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Welcome to La Russophobe!

Welcome to La Russophobe!

This was the backup blog of La Russophobe, a Russia blog which was originally hosted on Google’s Blogger network. That blog was born in April 2006 had been visited well over 280,000 times and received over 400,000 page views and more than 4,000 comments since it was created over two years before.  Because of massive technical problems on (and caused by) Google’s server, we relocated here in August 2008 and we are delighted with our new home on WordPress.

We are a Not-for-Profit Russia blog recording the rise (and hopefully fall) of the Neo-Soviet Union. We are the #1 independent English-language Russia politics blog in the world. No independent Russia politics blog in English has close to as much daily traffic as we do, and no blog in the English language draws close to as many reader comments or links from other blogs.  When you join us as a reader or contributor, you join the struggle for democracy in Russia.

We were founded in April 2006 by Kim Zigfeld, who is now the Russia correspondent for Pajamas Media and a columnist for Russia! magazine.  Our blog has been linked-to by such powerful institutions of mainstream media as the Associated Press, the Moscow Times and the Washington Post, among many others.

We are team blog, the work product of many dedicated and talented people working for a common goal:  To see Russia become a prosperous, democratic, contributing member of the world community — rather than the scourge, blight and nuisance that it is now.

We publish issues on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, often releasing the issue a day in advance, and we sometimes publish intervening “Special Edition” posts to address breaking developments.

Reader comments and submissions are always welcome and appreciated. Be sure that you will always receive the three “R’s” — response, recognition and reward (or retribution) — when you write La Russophobe.

We welcome contributions from readers and can publish anonymously upon request.

Our creed: You don’t really know Russia unless you read La Russophobe!

Our motto: Russia is the best country in the world . . . except for all the others.

Our slogan: “Что-то типа Новой Газеты на английском языке.” (that means: “Something like Novaya Gazata, only in English.” A Russian blogger wrote that about us, and we’re delighted he did!

This blog does not accept financial contributions in any amount from any source for any reason. There is no paid advertising nor any possibility of financial gain from the publication of any material appearing on the blog.

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  1. Meh, imperialism is inevitable, it never left, only changed methods. The eternal war will only stop when most of the world’s population is gone. There’s corruption in Russia, sure, but at least it’s available to regular people unlike in other countries…

  2. Imperialism is indeed alive and well in the world. Illegal aliens from Mexico are presently invading the U.S. wholesale, bloodlessly, with direct assistance from the Bush administration, and these illegals are only too proud to note that they’ll assume their ‘rightful’ role as the dominant demographic in the U.S. by 2047. Corruption in Russia can’t even come near that practiced in the U.S. today.

    Should the European Union suddenly decide to work in collusion with Moscow, the U.S.–read, the “North American Union” (Mexico-U.S.-Canada)–will become yesterday’s dishwater.

  3. Misha, хлопчик, tell me – what kind of “direct assistance” is Bush giving to illegals? Maybe you’re talking about the Wall being built to DIVIDED the mexican-US border? Or the INS raids that are taking out illegals and businesses that harbor them, one state at a time?

    Perhaps you refer to NAFTA and other dubious activities of Clinton and his cronies in the 1990s. Yes, some things happened then that should not have. But don’t you worry – this is becoming fixed. As far as demographics – that doesn’t really matter, they’ll learn english like I have – and besides, cuban women are hot anyways. What’s there to lose?

  4. I was a russophobe during the USSR and the Yeltsin days. Now I am a russophile thanks to Vladimir Putin. May God bless him and the Russian people.

  5. I have stumbled upon your site by accident and found it most interesting and strange. You give the impression that you are for modern democracy and freedom which I have enjoyed in my country for the last 14 years before which it was ruled by the most racist and abhorent regime in history. I support you in your endeavour to improve the lives of people like yuorselves but I find serious hypocrisy in your representation of level headedness as far as the present US elections are concerned. I am not one that is a serious follower of the US elections but I do find your acceptance of John Mccain and rejection of Barack Obama as probably racist (I hope I am wrong). Please try to convince me that your representation in this blog is not what I think it is.

  6. Sander Pielkenrood

    I am sorry to say, but you people surely have a ‘tunnel vision’.

    Bear in mind that most Russians are actually quite happy with their leaders. As a Western European, I at first was critical towards the Kremlin, but having been here for years has changed my initial criticism into admiration. Of course there is a lot to improve (and a lot is being improved as we speak by the people you so much oppose to), but the way you express yourselves is not the way forward.

    A suggestion: turn your negative attention and attitide towards the USA. There certainly is a lot to write about poor G.W. Bush and especially about the people that brought him to power. Corruption, fraud, the killing of thousands of innocent people, neo-colonialism and a lot more.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS:So it’s OK to have tunnel vision as to the USA but not Russia? LOL! Meanwhile, Germans were “actually quite happy” with Hitler and Soviets with Stalin. That didn’t mean they were doing a good job, did it you ape? So predictably, you don’t point to any “better” way forward which has resulted in more change, and you ignore the fact that folks like Solzhenitsyn and Martin Luther King were also accused of having “tunnel vision.” Michael Jordon had “tunnel vision” and that’s why he won lots of championships.

    You’re nothing but an enabler of Russian failure, pure and simple, and far more dangerous to the nation than any “enemy” could possibly be.

  7. [quote]I at first was critical towards the Kremlin, but having been here for years has changed my initial criticism into admiration. [/quote]

    That’s called “Stockholm Syndrome” (more or less). I think there’s a Wikipedia article about it…

  8. As American of Russian background who cares about Russia becoming truly civilized country, I read a variety of Russia related blogs and sites. Just today, I came across you. Before offering my constructive criticism to your blog, please allow me to quote you.

    “We are team blog, the work product of many dedicated and talented people working for a common goal: To see Russia become a prosperous, democratic, contributing member of the world community — rather than the scourge, blight and nuisance that it is now.”

    Why do you think that Russia necessarily needs to become “democratic” to be a good country ? There are plenty of countries or quazi-countries who have democratically elected governments, but who are neither prosperous, nor civilized.
    One example, “Palestinian Autonomy” where a few years ago the majority of Palestinians elected terror group Hamas to office after Israel left Gaza and parts of West Bank. Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez also come to power by democratic elections 10 years ago. Hitler, by the way, also used democratic institutions to consolidate his grip on power in 1930’s Germany.

    Maybe Russia needs to be a country where Christian principles need to be incorporated in a legal framework and the culture of respecting such laws need to be instilled ? Maybe Russia needs a Constitutional Monarchy where monarch will have constitutionall defined rights and responsibilities with basic protections of life, liberty and property of every citizen.

    P.S. America, technically is not a pure democracy either. It’s a republic with democratic institutions, but also with unelected bodies, such as 9 member Supreme Court where members are appointed for life by the US president. The US Supreme court (rightly or wrongly) can overturn laws passed by the democratically elected US Congress.

    “Democracy” can be translated as either rule by the people or rule by the crowd (from Greek “Demos”). It’s time to take more critical look on democratic dogmas and have a goal of Russia as a Christian country in the highest sense of this word.


    We didn’t say Russia should be a “pure” democracy. Democracy means people making choices. Russian people haven’t been able to do so, they’ve “chosen” between a proud KGB spy and a proud Communist apparachik, both personifications of the Soviet failure they should have left behind but can’t seem to be able to. Now, as Russia’s economy implodes, they are suffering the consequences of that problem. Russia has already destroyed itself twice in a century, and is now heading for number three. We think Russia needs to try something new.

  9. “We didn’t say Russia should be a “pure” democracy. Democracy means people making choices. ”

    Well, Putin and his ex-KGB/FSB circle are not people ? I guess they are people too–not Martians. Bad people for sure who happens to be in authority, but still people. And when people happen to elect brutal dictators by democratic means, isn’t it also people making choices ?

    I would rather avoid using this abstract word “people”. If we talk about the majority of Russians, like it or not, they are content with Putin-Medvedev regime for now. What is needed is a sort of spiritual awakening among the majority of Russian citizens, similar to what happened in Poland with John Paul II. Will Russia have its equivalent of John Paul II ? So far I don’t see one, but hopefully there will be one (or group of people) who will move Russia in this direction.


    Oh really? So you don’t mind if we make the choice for you to spend the next 30 years in a Siberian prison next to Mikhail Khodorkovsky?

    Great! We make that choice. Don’t forget to write!


  10. “Oh really? So you don’t mind if we make the choice for you to spend the next 30 years in a Siberian prison next to Mikhail Khodorkovsky?

    Great! We make that choice. Don’t forget to write!”

