovich,” “Kuznetsov,” “Ognev,” “Yesaulenko,” and others, travelled abroad and carried out the tasks of the KGB leadership. The nature of the assignments carried out by them attests to the inseparability of the indicated department from the state, to its transformation into a secret center of the KGB agentura among the faithful.


    • The intentions of Patriarch Kirill have become well known in that he is desperate in trying to maintain control of his increasingly fractured Russian Orthodox Church. His latest rebuke came from several senior Orthodox Patriarchs a few weeks ago in Istanbul where they affirmed that Kirill had no ecclesiastical authority over Orthodox National Churches outside of the Russian Federation. His attempts to maintain order in someone else’s backyard when he cannot do the same in his own clearly demonstrates that he is doomed to failure.

    • The KGB is building 200 new “offices” in Moscow :

      Deputy mayor promises not to prolong building of 200 new churches …


      The church in Butovo is erected in frames of the mentioned Program 200 carried out together by the Mayor Office and the Patriarchate. Patriarch Kirill said …

    • KGB Kirill the Anti-Christ from the Moscow KGB “church” gives commies an “award” !

      BECAUSE – commies are atheists ! {? ?}

      Today, 10 October, during his visit to Moldova Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia met with the leader of the Party of Communists (PCRM), ex-President Vladimir Voronin, and presented him with the order kudryashkin I degree.

      It is worth noting that during his stay in power in the Party of Communists, headed by Vladimir Voronin, the Moldovan MEDIA repeatedly Voronina in the active use of the arbitrary authority and resource of the Russian Orthodox Church to attract votes of believers voters in various election campaigns. During the parliamentary election campaign 2009, fruits in Moldova even made a special statement to the effect that the then head of State Vladimir Voronin coerces priests election campaigning for the Party of Communists. Publications on this topic, it was also noted that Voronin, using ecclesiastical factor in election campaigns, while repeatedly cheated on the hierarchies of the ROC.


  7. And here is another video: 750 likes, 32 dislikes !

  8. And this is another video. This time it is pro-Putin rap. 20 Likes, 100 Dislikes! Fcuk yeah! I am sure at least half of Likes is NAZHI movement. So the real Putin rating is 10%.

    • MpX, I’m bored to explain what sample means, but try reading wikipedia’s article about sample in statistics, please.

      P.S. My, that Western public education system is such a waste of time…

      • Dmitry, you misunderstood me probably. I simply tried to illustrate that Medvedev is popular in the internet because of his hobby. Now when Putin returns, he will be more popular there too. Also, these videos are highly biased. I checked other videos and found out that actually Putin is genuinely popular among many people. So I was wrong before altogether. And I am really glad that Putin going for president. I think this is the best solution for Russia at this moment.

  9. Putin’s united Russia seems like Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party or PRI. Up until the year 2000 a multi-party system existed in theory. The PRI always “won” the elections and the exiting president would “nominate” his successor. Mexico also depends on high oil prices to some degree.


  10. Putin for president 2012!

    • Tim, I think nobody asked your opinion, especially Putin.

    • Tim, putin for president 2012 is a done deal , so there is no need to get overexited – he has been preparing himself for the next 12 years in kremlin for the last four years; he even had a face lift that was slightly botched, after the face lift putin looks like a lenin’s cadavre in the kremlin mausoleum minus the black nails …
      Anyway, he is obssessed with his looks so more procedures will follow; e.g., ass and balls lift, liposuction, hair transplant, lips enlargement, just to name the few……

      • I think he was talking abt the US presidency.

        • Dtard, given your amazing lack of intelligence, maybe it would be better if you shut your mouth.

          We already know you are an uneducated, racist, and amoral scumbag.

          No need to open your mouth and remind us

          • Trust me, Randy Andy: As a profoundly unintelligent, uneducated, racist and amoral scumbag myself, I just find this blog absolutely irresistible! Are you really voicing the view that LR’s most die-hard adherents should stay clear? So was nenn’ ich pure Diskrimination, du Arschloch!

