What’s a “Russophobe” and Why Should I be One?

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  1. Rd. Daniel Everiss -Oregon,USA

    Do you have a link to Russian-language articles? I read English, but many here are new Russian emigrees who read only Russian. Can you help me?
    Thank you.

  2. Rd. Daniel Everiss -Oregon,USA

    Thanks for your good work.

  3. “Phobia” according to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is “an exaggerated usu. inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular objects, class of objects or situation. Anglophobia, for instance is a fear and hatred of anything English. Russophobia means hatred and fear of everything and anything Russian, including language, culture, people etc. Since you obviously don’t hate anything and everything Russian–only the regime that currently reigns in Russia (or past Soviet regime), maybe your blog should be called “RussianLiberty” or something like that.

    Russophobia doesn’t look like a proper term here, at least not for me.


    Dude, you are a psychopath!

    We define “russophobia” in our header:


    That’s the only definition that matters here, you moron. If you can’t read our blog in good faith, don’t comment on it. You only make yourself look like an idiot.

  4. “Dude, you are a psychopath!”

    Sure ! Otherwise, why would I read and comment on your blog, Kim and Co. -:) It’s nice to be in a company of fellow psychopaths -:)

    “That’s the only definition that matters here, you moron. If you can’t read our blog in good faith, don’t comment on it. You only make yourself look like an idiot.”

    What if I like to show off my dictionary reading skills and challenge you a bit on definition -:) ? Yep, I’ve read your definition of “Russophobia” and just wanted to start a debate on your name choice. By the way, debates potentially can increase traffic to your blog even more, so you should be happy that folks like me read it and offer their suggestions.

    You, folks, need to get a bit of life if you are getting ballistic each time somebody challenges you. Or maybe you just want to keep you brand image of scandalous blog. That’s surely up to you, but once in a while, lighten up a bit and thank the commenters for reading and increasing traffic to your blog -:)

  5. Sergey, you write

    once in a while, lighten up a bit and thank the commenters for reading and increasing traffic to your blog -:)

    First of all, you presume that being nicer will increase traffic – which may or may not be true.

    But even more important, why do you think that the goal is to increase traffic in the first place? I don’t see any ads on the page (so, there is no commercial interest in more traffic / more revenues sense). Why not assume that this is LR’s soapbox, and they don’t care whether there are three readers or 3 million?

    Some of the responses to the comments irritate me as well… so what! One can obviously switch to Misha’s blog (that reminds me Krokodil of the 70s). If you are majorly pissed – you can start your own blog. Even more – there are other blogs that may suite your style better… But it’s silly to expect that your feedback will change this blog!
    Note, that I am in no way associated with this blog, and this is purely my own opinion!

  6. La Rusophobe! You are nothing , but nasty bigot!

    • Hi Nadya, I am Irish and we had to bear the same hatred form the likes of these people, Take heart that Russian people are not alone and the silent majority are watching and see who’s who at the Zoo. Tiocfaidh ar lá

  7. I think that LR is a good definition because it gives understanding that there are enemies in front of my country! And this blog throws down the mask of “democracy and human rights organisation” from many western states and western authorities bodies.
    Last week I translated some of LRs extracts and comments to it (by Andrew especially) and showed it to my colleagues. The most polite word by which my colleagues aworded LR s was an assemblage of dunces.

  8. Russophobia covers, I hope, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the Gazprom Republic.

  9. After reading all the above comments – both pro and con “Russophobe” – I’ve come to the conclusion that Russians are real jerks. Were it not for the natural wealth (oil and gas) that God placed in Siberian soil, you guys would still be eating horse meat and living in yurts. The editor should be commended for exposing the myth of Russian “strength”. If it weren’t for the weather, you couldn’t beat Napoleon in your own land. Even at Poltava, you needed 3 Russian soldiers to every 1 hungry and tired Swede in order to win. And in the Winter War against Finland you lost 10 soldiers for every Finn. What a bunch of “Ruski Soldat” yo-yos.

  10. pls, take way this filthy shauvinist spam

    why dont u have a spam-filter ?

  11. I recommend this blog to all people who ask me about Russia. An a recommend them to check also the comment pages. There is only one thing which is more revealing than the texts posted by LaRussophobe – these brainless comments from Russian idiots. If anybody has any doubts about the mental status of this nation, the crap written above will cure this person.

    • I understand you. The stronger Russia – have become so hateful immigrants!

