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EDITORIAL: Barack Obama, Traitor to his Country


Barack Obama, Traitor to his Country

On August 2, 2011, ITAR-TASS published an interview between its CEO Mikhail Gusman, appointed to his job by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin because ITAR-TASS is the Kremlin’s official newswire mouthpiece, and U.S. President Barack Obama.

In it, Obama stated:

I think it’s important for us to look back over the last two years and see the enormous progress we’ve made. I started talking about reset when I was still a candidate for President, and immediately reached out to President Medvedev as soon as I was elected. And we have been I think extraordinarily successful partners in moving towards reset.

Reading this statement, there is only one conclusion that a thoughtful, well-informed Russia watcher can come to: Obama is a liar and a traitor to his country who must be immediately impeached and removed from office.

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SPECIAL EXTRA: Nemtsov Arrested, Again!


Nemtsov Arrested, Again!

Boris Nemtsov, New Year's Eve 2010

Once again, the Gestapo-like goons of Vladimir Putin, who pretend to be police officers, have arrested the former first deputy prime minister of the country for daring to publicly criticize the Putin regime and to support jailed oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky.  This time, they did so even though Boris Nemtsov and his followers had a fully legalized permit to demonstrate.  That did not stop Putin, who ordered mass arrests (120 or more were taken into custody, more than a third of all those present — many dressed  in Santa Claus outfits) because that’s the only way he can silence his critics.

Nemtsov has now been sentenced to shocking term of fifteen days in a brutal, savage, uncivilized Russian prison where he, like Sergei Magnitsky, could easily be murdered by any number of killers. All for doing nothing more than peacefully speaking his mind in public.  Mind you, the New Year’s holiday is protracted in Russia, the most important of the year by far. Nemtsov will be held apart from his family throughout it, in mortal peril. This is the nature of the enemy he faces, that we face.

Welcome to neo-Soviet Russia!

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EDITORIAL: The Kremlin turns its Eye towards the Aged


The Kremlin turns its Eye towards the Aged

“This is a big country – there’s the Far East, and Siberia.”

Yevgeny Savchenko, Putin-appointed governor of Belgorod Oblast, when asked to where Russia’s elderly could be relocated.

Well, that did not take long.

In power for only a brief period, the Kremlin’s hand-picked Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin has already jumped on the bandwagon being driven by Belgorod governor Savchenko and is proposing the resettlement of all of Moscow’s elderly citizens in order to bring down real estate prices for the city’s younger set.

Savchenko is blunt:  “Make it so that there would be five million people living here [in Moscow], and all the issues would be resolved without capital investment.”

But we think he is not bold enough.

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EDITORIAL: Putin the Rat Bastard


Putin the Rat Bastard

Vladimir Putin appeared on American TV last week, specifically on CNN’s Larry King show, and openly threatened the people of the United States.  If they dare to try to protect the people of Europe with defensive missile technology, Putin said, then Russia “will be simply obliged to protect its own safety by different means.”

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SPECIAL EXTRA EDITORIAL: BRAVO!! The Republicans finally Stand up to Russia


BRAVO!! The Republicans finally Stand up to Russia

We are thrilled beyond words with the earth-shaking announcement from the new Republican leaders in the U.S. Congress that they will block ratification of the Obama nuclear arms treaty with Russia, a treaty which offers no meaningful cuts in weapons by the Russians, which undercuts American strategic power, a treaty which serves the propaganda interests of the Kremlin and seriously undermines democracy in the former USSR.

At long last, the Republicans have remembered the legacy of Ronald Reagan and moved forward decisively to pull the country back from the precipice of appeasement towards which the Obama regime has recklessly led it over the past two years.

At long last, the good-hearted people of Russia, those few who still care about their country’s future and are willing to defend it, can once again hope for some leadership and assistance from Americans as they struggle to defend basic American values of democracy and freedom from absolute extinction in their country.

And at long last, the demonic forces in control of the Russian Kremlin will be forced to confront the harsh, cold reality of American power.

