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40 responses to “Comment Policy

  1. i just discovred this site. it’s true,honest and
    wonderfull. well done! thank you.

  2. I live in Ukraine and have been following the Kiev Ukraine News Blog and Russia Blog. Your blog provides a good service focusing on Russia but taking more risks than Russia Blog. Unfortunately, Kiev Ukraine News Blog doesn’t really take in comments though it implies it does (it seems because of laziness). I personally believe the answers to many of societies problems are spiritual in nature and it’s good to have the opportunity to comment. So Thanks!!!

  3. “4. You may not aim personal abuse at other commenters. If you do, your comment may be deleted.”

    Well, tonight guys, you called me “dimwit”, “illiterate troll”, etc. for disagreeing with you on some points. Do your rules apply to you too -:))) ?


    Once again, you simply fail to read our blog. The rules don’t say we will refrain from abusing commenters, and say we may publish abuse by commenters of us.

    When you fail to read our blog in good faith, you exposes yourself to personal abuse because it offends us. We’ve published more than 12,000 comments on this blog. Try reading them before commenting, then you will know what to expect.

    Your childish blabbering, totally devoid of any value-added links to source material, is pathetic.

  4. “When you fail to read our blog in good faith, you exposes yourself to personal abuse because it offends us.”

    Ok, I’ll keep it in mind -:))) So be offended as much as you want if it makes you happy. But please, don’t be offended too much. Otherwise, I may get bored with you being constantly offended and stop commenting for this blog. Decrease of traffic by 1 person is still decrease -:)))

  5. Is there anyone who has disagreed with you on this blog that you did not respond to in a demeaning, villifying way?

    In other words “Good point, but I think you are wrong, and here’s why…” without subjecting them or their comments to personal attacks?

    Finally, have you heard of Benford’s Law of Controversy?

  6. CommieBastard

    This is nothing more than a board of trolls. There is nothing of value here. Instead of discussing stuff do something about it.

  7. CommieBastard

    It’s pathetic really

  8. I love your site, it makes things about Russia sound more spicy both for fun and pleasure.

  9. Actually Rick, if you are posting links quite often the link seems to cause a clash and your comment does not get posted.

  10. Sweet blog. I never know what I am going to come across next. I think you should do more posting as you have some pretty intelligent stuff to say.

    I’ll be watching you . :)

  11. “5. You may not aim racist abuse at anyone. If you do, your comment may be deleted.”

    I’m sorry guys, but this whole site is pretty much racist. I don’t want to ‘break your rules’, but it’s true. Are you guys actually serious? Because this is pretty bad. Yes, I am from Russian origin myself, but even if this wasn’t about Russians, it’s still racist.

  12. The comment policy is excellent, this mix of serious discussion and personal abuse makes this site a great read. This is fun and very instructive at the same time. LR doesn’t remove negative comments, that’s cool.

  13. “5. You may not aim racist abuse at anyone. If you do, your comment may be deleted.”

    This is clearly a racist statement, because Andrew in this statement asserts that laziness – it is a natural property of the person whose nationality Russian

  14. ‘Russophobia’ is an illness, just like any other phobia. I wish you a successful recovery, dear. If someone who calles him/herself a ‘russophobe’ wishes the country to get rid of ‘dictatorship’ and convert to ‘democracy’, then he/she and those alike are the reason why ‘dictatorship’ even exists. Never will anyone who loves their native Russia negotiate with the ‘outside’ on the internl matters, because no one can tell others what is right and what is wrong, so just deal with it. You don’t need to answer this, I won’t go into discussion with you, nor is this site worthy of another visit: from what I’ve read here, you cope with criticism and defeat rather poorly, which only exposes your cowardice and lack of objectivity, you may just delete this post. Take care.


    Are you aware that in Soviet times, critics of Russia were also called “insane” and put in institutions? You’d like to lock us up too, wouldn’t you, because you can’t handle our substance, just like Stalin could not handle Solzhenitsyn and Putin could not handle Politikovskaya.

    And of course Russia is doing the same today, weaponizing psychiatry to crush dissent. We have documented it often.