    • have you seen what you people have been writing? its just pure racism ‘yurij’ for example. All You have been doing is making fun of people who aren’t writing in their first language, equating that with stupidity; how many languages can you speak?…Russian literature is recognised as the best in the world, Art revolutions have begun in Russia ‘mir isskustva’ for example, not to mention their talent in the spheres of theoretical physics and engineering…you lot are no more enlightened than the neo-nazi skinheads you seem to think everybody in Russia is, if not communist activists of course…its just a series of myth ‘corroborated’ by some ‘facts’ spun to suit your political agenda, i weep for your critical thinking ability…


    Why rave ye, babblers, so — ye lords of popular wonder ?
    Why such anathemas ‘gainst Russia do you thunder ?
    What moves your idle rage? Is’t Poland’s fallen pride?
    ‘T is but Slavonic kin among themselves contending,
    An ancient household strife, oft judged but still unending,
    A question which, be sure, you never can decide.

    For ages past still have contended,
    These races, though so near allied:
    And oft ‘neath Victory’s storm has bended
    Now their, and now our side.
    Which shall stand fast in such commotion
    The haughty Liakh, or faithful Russ?
    And shall Slavonic streams meet in a Russian ocean? –
    Or il’t dry up? This is point for us.

    Leave us!: Your eyes are all unable
    To read our history’s bloody table;
    Strange in your sight and dark must be
    Our springs of household enmity!
    To you the Kreml and Praga’s tower
    Are voiceless all,–you mark the fate
    And daring of the battle-hour–
    And understand us not, but hate.

    What stirs ye ?
    Is it that this nation,
    On Moscow’s flaming walls, blood-slaked and ruin-quench’d,
    Spurn’d back the insolent dictation
    Of Him before whose nod ye blenched?
    Is it that into dust we shatter’d,
    The Dagon that weigh’d down all earth so wearily,
    And our best blood so freely scatter’d,
    To buy for Europe peace and liberty?

    Ye’re bold of tongue — but hark, would ye in deed but try it
    Or is the hero, now reclined in laurelled quiet,
    Too weak to fix once more, Izmail’s red bayonet?
    Or hath the Russian Tsar ever, in vain commanded?
    Or must we meet all Europe banded?
    Have we forgot to conquer yet ?
    Or rather,shall they not, from Perm to Tauris’ fountains,’
    From the hot Colchian steppes, to Finland’s icy mountains,
    From the grey, half-shatter’d wall,
    To fair Kathay, in dotage buried
    A steely rampart, close and serried,
    Rise, Russia’s warriors, one and all?
    Then send your numbers without number,
    Your madden’d sons, your goaded slaves,
    In Russia’s plains there’s room to slumber,
    And well they’ll know their brethren’s graves !
    A. Pushkin

    • “your goaded slaves” – just sez it all.

    • Did you notice the ethnographic/historic blunder of Pushkin’s poem? Latvians and Lithuanians are not Slavs at all.

      BTW: now thanks to moder ngenetics, we know that Russians are mostly Finn anyway, not so much Slav. So now we can think of all the jokes the Swedes and Norwegians tell about Finns when we think of Russians;)

      • Matt, Here is the original:


        What Latvians? Where? Pushkin is talking about Russians and Poles. He uses poetic word “Litva” to denote the traditional Polish state.

        And as far as jokes go, I have never heard of Swedish jokes about Finns. Here in USA, we have Polish jokes about how presumably dumb Poles are.

      • they are nazi sympathisers though who still celebrate SS ‘war-heros’, bringing them into elementary schools in full uniform, why don’t you start a blog about that?

      • as for Pushkin,”His matrilineal great grandfather – Abram Gannibal – was brought over as a slave from what is now Eritrea and had risen to become an aristocrat.” He wasn’t much of Slav neither…

  13. pushkin loved liberty, i agree—oh he loved liberty. he’s the most american of all russian writers.
    but that was written in the patriotic times following victory over napolean and the march to paris.
    and after he wrote that poem russia just sunk and sunk further—–and imploded, and pigs like lenin and stalin took over his beloved kremlin. what would he have written about that?? those savages who burned the gospels that pushkin read so often and loved.
    what would he write about putin’s censors??—even worse today than back then.
    he’d be even angrier——-but yea,—he’d still love russia!!

    • I guess what he would have written on ‘Novaya Gazeta’, ‘Ekho Moskvy’, ‘Kommersant’, ‘Ren-TV’, Pozner, Bakushinskaya and many other poor victims of Putin’s censors and Russian money.