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EDITORIAL: The Collapse of Russian Foreign Policy


The Collapse of Russian Foreign Policy

Russian relations with Georgia sank to a new low last week as a clan of Russian spies were discovered by security forces in Tbilisi.  Japan was outraged by Russian refusal to return Japanese islands seized in World War II, and threatened economic reprisals.  Iran lashed out at Russia because of the Kremlin’s breach of its written promise to sell missiles to the Islamic dictatorship, and threatened a lawsuit.  And, as we reported in our last issue, the worst news of all came when American voters handed brutal, bitter defeat to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, ousting them from control of the House of Representatives in a landslide repudiation of Obama’s policies, which of course have included capitulation to Russian dictatorship and aggression.

The foreign policy of Vladimir Putin, in other words, lies in smoldering ruins. In more than a decade of dictatorial rule, Putin has failed to forge any alliances with with any significant countries, and meanwhile has alienated, offended and repulsed powerful states all across the globe. Even when he has got lucky, as with the election of the patsy idiot Obama, his luck has not held.

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EDITORIAL: Obama, Defeated!


Obama, Defeated!

It will be difficult to explain to ignorant, backwards Russians what occurred in the United States on election day this year, last Tuesday.  Russians, you see, lack any vague semblance of a real parliament, much less a lower house that is far, far more powerful than the president, much less a real opposition party that opposes the president and has previously held power. All these concepts are anathema to Russians, like a struck match to a barbaric cave man.

But that’s what America has, because of the world’s oldest, most stable constitutional government, and why America lacks any history of a Stalin or Putin brutally eradicating basic human rights — and lacks, too, Russia’s sorry  history of repeated national collapse amid violence, chaos and despair.

And on Tuesday, American voters spoke loud and clear.  They delivered a stinging rebuke of the misguided polices of the Barack Obama at the ballot box, giving his rival Republican Party 50% more seats than they needed to seize control of the House of Representatives, the only source of spending legislation, and handing them Barack Obama’s own former Senate seat in Illinois as well.  For only the third time in modern U.S. history, a first-term president’s own party was driven out of the House in shame and defeat.  Although Republicans did not seize control of the US Senate outright, they won back a shocking number of Democrat seats and, with their support from conservative Democrats in that body, have a formidable hold on that body as well.

The new speaker of the House, arguably the most powerful human being on this planet, will be Republican John Boehner.  Republicans have a massive mandate to roll back the crazed policies of the Obama regime, which of course include shameful, craven capitulation to the Putin regime.  All Obama can do now is veto and bide his time until he, too, is driven from office in shame.

Game on, Mr. Putin.

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EDITORIAL: Putin is Drowning in his own Sewage


Putin is Drowning in his own Sewage

For the Russian Kremlin to balance its annual budget this year, the price of crude oil must average $123 per barrel.

It’s an astounding fact.  No other member of the G-8, and no member of BRIC, depends for budget solvency on the price of a commodity which is set abroad. Russia is, quite simply, not its own nation.

But there’s an even more horrifying reality for Vladimir Putin to face:  So far this year, the price of crude oil has actually averaged $78 per barrel — and just $75 per barrel this month.  That’s a whopping 40% less than the budget requires.

Vladimir Putin is drowning in the fetid sewage of his own economic mismanagement.

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EDITORIAL: Another Day, Another Nemtsov Arrest


Another Day, Another Nemtsov Arrest

Once again last Tuesday, the former first deputy prime minister of Russia was arrested and accused of “provocation” by the Putin Kremlin for daring to challenge its authority.

Before we discuss the latest incidence of jaw-dropping barbarism from the Putin Kremlin, though, let’s take a moment to reflect on amazing photograph shown above, an image captured by a Novaya Gazeta photographer at the scene of the crime.  It ought to strike sheer terror into the hearts of the loathsome reptiles within the Moscow Kremlin.

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EDITORIAL: Obama vs. Putin, Round 1


Obama vs. Putin, Round 1

We were heartened when U.S. President Barack Obama appeared to signal, in an interview with the Associated Press just before leaving for Moscow, an intention to seek to divide the Kremlin and thereby conquer it. If Obama follows through on this strategy, it will be a master stroke.

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