EDITORIAL: We Told you So


We Told you So

On September 28, 2011, a perfect metaphor for the horror that is Vladimir Putin’s Russia appeared in The Independent, which has over the years been responsible for some of the toughest and most insightful reporting on Russia (hat tip: Streetwise Professor).

The paper wrote about how thousands upon thousands of stray dogs roam the streets of Moscow, how they have killed Muscovites in packs and how they pose all manner of serious health concerns, to say nothing of betraying Russia’s eternal poverty regardless of the propaganda the state may churn out.  Yet Russians, idiots that they are, are fighting to keep these dogs on the streets, and do what they can to care for them.

Similarly Josef Stalin is beloved by Russians, even though he murdered more of them than any other person who ever lived.

And similarly, the proud KGB spy and murderer of Starovoitova, of Litvinenko, of Politikovskaya, of Yushenkov, of Shchekochikhin, of Girenko, of Klebnikov, of Kozlov, of Estemirova, of Markelov and of so very many others, known as Vladimir Putin, is being embraced as he declares himself president for life. Lenin, Stalin, Putin.

On April 2, 2006, we warned the world that it would be so.

We formed this blog, and for the next five years, five months and twenty-two days, we warned that Putin would never leave power, that he would consistently reduce Russian democracy and increase its neo-Soviet character until Russia was a fully realized neo-Soviet dictatorship. On September 24, 2011, we were proved finally, horribly, undeniably right.

There were those who said Russia could “never go back” to the dark days of the Soviet past. There were those who said Putin would never return to power, that he would fade into the background and allow Dima Medvedev and his successors to build a civilized democratic state.

They were lying. It was La Russophobe that was telling the truth, all along.

Russians will fight to keep stray dogs on the streets of their capital city, dogs which maul and brutalize them, but they will not fight to keep Putin out of power. That really says all you need to know about the Russian people of the new millennium.  They are, as Robert H. Boyle of Sports Illustrated magazine once called them, “desperately screwed up.”

We are not the only ones to have made this prediction, of course.  The brilliant Jeffrey Taylor of The Altantic magazine beat us to it by several years when he called Putin’s Russia “Zaire with permafrost” and “finished” in May 2001.  The world didn’t listen to him, either.

But nobody else in the world has put out this message so consistently and constantly as this blog, La Russophobe, founded by Kim Zigfeld as a response to the nonsensical propaganda put out by the Putin regime regarding its democratic intentions.

Since then, we have watched neo-Soviet tanks roll into tiny Georgia, seen even smaller Estonia besieged by the Kremlin’s computer hackers, watched the president of Ukraine brutally poisoned, and gasped in horror as Russian brutality spread throughout the Caucasus region.  We have seen malignant Russian influence support maniac after maniac across the globe, from Libya to North Korea, from Cuba to Venezuela.

We have seen newspapers closed, reporters murdered, opposition political leaders jailed. Foreign journalists have come in for the same horrifyingly barbaric torture. Over and over, international courts have convicted Russia of state-sponsored barbarism. We have seen the neo-Soviet state we predicted come to horrifying life, and we are not happy about being right. Indeed, nobody could be more unhappy.

But we are proud of our achievement. We have documented this international crisis, and we have given the world fair warning, a chance to avoid the mistakes of the past when the Soviet toxin was allowed to spread and torment the world for decades.  We call upon the leaders of the civilized world to rise now, stand up to neo-Soviet Russia, and end this atrocity before history once again repeat itself to the lasting  detriment of the world and, most of all, the sorry, pathetic and benighted people of Russia who have brought this terror on themselves.

52 responses to “EDITORIAL: We Told you So

  1. Two very interesting, albeit rather dated, articles I came across recentely:


    Search “in utero” in the text, and you will find the most interesting part. It gives you one possible explanation for Putin’s gait.

    Then consider this:


    Medvedev was coached to mimic Putin’s gait! So in essence he, the so-called President of effing Russia, was coached to mimic…what?