    • Liberal savages, who was hating intensly growing Russia decades by decades, at last borned Lenin and Stalin.
      And they still hate religion and support blasphemy, still stupid as vile.

      Ты просвещением свой разум осветил,
      Ты правды чистый лик увидел,
      И нежно чуждые народы возлюбил,
      И мудро свой возненавидел.
      Когда безмолвная Варшава поднялась
      И ярым бунтом опьянела.
      И смертная борьба меж нами началась
      При клике: “Польска не згинела!” —
      Ты руки потирал от наших неудач,
      С лукавым смехом слушал вести,
      Когда разбитые полки бежали вскачь
      И гибло знамя нашей чести.
      Когда ж Варшавы бунт раздавленный лежал
      Во прахе, пламени и в дыме, –
      Поникнул ты главой и горько возрыдал,
      Как жид о Иерусалиме…

  14. Pushkin wrote many Anti-russian and anti-tyranny statements

    Паситесь, мирные народы!
    Вас не разбудит чести клич.
    К чему стадам дары свободы?
    Их должно резать или стричь.
    Наследство их из рода в роды
    Ярмо с гремушками да бич.

    А.С. Пушкин, Ноябрь, 1823

    • Чем дальше в лес тем толще партизаны. Чем дальше у России прибавляется уверенность в себе тем злобней эмигранты.

      The farther into the forest – so fatter guerrillas. The more Russia has added self-confidence – so spiteful emigrants.

    • Ты хоть знаешь о чем Пушкин писал в этих строках. К кому они адресованы? Русским?

      Do you even know what Pushkin wrote in these lines. To whom they are addressed? Russian?

  15. ”Russia, The land of slaves, the land of masters’…

  16. “Of course, I loathe my homeland from head to toe,,,”
    from Pushkin’s letter to Vyazemsky, 1826

  17. Well said Anja, funny how Russians forget those quotes, or the fact that Pushkin and Lermontov vastly preferred the freedom and peoples of the Caucasus.

    • Andrew : ‘ ..Pushkin and Lermontov vastly preferred the freedom and peoples of the Caucasus…”

      Another example is Leo Tolstoy’s ‘Hadji Murat’

      • I watched the movie yesterday, staring Steve Reeves – The White Warrior.

        Princess Maria – How can you equate yourself with russian soldiers?

        Hadji Murat – We do not. We do not kill women and children.

        Tolstoy knew!

        – just sez it all.

        • At that time Tolstoi wrote also a lot of interesting things on Christ…

        • American film produced during the soviet era by any chance? surprise surprise…the stupidity of the majority of people on this blog somewhat exculpates them..but Andrew, you’re just a reprehensible individual who’s clearly educated enough to know better.

    • “Pushkin and Lermontov vastly preferred the freedom and peoples of the Caucasus” – Especially Lermontov. He was so fond of Caucasians, even kill them. And then he wrote a lullaby song for a child Cossack: “evil Chechen crawls ashore. Sharpens his dagger, but your father is an old soldier, hardened in battle: Sleep, baby, be calm, Bayushki-bye.”

    • Laszlo Tooth Jr.

      “А Александр, который привел вас в Париж? и (положа руку на сердце) разве не находите вы чего-то значительного в теперешнем положении России, чего-то такого, что поразит будущего историка? Думаете ли вы, что он поставит нас вне Европы? Хотя лично я сердечно привязан к государю, я далеко не восторгаюсь всем, что вижу вокруг себя; как литератора – меня раздражают, как человека с предрассудками – я оскорблен, – но клянусь честью, что ни за что на свете я не хотел бы переменить отечество или иметь другую историю, кроме истории наших предков, такой, какой нам бог ее дал.”

      “Although I personally am warmly attached to the Czar, I do not admire everything that I see around us; as a writer – I’m annoyed, as a man of prejudices – I am insulted. But I swear by my honour that for no reward in the world would I change my fatherland or have a different history than the history of our ancestors, as God gave it to us.”

      /A. S. Pushkin, 19 October 1836, Letter to P. Chaadaev/

    • Yes, and communism as well. Especially Pushkin.

