La Russophobe’s New Blog is now Live

La Russophobe 2.0 is now up and running.

62 responses to “La Russophobe’s New Blog is now Live

  1. Meee too!!!

    You little ripper.

  2. Russian people have lost the most important sense – conscience.

    Today, ashamed to be Russian, ashamed to be a citizen of Russia, ashamed to be part of the nation’s moral degradantov.

    It’s a shame to read books and watch soap operas about their good cops, “invincible” army and “great” designers.

    It’s a shame to hear about the “unparalleled in the world” inventions, books, movies, flight of thought …

    It’s a shame to have to deal with Russian business.

    I am ashamed to admit not only a national identity, but even in geographically coincident with the people who profess the Russian national proverb “Shame not smoke, cloud the eyes.”

  3. “Pushkin learned the Russian language from his nanny, a white” memmi “(Negro-nurse), and the slaves who worked on the plantation of his father “.

    Other black authors also write that it (the Negro) race Pushkin made ​​him the spokesman of his soul (Russian) people. For example, Pushkin became the embodiment of the Russian spirit is not, contrary to what he was black, but thanks to this circumstance. Thomas Oxley argues that “racial traits” Pushkin allowed to become “the first writer in expressing the soul (Russian) people. He felt his heart beat. ” That is in representations of Blacks USA, the Negro Pushkin and began the formation of the Russian nation of slaves,

    • “Pushkin learned the Russian language from his nanny”
      “(the Negro) race Pushkin”
      ““racial traits” Pushkin”

      I don’t know where you found the text, and who-what helped you translate it (which pretty much shows how bad your Ukrainian is, too), but you really should check out “the Negro” Pushkin:)))))))

      Damn, he’s definitely “the Black”, just took several facial plastic operations in the XIX century – just like Jackson did, right?:)))))))))))

      • Russia identified as Neanderthals’ last refuge

        According to a new study, a prehistoric tool kit and butchered bones unearthed in Russia’s Ural mountains suggest that Neanderthals may have existed there, till as recently as 33,000 years ago.

        Contrary to popular belief that modern ‘humans’ began to replace Neanderthals starting around 75,000 to 50,000 years ago, the study marks the Urals as their last refuge around 33,000 years ago, reports Discovery News.

        • че здесь за тупорылые пендосы? нация блядей проституток и воров кто в америку бежал колонизировать то? отбросы!!! и вы еще пасть разиваете, кто из вас пишущих здесь хоть год в москве прожил? одно слово, ПЕНДОСЫ!!!!

          • Я жила в Москве, и не один год. Пeндос тут только один. Загляни в зеркало и улыбнись. А в Америку едут только самые отборные, обpазованные и талантливые люди, которые знают, что заслуживают лучшего. А все остальные, заткнувшись, с удовольствием по уши плескаются в своём родном Рашистком дерьме. К 2030му году в Рашке будет нехватка 17ти миллионов специалистов. Но зато проституток, воров, алкашей, наркоманов, и прочих ублюдков всегда было и будет предостаточно.

      • @Dmitry: I have no idea, from where this idiotic tale about “negro Pushkin” and “slaves on plantations” came — but the link gives a little hint. I see. )))
        Looks like this site belongs to some “serguei melnikoff”, a histerical and pathological anti-russian lier. No much surprise here.

  4. Alxeander Roakshveich

    Да хуй вам!

    • Alxeander Roakshveich,

      You have just proved that you are the usual foul mouthed and brainless Moscal.

      Speaking about “хуй” – are you speaking from personal experience? Other then that, what’s new, comrade?

      • Alxeander Roakshveich

        I’m Russian and proud of this. I’m ready to die for my country and there are a lot of people who will do the same. So guys you should work harder if you want your dreams come true :)

        • No need to, Vaniya. You’re already dead, just don’t know it yet… ;D

          • Alxeander Roakshveich

            Otto von Ras – are you German, or whatever, doesn’t matter :) You had absolutely the same idea in 1941 and in 1812 :)

            Оле! Оле-оле-оле! Россия – вперед!

        • Yes, you just keep saying this. It’s very touching, we are all moved to tears, as we say in Yiddish, all verklempt. Well, I suspect there are a lot more Russians who dream of emigrating from Russia, instead of dying for it, but that’s another story…

          • Alxeander Roakshveich

            It’s funny seeing you sitting somewhere in some distant country imagining what’s going on here in Russia. There’re a lot of traitors dreaming of the West true, but even more Ivans who’ll kick your ass, my dear friend :) From Russia with love :)

            • On what basis do you conclude we are not in Russia? Have you ever read Novaya Gazeta? Do you think they, too, are not in Russia, you slobbering, ignorant ape?

