CARTOON: Putin on the Run

Putin is running away from two buzzing Russian letter “zh” characters.  In translation, both of the words in the name “Live Journal” — the blogging platform that recently came under determined cyber attack — begin with “zh.”

Source: Ellustrator.

4 responses to “CARTOON: Putin on the Run

  1. Clever. Elkin has a higher IQ than all the editors/contributors to this blog put together.

    • And yet it’s we who showed him to you, and not vice versa, numbskull. And Elkin agrees with our line on Russia, not yours. How ironic!

      Meanwhile, you have NOT ONE SINGLE WORD to say about Putin’s attack on ZheZhe, not a single word in defense of Russian bloggers. Truly, you are a waste of oxygen.

      By the way, Are you going to apologize for your lie about Russians apologizing for Katyn? Or do you want us to ban you from commenting on this blog, which you love so passionately that you comment more than once every day?

      • Actually, I often browse Elkin’s work. But I can fully understand how you would consider the fact that you saw this particular cartoon before I did, to be an intellectual accomplishment for you.

        • So you’re not going to apologize, you’re just going to go on lying.

          And that will be the story of you.

          Nor will you give us credit for selecting this cartoon from a vast body of work and showing it to a new audience, explaining it for non-native speakers. Instead you can only insult us.

          And that will be the story of you.

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