    What a freaking nonsense. Did you actually read what I wrote ? Did you understand what I was trying to say ? What I said was that right now the choice of too many Russian people is too be content with Putin regime. Bad choice indeed. I also said that they need a spiritual awakening to change their mind. Can you read intelligently counterarguments without insulting other people ?

    It shows you simply cannot handle an intelligent counter argument and you just lowering yourself to insulting anyone who offers a constructive criticism.


    If you actually read this blog before offering us your “constructive criticism,” you’d know that we’ve published a great deal of material showing Russian elections are fraudulent, both by denying access of candidates and voters. Real democracy has never once been tried in Russia. And if you think you issued a strong condemnation of Russian people in your “comment,” you must be drunk.

    Is “freaking nonsense” your example of erudite and reasonable commentary? Thanks for the lesson! We’ll try to emulate you.

    Double dimwit.

  11. Yeltsin was actually elected democratically and then shot at Russian Parliament in 1993 when parliament trying to impeach him. Then he named a certain guy named Vladimir Putin as his successor.

    Maybe what Russia needs is first a rule of law before we can talk about “authentic democracy”. By the way which “authentic democracy” we talk ? American, European ? Or Democracy of Ancient Greece ?


    Liar. Yeltsin’s elections were plagued by fraud from the beginning, and his only competition was a communist.

    Typical drunk, arrogant, ignorant Russian fool.

    • Pablo Matanza

      Схема диалога

      Русофоб: Дурак!
      Русофоб: Дурак! Дурак!
      Русофоб:….. Дурак! Дурак! Дурак!

      • Great comment! it looks like the guys who created this site were suffering a lot, and now they are not able to hear…

      • они не способны здесь на конструктивный диалог. Если ты начинаешь показывать что их писанина нечего не стоит, то они только и умеют что кричат и ругаться.

  12. “Liar. Yeltsin’s elections were plagued by fraud from the beginning, and his only competition was a communist.”

    1996 elections–yes, but before that, he was elected in an open elections against Gorbachev wishes when Soviet Union was still around.

    So cut the crap Kim and use words like “Liar” or “Dimwit”. Doesn’t work with me -:))))

  13. The dispute between “westerners” and “russophiles” has been going on in Russia since 1880-s. Both have pretty powerful advocates (Sakharov and Solzhenitsyn, to name just from recent memory).

    I think this blog is claiming that Russian people as a whole incapable of choosing either way; and sublimates both with dismal results. By the way, Sergey, your statement that Russians support Putin’s regime indirectly confirms that.

    Being “westernik” as I am I think Sergey’s suggestion that Russia needs to find Christian path is illusion. It has been an excuse for 150 years: Умом Россию не понять – в Россию можно только верить (You can’t comprehend Russia – you can only believe in her – F. Tyutchev).

    By the way, while John Paul was providing spiritual awakening to the Poles, Gdansk strikes and founding of independent trade union happened in parallel. Hoping for someone (or even group of people) to provide such awakening without forming grass-roots movements is what makes Russia so inept in today’s world.

    Last, LR: while Yeltsin was all kind of things – he was the only leader in Russian history that was democratically elected, and then retired at then end of his term. I believe his role in Russian history will be judged quite positive.

  14. Actually, Felix, John Paul II was a spiritual father of Polish Solidarity movement. When he traveled to Poland after being elected as the Pope, he quoted from the Bible “Be not Afraid”. He also called for solidarity to preserve Polish roots against communism. I am certainly not advocating to sit and wait for a John Paul II like figure for Russia. What I think is necessary is for Russian people to do a critical self-examination and see what needs to change inside Russian people before changes can come outside.

    • Russian people are used to being beaten down like dogs…first by the czar, then by Stalin, and now by Putin.
      Their only solace is that their misery results in a strong important nation.

    • I know thousands of people read your blog posts but I often wonder how many people really understand the value of what you’ve written here. I contemplate these tips often while working and they really help me with my goals. I do not fully understand what you’re trying to say. Any additional suggestions or insights? I’m really intrigued about how this might affect things in the long term, it’s probably hard to see them with all the current changes we see happening. I do not even know where to go from here now that I have seen this.

  15. “Hoping for someone (or even group of people) to provide such awakening without forming grass-roots movements is what makes Russia so inept in today’s world.”

    Felix, it is already being formed. Here is an article from newsru.com about formation in Russia of Solidarity movement modeled after Polish one of the early 1980’s.


  16. Great job you guys! I too want to see Russia free from those KGB bastards and Democratic!

    My country has border with Putins Russia… It is very difficult for us as for any other democratic neibour of Putin.

    Bring him down! Change RUssia for better! That will make a world a much better place. Better smelling and MUCH more secure!

    With Oil prices going down, there may be a chance now.

  17. Taught uni 4 5 yrs in remote Mongol, Buddhist ‘republics’ of Russian Empire, visited USSR over previous decades. Experienced transition Yeltsin/KGB. Now I wish all surrounding nations 2 reclaim stolen territory – new passports, like RF in Georgia!!! Cut Empire down 2 size!!!

  18. La Judophobe and Russophobe

    “Just” 162 ossetian people were killed by Saakashvili. Really, what trifle!


    If it’s so significant, why did the government of Russia feel the need to exaggerate it by a factor of 15?

    And do you admit that the civilians murdered by Russian forces in Georgia, which number roughly the same, are equally signficant?

    • Sorry, but the Russian army killed that many Afghans within ONE DAY of anti-terror operations in one of the “pacified” areas of Chechnya.

      I think most of those casualties can be attributed to the fog of war.

  19. The report said, “162 casulties” it has not been determined as of yet the ratio of civilians/military.

  20. ““Just” 162 ossetian people were killed by Saakashvili. Really, what trifle!”

    I know it’s inappropriate and not related to this Post at all but I had to respond.
    A very close relative of my friend was one of the Seargents that went with the leading force into Samachablo(S. Ossetia).
    He said several days after the war started, that the only ossetian resistance came from some drunk guys in several villages, probably with weapons handed out by Russian ‘peace forces’.
    I do not defend the idea of making war is good. Either for Georgia nor Russia, nor any other Country. But please don’t judge and spread lies if you haven’t been there. According to Russian ‘Media’, Russia was just ‘defending’ their ‘peaceful troops’.
    If we forget about the thousands of people that died in that war, i guess all is fine. Well done Russia!

  21. Sandro, I hope you were being sarcastic when you said “well done Russia”, (I presume this is the case as you use the correct name Samachablo) the ethnic cleansing comitted by Russian sponsored Ossetian militia was terrible. My daughters kindergarden was used for refugee housing. I talked to girls as young as 12 who had been raped by drunk Russians and Ossetians. Most families had at least one brother, father, or son who had been killed by the Russians or their puppets.
    Over 30,000 people remain as IDP’s from the Georgian & pro Georgian Ossetian population forced out of the Region.
    In addition, the official Russian death toll for South Ossetians killed is now 162, rather than the 2000 they originally claimed.

  22. I just came across this blog and I loved it! Since I don’t hate anyone so much as you do, it makes me feel like a better person than I already am. I certainly will be back! ;)

  23. It is absolutely hilarious , when the author of this blog claims, that he/she wants to see prosperous democratic Russia, and then insults a Russian posting on the blog – “Typical drunk, arrogant, ignorant Russian fool”. And through that exposes his/her true intentions and nature.

    Come on, be honest, you just hate Russia for the sole reason of hating, you dont want anything good for the Russian people.

  24. Maidari, плюсадын )))
    Аффтар, выпей йаду.

    **Typical drunk, arrogant, ignorant Russian fool** – типичная оговорка “по Фрейду”. И заметьте, вас Sergey не оскорблял. вы, и только вы опустились до ругани, которая вас же и выдала. Хотя, и так всё ясно: машущий жупелом “русофобии” не может принести русскому человеку ничего хорошего. Назвались бы западником, атлантистом, например, да хотя бы и вольным каменщиком – всяко лучше звучало бы… А так – кроме провокации и лютой ненависти ничего и не видать. Одно фуфло, жидкий пук.

    • Pablo Matanza

      Коллеги, предлагаю не обращать внимание на эту кучку злобствующих недоумков, плюющихся ядом и, как кто-то из адекватных выразился, – “жидко пукающих” (очень понравилось).

      Есть также предложение: дабы сия зараза не распространялась, заражая овечьи запуганные мозги некоторых неосведомленных представителей западного общества, давайте пригласим к сотрудничеству мастеров-кудесников (коих на нашей землюшке немало) к делу закрытия данного информационного органа. Кто за – прошу проголосовать.

  25. Great site, guys.

    Thank you for doing a good job. Keep it up!

  26. La Russophobe:
    “Our motto: Russia is the best country in the world . . . except for all the others. ”

    and by “our” you mean neo-republican globalist slogan?