            • Now floppy, just because Sie sind eine Wurst essen Pädophilen, does not mean you should be banned from here.

              After all, your sub simian outbursts just confirm what is known about Russophiles in general, and communists such as yourself in particular.

  11. It was so obvious that putin will be the next president of russia; – he prepared the whole process to the last political detail, including his appearance – bottox injections – his sixty year old face smooth as a baby’s bottom; amusing but slightly pathetic – ‘botox boy’; the next president of russia……

  12. Nemtsov, some insolent fellow and Nemtsov guards:

    My translation:

    [Guy]: Please, take him off!

    [5 minutes before…]

    [Voice]: Please, stand back. [Repeat]
    [Guy]: Boris Yefimovich, tell us please, McCain said that if Putin would regain power [He meant “officialy” :-)], Russia will face blood split in the name of freedom and democracy… You’ve been lately to USA, met American representatives; who had been appointed in charge of [future] Russian unrest, You or Ms. Chirikova?
    [Nemtsov]: [Says something, impossible to hear what exactly]
    [Guy]: Can you please answer my question? Is it You or Ms. Chirikova who had been appointed in charge of unrest?

    [Camera moves]

    [Voices]: Hands off!

    [Nemtsov guard punches helpless guy in face, offends woman]

    * * *

    I guess, Boris rightfully refused to answer clearly provocative (and sort of offending) question. But, judging by his guards, one can witness what “democratic” transformations may happen with him once he would gain some power. The case clearly could’ve been handled much better.

    Even so, I also guess one needs at least few percent of his brain functional before cosplaying a “journalist”.

    • Garnet, I would prefer to check how bad Nemtsov is on free and fair democratic election. By the way, there are very little journalists left in Russia. Most of the journalists were shot or fled. You video shows nothing. After Boris Nemtsov was attacked several times, he can be excused for keeping bodyguards and their bodyguards are trying to do their job when they see someone who clearly asks questions not in a professional journalist way but in provocative way, they become alert of possible physical attack to follow.

      Here is new book of real journalist:


      • Hasn’t the guy made a good business out of his conspiracy theory?:-)

        • This from Dtard who thinks the US government was behind 9-11.

          Sorry Dtard, but in this case Mr.Lucas is right.

          • Manfred Steifschwanz

            Well Andy — lighten up! I, for one, do NOT buy into the idea that the Yankistani government was complicit in the attacks. As if your average mindless, clueless, US baboon would have to see his fellow ilk be set ablaze at home to yearn for perpetual war, torture, and enslavement globally.

            Needless to say, I would absolutely NOT begrudge the US ruling circles any carnal pleasures at the expense of their own vile, hideous subjects at home, but I doubt they would seize the opportunity.

  13. It is a shame such a large country and it’s people with such potential are being squandered by a bunch of KGB/murdering thugs.

    • Well, the people are responsible for the system and the government they have, don’t you think? After all, those thugs you are talking about were not sent from Mars, they are a part of that “people with such potential.”

      • It’s like saying the Soviet people in general were really “responsible for their system”.

        Or more recently, the Libyans, for that matter.

      • People in Russia are terrified. First, you must remove terror, then you may check what people are responsible for, after free and fair elections and after building normal society.

        I’m afraid Russians are not capable of doing on their own. Just like Germans and Japanese could not. Look at Germany and Japan now.

        • Alex, the process of ‘democratisation’ in russia means desintegration. Russia has to give up ALL so called republics, autonomous territories, enclaves; e.g., independence for Tartarstan and every single North Caucasian republics, return Siberia to China, Karelia to Finland, Kaliningrad to EU, the list is endless. When every nation within present-day Russia is free and independent then we can start thinking about Russia’s democratisation. It will not happen under putin, so the civil war that is brewing in russia will explode into bloody civil war. I am afraid, that what is in store for Russia – but then in russia all changes are bloody. You russians have to accept the fact that your ’empire’ is gone. Look and learn from the case of mongol empire – where is mongolia know????