  2. “We call upon the leaders of the civilized world to rise now, stand up to neo-Soviet Russia”

    You mean “neo-Napoleon” Sarko, “Rommel” Merkel, snafu “tanned Mussolini” Obama, David “of Arabia” Cameron? I wish them all the luck dealing with KGB guys and their shiny new missiles. What the civilized world might now be considering is a stand against NATO and Israel.


    • What, the new shiny missiles that fail all the time?

      Reports: Russian test launch of experimental ballistic missile ends in failure

      By Associated Press, Published: September 28

      MOSCOW — Russia’s military says an experimental intercontinental ballistic missile has failed during a test launch.

      Russian news agencies quoted the military’s Space Forces spokesman Col. Alexei Zolotukhin as saying that Tuesday’s launch from the northern Plesetsk launch pad was part of testing of a new series of missiles. They said Wednesday that there was no damage or casualties on the ground.

      The Defense Ministry didn’t immediately comment.

      The news reports didn’t name the missile’s type, but said that it was a development of the Topol-M and the Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles designed by Moscow’s Institute for Thermal Technologies. The same maker has designed the Bulava missile for the navy that has experienced numerous failures during its ongoing test program.


      Failure to launch – матерщи́на! secret Russian missile goes nowhere.

      A NEW secret intercontinental Russian missile has failed in its first test and crashed back into the launch zone.

      Reports published overnight on Russian news agencies about the failed test firing from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in northern Russia appeared to be the first indication that the secret ground-based missile even existed.

      “After launch, the missile fell back down onto the territory of the cosmodrome. There were no casualties or damage,” a military source told the state RIA Novosti news agency.

      The failure of the missile is also just the latest setback for Russia’s rocket forces after a series of mishaps with its submarine-launched intercontinental Bulava missile.

      Russia has now carried out 16 tests of the Bulava, seven of which ended in failure.

      The most embarrassing Bulava setback was in late 2009 when the missile’s failure caused spectacular images in the sky above the Norwegian city of Tromso that locals initially put down to a meteor, the northern lights or even a UFO.


      • Bulava had 4 previous test launches successful.

        The new submarines would be armed with Bulava. The missile goes as far as 9 300Km, The most recent time Bulava was launched from such a submarine.

        What do you expect – this new unnamed missile would be falling forever? They are developing it – building new systems and tesing their builds. It’s normal. And the missile will fly as planned in the end, never fear, dear.

        • LOL, those new submarines will be like the new missiles, crude and ineffective.

          Just like the “new” PAK-50 which uses technology that is 25 to 30 years behind the US and UK.

          Russians are pathetic.

          • Care to show me a 5th gen Eurofighter? Care to explain why the Western medias talk so much about “crude and ineffective” Bulava? Did you *ever* really read about Bulava and it’s characteristics?

            Is it some nice Mishist way to know the world – just hide behind Caucasus and cry “pathetic!” “pathetic!” from behind the mountains?:)

            • They talk so much about Bulava, because it’s a really funny subject.

              They point and laugh. Just as they laughed at drunken Yeltsin directing an orchestra, Putin kissing little boys, or Chernomyrdin saying “We tried to do better, but everything turned out as usual.”

              It’s entertainment.

              • Bobby, can’t say you know much about what Bulava is, right? Can’t say you read many articles abt it as well:))

                • As I said: It’s entertainment. Judging by your smiley face, you’re having fun too, which is great. Russia’s is the world’s greatest show. Sometimes it’s horror (and worse than any fiction), or drama, otherwise it’s tragicomedy, or just comedy. And it’s the best of it’s comedy, like this.

        • dymasz; bulave had 4 successful launches ‘preceeded by 15 failures you stupid russian moron

  3. The day I heard that Eltsin had appointed Putin and he had been a KGB man I knew that Russia was going back to the USSR. And said so.

  4. Poland’s Agnieszka Radwanska takes WTA Pan Pacific Open title
    Page last updated at 09:22 GMT, Saturday, 1 October 2011 10:22 UK
    E-mail this to a friendPrintable version It was Radwanska’s third straight win against 27-year-old Russian Zvonareva Agnieszka Radwanska kept up her winning record in finals this season by beating Vera Zvonareva of Russia to win the WTA Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo.

    The 22-year-old Pole, who claimed the title at Carlsbad in her first final of the season in August, repeated her excellent performance with a 6-3, 6-2 victory over the world number four.