    The concept of the whole idea behind this blog is so moronic that it does not even require any criticism.

    Have a good day, my pseudo-loving-westerner =P

    • “and by “our” you mean neo-republican globalist slogan?”

      Yes. And considering our relatively good track record compared to the “realistis”, I argue keeping it.

      “The concept of the whole idea behind this blog is so moronic that it does not even require any criticism.”

      Bull. EVERYTHING requires criticism, from the lowliest straw-man to the most scholarly academic work, in order for it to be refuted. To do otherwise is to yield the field and admit that you have nothing better to say.

      “Have a good day, my pseudo-loving-westerner =P”

      And, pray tell me HOW is that supposed to make any sense WHATSOEVER?

      Have a nice day, you fool.

  27. Oh, you really did delete my post, didn’t you?
    I’m flattered

  28. I am the international journalist from Poland. I was in Ossetya when Georgian attack begun. They were shelling the city for a while then there came unshaved drunk Georgian soldiers and they started raping children and old people immediately. Some kids (both boys and girls) were not older than 5 years old. Just think how terrible Georgeans are!! I was so happy when Russians came and wiped out all that Georgean scum that they call soldiers. And I also saw Georgean drunks shooting unarmed people who were coming towards them with there arms up!

    • Really? Thats not what HRW, Memorial (Russians), the OSCE etc have said.
      HRW & Memorial BOTH found no cases of rapes by Georgian forces, and declared the Russian claims of rapes, Church burnings etc to be fabricated.
      Try reading it.
      Your description of “unshaved drunk soldiers” does however perfectly fit the description of the separatist & Russian troops that raped, murdered, ethnicly cleansed and pillaged Georgian villages.

      BTW “achooo” if you were a “polish journalist” in South Ossetia please give your name and the news outlet you were working for.

      Of course you cant, because you are just another Russian troll, and the only “journalists” allowed in SO were Russians.

    • There is no lie to big to tell for you shameless Russians.

    • “I am the international journalist from Poland. I was in Ossetya”

      Wonderful. What relevance that has to the OSSETIAn war is a matter of dispute.

      “when Georgian attack begun. They were shelling the city for a while”

      And given the fact of Ossetian skirmishes on the border and the large Russian armor buildup beforehand, was that not somewhat justified?

      “then there came unshaved drunk Georgian soldiers and they started raping children and old people immediately.”

      So, there were actually Georgians in the Ossetian Capital? Do you have any proof for that?

      “I was so happy when Russians came and wiped out all that Georgean scum that they call soldiers.”

      Does that include the firing squad executions of lawfully surrendered Georgian soldiers in contravention to the laws of war? Including NONCOMBATANTS?

      And what about the civilians killed by Ossetian and Abkhazian irregulars without restraint by the Russians?

      “And I also saw Georgean drunks shooting unarmed people who were coming towards them with there arms up!”

      Proof? And what about the SOBER Russians doing the same?

  29. Really, guys, don’t bother to argue with this site. They just hate Russia, period. They try to hide it behind all these talks about corruption and so on (a common trick) but if they really cared the approach and attitude would be very different. No point.

  30. Hey Pedophile, I mean Russophile, nothing wrong with hating a state that has comitted as many horrors as Russia, from ethnic cleansing to mass murder, to the supporting of the most brutal regimes in the world.
    But since you are obviously an idiot, there is no point in explaining to you what life is like under Russian opression.

    • @supporting the most brutal regimes in the world.

      This narrative is no longer funny, Andrea. All right….I’ll go through the old routine again. The Unites States crushed the anti-Spanish revolt in the Philipines, killing some 200,000 people in the process. It installed countless brutal authoritarian regimes in South America to make sure that it could rape these lands of their resources without it’s people intervening. These operation include, but are not limited to, Pinochet in Chile, who killed 45,000 of his people and buried them in shallow mass graves, Fulgencio Batista in Cuba, who lived in luxury while his people worked in slave conditions and shipped the fruits of their labor to United Fruit of America, The death squad regimes in Honduras and Nicaragua, whose CIA-trained thugs may have executed anywhere from 650,000 to 800,000 peasants and intellectuals. The United States supported the military junta in Greece in the aftermath of the Second World War. This government set up concentration camps in the countryside to dissapate popular resistance to its oppression, and gunned down students in the streets when they chose to protest. Ferdinind Marcos, another promininent thug who owed his power to the CIA and State Department, was said to have made a rule of literally roasting his opponents on a slow fire. Then of course, we have the Diem regime in Vietnam and the subsequent atrocities commited by the US when they realized that the government would soon be overthrown by a broad popular resistance. The brutality commited there can only be measured in millions of lives, with conservative estimates placing the toll at 4 million, and more realistic ones placing it at 7 million. In the same decade, the glorious regime in washington waged a secret war against the tiny, defenseless country of cambodia. dumping 60 million tons of boms on a strip of land half the size of California. White House tapes that were realeased under extreme pressure have Kissinger recorded as saying “Hit everything that moves with everything that flies,” the closest invitation to indescriminate mass murder that I have yet heard in my life. Finally, the United States destroyed a democratically elected in Iran and brought to power a brutal and dictatorial shah, who shipped his countries oil into Exxon Mobil’s loving arms while his people starved and had opponenets “dissapeared” throught the studious efforts of the Savak, his secret police, which incidentally, was made up Iranian thugs and CIA officers. Most recently, of course, we have the provision of chemical weapons and delivery systems to dear old Saddam Hussein, which he used to great effect in his terror campaign against the Kurds, killing tens of thousands. These is of course a very shallow analysis, and I’m sure that there are other brutal regimes who owe everything to the leaders of the free world, however, even you get the general picture. So, it is naturally hard for us to support the most brutal regimes in the world, when the “leaders of the free world” are already providing that service to nearly all of them. You have to give them credit thought, they know how to corner a market. :) Who knew that someone could monopolize the industry of democracy subversion and brutality promotion ?

      • hi nikita,

        it is sad for you to remember the Marcos regime. well, Filipinos are a little soft, for forgiving and forgetting the atrocities of Marcoses against the left leaning people of our country. still, we had a lot of missing people which were summarily killed and kidnapped.

  31. No, because of the evil that Russia commits.
    Communist Russia was far worse than Nazi Germany.
    And moden Russia is still the same criminal system of KGB thugs and moronic serfs.
    Its like putting lipstick on a pig. Its still a pig.

    • Pablo Matanza

      Андрюха, гамарджоба!
      Ах ты, сукин сын, воду мутишь! Хорошо тебе в Новой Зеландии – жопа-то в тепле – руками махать да Россеюшку хаять. Когда на историческую родину-то соберешься? Там без тебя совсем плохо…
      Мадлоб за вниманиё.

    • Pablo Matanza

      In case you didn’t get that, Andrushen’ka:

      If it really pains your gentle heart to see your holy little homeland opressed by the vodka-drunk-bear-communist-nazi-pig Russia, why don’t you go and leave New Zealand forever to join your brothers in fighting the real enemy. They are starving without you! Real democracy can be achieved only the moment a courageous person like you steps in the country. Your people and your President is waiting!

      • Actually wog boy, I left NZ some time ago (which is my homeland, although ethnicly I am basically Irish).
        Needless to say you spics are almost as bad as the Russians (the inquisition anyone?).
        I am in the Caucasus, and have been for 2 years.

        • Pablo Matanza

          As far as you seem to be a venom-spewing racista, needless to say that your lines about ‘spics’ and Russians (please notice I haven’t stoop to say ‘your mick lines’) have no sense and are strictly emotive.

          Dare I ask, where in the Caucasus do you reside?

        • Pablo Matanza

          And by the way, do you also call the surrounding people of Caucasus wog boys when they’re not there?

          • Just responding to your “venom” and sarcasm in a similar vein old boy.

            And no, I respect the majority of the Caucasians.

            As for where I reside, I asked you first old boy, after your comments about my location.

            Now Pablo, you really should not get so worked up, I remember some of your earlier posts, and you are a bit of a hypocrite where racism is concerned, especially in your attitude to Georgians.

            • Pablo Matanza

              To make it all clear for you: I live in Russia and I’m Russian (if you didn’t get that from the message in Cyrillic Russian I left above).

              Your vision of my attitude towards the Georgians seems to be perverted. If you do remember my earlier posts, I didn’t attack nations (like some of us do) for people are not to blame. Georgian people, who now are leading a miserable life thanks to their government, are really good. Their culture is profound indeed (if you remember, Shota Rustaveli, the greatest writer of Georgia or Nino Katamadze or Tamara Gverdziteli, the most brilliant vocalists). We, Russians and Georgians, had been good neighbors. Still, although the diplomatic obstacles, a lot of Russians keep in touch with their friends and relatives in Georgia.