          • I agree with you 100%, I accepted it 100%. But I left Russia for good. I hope majority of Russians realize it too. I would be happy if my country was the size of Holland but if it was a normal country. Then I would be able to travel maybe even to Kavkaz. Now, being Russian, I can’t travel around Russia because of this situation which you described. It’s easier for Russians to go to Turkey or Egypt, or, more smarter, to EU or USA, than to travel around their home country. It is not safe, it is expensive and it is hard. So what’s the point in such country. It will still exist while terror on top meets ignorance at the bottom.

    • This large country, russia, is not that large, after all. If you return Siberia to China, by the way, the retaking Siberia by Chinese is happening in front of our eyes, give intependence to Tatarstan and EVERY North Caucasus Republic, return Karelia to Finland, Kaliningrad to EU, etc. Russia will have to stop creating the so called frozen conflicts which flair up depending of russia’s needs to manipulate the political situation, don’t inferfear in the internal affairs of the so called near abroad – that was lost for russia for ever. Then much smaller russia, without minorities will emerge. It will be so much easierto build democracy in the trunkated russia….

      • You are polish?

        • djek vosmerkin; thank you for agreeing with me.

          • by the way, djek vosmerkin, what are your roots – let me guess; chukchi, komi, russian mix with touch of usbek – do tell…

        • Yes he is. He actually forot that half of his country of Poles was a gift from Stalin. A gift that Germany would be glad to take back:) Check the “Oder-Neisse line”.

          • dmasz, dymasz, you miss rather important period of Polish history, 966 to 1795 – uninterrupted Polish Statehood – that includes Commenwealth of Kingdom of Poland and Duchy of Lithuania, multinational. multireligious, multiracial biggest European state from Baltic to Black Sea, that survived almost 300 years. This state elected its kings, gave privileges to all minorities, including Jews. Country where the first written European Constitution was introduced and accepted by the Polish Senate – on May 3, 1785. While russia’s history starts with romanovs 300 years, ussr 85 years and, now, is really desintegratiang; we must also underline that russia was under total mongol control for 300 years – Europe would like russia to stay the part of Asia….

            • Idiot, multiracial is not what you think it is:)))

              “first written European Constitution was introduced and accepted by the Polish Senate”

              You forgot to say it was the “first Pole constitution wrote by the Senate of Poles in Pole-land”:)))

              To sum up, give those lands back to Germany, you don’t deserve them.

              • dymasza, bednashka, The Polish Constitution was the first written constitution inEurope May 3, 1795 next to the greatest on; the American Constitution. By the way your comments is beyond stupid, you poor pathetic russian clown…

            • mccusa: with the sole, yet very honourable exception of Feliks Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky — peace be upon him — Pshekistan’s entire history is below your poorest toilet dissertations. Germany and Russia/USSR brought the Psheks what little civilization they have at present.

              However, of course without knowing it yourself, you do have a point in that Russia should focus on Asia instead of Europe. The Western baboons are a lost cause, politically and economically. Bankrupt all along the line.

              Quite touching

              • The honorable Feliks Edmundovicz Dzerhinsky killed millions of Russians – hence he is honorable; the good russian is the dead russian. Whatever creeds, believes – if you kill russian barakhlo you are honorable – by the way Dzerzhinski was a member of the high Polish nobility; though a bolshevik and for whatever reasons he still killed russian subhumans – PRICELESS. By the way, dearie, the problem with russia is simply – russia is rejected by Europe and Asia and in the USA russia simply dropped off the radar NOBODY talks about russia….

                • Pfft… Your deranged psychobabble is EXCLUSIVELY about Russia, mon amour.

                  A corollary question to your positive judgement of Iron Feliks:

                  Why do you disagree with the Holy Gospel of the West here?

                  • kleine schwaine russian baboon, PFFT.. what is this? an answer? You poor pathetic russian clown -Pfft… what does it mean – it must have some meaning in marksism leninism religion……enlighten us ….

      • Return Starodubshchyna to Ukraine !