    • For a start Pushkin, although a definite literary genius, is nevertheless a man. He has opinions, he is not an infallible deity who wrote nothing but eternal truths…why are you quoting his work as if to say oh pushkin said it, it must be true..are you all incapable of independent thought…stupid question, that’s why you listen to the vile propaganda spouted by the cretin who runs this site

  18. “Let Russian writers reflect the shameless and ignorant attacks of foreign newspapers”.
    Pushkin to Benkendorf

    Always attitude of the West toward Russia was the same. Its a pity that Pushkin does not see the title of this site – how many beautiful poems, as I have quoted above, he would have written. Pushkin forever!!!

  19. “Let Russian writers reflect the shameless and ignorant attacks of foreign newspapers”.
    Pushkin to Benkendorf
    Always attitude of the West toward Russia was the same. Its a pity that Pushkin does not see the title of this site – how many beautiful poems, as I have quoted above, he would have written. Pushkin forever!!!

  20. why is russofobia condemned? we should be free to criticise russians. they aren’t sacred. they are only human beings ..
    Why are russians so hyper-sensitive to criticism?..And cry “russophobia” at the slightest bit of criticism of their actions

  21. why is russofobia condemned? we should be free to criticise russians. they aren’t sacred. they are only human beings ..
    Why are russians so hyper-sensitive to criticism?..And cry “russophobia” at the slightest bit of criticism of their actions

  22. you can speak everythihg u want there, but Russia is still the biggest and the most powerfull country!! and u – poor-things will never be winners!

  23. Just read Masha’s hateful comment above..
    She admits that russia is a militarist aggressive state and biggest threat to world peace.
    What Goes Around – Comes Around

    Nowadays China is more powerful than russia.
    China’s threat to Russia


  24. But how and when did russia get so big lebensraum?
    Just look at the map of the Kievan Rus’ in 11th century. and compare it with nowadays russia

    • Girls, you seem to be the two faces of one troll:D

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Norge, Norge
      Det stiger aldrig frem
      Norge, Norge
      Med de tusen hjem
      Norge, Norge,
      Du skamfläck på vår jord
      Känn det står en stank
      Ända ut till Doggers Bank
      Från ditt norska smörgåsbord!

  25. I love this website.
    I was once fascinated with all things Russian, but after living in Russia and being married to a Russian woman I agree with the premise and content of La Russophobe. I have some good friends from Russia. What amazes me is that any good could come from such a brutal place. It is impossible to live there for any substantial period and not be affected. So, I really do understand why most Russians are supremely arrogant narcissists. I just avoid them like the plague. It’s not their fault, but being brutal and mercenary is the only way most Russians know how to be. Someone else can be their next victim.

  26. You Russofobes are idiots, morons. Peace to the world without idiots and rednecks!
    Andrew – Russia haven’t lost their friends in baltic states. I live here. But there always are prostitutes who are selling their country to everyone. Russia didn’t buy them, there is no oil, USA buy it, cause it’s near Russia, great place to make russians nervous.

    Why you hate russians? It means you are sensitive to something russian. Anja said – russians are humans like everyone. Yes, so why you hate russians? But maybe not americans, chinese? I’m not hating nations, i hate idiots and redneck like you. God deam, i hope you all burn in hell, cause i hate rednecks who cannot understand the world and engine why world now is like it is.

    • Rudolf,

      Russophiles are idiots, morons, peace to the world without idiots and Russophiles.

      Russia is extremely unpopular in the Baltics, amongst those who are not of Russian ethnicity, and even amongst those who are.

      Interesting how most ethnic Russians in the Baltics would far prefer to live in these tiny countries, even as “non-citizens” than move back to Russia.

      Gee, I wonder why.

      Meanwhile, Russia continues down the same path of racism, corruption, brutality, and aggression that saw it collapse twice in the last 100 years.

      • 1) I seriously doubt that a man named Rudolf is really an ethnic Russian.

        2) “Interesting how most ethnic Russians in the Baltics would far prefer to live in these tiny countries, even as “non-citizens” than move back to Russia. Gee, I wonder why.” –

        Here’s the revelation, dear:
        a) they can travel freely to Russia and EU alike.
        b) They get Russian pensions.
        c) They don’t have to learn language they don’t want to lean,
        d) They don’t have to sell their homes and leave their friends.

        Taking into consideration the emigration level of citizens from Baltic states (uh-oh Wikipedia) I’m afraid you would not see those states “monoethnic” in any near future.

      • in the Baltic states that support the memory of nazi ‘war-heros’ yeah? does anyone really care what they think?.. do they not deserve your cutting critique of their human condition, mate? you seem to know so much, i’d love to hear it…

      • Hola, yo buscaba un poco de información sobre Nemtsov, y aunque la mayoría de los textos que he leído en esta publicación, exceden mí conocimiento sobre Rusia, tengo que reconocer, que su texto leído 10 años después de ser escrito, me resulta revelador.