    “I’m happy, I had very good wins and it was my best tournament this year.

    “To play against Vera, you have to play your best,” said Radwanska.

    The title winner shrugged off a slow start, taking five games in a row as the Russian struggled to put away her first serves.

    Radwanska missed one set point in the eighth game and two more in the ninth, but cashed in on a fourth when Zvonareva hit a lob long.

    The Pole jumped ahead 2-0 and then 4-1 in the second set and, although she dropped her serve in the sixth, she took the following two games, the match ending with the Russian hitting a forehand wide.

    It was the 22-year-old’s sixth career title, following victories at Pattaya City, Istanbul, Eastbourne in 2008 and Stockholm in 2007, as well as at Carlsbad.

    • Ты всё ещё коптишь небо, придурок? Год здесь не был, а уроды всё те же. Ну пиши, пиши, припездь польская.

  5. LR, the people in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, made a little satirical video about the musical 2-chair game that is being played by Putler and Medvedev, who are known in Ukraine as “karlyky” (little rabbits – due to their short stature, or course).

    The clip is first introduced by the host, Mr. Knyazhytsky, and appears near the beginning of the video link.

    I think you’ll like it:


    Everybody sing along:
    “what kind of a nation is this,
    they lead us here, they lead us there”

  6. Elmer.I`d add to 2-chair game the third chair for Timoshenko who looks satirically in her jail. About the names. Put-ler (putin-Hitler) and Medvedev-Mendel demonstrate the level of Russian and Ukrainian political culture together with the liberast.How you`l call your next fuhrers?

    • Funny how none of the names you mentioned was invented, or is used by Russians, and you still think they say something about *Russian* political culture. In reality, words are invented by those who are interested in inventing them, dear. Let’s be honest: first big money wage wars with words through news they control, then they use the US army they control.

      Saddam supported Al Kaieda, right? He had WMDs, right? 40% of USians still believe it.

  7. ” the proud KGB spy and murderer of Starovoitova, of Litvinenko, of Politikovskaya, of Yushenkov, of Shchekochikhin, of Girenko, of Klebnikov, of Kozlov, of Estemirova, of Markelov and of so very many others, known as Vladimir Putin, is being embraced as he declares himself president for life. Lenin, Stalin, Putin.”-

    Very, very funny!
    I recognize Kim, I saw 5 years ago. She is not getting older (and smarter).

    • You think the murder of Russians is funny? Why do you hate them so much as to want them killed? Are you a fan of Hitler, too?

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Why do little Kim hate Lenin, Stalin, and Putin? These three men are all widely renowned throughout Russia — a plain recognition of the fact that they gave hope, pride, and prosperity to the country. Western imbecility never ceases to astonish.

        • But, umm, the USSR run by Lenin and Stalin killed more Russians than Nazi Germany, and then it collapsed in total failure. We hate them because we read Russian history, unlike you, idiot.

          • Manfred Steifschwanz

            Amurrrkans against global mass-murder — touching, yes. Convincing? Nah…

            • Hello Manny,

              Well, at least the Americans have friends all over the world. The Russians can’t seem to find a friend in their own backyard. I’m sorry. I forgot about all those neighbors that invited the Russian army in as a means of squelching internal conflict.

              With the arrival of the Arab Spring, it looks like Russia’s affiliations are ever more scarce or tenuous.

              And this decrepit, impotent, and ulcerous nation known as Russia once declared itself a superpower.


              • Not just “once.” It calls itself a superpower NOW

              • “Americans have friends all over the world”
                There’s no “Americans” wfo have “friends” you dream of, economart…
                There’s “elites” that are friends with “elites”.
                There’s “elites” that are foes with “elites”.

                And “Americans” are always enemies with “elites”.

                It’s the economy, stupid, er, economart.

        • kleine russian babboon said: ‘these three men [lenin, stalin, putin] are all widely renowned through russia – a plain recognition of the fact that they gave hope, pride, and prosperity to the country’


          It would be funny if it weren’t so horrifying – in order to achieve pride, hope and prosperity you poor russian slaves will march back to the gulags – have you already forgotten?? Russia at its best grotesque, obscene and barbaric….

