CARTOON: Of Russian Mice, and Men

Source:  Ellustrator.

12 responses to “CARTOON: Of Russian Mice, and Men

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  2. Your best friend Novodvorskaya called Gorbachev ‘a fashist’.

    • Well, that’s why she’s our best friend! We don’t care for Gorby. But having said that, he’s still a giant compared to Russia’s so-called “president,” which we believe is the point of this cartoon.

    • Gorb’s no fascist, he was a commie true believer and now he’s retired ever since 1991 and rather democratic (supporting NG, speaking out sometimes).

      Anyway it was “red fascist” and 20 years ago.

    • She is wrong. Gorby was no fascist. If he were, he would not have had perestroika and glasnost and he could have easily continued the Brezhnev hard line and could crash all the liberal movements and the like. If he were a fascist, Berlin and Germany would be still divided now.

      My impression that Gorby sincerely wanted to reform and improve the system and of course he was naive believing it was possible. Russia is not reformable, and he never understood this. Overall, Gorby was quite impressive, more than I can say of the current Kremlin rulers.

    • The biggest fascist is Novodvorskaya herself who said in an interview that if she came to power, her first act as President of Russia would be to throw in jail Eduard Limonov and others whose political philosophy she doesn’t share.

      • LOL, are you not always calling for just that?

        Hypocrisy is your bread and butter it seems Maimoneedes.

      • And how exactly is it different its “biggest fascism” than the FSB jailing the “political philosopher” Limonov and trying him on such ridiculous charges like “preparing to invade and annex Kazakhstan”?

  3. I too believe that Gorby was and still is a giant when compared to the current gangsters duo of Putin and Medvedev.

    He did not steal like Putin does (and will continue to), and sadly (but foolishly) believed that the rotten to the core soviet Russian system could be reformed and improved.

    Yes he was naive to believe so, and history has confirmed that, but I believe that his heart was in the right place. So unlike his thieving, murdering and lying predecessors or successors.

    • Also I think that the outbursts of KGB/militia/military violence that gripped the country in 1989-1991 was really out of his control. The siloviki leaders were so unruly they even made a military coup against him, after all, and the Kremlin’s control was very weak even over the Russian republic (his conflict with Yeltsin).

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