              As you know, there are problematic points between Georgia (which in fact is a synthetic nation consisting of different ethnics) and the adjacent regions of Ossetia and Apsny. As to Apsny, which had ever been an independent nation before it was annexed to Georgia under the Soviets. In 1991, naturally, Abkhazia wanted to resume independence from Georgia, which resulted in a year-long war with them. A lot of people were killed on both sides. My girlfriend and her mother were forced to depart from Apsny at that time leaving the grandmother who had walking difficulties in her home which was almost ruined.

              After the war was over, a peace treaty was signed declaring a mutual hands-off policy. Although Georgians never gave up the idea of regaining Apsny as part of Georgia. Of course, that’s a plum – beautiful scenery, rich soil, tourist attraction, sea ports.

              Naturally, to secure against futher Georgian attacks, Apsua sought aid from Russia. It is an evident case of geo-political opposition: Russia should’ve taken the opportunity of such a good-will annexation. Alas, our government showed total political impotence.

              In a turn, this situation proved a good chance for the US government. They invented an ingenious programme of getting stronger in the Caucasus area for further Russian control. The US government protégé Misha Saakashvili was the first step in this programme. The Ossetian war was the latest one. As you yourself said there were only Russian journalists in South Ossetia during that war, and only the American reporters in Georgia. This thing won’t be right. Despite of that, many people in fact understand (unlike some here) what was really happening there in August 08. Bosses play, people die on both sides.

              It has been highly abominable of you to say your way about the war half-known to you.

              • Well “Pablo”, Abkhazia was frequently and for a very long period part of Georgia.

                Firstly it was part of the ancient Georgian kingdom of Colchis, and its main cities Kutaisi and Dioscuras/Sukhumi was renowned by the greeks as centres of Geogian leaning and trade.

                Abkhazia was also a part of the unified Georgian kingdom of David the Builder and his descendants, including Queen Tamara.

                When the unified Georgian kindom was smashed by the mongols, Abkhazia remained a province of the west Georgian kindom of Imereti untill it was smashed by the Russian invasion of 1810.

                After Russia had absorbed western Georgia piecemeal, Abkhazia was again made part of the (now Tsarist) principality of Imereti and ruled as a province of Imereti by the Russian govenor stationed in Kutaisi.

                Georgians have lived in both Abkhazia and South Ossetia for thousands of years.
                Both Abkhaz & Georgians can claim to be native to Abkhazia (just ask the great ethnologist Svetlana Chervonnaya, head researcher for the Moscow institute of Ethnography).
                Russian & separatist claims that Georgians are “immigrants” are treated with derision by archaeologists, as almost all the churches, fortresses, and the vast majority of ancient structures in Abkhazia are of Georgian origin.

                Furthermore, the princely family of Abkhazia duing the period from the middle ages to the Russian annexation of the early 19th century was ethnicly Georgian.

                In addition Pablo, I have several inlaws who are either part or wholey Apsu, they are refugees in Georgia because they refused to kill neigbors with whom they had been living in peace for millenia at the orders of criminals like Ardzinba.


                In addition Georgians have lived in Samurchubalo (South Ossetia) for thousands of years before they (mistakenly) gave Ossetian refugees from Mongol depredations shelter in the 12th C.
                Ossetians remained a minority in the area until the soviet occupation, the creation of “South Ossetia” by Moscow as a punishment for the Georgians being Mensheviks, and the deportation of the majority of its population after the attempted anit-soviet uprising of 1924.

                In fact I suspect I know just as much about the Abkhazian & South Ossetian wars and history than you do. Being a witness to Augusts war (including one of the separatist provocations) and the subsequent looting, raping, murders and ethnic cleansing by Russian & separatists does tend to make one somewhat citical of the separatists.

                Far far more people were murdered by Abkazian separatists than the other way around Pablo, Georgians were the largest ethnic group in Abkhazia, and had been even in Tsarist times.
                The separatists evicted over 70% of the provinces population. The UN, HRW, Memorial and all other human rights groups placed the overwhelming majority (but not all of course) on the Abkhaz separatists for the war crimes comitted in Abkhazia

                BTW, your attitude to Georgians has changed remarkably since your posts of a few months ago. If it is a real change I commend you.

                What my relatives-in-law from Abkhazia (both Georgians and Apsu) want is to be allowed to live in peace in villages they have lived in together for centuries.

                • Pablo Matanza

                  Indeed, all the Apsuas and the Georgians want is a peaceful life side by side. I do say it again: you shouldn’t indict me for ill attitude toward the Georgian people. People are not to blame. Every nation has a government consisting mainly of bastards. Georgia sure has bastards both on top and within common population. Although it is not right to think that all the Georgians (or Spanish Americans or Russians or whoever) are bastards. I’ve been outraged by the way it is put. I may presume that you staying in Georgia dealt with Anglophone media-sources only (or am I mistaken – you speak Russian?) which conduct coverage in this region in a certain manner, with a special c0ncern. In this case, you could have missed the scenes of Zkhinval, mostly ruined during only one night by the Georgian troops. And sure you haven’t seen the Ossetian girl and her mother interviewed for an American TV channel, who were being always interrupted by the anchor as they only started to say the word ‘Georgian’. And the interview was immediately cut when they were about to say that Saakashvili is to blame for all.

                  A question: at what date did the war commence?

                  Andrew, I am not an historian. Probably some of what you have said is true. Except that King David was a born Armenian and Queen Tamara half-Abkhaz and long before Georgia was incorporated as nation and state Abkhazia had been a great princedom, the territory of which extended up to the modern city of Tuapse (which in fact is an Abhkazian originated name as well as Sochi).

                  Although Georgians and Apsuas have been neighboring with each other and inter-assimilating long time, they stay different nations with different languages pertaing to different language families (like English and Chinese for example). During the Soviets, the Georgians by force ‘georgianized’ things in Apsny: they renamed cities and urban objects, turned Abkhaz names into Georgian.

                  This is a long-lasting complex history of the two nations. Neither you nor me have the right and knowledge to make conclusions. And none the less, if, like you said, Georgia was a warm shelter to Apsny in the borders of one country, on what basis do the Apsuas so ardently strive to separate, huh?

                  • Once again Pablo, you show you have a very poor education in history.

                    David Agmashenebeli (David the Builder) was born in Kutaisi. He was an ethnic Georgian with some Abkhazian heritage, and in no way an Armenian.

                    His first wife was an Armenian princess however.

                    Note his title “H.M. The Most High King David, son of George, by the will of our Lord, King of Kings of the Abkhazians, Kartvelians, Ranians, Kakhetians and the Armenians, Shirvanshah and Shahanshah of all the East and West, Sword of the Messiah.”


                    Queen Tamara was not 1/2 Abkhazian, she was however 1/2 Alan (Ossetian), and a grandaughter of the King of Alania (now north Ossetia)

                    The “great princedom” you mention was probably “The Kingdom of Abkhazia, also known as Kingdom of Apkhazeti-Egrisi or the Kingdom of the Abkhazs (Georgian: აფხაზთა სამეფო) refers to an early medieval feudal state in the Caucasus which lasted from the 780s until being united, through dynastic succession, with the Kingdom of the Georgians (see Tao-Klarjeti) in 1008.”

                    which was a multi ethnic kingdom consisting of Apsu, Svans, Mingrelians, Laz, Imertians etc to ALL of whom the term Abkhaz was applied GENERALLY

                    “Most international scholars agree that it is extremely difficult to judge the ethnic identity of the various population segments[1] due primarily to the fact that the terms “Abkhazia” and “Abkhazians” were used in a broad sense during this period – and for some while later – and covered, for all practical purposes, all the population of the kingdom, comprising both the Georgian (including also Mingrelians, Lazs, and Svans with their distinct languages that are sisters to Georgian) and possible modern Abkhaz (Abasgoi, Apsilae, and Zygii) peoples [2]. It seems likely that a significant (if not predominant) proportion of the Georgian-speaking population, combined with a drive of the Abkhazian kings to throw off the Byzantine political and cultural dominance, resulted in Georgian replacing the Greek language as the language of literacy and culture.”


                    As for “on what basis do the Apsuas so ardently strive to separate, huh” well Pablo, Russian/Soviet power was maintained through a very effective and insidious “divide and rule” mechanism which frequently pitted one ethnic group against another (another good example is the ethnic cleansing by Ossetians of the Ingush in 1991-92).

                    The Bolshevik annihalation of both the Apsu and Georgian intelligentsia, and Soviet distortions of their joint history have done immense damage to Georgian Abkhaz relations.

