In the provocative cartoon above Sergei Yelkin, a/k/a “Ellustrator,” describes three blue-shaded “freeze” periods in Russian history (from left to right those of Stalin, Brezhnev and Putin) and three green-shaded “thaw” periods following them (those of Khrushchev, Gorbachev and Medvedev).  As you can see, each type of period grows smaller over time, indicating that Russia is headed towards absolute inertia at best.  One reader drew a huge amount of feedback when he commented:  “People who live on icebergs should not rejoice in news of a thaw.”

12 responses to “CARTOON

  1. So, its damped sinusoid. Good for Russia, the smoother is the curve, the better is life.

    • Perhaps you’re too oblivious and ape-like to understand, but the green areas represent progress for Russia. If Russia ends up flatline, that is a corpse nation, utter stagnation and decay. If Russia were a successful nation, the green areas would be getting bigger while the darker areas were getting smaller. What’s more, the notion that the Putin is not as bad as Stalin is hardly proven yet, so it’s a best-case scenario. Perhaps you didn’t notice, but there is no difference between the depth of the freeze under Putin and that of Brezhnev. We’d suggest you think about it, but we doubt you can think.

      People like you are the reason Russian men don’t usually live to see age 60.

  2. well well….there’s a distinct smell of censorship here. is that how the russophobic democracy looks like???? I see…


    You were obviously educated in Russia. We have no problem at all with the Kremlin controlling the content of its own website, nor does any rational thinking person. What we don’t like, and what the Kremlin does and furiously tries to do, is the control by the Kremlin over websites it does not own — like Novaya Gazeta for example.

    Your suggestion that we are not allowed to control what is written on our blog, and your suggestion that we attempt in any way to control what is written on other blogs, is the suggestion of an ignorant, backwards, helplessly dishonest Russian ape. La Russophobe is not a democracy, it is a private non-profit business, and if it were a democracy the only people who would have votes would be its shareholders, not the likes of you. Every newspaper on this planet has comment guidelines, as do most civilized blogs. In fact, many blogs don’t allow any comments of any kind, or pre-moderate, or require registration, or simply don’t generate significant numbers of comments. Most English-language Russia blogs on this planet fall into that category, because most English language speakers couldn’t care less about Russia. This blog publishes far more comments, and far more that are critical of the blog, than any other on the planet.

    We have clearly published comment guidelines, and as we have always done we will continue to enforce them.

    Your ignorance and mendacity make Russia look like a country of buffoons. Was that your intention?

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment, clearly directed at the subject matter of this post. Not! Your irrelevant, SPAM-like comment openly flouts our clearly published comment guidelines. If you continue to do so, you will be banned from commenting on this blog. More censorship! Yikes! We’re just as bad as the Kremlin!

  3. Ah comrade Good Empire! you as a devoted servant, fan (or most probably a) paid propagandist from Putler’s “Evil Empire”, be good enough to explain how you can smell “a distinct smell of censorship here” from a monitor screen??? Unless of course you have smeared the screen with your grotty, pudgy and smelly little fingers in the first place?

    Instead of trying to blindly spew your propaganda trash about “the russophobic democracy”, why not instead explain the russophilic dictatorship of your beloved Putler and his RuSSian empire. I mean you must be a real “know all” in this matter. Albeit totally misguided, but nevertheless, still a real “know all”.

    Finally Comrade – “Heil Putler!” to you! – your turn to verbally respond now.
    Again “Heil Putler!” to you – and again your turn to verbally respond.
    and lastly, “Heil Hitler – oops I mean Putler” to you – which allows you to have the final say in your beloved “vozd’s” name.

    In case you are in a hypnotic trance as a result of the above, you may now lower your outstretched right arm so that is limply hangs by your side.

    By the way I am intrigued by your ‘monoker’, be good enough to explain just who the three communist ‘goons’ in it are?

  4. Oouchhhhh!!! Calm down people, not so fast. Too many words, too little style and grammar for a bunch of Harvard educated nerds. Seems like your Brighton Beach grannies didn’t teach you to behave. My dear Coney Island friends, please let me now address your concerns in consequential order:
    – so IT IS censorship, right? Whatever you call yourself – private non government transnational LGBT liberal zionist not for profit organization or anything else. You are trying to police what people are trying to say. Why? Because you’re nerds, and you are scared. You get together here like inmates in a soul asylum who are not able nor willing to accept the fact that the world of their crazy dreams is not the real world. I got some pills for you folks.
    – one doesn’t have to be close to your dirty Brighton Beach apartments to feel how you stink. Because what you say and do just stinks.
    – Putler and Medvedutler are your own invention. Don’t put your blame on others. First was installed by your drunken puppet Yeltsin, and was then updated to the little iphone application with the help of the same Yeltsin breed. This “fascist” regime is under the total US control, and what happened to the arms sale to Iran recently is yet another evidence of what’s going on in REALITY.

    All in all guys it’s a lot of fun to see you so nervous and agitated. That was my only intention. And I’m glad you are exactly what I was thinking about you. Shy, excentric, chicken-hearted 1st generation immigrants.


    (1) Not one Russian citizen or person of Russian extraction in any way affiliated with this blog resides anywhere but Russia.

    (2) Not one person affiliated with this blog is Jewish.

    (3) Not one person affiliated with this blog attended Harvard University.

    (4) Not one person affiliated with this blog is homosexual.

    (5) There are many people affiliated with this blog who are arch conservatives. The founder and publisher writes for Pajamas Media an American Thinker, two of the most potent conservative websites in the blogosphere.

    But then, facts are of no concern to you, are they? Sorry to have bothered.

    • Only a government can impose a censorship. Ms. La Russophobe is not a government. Free speech protection is binding only on a government, never on an individual. I guess they don’t teach that at the KGB academy or else you must be insane if you don’t understand this.

      But now that I have explained it, you must realize that this blog is her private property and she is free to set any rules she likes. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to be present here nor do you have a right to. Messages can be posted here only at Mr. Russophobe’s sufferance and in no other way. This simple rule applies to you, me and everybody else. You are free to say good bye and leave. Nobody is going to shed tears if you do.

  5. Ming the Merciless

    “This “fascist” regime is under the total US control, ”

    One wonder on what planet the Imperialist cretin is living!

    Hussein O’Bummer is not even able to control his Wookie Mishelle
    or his Demon-crat leftard party made up of drugged up hippies!

    How could he control your dear Vlad the Impaler?

    • Allright. I hate to do that but when people look totally naive and illiterate I feel like have to come to rescue. So go to, switch your keyboard from Russian into English (minimize all the porn that you’re currently watching) Type in “M-a-n-u-e-l N-o-r-i-e-g-a”. Then read the article. Read twice. Try to understand. Go to, type in “P-u-t-i-n” (or Medvedev whatever). Voila! Now you got answers to all the questions you’ve just asked!

      • Really, you are a bit of a jerk GE.

        So much stupidity from someone who thinks the USSR was a wonderful humane place.

        Never mind the 62,000,000 people who died under government repression that started with Lenin and did not really finish until Perestroika.

        So lets see, Russian puppets were lovely chaps like Mengistu Haile Mariam, or Pol Pot, or a whole other host of mass murderers.

      • What is your point? Can you be less cryptic? What does any of this have to do with Noriega? Why do we have to look at Putin’s images?

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