        As for the ethnic composition of Starodubshchyna in the 18th century, there were about 335,000 Ukrainians out of the total 345,572 in the Starodub Regiment in 1762. In 1795, 1,032,096 people resided in Chernihiv Gubernia, including 70,248 in Starodub district, 68,108 in Mhlyn district, 89,406 in Nove Misto (Novozybkiv) district, and 68,100 in Pohary district. According to the 1859 census, there were 86,766 people (including 84,773 Ukrainains) in Starodub district, 90,478 (86,406 Ukrainians) in Mhlyn district, 113,637 (76,137) in Novozybkiv district, and 110,390 (20,974) in Suraz district. The census of Chernihiv Gubernia in 1897 showed there were only 778 people in Starodubshchyna who identified themselves as Ukrainians. The artificial and false nature of this “census” was clear even to contemporaries.


        • Return Lviv to Poland!

          Free Ukrainians, say no to Stalin’s totalitarian border changes:)

          • Well, at least Lemberg-Lviv *really* has some relation to Poland…

            • Dear Dmitry,

              An American liberal would use his “PC” language and call you “historically-challenged”. I would call you clueless.

              >> Halych-Volhynia (14th c.)

              · The Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia or Galich-Volhyn’ or Galicia–Vladimir, was a principality in post-Kievan Rus in the late 12th century and existed until the middle of the 14th century. It is also called Galicia–Volynia, Halych–Volhynia, Galicia–Volyn, and Galich–Volyn.

              Pope Innocent IV allowed Daniil to be crowned king, although his realm continued to be ecclesiastically independent from Rome. Thus, Daniil was the only member of the Rurik dynasty to have been crowned king. Daniil Romanovich was crowned by the papal archbishop in Dorohychyn 1253 as the first King of Rus’ (Galicia–Volhynia) (1253–1264).

              According to the Galician-Volhynian Chronicle, Galicia-Volhynia’s King Daniil was the last ruler of Kiev preceding the Mongolian invasion and thus Galicia-Volhynia’s rulers were the only legitimate successors to the Kievan throne.[3] Until the end of Galician-Volhynian state, its rulers advanced claims upon “all the land of Rus’.” The seal of King Yuri I contained the Latin inscription domini georgi regis rusie.[3]

              • But it was Stalin who brought Lviv to Ukraine, no, sunshine? There hardly existed such a country as “Ukraine” in the time of Halych princedom, did it? So why don’t you give back to Poland what totalitarian Stalin took away from it? And, for the same reason, return Crimea to Russia, that was taken from Russia by authoritarian Khrischev? Why don’t you? And then we ask democratic Ukraine to return just another bit of western land to Romania?

                • Manfred Steifschwanz

                  And Turkey should be given back every square kilometer across the river Dnyepr. And, last but not least: POLTAVA TO SWEDEN!

                • First of all, because Poland won’t take it “back”.

                  As I already said. Maybe you should give more attention. The interest in Poland in such things as expansionism and revanchism is non-existing (besides the absolutely fringe groups who are irrelevant). Just like in the rest of EU.

                  And the Polish (and British) strategy towards Ukraine is this: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/nation/detail/113862/

          • Modern Poland would not even accept it “back”.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              What “modern” Poland? It’s about as modern as a medieval fiefdom. Most worthless entity in all of Europe with its Catholic Boarding Schools and CIA torture dungeons.

              • vanyayet govnom, znaczit klaien schwaine is back….translation; smell of sh#$%t is all over kleine shwaine is back,…..

              • There are only that few Catholic schools in Poland (of all kinds, but mostly high schools):

                “CIA torture dungeons” do not exist, as opposed to the ever-used Lubyanka underground (where tens of thousands of people were murdered), or the places like this basement:

                • And here’s a more recent ECHR case that was won by Sadykov (the Octyabrskiy VOVD survivor quoted in this IWPR article):

                  He was just a local school teacher, and the MVD-RF “police” bandits who came from Asia (Khanty-Mansiysky AO) have almost tortured him to death in the basement of former school for deaf children. Quite ironic, in a tragic way, but at least I can assure you it never happens in the civilized parts of Europe, such as Poland.