                    The Abkhaz autonomous region had an apartheid system where 18% of the population (the Apsu) controlled the regional soviet and all institutions, this needless to say was another thorn in the side of interethnic relations in the province.

                    You also forget that many Apsu fought for the Georgian government during the war, and there were certainly Georgians who fought for the separatists. I also know personally several Russians from Abkhazia who fought for the government of Georgia.

                    Many ethnic Abkhaz were executed (and tortured beforehand) by the separatists during the “rape of Sukhumi” for not supporting the separatists. Including such men as Raul Eshba (an ethnic Apsu)

                    “It marked the beginning of 12 days non-stop fighting around the besieged Sukhumi with intensive fighting and human loss from the both sides. Georgians who stayed in the city with only rifles and AK 47’s were left without any defense from artillery or mechanized units. [59] The union of theater actors of Sukhumi joined fighting along with other civilians who decided to fight. The city was mercilessly bombed by Russian air forces and separatist artillery. [60]On September 27, the city fell as Abkhaz, Confederation of Mountain Peoples of the Caucasus (CMPC) and Russian units stormed the House of the Government of Abkhazia. One of the most horrific massacres of this war was waged on the civilian population of Sukhumi after its downfall. During the storming of the city, close to 1,000 people perished as Abkhaz formations overran the streets of the city. The civilians who were trapped in the city were taken from their houses, basements and apartment building. According to Russian journalist Dmitry Kholodov:[61]

                    …They captured a young girl. She was hiding in the bushes near the house where they killed her parents. She was raped several times. One of the soldiers killed her and mutilated her. She was cut in half. Near her body they left a message: as this corpse will never be as one piece, Abkhazia and Georgia will never be united either.[56]

                    The separatists and their allies captured the Chairman of the Supreme Council Zhiuli Shartava, the Mayor of Sukhumi Guram Gabiskiria, Mamia Alasania and other members of the Abkhaz government including the members of Sukhumi police. Initially they were promised safety,[62] but eventually killed, and the UN report mentions Shartava being excessively tortured.[63]

                    The massacres continued after the fall of Sukhumi for about two weeks. Georgians who had failed to flee the city had been hiding in abandoned apartment buildings and house basements. Upon discovery by the militants, they were killed on the spot. One of the most brutal massacres of the war was committed during this period. Video materials show a 5 year old child being brutally killed by Abkhaz militant in front of his mother on the streets of Sukhumi. Abkhaz nationals were also targeted during the Sukhumi massacres. Anyone who had tried to hide a Georgian refugee or helped in any way was condemned and killed. “Temur Kutarba, an Abhazian, was killed by an Adighe Soldier in front of his children, for not being active in killing Georgians. V. Vadakaria, 23 and his Abhazian friend, who tried to defend him, both were killed.”[64]”


                    Now here is a question for you Pablo, why do the Apsu insist on controlling areas such as Gali and Khodori and the westernpart of Svanti that are not, and never have been majority Apsu, and the people of whom wish to be part of Georgia?

                    A little hypocritical wouldn’t you say?

                • Hey, Andrew,wait a second, by your logic “Abkhazia was frequently and for a very long period part of Georgia.” USA should still be a part of GB, as well as New Zealand and Australia. And KOSOVO always was a part of Serbia. By the way, Ukraine and Belaruss were also for a long time a part of Russian Empire:)

                  False logic, mate:)

                  • Except for the fact that in 1992 the Georgians were 1/2 the population of the province.
                    They were subsequently ethnicly cleansed.
                    Apsua were 17% of the population.

                    Pablo was referring to the Kingdom of Abkhazia-Egrisi, this was a multiethnic (Georgians majority, Apsua minority) , and trying to say it was purely Apsua.
                    Abkhaz/Apsua have a strange idea (totally at odds with actual history) that they never had a common state with Georgia.
                    I was just correcting him.
                    No false logic there at all.

  32. Pablo Matanza

    FYI: Phobos is fear in Greek. Russophobe stands for one who hates and fears Russia. Or fears and hates.

    Коллеги, предлагаю не обращать внимание на эту кучку злобствующих недоумков, плюющихся ядом и, как кто-то из адекватных выразился, – “жидко пукающих” (очень понравилось).

    Есть также предложение: дабы сия зараза не распространялась, заражая овечьи запуганные мозги некоторых неосведомленных представителей западного общества, давайте пригласим к сотрудничеству мастеров-кудесников (коих на нашей землюшке немало) к делу закрытия данного информационного органа. Кто за – прошу проголосовать.

    • Сюдя по стилистике текстов, английский для авторов не родной. Сдаётся мне здесь тусуются разного рода националисты из соседних стран.

  33. CommieBastard

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  35. Your refer so frequently en.wikipedia.org that I supect you to post the referred articles as to match your “historical” allegations. Try to find something more reliable!

  36. Sorry, my previous post addresses Andrew

    • So? No worse than Cricassian.com

    • Every time I come to this website I am excited to learn new facts. It’s crazy how much this world is changing everyday but I like how much this blog always is current withcurrent news and information. How can you be able to stay current with new data when this world is changing so rapidly? Right up until right now I’ve had a very different way of seeing this subject.

  37. you pathetic losers and your untrue and idiotic site make me sick…

  38. The cold war is over, find yourselves another occupation.

    P.S. If your goal is a more prosperous and open Russia, why is your site called “La Russophobe”. That is at least confusing.


    It’s pretty funny that you think you know how to run our blog, visited 4,000 times each day, better than we do.

    And it’s pretty insulting that you dare to claim our term is confusing without reading the definition PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED IN OUR HEADER.

    You’re an ignorant little ape, aren’t you?

  39. Whoever made this site – don’t be jealous of Russia and how we are as people, perhaps if you open up to yourself a little, and throw away your rattiness, then you perhaps too may understand what it feels like to be Russian, one day.

    As for Soviet Union; don’t know many people who are against it coming back. It was an ambitious experiment – but at least we tried. Human nature is to blame for the dissolution.


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  42. US is ruled by financial mafia – the group of greedy and stupid money bags. It became specially clear after world crisis, created by these idiots. The president in US is only puppet in the hands of big money. Look in his nomination in the financial sector of US government after the crisis, it is the same public which created the crisis.
    It was once an attempt of US president Roosevelt to put hand on mafia before the World War 2, but money bags responded in sixties, killing John Kennedy and his clan.
    Note, never America has such weak and faceless president as Mr. Obama – it is logical end of US “democracy”.
    US financial mafia made the attempt to create the same system in Russia, supporting Hodorkovsky, but in Russia this plot was doomed because Russians are not naive cowboys. They supported president Putin, not Hodorkovsky.
    As for Mr. Nemtsov or Mr. Kasparov, or other “rusophobs”, they want to became big money’s puppets and to have the small pieces from the table of money bags.
    This is the main root of their “rusophobia”.

  43. I look forward to La Russophobe’s response to Pat Buchanan and similar neo-cons’ position about Ukraine:



    Try reading our blog before commenting on it, simple common decency. Put his name into our search engine and you’ll see exactly what we think about him.

  44. rusophobes and russians are tasty. VERY TASTY!

  45. I may tune in if you quit with the dumb insults. It would be great if you answered questions instead of asking a question in response to a question. Moron.




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  46. I couldn’t help myself in trying to sound like you for a second. Feel free to use a childish insult.

  47. No, of course you shouldn’t care if I tune in or not. If you’re going to assign names, you should use Mrs.

    I have plenty of serious questions, but I don’t prefer to have them answered by you at this time. That’s why I didn’t post one. Double moron.

    I don’t care if it’s a good idea or not. I simply behaved as you normally do.

    On a lighter note, the few things I have read so far seem to be worth the time and effort to sort through your stupid remarks. I’m still thinking about tuning in full-time.

  48. Are you in love with Putin, dearrusophobe lady?
    you are talking’bout him all the time, day & night) it looks like a serious mental decease…)

  49. I congratulate the website and its founders. I am just not sure whether you need to answer all the sillu comments by people brain-washed by soviets as they chose to be so. Well done!

  50. Zigfeld sounds like a Jewish name.


    Dave N sounds like a racist scumbag name.

  51. Haha, I just stumbled on this website. Neo-Soviet Union? “recording the rise and ‘hopefully’ fall”? Can you have a little bit more pretentiousness in your tittle please? Your motto should be: “Хотели как лучше, а получилось как всегда”. You seriously think that you will improve even a little bit of Russia through this endeavour of yours? “Russia has already destroyed itself twice in a century, and is now heading for number three. We think Russia needs to try something new.” Yes, yes it does, not through endlessly talking about it on the internet, but out on the streets. Convince your neighbours, run for the local administration, make promises that you keep. Unless the majority of everyday people want change, Russia will always be what it is now.
    Before you start even mentioning the ‘real democracy’ and how it should be implemented in Russia, try to understand the history and why the current political system is in place – how it came about; don’t just spew some nonsense about ‘western democracy’ – the underlying principles should be free speech and human rights – Russia lacks this, because it never had it in the first place. If people understand this, en masse, then and only then will there be improvement.