              • Alxeander Roakshveich

                Novaya Gazeta invents “facts”. Like, in an article it’s saying 1.25 million people have immigrated since 2008 based on some official Sergei Stepashin. But when we read an interview where he says this (here he’s saying absolutely different thing: 1.25 million is a total number of Russians working outside since 1917. In Novaya Gazeta 1917 somehow transformed into 2008. It’s only one example :)

                • Well, a total number of 1.25 million since 1917 is totally nonsensical. After the Russian revolution alone many millions emigrated. And there have been several emigration waves thereafter. There is an article in Forbes showing that just between 1997 and 2010, close to 1.5 million people left. See this link:

                  The data are based on the official reporting of the Russian Statistics Bureau or whatever it is called, so the true number is probably higher since it is likely they showed a rosier than real picture to please their Paramount Leader and Master for Life. In any event, even if the data are true, they are revealing. The article in Forbes provides a link to the original source, but it is in Russian, so I can’t read it. I bet you can

                  • Alxeander Roakshveich

                    I was talking about the news paper given in Russia that changes facts. What’s about immigration, yes, it exists, it’s big, but every year it’s smaller and smaller. You shouldn’t forget that in 90’s the situation in Russia was really dramatic. But things are getting better.

                    • You are an infantile little twit Alex, the Russian government has stated that 1.25 million Russians have left to work abroad in the last 3 years.

                      21% of educated Russians want to leave.

                      Nice to see you are back in Russian instead of contaminating a beautiful city like Sydney with your filth and corruption.

                      What happened? Did they deport you for visa fraud?

                    • Alex, this place is dying, so no need to come and comment these idiots again:) Good luck to you, and, believe me, we all would be better off not talking to people like Andrew no more:))

                    • Dimwit(ry)!
                      Your puerile comment “so no need to come and comment these idiots again:)” just shows you up for the brainless Moscal you really are!!!

                      It does not matter or count how many times you’ve been shown up for the neo soviet liar that you are, just like a bad smell you keep on coming back with your unbelievably stupid and puerile propaganda.

                      So comrade ‘stukach’ practice what you preach and DON’T come and comment like an idiot with your idiotic prattle.

        • Go ahead and die then moron, you won’t be missed.

        • Proud, huh? Of course you are. Putin is proud of you because you are a living proof that the good old Sovok propaganda machine “still got it.” You are ready to die for your country? Even better. You can volunteer to be sent to eastern Ukraine (just don’t post any selfies from over there, OK?) and when your bloodied corpse, “Alxeander Roakshveich” is rotting in Chervonopartizanska, I’m sure your mother who by that time will have been declared a “foreign agent” will be proud too. This is for you.

  5. Thanks for coming.

  6. Ecstatic to see you back, LR.

  7. Altogether, seven journalism students were detained. Typically, the detention of protesters was not mentioned in any of the television news reports.

    Budur, a blogger from the journalism department, wrote: “Citizen Medvedev humiliated and insulted the dignity of seven members of our community. The seven did not organize a rally or do anything against the law or against university bylaws. They were just doing their civic duty. This is the first time since the 1930s that people were arrested right on the campus of the university.”

    Read more:
    The Moscow Times

  8. It’s nice to see that for as many blindly patriotic Russians I’ve met who steadfastly ignore the problems in their own country, there are just as many doggedly ignorant Americans (or similar nationalities) around with the same mentality. The laughable thing is that you think you’re somehow radically different from each other, but when it comes to an excess of pride interfering with your ability to reason logically, then I think I can safely say that both nations have got it down pat.

    Those lurking around here are so busy satisfying their own compulsive mania for proving that ‘Neo-Soviet Russia has got it wrong’ and perpetrates gross human rights violations, has economic problems, changes laws to suit the situation, is overly militiaristic and so on, that they fail to see what injustices are going on in their own backyard, so to speak. Or frequently those injustices may be meted out in someone ELSE’S backyard, as they frequently are, as part of America’s desire to lovingly share the utter bliss of their democratic existence with the rest of the subjugated world. How noble of them.

    This is pretty much the mentality of colonial explorers who certainly pitied the ‘savage’ natives that they found in the countries that they casually occupied. Except now we call it cultural imperialism, because the world has changed, and there aren’t exactly enough conveniently empty masses of land (bar the poor heathen savages) to occupy. So it’s convenient to teach your own people to espouse the benefits of the liberty and respect for human life that you appear to possess (bar the odd embarrassing slip-up or information leak every now and then) and hammer the point home at every opportunity. It also becomes common practice to help to liberate the ‘oppressed’ by military force, all in the name of sharing the bounty of democracy…. or perhaps is it because the global consumption of petroleum has reached a critical point, and the US happens to be the world’s largest consumer of it. Then once you have your foot in the door, a ‘pro-democratic’ leader has been installed, or perhaps elected, and we can all rejoice that yet another country has been ‘saved’. Let’s just hope this particular leader doesn’t go all AWOL on us in years to come, and then we’ll have to distance ourselves from him and hope that everyone’s memories are short enough to forget that we ever put him there, because that’s also embarrasing on an international scale. Furthermore after this, natural resources can be obtained plus, very conveniently, contracts of all kinds can be given to American companies. Eventually, locals can walk down the street past a Starbucks or McDonalds that they cannot afford to enter, though they may work for an American company, and marvel at how much happiness democracy has brought them.