                • Uh-oh, “allegations”. And even if this was all true, how is waterboarding of the mastermind of 9/11 attacks even remotely comparable to kidnapping and actually really torturing (including knocking-out all teeth, carving into flesh and cutting off an ear) a random schoolteacher, among thousands of other completely innocent people, which is a normal thing in the barbaric Russia?

                  The extermination camps were mostly located in Poland because most of the Jews in the occupied Europe lived in Poland: over 3 million, as compred to only 300,000 in Germany (10 times less, despite Germany having more than twice greater total population). For example, Jews were about 30% of the pre-war population of Warsaw. And according to Germans back then, Poland even ceased to exist at all, either annexed to the Reich or turned into Generalgouvernement, with parts also in Reichskommissariat Ukraine and Reichskommissariat Ostland (Generalbezirk Weißruthenien), as opposed to the various puppet states such as Vichy France, Slovakia or Serbia. And Auschwitz and Birkenau were also annexed into the Deutsche Reich (and so the names of the towns were changed, from the Polish names Oswiecim and Brzezinka) and not even located in the occupied territories, and out of estimated 450,000 Polish citizens sent there about 1/3 were non-Jewish (and about half of them died there, that is some 74,000).

                  About the German occupation in general: http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005473

                  • Dear La Russophobe,

                    Is it against the blog’s statutes replying to Robert unless you’re in total agreement with him? Does he belong to some “VIP” Club among the blog’s contributors?

                    Yours sincerely,


                    • The Germans were just as racist towards “the local rabble: Psheks, Ukros, and in the Baltics” as you, and so they killed millions of these people. But, unless you’re in the FSB, you can’t kill anyone, so you can only talk shit on the Internet.

                      But if you’re really a Swede, “the German Nazis knew they could count on considerable support from the local rabble”, they didn’t even need to invade Sweden for access to the Swedish iron ore, steel and other war effort supplies (just to take Norway, so the British, French and Polish naval and ground forces would not cut this access). Good business, this world war neutrality thing.

                      But you’re not a Swede anyway, and you’re just a Nashist shitbag.

                    • Well said Robert

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      For once, Robert managed to get one thing straight: The Germans could indeed count on considerable support from Swedish bourgeois society in general; the police and the judiciary being the most ardent running dogs of Nazi Germany here. Sweden is no exception to the standard pattern prevailing among Europe’s bourgeois democracies. If there was anything particularly Swedish to it at all, then it was the strong overall Russophobia inherited right from the 17th century (appreciably reinforced by modern anti-communism). A really cute, touching manifestation hereof among the top army brass came on Hitler’s 50th anniversary in April 1939. The gift these military men brought with them could hardly be misunderstood by anybody: A statuette of Sweden’s supreme warmonger King Charles XII — sometimes the “discreet charm of the bourgeoisie” gives you goosebumps, doesn’t it?

                      But, never mind. Manfred is no Swede, ha!

                    • Shifting the blame to Poland {or Ukraine} for what the Nazis did is not a reply. It is standard BS propaganda to make people forget that the insanely delusional savage uncivilized pagan barbarians in the Kremlin started WWII with Hitler.

                      Three hours after forces of the insanely delusional savage uncivilized pagan barbarians in the Kremlin had crossed the border and started the Winter War, aerial bombardment of Helsinki began. The most intensive bomb raids were during the first few days.

                    • The Soviets also repeatedly bombed the residential districts of Warsaw in 1942-43 (as opposed to the attacks on military targets), killing more than 2,000 civilians directly and making starvation more severe by destroying the main marketplace (burned to the ground) and the city’s tramway network apparently targeted specifically.

                      Curiously – the Warsaw Ghetto was hit especially heavily. The Soviet Unit said to be the most responsible for attacking the ghetto was the 3rd Guards Long-Range Aviation Regiment, which bombed this district in September 1942.