    • Glen, do you think that western countries always had human rights and free speech, the foundations of democracy?

      No, they had to be developed and worked for.
      Unfortunately, after 500 years or so of Tsarist/Soviet breeding of the Russian population to be docile and easily controlled, well you get the picture.

  52. Mr La Russophobe’s comments sound like those of someone who was born in a swamp and because he has been told it all his life, believes that the swamp and the country in which it exists is the greatest place on God’s earth. He, if he reallly exists, is more than likely a br ash juvenile American who like most of his countrymen does not hold a passport, has never seen much of the world outside the swamp, but is still convinced that his country holds all the answers to the world’s. My advice to him is to get a passport, do some travelling and try and appreciate the world for what it is and not as he would like to see it. In other words do some growing up. Despite my name I am a UK citizen and served in its armed forces for 25 years.


    LA = feminine you illiterate Russian baboon. Try to think at least a little before you write.

    • Does that mean the beast was a female character in “Beauty and the Beast”? “la” doesn’t necessarily make the noun a female. Just as “La belle et LA bête”, the beast is not a female character but the word was merely feminized. Gawd, you’re acting all smart but you’re just as dumb as any burger-munching pea-brain.

  53. Ce site, il est génial, c’est bien que vous montriez au monde civilisé le visage criminel de la Russie poutinienne . Je suis comme pour le peuple russe, pour la démocratie et surtout pour la securité dans mon pays

    Merci infiniment pour tout ce que vous faite.

  54. I would suggest an ignorant and brainwashed founder of this site get to know the things he’s attempting to write about, cuz otherwise it’s just bs as we see

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  58. You’re nothing but an enabler of American/Zionist plundering.

  59. “No, they had to be developed and worked for.
    Unfortunately, after 500 years or so of Tsarist/Soviet breeding of the Russian population to be docile and easily controlled, well you get the picture.”

    Yeah I mean if the Russians were “bred” properly, they’d be quite happy with an irresponsible American puppet like Yeltsin. :insane:

    Maybe you should focus some of those “breeding” ideas on a country like the Jewish State. Now there’s a people that consistency elects bloodthirsty fascist crackpots.

  60. I don’t know Russia but I do have a “not-very-good” opinion about it’s leaders so I guess this blog has some reason to exist and it’s ‘quite OK’. But for someone who seems to hate the Russian leaders and their tactics, you (blog creator/editor/admin) also seem to be very fond of mistreating those with a different opinion. Just take a look at your “LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS:”; you often end your responses with an insult..and that discredits your opinions – at least, to me. Anyway..maybe you could just leave the insulting behind and try to focus on expressing your views intelligently. (don’t bother insulting me, as I am not Russian nor American and there is little chance that I come back here). See ya!

  61. Good article. Always interested in this

  62. 4. You may not aim personal abuse at other commenters. If you do, your comment may be deleted.

    5. You may not aim racist abuse at anyone. If you do, your comment may be deleted.

    6. No profanity will be published on this blog. If you use it, we may censor your post or delete it.

    Shame it doesn’t apply to the owners of this blog, seems to devalue its intentions.

    One more thing: To really make any world better, there should be less hate….not more.

    • ...of the world unite...

      Thank you, dear :-*

      And to the owner of the blog I wish to look around and find some goodness in this world, not only flaws it has…

      To breath freely… :-)

  63. Most of the people must be subscribed here, so trace new comments anyway. To be honest i didnt expect from the author to have any more honour than he shown.
    And thank God there left some people on Earth who think, like bedlam.

  64. Russian democracy was a FAILED EXPERIMENT lasting 8 years under the presidency of Boris Yeltsin. If democracy had worked in Russia, the economy would’ve recovered soon enough..but it didn’t. That is why Putin was elected into power! Russia will never be a democratic, western country because the people of Russia DO NOT WANT THAT AND THEY NEVER DID!

    Za Rodinu, Tovarishi!!!!

  65. You say you struggle to restore democracy in Russia while at the same time hope for it’s fall, does democracy bring collapse in your opinion?

  66. No reply after several days. You are nothing more than a propagandist, who holds the banner of “democracy” in Russia, while kicking a baby to death for being Russian. Your sources are old and have been proven false on multiple occasions and your opinions are based totally on your own stubborn hate for Russia and the wester-media mislead people around. Congratulations on your success.

  67. From one of your articles: Russia lost world war 2??? Learn to respect the soldiers, maybe Russia lost it since USSR collapsed in 1991, but the Soviet Union won it, and it’s something proud to be of. Fanaticly calling it the patriotic war not good enought for you la Russophobe? Great, let’s see someone attempt to exterminate all Americans, let’s see them tie Americans to each other by rope, drop the first person underwater and watch them all drown, let’s see them gas Americans, let’s see them throw pieces of moldy bread to American POWs and watch them fight for it like animals for amusement, let’s see how you’d call it and like to spread the lies that America lost the war.

    • Are you proud of the thousands of unarmed Polish officers the USSR murdered in cold blood?

      Are you proud of the thousands of German women who were systemmatically raped?

      France surrendered to Germany and is a far more prosperous and civilized society today than Russia can dream of being.

      • I never said I was proud of that particular moment, but to hell with this banality, viewing Russia and the West in black and white lights. What next? say that Russia is to blame for Hitler coming to power? Let’s choose one of the lesser evils, murdering thousands or having millions murdered. I’m sorry perfectionist guys, it’s better to live in troublesome regime rather than have the USA arrogantly set up their “democracy” on our lands like they did in Iraq.

      • Oh yes, what Russians did to Germany was still uncomparable to their crimes on Russian soil, i’m sorry but in this world the civilians have to pay for the mistakes of politicians.

        Brilliant that France surrendered, maybe we should all have surrendered and that way perhaps we could all become “civilized” under the nazi rule.

  68. I just found my new favorite daily destination.

    My interest in Russia’s politic began when Russia vetoed UN resolution on Burma (Myanmar).

    I was full of hope when countries around the world came together and finally paid attention to the crimes the military regime is committing to it’s own people for decades. Once was one of the wealthiest, and developed nation in South East Asia until the military took over by force.

    My hope for change in my country shattered when Russia and China veto the resolution. I don’t understand how could anybody support this brutal regime. Especially a country as powerful and influential in world’s politic as Russia. A country with world famous intellectuals and scientists.

    When I tried the find the answers and look deep into Russia politics, I realized many Russians are also struggling for freedom and democracy as my people do.

    I believe that truth will prevail. Keep fighting for democracy and you have my support.

    • Good on you mate.

      I hope and pray the people of Burma will have freedom soon from the despotic junta that is supported by dictatorial regimes in Russia and China.

  69. Nobody is interested in Burmans living in a dictatorship. It’s just the Security council takes care of security issues. That’s why it’s not called a “Human Rights” council.

    Here’s some quotes from the session:

    China’s representative, explaining his position before the vote, said he would vote against the draft as the matter was an internal affair of a sovereign State and did not pose a threat to international or regional peace and security. While no one would dispute that Myanmar was faced with a series of grave challenges, similar problems existed in many other countries as well. The Council’s involvement on the issue of Myanmar would not only exceed its mandate, but also hinder discussions by other relevant United Nations agencies.”

    “Noting that the issue of Myanmar was being considered by other United Nations bodies, the representative of the Russian Federation said the substitution of their efforts by the Council would be counterproductive and fail to facilitate the division of labour between the main bodies of the world Organization. Attempts aimed at using the Council to discuss issues outside its purview were unacceptable, he added.”

    “Voicing his regret at the Council’s rejection of the text, the United Kingdom’s representative said that, while the matter of Burma-Myanmar was within the Council’s responsibility, it did not claim the Council’s exclusive interest. All supported the Secretary-General’s good offices to promote political change and wanted to see a better future for the beleaguered people of Burma-Myanmar. The Council’s disagreement, therefore, was one of competence. He urged the Council to continue its consideration of the situation in Burma-Myanmar, which was not an impediment to consideration by any other part of the United Nations family.”