    I am by no means condoning everything that goes on in Russia. Some of it worries me also. I just cannot stand hypocrisy disguised as journalism or serious opinion pieces. Not to imply that either I, nor the creators of this site consider these hack jobs to be anything resembling journalism, but some of the over-inflated hyperbole thrown around concerning its creator almost seems to imply that this is a respectable source of information.

    HUBRIS. Look it up if you don’t know what it means. Judging by the cheap shots played on here and the standards of the US education system, I actually have my doubts.

    • Maybe true, maybe not. But this blog is dedicated to Russia and to exposing her barbarity. This blog has nothing to do with the failings of colonial explorers. If you wish to denounce America, the West and capitalism, there are plenty of blogs devoted to those topics. Please go there.

  9. So is this site still running here?

    The white on black site is a disaster!

  10. Can we come back here again?

    The new place sucks.

    • As we can all see, there are but a few comments and discussions on the new and improved site. My problem with the new place is that it is very difficult to read the white letters on the black background. So, yes Bohdan I too greatly prefer the original site and design.

  11. LENCHEN became pregnant during an affair with a KGB colonel PUTIN, and, in 1989, managed to convince her West German handlers that she needed to be exfiltrated to West Germany in order to undergo an abortion. Once there, she successfully made a case for retiring from her espionage post in the East, and settling down in West Germany. Her request was granted, and today she lives in Germany under a new identity, claims Schmidt-Eenboom. Reporters contacted BND spokesman Dieter Arndt about the story, but were simply told that the spy agency does “not discuss our methods or our investigations”.

  12. It is a glorious flag: White, Spreckled (red white and blue, of the people,rising of the blue, and Red. For the 21st. century, Stalin and lenin wouldn’t have any idea of an advanced, neo-russia. I’ll stay at home, here, in the Red, white and blue, America.

  13. The main task of similar forums, – to explain to the West that disintegration of Russia, is objectively necessary. Judging by poor stable modes of the CIS: 1. Oil and gas can deliver Siberia without Moscow, 2. There is no sense to contain the high prices for oil all Russian Federation

  14. Poor LR…. First she lost her paychecks and had to close her blog. Then she decided to spend her own money on this boondoggle, but her savings expired on the second day….

    And today Maria Sharapova has won yet another Grand Slam and moved back to Number One.

    Yet another proof that phobias and hate-mongering don’t pay…

  15. Lets analize who is behind all this LR hate?
    1. East European Nazi sympathizers, the ones who killed millions of Jews during WWII (The Baltics, Poles, Romanians, etc.). They see Russia as “Jewish bolshevik state”. They would like the return of their Nazi masters and are driven by anti Semitism.
    2. US and her lapdogs (UK, Eastern Europeans, Australia, Canada, Qatar, SA) seeking world domination while free and democratic Russia, as it is under Putin, stands on their path.
    3. What is the true purpose of LR? One big concentration camp called “American democracy”. US is already one. Bad news: US armaments are junk, its economy is just about to collapse and Russia is thriving. To survive, US needs to wage wars all the time and that is the last and decaying stage of imperialism. Even its presidnets (Bush) have a double digit IQ.

  16. Poor Leon Lentz, he does not seem to understand that none of us in the west want to dominate Russia, I, one of the people, just want the Russian masses to have the same chances that my four children had and still have, that is the chance to make their own lives, vote for who they want, not be murdered for wanting others to be able to vote without the fix. It will never happen while you have a thieving one trick pony for president.

  17. Well that’s a rather crappy page. Hateful biased information as far as the eye can see. Suce ma queue, sale russophobe!

  18. Lich Meiballz

    Too bad this blog appears defunct. Putin has now decided to attack another defenseless country (Ukraine) to show how manly he is. Clearly he must compensate, because it is well known that KGB have their testicles removed.

    Hey Leon, if Russia Great Nation heil Stalin, how come nobody moves there, and the population is shrinking (except for the Muslims)?

  19. Clive Ocnacuwenga



    all those who have anything to do with the conduct of WAR: Those who plan it, those who fight it and those who pay the bills.

    Clive Sutherland-Ocnacuwenga – Student of War Analysis


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  21. gay nigger more russophobia plz

  22. salty retards with no common sense at all hahahaha

  23. Acts 16:31, 1 Corinthians 15:1-8, 1 Peter 1:17-21, Revelation 22:18-19

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  25. Pingback: 47. 📢Must Read 👉LETTER: Russians Outraged by Skewed Independent Reporting : the crude propaganda article which appeared in The Independent last month, praising 👉valentina matviyenko, the UNELECTED & CORRUPT governor of St. Petersburg👈, as

  26. Pingback: 47. 📢Must Read 👉LETTER: Russians Outraged by Skewed Independent Reporting : the crude propaganda article which appeared in The Independent last month, praising 👉valentina matviyenko, the UNELECTED & CORRUPT governor of St. Petersburg👈, as

  27. Pingback: 47. 📢Must Read 👉LETTER: Russians Outraged by Skewed Independent Reporting : the crude propaganda article which appeared in The Independent last month, praising 👉valentina matviyenko, the UNELECTED & CORRUPT governor of St. Petersburg👈, as

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