    Meanwhile, your “comment” is SPAM and has NOTHING to do with the topic of this post. As such, it is typically rude, ignorant Russian thug behavior and only serves to make our point. Thanks!

    • Typical Russian stupidity and hypocrisy.
      Russians are always trying to dictate the policy of their nieghbors, look at how they try and bully Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania etc.

  15. Sorry “slavruss2013” (whatever that means), a few facts.

    1. Russian “peacekeepers” (which should be spelt “Piecekeepers”) were NOT deployed under a UN mandate, they were deployed under a CIS mandate. Russia repeatedly vetoed any attempt to make the peacekeeping operation a UN force, and also vetoed the extension of the only UN mandated force the UNOMIG force monitoring the conflict liness in Abkhazia.

    2. Russia repeatedly breached the CIS mandate by A) Supplying weapons, logistics, and training to the separatists. B) Stationing heavy equipment and fighter jets in Abkazia, and heavy equipment in South Ossrtia. C) Handing out Russian passports to citizens of another state.
    D) Russia unilaterally withdrew from the CIS sanctions against the separatists in Abkhazia in Jan/Feb 2008, and illegally (under international law) provided material assistance and defacto recognition to those same entities for over 20 years.
    E) Russia directly stated that if Georgia tried to join NATO it woul “lose the separatist regions permanently” in 2007, hardly the actions of an honest mediator.

    3. There was NO EVIDENCE of any casualties to the Russian “peacekeepers”, as the IFFC report stated, no evidence was provided by Russia, no names, no photo’s, nothing. There was also considerable evidence that Russian peackeepers were not acting in a neutral, or even remotely neutral manner, and the Russian commander of the joint CIS peacekeeping forces (who, unlike almost all of his compatriots seems a fairly decent chap) adimitted he could not control the separatists or stop their shelling of Georgian controlled areas in SO days prior to the major fighting breaking out. Then there are all the cases of thousand of heavily armed “volunteers” passing through customs checkpoints at the Roki tunnel, and through passes into Abkhazia in the weeks prior to August 7th (it really makes you wonder what the Russian border guards were doing doesent it?), and the eye witness accounts from Russian soldiers of being in combat units deployed to Georgia days or even weeks prior to August 7th.

    So much for “deployed in good faith”

    I doubt the Russian state (as opposed to individual Russians) is capabel of doing anything in good faith if the absolutely appaling history of Russian government is anything to go by.

    As for this website existing only “to throw mud at anything associated with the name of Russia” Sorry, but here again you show ignorance and stupidity, I suggest you look at the articles lauding real Russian patriots who struggle against the tide of Russian state despotism to ntry and turn Russia into a civilised state that respects the rights of its own and other countries citizens, people such as Politkovskaya, Markelov, Estimirova (wow, all dead killed by Putinite thugs such as yourself….), or the brave people at Memorial (who had decades of research into soviet crimes against humanity siezed by FSB thugs and destroyed) or the heroes of the democracy movement, or the heroes of antifas, who struggle at great personal risk to make Russia a civilised state rather than the barbarous, imperialist police state that it is.

    And a final not on asking other countries “not to make heros out of Nazi war criminals”, well Russia makes heroes out of Communist war criminals, so fair is as fair does.

    There is, to be honest, very little difference between the Nazi’s and the Communists, except maybe that the Communists killed more innocent people, a lot more in fact.

    Maybe if Russia provided a good exqample (which would be a first) by refusing to shelter or glorify communist war criminals, and refrained from threatening moves, speeches, and actions, it’s nieghbors might not feel so threatened.

    • You speak of being an “honest” mediator. It might be news to you that foreign policy is governed by pragmatism, rather than honesty. Thus, we did what was necessary to make sure that NATO was corralled within its existing borders. We played to Saka’s foolish notion that he was entitled to Abkhazia or Ossetia.

      As for on evidence of the murder of Russian peacekeepers, I don’t know about you, but a bombed out barracks and shreds of humanity scattered in the ruins seem to me pretty conclusive. What did you expect, HD video ?