    • The terrors and the oppressions committed by the Burmese dictators are as real as it can get. At least to me. I did not read about it in some news article or watched it on some televisions. I lived it. I was 10, the first time I encountered with the Burmese troops when they started firing motor rounds into a relocated village. After the motor shower, they march into the village and shoot at anything that moves. I remember the exact date, it was my sister’s 3th birthday. We were constantly on the run. Myself and most of my family members are lucky enough to survived to live to this day. Without getting too personal, I can tell you that genocide and ethnic cleansing are happening right now in Burma in a smaller scale. (compare to Rwanda, Darfur).

      Burma: Human trafficking to neighboring country in large scale, second largest opium production in the world after Afghanistan as of 2008, largest child solider recruiter, genocide, ethnic cleansing, systematic rape and torture. (if this is not a threat to peace and security, and if this is not the interest of UN security council, then I don’t know what is)

      To be honest I do not have faith in UN security council. The organization haven’t accomplished much in the past, failed to stop every genocides and failed to care for problems happening in the world. It simply isn’t their business!!

      North Korea’s situation is far worse than Burma. As long as China choose to turn a blind eye to the problems and tell every one to BACK OFF and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, the dictators will be able to do what they please behind closed door.

      Ultimately it’s up to no one but the Burmese people to bring changes to the country. It’s sad but true that “you only get what you deserve in life”. If the Burmese people deserve to have a better leaders they’ll fight for it.

      In this case, same with the Russians and the Chinese, if they deserve better they’ll fight for it.

  70. Я так и знал что вы пидоры!

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  72. Какой же все-таки ебанутый сайт и их владельцы.Хотя мы здесь ржем над вами.Без вас скучно было-бы.Как все-таки промыты мозги пиндосам. ВЫ ЗОМБИ ТВОЮ МАТЬ. Кароче пысы исчо

  73. i_hate_Russophobe

    Вы(пиндостан) раковая опухоль на матушке Земле. Как и сайт

  74. East German Wostotschnij Njemetz

    Zigfeld is Jewish name. You are as Russian as Obama, Idi Amin or Hirohito. Go to Israel where You belong to. Good luck with the Arabs.

  75. East German Wostotschnij Njemetz

    Siegfeld? Sieg Heil, Zigfeld.

  76. Why complain so much about “Putin”? It is Capitalism that is killing Russia, including its culture–and Putin is just a puppet of it.

  77. Looks like this is a Khodorkovsky-paid website… sad.

  78. LR = Western imbeciles spouting tripe learned by rote. Resembles the corporate media, albeit shred of any bourgeois “respectability”.

  79. Well, well !

    If it isn’t Manfred “Stiff Dick”, what have they let you out of the looney bin, on good behavior, to sprout your unbelievably warped and stupid communist trash about yourself.

    Keep on taking your medication, comrade, Putin needs your trash – we don’t!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      I beg to differ, Boredan. LR is long since on that proverbial verge of collapse. What keeps the whole swamp going is its fair share of intelligent antagonists; a most healthy little dose of fresh air to prevent collapse from outright suffocation.

  80. La Russophobe, you are obviously a true Russia patriot who only wants Russia to realize its vast potential to be one of the leading economic superpowers with one of the highest standards of living for its population. I think that Medvedev is perhaps one of the few people in the Kremlin that is receptive to your truly patriotic message. Do you see any small signs of positive momentum at all that could be further helped along?

    • We don’t doubt that he may be receptive, but he has no power to carry out any policy. He does have the official position, however, so that if he wanted to risk his life for his country and directly confront the corruption of the Putin regime, and roll back its horrific moves against the people, he could do so. But so far we see no indication at all that he intends to do it. The simple fact is that if Putin were president and Medvedev prime minister, Medvedev would have been filed long ago. But Medvedev does not fire Putin, nor does he reverse any significant poilcy implemented by Putin.

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  82. Sadly, Putin is apparently not wasting any time to prove you right again, as he has already made ostensible moves to rid himself of Medvedev. I just read the disheartening article here: http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-russia-putin-20110429,0,5694875.story

  83. Anti-Russia is ridiculous. It seems that a lot of the people on here are scared, elderly individuals looking for reasons to hate the former enemy. When America beats an opponent they don’t keep kicking them, they help them get back up and reconcile their differences (reference: japan, germany, etc.). The USSR has fallen and a lot of you guys need to remember that even though Putin was a former KGB agent it doesn’t mean he is one now. A lot of scientists that aided us in the space race and technology fields were former nazis, but they jumped that ship when it was over with…

    • It’s odd that you say “former” enemy, since the Prime Minister of Russia just referred to the government of the USA as “hooligans” and he is a proud KGB spy. Russia still has universal conscription, just like the USSR, and plays the USSR anthem at sporting events. It still has hundreds of nuclear warheads targeted at the USA.

      By the way, if Russia really was America’s enemy, it would want Americans to think otherwise and drop their defenses, wouldn’t it?

      We are not anti-Russia or anti-Russian, we are anti-Russian aggression, anti-Russian dictatorship, and anti-Russian self destruction. See the difference? We think blind Russian patriots like you are the real anti-Russians.

      • He really has a right to call them hooligans since, you know, America is going down the same road they criticized the Russians going down 90+ years ago. I’ve done much conversation with Russian expatriates and they all seem to come to the same consensus: what has happened in the past should be remembered, but we need to look towards the future. Your paranoia is very clear by your hasty remark of Russia trying to get america’s guard down so that they could start the Cold War again. With this logic it seems like we should cut ties with Germany, Japan, China, Vietnam, the American Indians, the Canadians, the Mexicans, the British, the French, the Italians, the Turks, the Spaniards, and anybody else we’ve had conflicts with because they all could just be warming up to us so they could screw us like the “neo-soviets” want to do so badly. It’s really difficult to say you’re not anti-Russian with the site called “La Russophobe” and don’t give me your bull shit psychobabble about how it’s not supposed to mean the dictionary definition…

        I may be wrong about this, but this is what I see: You seem to have not been very accepting of the fall of the USSR because of its transition to a democracy and how it really did not disintegrate or crumble like American enemies have in the past. Since we did not get the sweet success of seeing our enemies completely helpless and incapable of doing anything at all you didn’t see it as a victory for America. You were so confident that all the Soviet Union did was a clever ruse to trick the world and then, like something out a cartoon, reveal a plot to destroy America.

        Just an FYI: I am zero percent Russian, I just think you and any person takes this site seriously is insane.

  84. Bob Schroeder

    Hello Kim, Just checked out your site for the first time. Happened to spot your response to Sander Pielkenrood (2008) and was really impressed! Your point that Sander causes more harm to Russia than any real enemy is right on the money! I hope somehow Russia moves beyond the KGB thugs now running the place. I wish Pres. Obama would speak out in support of Russian journalists the way Pres. Reagan supported dissidents in the 1980’s. Best! Bob

  85. Ryan-Chad's Friend

    I usually respect Chad’s opinion to Russia, he is very knowledgeble on the country, and I will respect his opinion on this too, but I must field my own: the Russians are not a threat towards us, but this does not mean they wish to change. The Russian people desire strong leaders, it is in the blood, and there is a Russian lust for power, driven in part, by nostalgia for the past and humiliation at the late-Soviet Period. Still, despite their “advanced” ( I refer only to the possession, not quality) of nuclear missiles, super-sonic jets, tanks, subs, etc., many are very outdated and in bad need of reparis. The Russians wish to act in Soviet style, but no longer have the resources or drive; the population is, at present, declining, and Russia can only really muster the will to be a regional power, and even then, not a regional super power, as it must worry about China, Japan, South Korea and India in the Asiatic Sector and the Europeans in the Occident. Therefore we can afford to extend a friendly hand to Russia and help them to develop their political structures, which are notoriously corrupt, the great chess champion, Gary Kasparov having stated, “It is like a deck of cards, none changed, only shuffled.” That is what you have here. It must also be stated that the Russian people have no will for political reformation, as they continue to see the greatest failure of the Soviet era as an economic, rather than a political one.

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  87. What do we call a person with phobias? Let’s see…

    Although fear is the normal response to a genuine danger, phobias represent the fear that is either irrational or excessive.

    “It is an abnormally fearful response to a danger that is imagined or is irrationally exaggerated. People can develop phobic reactions to animals (e.g., spiders), activities (e.g., flying), or social situations (e.g., eating in public).”

    It would be only fair to regard that person as seek, really seek.

    Luckily there is hope, http://www.healthyminds.org/Main-Topic/Phobias.aspx

    “With proper treatment, the vast majority of phobia patients can completely overcome their fears and be symptom-free for years, if not for life. Effective relief can usually be gained through either cognitive behavior therapy, medication, or a combination of both.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    In behavior therapy, one meets with a trained therapist and confronts the feared object or situation in a carefully planned, gradual way and learns to control the mental and physical reactions of fear.