                      One related quote:

                      During a Soviet bombing of Warsaw in June 1943, Nina and the baby hid in the cellar of the building. A neighbor, Mrs. Zmijewska, told her children not to worry, because the bombs are intended only for Jews.

                      Click to access b0000012.pdf

                      They would also dropped leaflets with messages “from Comrade Stalin to the Polish people” – but the word “Jew” was never mentioned.

                      In Helsinki, the most heavily bombed area was the working-class residential neighbourhood Vallila. The houses there were wooden (but very modern, built in the 1910s and 1920s) and they dropped incendiaries – the liberation of oppressed Finnish workers.

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      Haha, silly Ukro. Stalin outsmarted the West, thus sealing the fate of the latter’s lackey governments in all of Eastern Europe in the summer of 1939. Serves you right. Now go kiss the more precious parts of Bandera’s corpse. Good night.

                    • kleine russian baboon wrote:

                      ‘Haha, silly Ukro, Stalin outsmarted the West’


                      And the rewards for stalin’s russia was magnificent and extraordinary – millions in gulags, starved to death, worked to death, turtured to death – the victorious russian ‘army’ half muslim and central asian, is being fed with a dog food, while those ‘revolting’ losers – germans live in opulence and prosperity – what a vicatory!!

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      No interesting toilet dissertations, mccusa?

                    • dorogyie ruskye barakhlo – you changed the topic – it means you agree with me…old soviet/kgb tricks….

                    • Personal abuse is against the rules, dummy.

                    • As I said many times, I’d not allow trolls like hims to post anything ever if it was my blog. But, that’s me.

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      How touching and, most of all, convincing. Vous me faites pleurer sans cesse, boo-hoo.

                • Nazi Germany ran its most “renowned” extermination camps in Poland because the insanely delusional savage uncivilized pagan barbarians in the Kremlin chased most of the Jews out of Russia and forced them to go west.

                  • “Pale of Settlement”, yes – but also earlier place of refuge from the persecution of Jews elsewhere in Europe:

                    Poland was home to the largest Jewish population in Europe and served as the center for Jewish culture.
                    While persecution took place across Europe during the Crusades, in the 13th century, Poland served as a haven for European Jewry because of its relative tolerance.
                    By the mid-16th century, eighty percent of the world’s Jews lived in Poland.

          • dymasz,

            Return Siberia to China!

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              Part Pshekistan once and for all between Germany and Russia. Civilization to Poland!

              • kleine russian baboon; Poland between Germany and WHAT russia?- let’s be more specific; russia that sh@$%t hole, that public toilet that has never been cleaned, with russian/mongolian hordes, that live like animals; hungry, drunk, dirty, on their knees; with no electricity, no running water, no gaz. That russia – the pathetic pitiful clown that plays a ‘global power’, with an army that is a joke – 50% muslim and central asian already, moscow with 80% of muslims there. That russia; ‘country’ of kleptocrats, murderers. That russia whose language quickly becomes a local dialect; that russia whose governmemt slaughter its own people knowing that those people NEVER rebel. All the above, of course, are ‘civilizing capabilities’ of russia….

                • mccusa is the ultimate proof Pshekistan needs to be undone as a political entity. Worthless people, worthless culture, worthless faith.

                  Cada joven polaca muy guápa
                  Estará una puta del Papa

                  • Kleine russian baboon; gryaznye barakhlo – worthless people, worthless culture worthless faith – this is a perfect description of pathetic russia that is being called by Chinese SSS – slowly sinking ship – One should truly appreciate wisdom of China…..

                  • Manfred Steifschwanz

                    Q: Is it Russia or is it mccusa that teeters on the brink of collapse?

                    A: Neither. More specifically, Russia is nowhere near it and mccusa is past it.

          • Dear Clueless Dmitry,

            Lviv was founded by Ukrainians. Lviv was the capital of Galicia-Volhynia.

            Lviv was founded in 1256 by King Danylo Halytskyi of the Ruthenian principality of Halych-Volhynia, and named in honour of his son, Lev.