  27. Russia is evil and America is onliest who must be superpower and world police? Wow, it’s very tendencious. I see there bunch of rednecks and politic technology specialists who is making this site against one side. My god, you are so brainwashed.

    TED – You are small thinking person, that’s why you cannot understand russians. I understand russians, americans, chinese. That’s not all about you – you are pussy, went to Russia and realized that many of them are so harsh and stronger than you, they have been in such bad history situations, suffered from history, that their blood is made from steel, but you are just a product of “buy and sell” community and you are always crying when rain is falling of your brand new car… But i don’t hate you, i hate your cheap opinion.
    But you are original – bad relationships with your wife you are solving in hating whole russian nation, spending your time in Russophobe site. Ahaa, that’s why my wife isn’t so good to me – she is russian! Now i know all! And in this situation all bad things you do in your relationship passed away like snowflakes in hot spring. Your responsibility is going away from you to somebody else. I see, im speaking of infantilism.

  28. I have lived in Russia, China and the us. No place is like Russia. The most dreadful place I have ever been. Russians who leave never want to go back except to visit. Life is very hard. Russians are just a product of their environment. They are banned from many European resorts because of their drunken boorish behavior. They don’t know any better. They make enemies wherever they go. It’s not that the world has a problem, Russians are the problem. They are just sooo f’ed up.

  29. Russians are weak. If they were tough and strong like they claim, they wouldn’t die so early. Or maybe stupidity kills? Just look at the data for Russian male life expectancy. From CNN…
    In Russia, a country often associated with consumption of mass amounts of vodka, men have an average life expectancy of just 60 years — one of the lowest in Europe.
    Life expectancy for Russian men is well below that of western European countries like Germany, where men have an average life span of 77 years, according to World Health Organization figures.

    • You underestimate the disastrous effect of that disastrous chemical weapon the Finns released on Russia; VODKA!

      The Finns had the sense to ban it in their own country, which is why for years, the ferry from St. Petersburg back to Finland was full of drunken Finns.

  30. Here is my definitions:
    Russo-phobia – natural state of mind of a rational and free human being.

  31. Всем привет, вы козлы и уроды.

  32. Anna Kushchyenko

    This website disparages a group of people on the basis of their nationality, that is, uses hate speech to advance its cause. So, it is nothing else but a hate site, the site that creates a climate of hate or prejudice. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states that any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement of hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.

    In Canada, hatred against a identifiable group is an offence with maximum prison terms of two to fourteen years.

    In France, penal code and press laws prohibit public communication which incites hatred against a group on account of place of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race, etc.

    In UK, several statutes forbid hateful or insulting communication which targets a group on account of … nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origin, etc. The penalties for hate speech include fines and imprisonment.

    The United States is the only country in the developed world where hate speech law is incompatible with free speech guarantee.

    • But LR is USian, it’s ok for her to be a hate monger.

    • That is simply a lie. There is no hate speech on this blog, and its reasonable criticism is aimed at people in Russia who facilitate aggression against neighbors like Georgia and who support the Putin dictatorship, which threatens freedom around the globe just as the USSR always did.

      You are engaging in pro-Kremlin propaganda exactly the same way they did in Soviet times, The result will be the same, absolute failure.

      • Anna Kushchyenko

        Whether a group is being disparaged by the hate site is better to ask the group, not the site. In Alabama, white people believed one day that they didn’t insult the blacks. This did not make the whites loving and caring fellows. Sorry, but your site is the hate site, because it disparages people on the basis of their nationality. And you get away with this, because you are protected by the First Ammendement.

  33. Anna Kushchyenko

    There is a fundamental question – why do some hate Russians?

    Here’s some list of guesses compiled from the comments on the appropriately named site LaRussophobe:
    – the territory is disproportional to the population size
    – they are truly independent of the west influences
    – they have something that the west wants
    – they are different
    – they are not shy of their shortcomings
    – they kicked butts of many European invaders
    – they don’t see merit in the Western values
    – they don’t care
    – they have an Army
    – they steal
    – they drink
    – they drink vodka
    – their women are pretty

    Some of these statements are made about all people in the group, yet, they may not be applicable to everyone in the group… So, the hate site is just using stereotyping to indulge the narcissistic proclivities of its founder… Exposed!