          • Ты бы хоть пидор новых слов поднабрался. Талдычешь одно и тоже.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              Кто о чем, а вшивый пшек о бане…

              Польша — никудышная страна, никудышный народ, никудышная вера.

  8. I just can not (even using all power of my imagination), see how Putin (oh, what a monster he is!) could be relevant to Starovoitova, Kozlov, Markelov, Estimirova, Khlebnikov, ets. murder. For example, Markelov was killed by Russian nazists, They already had a trial, were found guilty, and sentenced. Even the opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta agreed that the trial was well conducted and met the juridical standards

    • @murder

      Polina Zherebtsova was 14 when the bombs started raining down.

      They hit the market where she worked with her mother, the streets she walked down daily, until Grozny was reduced to rubble, a hometown no longer recognisable.

      From the start, Zherebtsova wrote about it, an act of catharsis as much as a document on the second Chechnya war. She filled dozens of diaries in a messy, scribbled cursive, sometimes embellished with doodles – bomb blasts that look like flowers, blocks of flats seen from a distance.

      This week, despite death threats and fears for her safety, Zherebtsova published Polina Zherebtsova’s Diary, gathering three years’ worth of journals for a rare look into daily life in Grozny under siege.

      “I thought, when they kill me, people will find this diary,” Zherebtsova said in Moscow, where she has been living since 2006. “I thought, people will read this diary and understand there is never a need to fight.”

      Filled with the horrors of war and the daily concerns of a teenage girl, the book has already prompted comparisons with the diary of Anne Frank. But Zherebtsova prefers to be likened to Tanya Savicheva, who chronicled the slow death of her family during the siege of Leningrad.


      • 26 November 1999

        A bomb fell next to the neighbouring house this evening. It broke through two floors – joined them together! Raisa, the Armenian who converted to Islam not long ago, 12 days ago, was killed. She was praying. It didn’t interrupt her. An old Chechen lady, who was teaching Raisa the Islamic faith, was with her. But she got scared and ran down the stairs. That woman was saved. She sat on the stairs the whole night through.

        I cried. I’m scared to lose somebody to this war. Alladdin touched my hand and said: “Raisa is in heaven! She couldn’t have sinned in 12 days.”

        24 December 1999

        We found a jar of jam. I ate the jam with a spoon, until I got sick. Our main food is a glass of water with one spoon of flour and diced onion. We drink it and lie down. Five of our cats have already died. Mum buried them in the garden behind the house. She cried for each one, as for a child. One cat remains. He’s big and striped. He, like with the new people, showed up from another neighbourhood. We call him Khattab. The cat really wants to live!

        26 December 1999

        Mum is getting angrier and angrier. Her personality is totally ruined. Probably from hunger. I try not to snap.

        My stomach always hurts. I constantly want to eat. I keep imagining a piece of real white bread. It seems there’s nothing more delicious. To eat that, it wouldn’t even be that scary to die.


  9. You doesn`t told us- that populist-Putin declares “the Eurasian Union”-political chimera just because Russians dream about it. This sweet dream for Russians can substitute any reforms with the “dermocracy”.

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  11. Rocket plans dropped
    by Nathan Toohey at 07/10/2011 17:03

    The Russian space agency has dropped plans to construct a new Rus-M carrier rocket by 2015, Roscosmos head Vladimir Popovkin said on Friday.

    “We have come to the conclusion that we do not need a new rocket, we can continue using those we already have,” RIA Novosti quoted Popovkin as saying on Friday.

    The two-stage Rus-M, intended to replace Russia’s ageing Soyuz carrier rockets, was being developed by the Energia space corporation, which had already received 800 million rubles of budget funds for the project.

    Next gen

    The carrier rocket was intended to launch new-generation spacecraft from the Vostochny space center currently under construction in the country’s Far East starting from 2018.

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said in April the launch vehicle, whose draft model was first presented at the MAKS 2009 air show in Moscow, was scheduled to be developed by 2015.

    The carrier rocket has faced strict safety requirements so that it could guarantee a takeoff or ensure a continuous flight or an ejection with a safe landing even with one of its engines out of action.