            • Dear LES, country Ukraine comes into existence in XXth century. Name “Ukraine” was first written on paper in XVth century in the meaning “part of the Volhyn princedom of Rus on the border with Poland”. Funny, but Lviv was founded a little bit – 2 centuries – earlier. None of the princes of Volhyn princedoms, as well as no Rurikid in history at all, could imagine calling himself a “Ukrainian”. So why don’t you think before you post?

  14. http://www.focus.de/panorama/vermischtes/tschetschenien-shakira-und-kevin-kostner-auf-geburtstag-von-tschetscheniens-praesident-_aid_668343.html

    Apparently Costner, Shakira, Swank, Mednes, Mae have no morals whatsoever, and are going to whore out themselves to Kadyrov personally, celebrating his 35th birthday. If it’s true, would I be a bad person if I wished they would all get killed there, along with him? They do know the risk, just as they perfectly know who Ramzan is, and it’s all in their pay.

    An amusing article about such “celebrities”:

    • Robert, you’re right. Nice music video, thanks. Someone should write a dissertation – The effect of amount of plastic surgery on the gap between the “leader” and the “people”.

      About these “stars” – yes, they are total crappy assholes. They just destroyed their Karma for several generations… money do smell. I noticed, I never see really talented people visiting such places… it is always some scum who became “stars” by sucking someone’s… so they are used to sucking. They like it… they children and grandchildren will be ashamed. There many ways to do $$$ in USA and you can easily avoid visiting terrified nations leaders for additional $$$. History will judge them. They will be remembered not for their asses and tits but for these actions.

  15. The year is 2024. The world’s economic prospects have perked up a bit since the collapse of the euro. The Germans are happily spending deutchmarks again, the Greeks are back with the drachma. Almost all of the leaders in power a decade earlier have been swept away – Angela Merkel, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg (remember him?). Even Silvio Berlusconi has reluctantly accepted retirement. Italy’s former premier now spends his days in his Sardinian villa with a group of showgirls.

    Only one leader has defied the iron law that all politicians eventually leave office. His name? Vladimir Putin. Now 71, Putin has served two more terms as Russia’s president – bringing the tally of his stints in the Kremlin up to a remarkable four – the final two lasting a total of 12 years. He is fitter and more vigorous than ever: Russian first state TV channel has recently shown him wrestling heroically with a python after it “escaped” from a Moscow zoo.


    Some commentators have persuasively suggested that Putin is tired of being Russia’s leader. He would like nothing better, they argue, than to relax in his new palace in Sochi, on Russia’s balmy Black Sea coast. The logic, however, of Putin’s corrupt vertical state, is that he is forced to carry on. Putin is the only person capable of arbitrating between the Kremlin’s rival factions, who are locked in a permanent and exhausting battle for money and influence. Without him, the system would fall apart.

    Most crucially, Putin faces the prospect of law enforcement investigations into his alleged secret assets, should he ever decide to step off the throne. According to US diplomats, his main motivation for carrying on is to guarantee the safety of his own assets and those of his inner circle. No one quite knows how much Putin and his friends are worth. (Several of them feature prominently on the Forbes annual list.) But the sums involved allegedly total many billions of dollars.

    All this, of course, assumes that there is no revolution. With no prospect of removing Putin from power peacefully, and the Kremlin’s succession politics as byzantine as ever, could it be a matter of time before Russians take things into their own hands? True, Putin is still Russia’s most popular politician. But he is less popular than he was. And while his return to the Kremlin is guaranteed, his nervousness that he may one day be overthrown can only grow.

  16. By reading all yours russophobe comments i understand Russia on right way.!!!

    • I agree with you, Djek. Indeed, for all its incredible gullibility, arrogance, and vainglory, the Western petty bourgeoisie possesses a highly dependable gut feeling for what is in its interest and what is not. Putin knows how to play the game in world politics and is capable of outsmarting most Western running dogs of Big Capital, not to mention the average Western baboon.

  17. Russia of nationalists always hate its live leaders for being not bad enough for conforming their imperialist aspirations.

