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CARTOON: Neo-Soviet Evolution

Source:  Ellustrator. (Click the image to see it full size.  We have modified Ellustrator’s original somewhat, click the link to see the original. Our modification is suggested by one of Ellustrator’s commenters).

CARTOON: The Putin Generation at Play

Source:  Ellustrator.

CARTOON: Russian Pac Man

Source:  Ellustrator.

CARTOON: Putin doesn’t need Eyes

Putin doesn't need eyes. On the stick is written: "Channel One." That's the main national broadcast TV network, owned and operated by the Kremlin.

Source:  Ellustrator.

CARTOON: Medvedev, and Counting

At the top is the word: “President.”

Source:  Ellustrator.

EDITORIAL: The Greatest Russian Political Cartoon ever Drawn


The Greatest Russian Political Cartoon ever Drawn

We’re huge fans of Russian political cartoonist Sergei Yelkin, otherwise known as The Ellustrator.  But even we did not dream he could surpass himself in regard to the rendition of the Russian flag as a cadre of blue-suited police officers surrounded by a sea of blood which appears at the top of our sidebar to the right.  We thought that was the greatest Russian political cartoon that would ever be drawn.

But he’s done it.  He’s set a new standard, and created the single greatest Russian cartoon yet created. It’s a very simple image, of stunning complexity and power. It shows a group of eight Russians standing under a scorching sun, holding picket signs demanding that the orb stop torturing them.

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The sign says: "WANTED"

Source:  Ellustrator.

CARTOON: No Translation Required

Source:  Ellustrator.


The ruble coin is drinking from a bottle marked "crude oil."

Source:  Ellustrator.


Source:  Ellustrator.

Who are Russia’s real Criminals?

Source: Ellustrator. This drawing, without any caption, has drawn nearly 200 comments already on author Sergei Yelkin’s blog. The first commenter states:  “I think this is the best work you’ve ever done.” These are Russia’s true patriots, who dare speak out against the atrocities of the Putin regime regardless of the consequences.  How we admire them!

Putin makes another one of his “offers”

Putin says:  "You must embrace your comrades!"  On the middle shirt is written:  "Avto Vaz."

Putin says: "You must embrace your comrades!" On the middle shirt is written: "Avto Vaz."

Source: Ellustrator.

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A Sunday (S&M) Mystery


The Russian cartoonist known as Ellustrator (Sergei Yelkin) posts the above drawing with no caption or explanation.  A number of his Russian readers don’t get it. Do you? Any suggestions for what Putin might be saying?

The Sunday “Funnies”


Source:  Ellustrator.