    Unfortunate year

    The Russian aerospace industry has faced a series of misfortunes in less than a year.

    Previous attempts to launch Glonass-M satellites from the Baikonur space airfield failed dramatically when all three satellites fell into the Pacific Ocean last December.

    A special commission claimed that the crash happened due to mistakes in fuel calculation as an excessive 1.5 tons of fuel was fed into the upper-stage rocket after an error in construction documentation.

    The Plesetsk cosmodrome has a shorter, but a less unfortunate record for Glonass-launches – there have been only two attempts, and both were successful.

    Other space units have suffered more with the site – last week, a Proton-M cargo rocket crashed after launch carrying the newest fifth generation anti-ballistic missile.

    All together in 2011, Russia has launched 19 spacecraft, three of which ended in disappointment, according to RIA Novosti.

  12. Washington Post

    “Capital flight,(from Russia) meanwhile, continues, along with a steep decline in the stock market, which is dominated by money from abroad. The country lost about $13 billion in capital in September. In times of global stress, international and domestic investors seek to lower their risks, taking money out of countries such as Russia where corruption and capricious policies are so pervasive, said David Bonderman, founding partner of a private equity firm called TPG Capital. And that, he said, is what’s happening now.”


  13. Doubleslashforwardperson

    Don’t blame the dogs. They only react to the feelings of the scumbags who feed them. After the Russians kill all the dogs, they will be left with rats.
    You can ask the Chinese how that goes…

  14. Doubleslashforwardperson

    It’s also worth noting that packs of wild (or feral) dogs never roam American cities unnoticed long enough to become a problem. Ruff! B^P

    • Don’t they have dogcatchers? Sounds like as basic a job as garbage removal

    • “to become a problem”

      Did you really check or just keep on saying what your media taught you?

      “… pack that is out there killing for the sake of killing,” Stevens County Undersheriff Lavonne Webb said […]. “What is going to happen if they come across a small child?”

      “former college professor and his wife were apparently attacked and killed by nearly a dozen dogs … bodies were found mutilated. (Aug. 18)”

      “Feb 2, Detroit, MI, “…some estimates suggest as tens of thousands of stray dogs may wander the city… the problem has only worsened in recent years as the city’s economy bottomed out.””

      “The feral dogs in St. Louis have never been touched by humans and form packs to help them survive in their search for food and shelter.”

      “A 10-year-old suffered a dog attack near his home. “Cocke County Sheriff Armondo Fontes told us wild dogs are common in this area,”…

      Problems with feral dogs? No, not in the States…

      • Well, I am so glad you found a story on ‘Detroit’ of all places. This city is an eyesore and rapidly in decline. Large sections have little or no residents. Houses sell for thousands, not tens of thousands of dollars. Many peripheral towns have far less of the troubles of Detroit. There is not greater sinkhole of a city in the US.

        How nice of you to compare Russia’s premiere city with America’s worst. We truly get a far better of picture of Russia’s hell.


        • “‘Detroit’ of all places”

          Sad to know there’s it’s own Detroit in any other US county across the country, from Atlanta and St.Louis, to the Washington state.

  15. There is elections in Russia to State Duma. I^ve already gave my vote for Unated Russia and Putin

  16. Reading la russo phone sometimes makes me think you are talking about brazil, for brazil isalso a country full of idiot people can u believe tha most of brazilians dont even know well enough to speak their language? and that almost nobody here takes a book to learn and study by themselves?

    DONT BE FOOLED!!!!!!

    Brazil is a communist country all their laws say that!
    Just the idiots from brazil (this is 90% of the population) dont know that

  17. “Our slogan: “Что-то типа Новой Газеты на английском языке.” (Translation: Something like Novaya Gazeta, but in English). ”
    Сравнила хрен с морковкой, тупая пизда интернета.

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  19. Pingback: 47. 📢Must Read 👉LETTER: Russians Outraged by Skewed Independent Reporting : the crude propaganda article which appeared in The Independent last month, praising 👉valentina matviyenko, the UNELECTED & CORRUPT governor of St. Petersburg👈, as

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