  18. I am so happy to report another russia’s ‘success’ Kyiv Post, September 28, 2011

    Reports: Russian ballistic missile fails in test
    Today at 15:44 | Associated Press MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s military says an experimental intercontinental ballistic missile has failed during a test launch.

    Russian news agencies quoted the military’s Space Forces spokesman Col. Alexei Zolotukhin as saying that Tuesday’s launch from the northern Plesetsk launch pad was part of testing of a new series of missiles.

    They said Wednesday that there was no damage or casualties on the ground.

    The Defense Ministry didn’t immediately comment.

    The news reports didn’t name the missile’s type, but said that it was a development of the Topol-M and the Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles designed by Moscow’s Institute for Thermal Technologies.

    The same maker has designed the Bulava missile for the navy that has experienced numerous failures during its ongoing test program.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/113722/#ixzz1ZG2q4hQx

    • Wow, another missile failure.

      It must have been designed by people with the same intellectual capacity as Dtard……

      • Andrew, of course Georgian mishists do better missiles:) and of course the EU would soon prefer mishist missiles to Russian ones to launch satellites:) and of course, soon mishists, not Russians are going to launch US astronauts to the ISS.

        • No, they prefer French, US, and even Chinese missiles to Russian ones.

          Made in Russia = JUNK.

          Really Dtard, you are a pathetic little Nashist,

          BTW, congratulations on yet another ICBM test failure, this time of the replacement for the TOPOL-M….

        • …from Kazakhstan.

        • And lets not forget that launches of astronauts are suspended due to safety issues with Soyuz launchers….

        • dymasz, dymasz, let me remind you that Algeria returned 39 russian military planes – that useless junk that is not good even for the third world countries – we do call it competitive russian style…

  19. Least we forget :

    “Heil der Kaiser! Heil das Heer!

    An everlasting master race will then direct the progress of mankind!” As Toland points out, they could have been speaking for Adolf Hitler.

  20. Way to go, Putin! Our silly fellows around here can keep up the, ahem, “good work” as before — in short, business as usual.

    Oh and by the way: Are the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi still believed to be that very Earth-shattering moment of Russia’s final collapse? If so, why just not sit back and relax? Or has the Big Bang been put “on hold” due to Putin’s presidency? Arguably, that certainly serves to put the team’s anger into perspective, to say the very least.

    • Kleine russian baboon – way to go putin, indeed, with his face lift poor pathetic volodia looks like a copy of lenin’s cadavre in the mausoleum, minus black nails..This is another addition to russia’s pathetic, humiliating events; e.g., DOG FOOD for the russian army, four planes daily dopping off the russian skies – [it is worse than daily casulaties during the Battle of Britan], ships drowning, rockets crushing, – in short, business as usual.

      Sochi, this tropical cityperfect for the winter olympics will be unmitigated success

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        I can imagine what YOU look like, worthless Pshek. Do you consider your own physical beauty to be above or below the Pshek average?

        • kleine russian baboon, As you can see, volodia is edicted to plastic surgeries – what would be next, dearie, balls/bottom lift, hair transplant, nose fixing, lips enlargement – let’s watch that space together…..

  21. Putin is great. Russia is great. I am glad this blog is finally closed.

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  23. Great Post. thank you a lot

  24. the guy in Russia

    We doubt there are enough Russians left who truly love their country to make such a thing even remotely possible.——-What a bunch of baloney- how are you supposed to know that?! Ordinary people without wealth or status have enough problems as is and changing the president won’t help shit, is their a person that does not want wealth or control? (other then deeply religious people).The point is that a president can’t change everything by simply signing some law, it would take decades. And how are civilians supposed to know which tyrant to choose next. The votes are controlled also don’t forget that.

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  26. Pingback: 47. 📢Must Read 👉LETTER: Russians Outraged by Skewed Independent Reporting : the crude propaganda article which appeared in The Independent last month, praising 👉valentina matviyenko, the UNELECTED & CORRUPT governor of St. Petersburg👈, as

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