      “Heavily armed volunteers,” “prior shelling of georgian areas” Cite, Cite, Cite. When you can give me evidence that any of this happened, please do get back to me. You are pretty stubborn, aren’t you ?

      However, why all this discussion. It would all have purpose if Ossetia was actually a “separatist” state. However, since it was never a part of the sovereign, independent state of Georgia in the first place, the entire debate is pointless.

      Estemirova, Margelov, Politkovskaya. All worthy people, to be commended for their activism. However, you of course have to way of linking Putin’s administration to their deaths. Why am I not surprised ?hahaha

      Do tell me when we have made heroes of war criminals, when you have a spare minute.

      • Well its all in the IFFC report my verminous little fiend.

        Learn to read.

        Russia has made hero’s of those who enslaved eastern europe from 1945-1991 (replacing one murderous dictatorial regime with another murderous dictatorial regime is NOT liberation).

        Russia made no evidence availiable to the IFFC regards the “bombed out barracks”, and link to this film you mention please, or it will be rightly assumed you are lying through your teeth.

        Just as the Russian state lied about “genocide” while comitting ethnic cleansing, so did the Russian state lie about the deaths of it’s “peacekeepers”.

        Documentary evidence please fwit.

  16. Let’s join forces, and reform the Olympics. Hold the IOC accountable!!!

  17. Do I get any points for killing 41 KGB officers in South East Asia in 1961-62?

    FSB …Same dance different tune!

    • Let me see… You killed 41 enemies but survived yourself. And know exactly that they were dead and that it was you who killed them. So, you got a chance to examine their dead bodies.

      You know what? Either you are a movie hero Rambo, or you shot these 41 Southeastern human beings execution style.

      How did you know they were KGB officers? KGB officers don’t wear uniforms, they don’t carry KGB cards. All you saw were 41 human beings. And you slaughtered these unarmed people, most likely innocent civilians, justifying it by saying “all these chinks are KGB officers!”.

      Whom did you slaughter? Was it the notorious My Lai massacre? Or was it one of a multitude of less known massacres?

      Is she also your victim:

      Was she a KGB officer too?

      [FSB …Same dance different tune!]

      Are you preparing excuses for killing another 41 KGB human beings in South East Asia?

      Where is the Nuremberg Tribunal when we need it?

      • Artie Artie, you little hypocrite. You’re in no position to bitch about the My Lai massacre, since you seem to be totally ok with crimes against humanity, as long as they’re committed by Russians. Let’s hear you talk about Russian crimes in Chechnya and maybe then you’ll have a right to talk about My Lai.

        If JL Lee really did kill 41 KGB officers (or KGB agents) hats off to him. Murderous KGB vermin deserve to be liquidated.

      • Artie Artie, you little hypocrite. You’re in no position to bitch about the My Lai massacre, since you seem to be totally ok with crimes against humanity, as long as they’re committed by Russians. Let’s hear you talk about Russian crimes in Chechnya and maybe then you’ll have a right to talk about My Lai.

        If JL Lee really did kill 41 KGB officers (or KGB agents) hats off to him. Murderous KGB vermin deserve to be exterminated

        • Who would remember 500 Charlie civilians and their kids slaughtered by the US army personnel at My Lai, when you say Chechnya and red herring?

        • Given all the crimes committed by the Country you attack and the country before it, they pale in comparison to the crimes committed the “developed” Western Powers in numbers and motives.

  18. I stumbled on your site by chance. Read with interest some of your articles and some of the discussions here. The overall impression was that of disappointment. First of all, I’d like to make it clear, I am not Russian. I have been there several times and closely follow what is happening there. I would say I am not happy with the direction in which Russia evolves, and many of the processes taking place there are quite disturbing and disappointing for me.

    And now comes the BUT. I would not like to discuss the style of the posted articles, the name of the site says it all and, of course, you are free to post whatever you like on your own site. But as for the comments… I saw several polite and argumented comments from people who were not exactly on the same idea as you. They could have started a good discussion, but seemingly discussion is not what you want. They were met not with arguments, but insults. And when I see that you label your opponents “thugs”, “apes”, “rabid psychopaths” “pathetic”, “ignorant” and “childish” in response to civilized comments, I tend to take the side of the person who operates with real arguments. (And, somehow, have a dim feeling that insults mean a lack of real counter-arguments.)