  34. Dear russian hypocrites,Your dictatorian style wont help you – u can never never shut us up..
    Russian hypocrites must first cast out the beam out of own eye…

    Again – Russia is not holy cow,,We have right criticize russia’s militarist politic as much we want..

    Its right to criticize backward and violent culture in nowadays russia – what is in fact heritage of the 75-y.o. dictatorship in ex soviet union…I e its not about ”slavic genes” but everything bad in nowadays russia is just RESULT and heritage from the ussr..USSR is gone,, but that militarist violent backward culture is still alive in russia 2011,,.

    Russian nazis/nationalists see ”jews” under their beds and in every corner..Russian nationalists accuse the jews of being ”russophobes” despite the greatest russophobes (rightly) are ukrainians ,,caucasians and many other minorities of former USSR..

  35. Term ‘russophobia’ been created by russian fascist and nationalist paranoids (chernosotency) ,,what authomatically DISCREDITE this word..

    Thats what u call ”russophobia” is LEGITIM critic of russia’s militarist and violent politic ,,but antisemitism/or judeophobia is 2000 yr old hatred against ETHNIC/religious group–You must be imbeciles if you didnt see difference…

    Russia is not holy cow,,We have right criticize russia’s occupation of neighbour states,,as much we want..

    • as i understand the name of this site is just ironical.,

      They are NOT ”antirussian racist”, but against russia’s politic and post-soviet (post-totalitarian) culture

  36. to all russian patriots – good words by Leo Tolstoy :

    ”Patriotism is slavery..”

  37. если вы нас так ненавидите,то почему вы считаете чты мы должны к вам хорошо относится,?

  38. Hello, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.

    When I look at your blog site in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, amazing blog!

  39. First and foremost, the author of this blog needs a mental treatment, which is a problem, since the famous reform closed the mental hospital in many US places. Secondly, you comments are very bigoted. Thirdly, Russia for the last decade have improved its economy, liberalized the media, and promoted christianity.

  40. Equating the USSR with today’s Russian Federation is fundamentally fallacious. The ideology of the USSR was Marxism-Leninism (which is of western origin) is an atheist and misanthropic ideology. The “ideology” of Russia today is Christian Orthodoxy which was ruthlessly persecuted during Soviet Times.
    Ignorance of this distinction is likely to render your analysis of Russia fundamentally flawed.

  41. Возмутительно, что Путин сказал это дело Украины и ЕС, что они поддержали конфликт .. Существует только одна страна, которая масла в огонь бросает, что Россия и Путин! В Украине .. На прошлой неделе у них есть три плоскости Украина (военные) сбит с помощью г-на Путина и России. И тяжелые танки и другая военная передач через границу направил Для поддержки., Так называемого разделения Путин проводит политику, чтобы выключить. Все противники Мы должны установить предел, я имею в виду, как будто прошлом Россия полностью исключает! Нет нефти ни газа нет торговли! Я уже устал, чтобы Россия она совести Лоос оставили преследовать геев нацистами и другую сторону смотрел. Даже если ремень ЕС ужесточения и показывает свои зубы, то, может быть, мы можем даже смотреть на Россию еще раз направо в будущем в глазах. Вся боль не зажила за разом, как бы ни странно это. Я надеюсь, что я открыто рука об руку со мной другу (кто не сделал) мог перебежать Кремлевской площади, без меня нападают, сложных случаях и россияне будут приглашать меня на хороший барбекю! Когда гей

    Мы требуем черные ящики обратно!

  42. Занятное у вас тут голубиное гнездышко. По русски никто не ведает. Русофобствуйте на здоровье.

  43. I see my comment got deleted for some reason, so here it is again but amplyfied. Lenin+Stalin=Putin, yes! another murdering bastared who has dreams of world domination, wake up NATO, Europe and the world Putin is seeing how far he can go before somebody does something, just hope its not to late.

  44. Дизайнер

    Создание сайтов http://websimka.ru/sozdanie-saitov в Санкт-Петербурге

  45. I have my suspicions this page has been compromised by the Kremlin…

    This comment of the seeming author is out of keeping with the other pages, what is going on?

    Either way these comments are very unworthy of the people who have died in horrible circumstances, and undermines what you are trying to do… makes no sense?

    ““Dude, you are a psychopath!”

    Sure ! Otherwise, why would I read and comment on your blog, Kim and Co. -:) It’s nice to be in a company of fellow psychopaths”

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