    So I guess that you should (1) block all comments altogether and keep writing what you want, not caring about whether people like it or not; (2) moderate out all opposing comments leaving only ones such as “great site, congrats”; or (3) if you leave any counter-arguments, refrain from comments and let your supporters respond (the style remains the same but you are clean); or (4) if you answer, try and keep to the rules of civilized communication. If you are right, prove it with facts. “You idiot” is not an argument.

    I am aware that it is YOUR site and it is YOUR rules. You make it quite clear in your comment policy. But I prefer the position “audietur et altera pars”, “let the other side be heard, too”, as the Romans put it. I did not get it here, so I will not look back later. The loss of one reader surely will not bother you, and it is always better to voice your ideas in a circle of supporters who cheer and do not question. Good luck.

    You may publish this on your site with a “La Russophobe responds” comment calling me a brainwashed lackey of Putin or whatever you like. Or you may moderate it out altogether. As Russians would say “mne po fig” (the article on “pofigizm” was a good one, by the way)

  19. Well Peter it cuts both ways some of the Putin fans are very rude also, I started by putting polite posts on and got a barrage of insults from these people. Also because I have been a contributor for a while I can tell you the owner of the blog has suffered some terrible insults herself, so it’s not as black and white as you think, it would be nice if everyone could be polite to each other but some of the subjects are emotive and the temperature rises. This site is not for the faint hearted this is for people with passion.

  20. Hi, I would like to let you know that I believe it is pathetic to call a whole country Neo-Soviet and it’s leaders such as Putin Stalinists. Stalinists are the St. Petersburg communists who want to keep the removed monument of Stalin in Georgia. Disgraceful really, presenting a whole county as axis of evil in a cold war style. La Russophobe means the fear of Russians, so no surprise that you got to spread inflated pessimism, discrimination against a whole nation and its culture.

    • Hi, we’ve never said all Russians are guilty, we praise some (like Oleg Kozlovsky and Boris Nemtsov) very highly. But we would like to let you know that we think it’s pathetic to try to avoid the responsiblity of the people of Russia for their own actions, especially when 80% or more are documented as supporting Putin in opinion polls.

      Until you can be a grown up and accept rather than deflecting responsibility, you will always be a third-rate country.

      • I’m sorry, what is the definition of a third rate country? The closes I could dig up was an old fashionate and now offensive term used by the West to describe the post colonized they have once set up for profit.

        How can you blame the population so vigurousl for voting for someone who promises a prosperous future. We’re not all psychologists, economists and political scientists. Even if one did vote for him, i’d understand that people make errors and power corrupts. And how do you know that 80% wasn’t faked?

      • kozlovsky and nemtsov dudes are not russian

  21. What you guys are encouraging national hatred towards a particular country who has been so unlucky as to discontent you. Why should you have the right to brainwash people to be russophobes, why should you “save the minority from the majority”, it should be the other way around, you don’t kill a robber on the spot, you save him from his inner slavery by convincing him not to do the crime again, why should the minority of russian people who are good at politics and against are against Putin be saved and the rest hated, why should politics go so deeply into the roots of juidjing a nation and people who have little to do with politics. Do you believe in God?

    I believe you should not discriminate against a particular country in this blog, either concentrate on all the negative things, which happen all over the world, or concentrate on Russia but then take into account all the things, not just negative. You sound like Putin’s girlfriend who is experiencing a break up and feels the need to shout express her hysteria in a court room to make tham man serve a life sentence.

  22. So, when you subject people to your so-called “verbal abuse” should those people take it personally, or be patient, like dealing with someone with Tourette Syndrome?

  23. PS, thank you for not responding in CAPS LOCK.

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  26. Pingback: 47. 📢Must Read 👉LETTER: Russians Outraged by Skewed Independent Reporting : the crude propaganda article which appeared in The Independent last month, praising 👉valentina matviyenko, the UNELECTED & CORRUPT governor of St. Petersburg👈, as

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