    Medications are used to control the panic experienced during a phobic situation, as well as the anxiety caused by anticipation of that situation and are often used to treat social phobia and agoraphobia.”

    Dear LaRussophobe, it is not too late. You can get help.

  88. OK, so let’s see, according to La Russophobe:

    1 Russia is in a bad state. I know this myself, because I’m a Russian who is now in Moscow and has lived abroad his whole life.

    2. In addition to talking about the government and the economic state of the country, the blog states that the people themselves are the worst in the world at everything, including but not limited to: sports, alcohol intake control, cuisine, etc.

    3. The blog asserts that Russia has potential to change and become much better than it is now.

    And considering that the Russian people, according to this blog, are generally incompetent pieces of shit who happen to have a great country, would you mind telling us who you expect to bring changes to Russia? Russians are useless, so that’s out of the way, right? Are you proposing a mass invasion of Russia by, let’s say, French, British, or Germans? Would they restore the people to their potential glory?

    If you know anything about Russian history, and I would expect you to, considering your dogmatic assertion that only you can enlighten us as to the true nature of the nation, you would know that your ideas are nothing new, and the concept of foreigners saying that Russia is dead and crazy can be traced back to the 18th century, when the Empress Anna started inviting German specialists into Russia. These people stated pretty much what you’re saying now, 300 years later. The Normanist theory has been disproved. Get over it.

    Just a quick question: how exactly is your blog helping Russia on its feet, apart from bitching about how bad the situation is and pointing out everything wrong with the culture? I daresay you’re no better than the hordes of “politicians” in the state Duma right now.

    I’d like to say that I agree that Russia is in a shit situation. But I would like to point out that this situation arose completely because of Western intervention. The economic reforms of the 90s, the perestroika, the jump to capitalism, all of this happened under considerable pressure from Western countries. I would even go so far as to say (shock, horror), that Gorbachev and all the others were puppet leaders. On the other hand Stalin, for example, broke away from the path of the German-sponsored revolutionaries Lenin, Bronstein, Martov, and others, and managed to establish a superpower (overused, I know).

    So I would like to know, why are you blaming the shithole we have now, on the incompetence of the people? We’re not as stupid and drunk as you think. What about all the Russian scientists, engineers, and mathematicians? Perelman solved the Poincare conjecture just a couple of years ago. What about the nobel physics prize for splitting graphene? What about the Russian empire? Granted, Catherine II was German, but all her generals were Russian, and she herself overtly stated she considered herself Russian. Under her rule Russia started scaring the shit out of Europe. Now why would a German princess happily think of herself as Russian if the country is as horrible as you say it is? Or perhaps you think the people were all better off during Imperial times under the Tsar than in the USSR? I doubt that.

    If you want, we could go back in history even further, to Ivan III and his son, back to when the Grand Duchy of Moscow was just formed. I challenge you to read what English and Swedish travellers have to say about Russia then, when it was untouched by European influence, and then say that it’s terrible country.

    PS. Russia is bad at sports? What about the legendary Russia-Canada confrontation in ice hockey over the last decades? How about you count the number of gold medals the Soviet Union obtained in the Olympic Games over the last 50 years? You can count just the Russian sportsmen, if you want. I dare you.

  89. I’m neither an American or a Russian, but there are things about the blog that rub me the wrong way.

    For instance you rag on Putin and company, but I can’t help but feel suspicious of your description of Russia “living to its full potential”. I really hope you are not using those words in the doublespeak fashion that seem to be common amongst Western security strategies and media in order to mean “a docile Western puppet state”.

    While it’s true there are many things that Russian society need to improve on – Russian people in Russia I met are pretty upfront about such things to me, I am not comfortable with having a single country become too powerful/dominant to the point that they can set the agenda and force other nations to do their bidding or face the consequences for not following through. I believe you know what nation I’m describing when I describe this and it sure as hell ain’t Russia or China.

    While I don’t totally agree with the policies of both Russia and China, I still like that they are willing to play foil to the country in question in order to ensure they don’t become too dominant – since I subscribe to the theory that no country should be too powerful/dominant and that any country that is (or more precisely tries to be) should be pulled down by other nations (like crabs in a pot) back to earth!

    Anyway, I have these suspicions because such people (namely the Western elites) seem to be happy when Russia is firmly under their control and there to do their bidding and heap all kinds of praises on it (like it was under Yeltsin), but hate it when a man like Putin stands up to them and demands to be treated like an equal and do everything to demonize him and the country! They accuse him of corruption, tyranny, being power-hungry, and a stain to the human race, even though they can find these said people in their own shores (some of whom are invisibly pulling the strings in their political systems).

    These are my objections to your blog being not a national of either the USA or Russia. I understand your slant and your intentions but I hope you understand why I have doubts about your blog. Thanks.

  90. “Kim Zigfeld” sounds German to me. After the Stalingrad battle, they cut the buttons off German soldiers and officers and made them march on Gorky street in Moscow, threading on the same Nazi banners they hoped to foist on Kremlin. Millions of German prisoners were buliding roads and houses in Russia after WWII. Lets hope this happens again, US and NATO aggression may just bring this all back. We need roads in Siberia, and uranium mines workers from the good old Deutschland.

    • Ich habe das bestimmte Gefühl, daß “Kim Zigfeld” vielmehr aus dem amerikanisch-zionistischen fanatischen Milieu stammt, obwohl dieser Name nur ein Pseudonym ist. Doch stimme ich mit dir darin überein, daß der NATO-Abschaum zu sehr harter nützlicher Arbeit — ohne Waffen — überall auf der Welt verurteilt werden sollten.

  91. I have already written to you and greet that intelligent comment above that if anyone wanted to help Russians or change things for the better, they would not be so aggressive and full of hate. I LOVE RUSSIA, gentlemen, no matter what you think up or blabber to satisfy your masters in the capitalist slavery. You had better look around yourselves and spit on Obama (Osama?) and his likes, who evidently represent the greatest evil on the Planet with their constant war mongering (about 50 ! FIFTY ! wars, mostly military failures) after WW II, HAARP technologies that worsen the climate or agricultural production of the world, the highest percentage of BNP for arms industry, most sophisticated industry of lies, propaganda and deceptions etc. I also advise you to use your brains and not parrot out what the CNN, Hollywood (Follywood) or New York Times puts into your eyes and ears. Believe me, you would be far better off, and US would have some chances to survive the Deluge of deception, violence and hate that its evil government is spewing around.

    Big Russia has its problems like any country. but tell me, who is closing in on whose borders if US ‘Missile-Defense Plan’ in Europe (old bitch) are systematically inching eastwards?

    Да живеет Большая Матка Россия!

    • Zigfeld can’t calm down…what’s wrong with this Jew? And why he does hate Russia? Maybe any personal problems? I am reading his site and it makes me laugh…No constructive criticism, only hate. Comrade Zigfeld you sound too comic with your site. Though, maybe it is part of famous jewish humor…Who knows. Srbin, dont take him seriously, who cares what ZIGFELD thinks.

  92. Pingback: Protected From Criticism and Censure Because of His Race! - Page 7 - Defending The Truth Political Forum

    HERE’S WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW. I have evidence that would expose them, my life is being threaten for sharing this information. http://t.co/6sACGd4kDx stop government corruption
    Please help me save my life , tag all your friends needs this video to go global , thank you.
    trim K3AsmB
    Can you imagine a child being force by the United States Government to torture her own mother all because mom refused to join the government secret society.

  94. “Zigfeld can’t calm down…what’s wrong with this Jew? And why he does
    hate Russia?”

    The point is that it’s not even a real name. Such a combination of Korean name and likely sound Jewish surname… fake person if to put it shortly. I guess it’s someone who got totally obsessed with Russians, kind of maniac

    regards to http://alexeyeva.com

  95. Wenfo Song
    Homeless in Sacramento

    Dear Editor,

    My name is Wenfo Song. I cam here to seek political asylum on Jun/05/2013 with file no: A205-490-068 which is still pending in EOIR-SF. But America government put me in jail without due process for more than 279 days. Moreover, America government has conspired with Singapore government to torture and persecute me for more than 833 days. Then I filed “Notice of Civic Claim” to District Court-Eastern District of California with file no: 2:14-cv-1322-TLN-DAD, but they played politics to dismiss my complaint; then I have filed “Notice of Appeal” to Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit with file no: 15-15015. But they have played skunks and politics too.

    As one of members of International Community, I have the responsibility to condemn inhuman misconducts of Singapore government and America government in street and online (FB postings, blog and emails), they have worked harder, such as hiring some homeless, scumbags and local goons to torture and persecute me. Now I have been a homeless for more than four months and am under siege by those homeless, scumbags and local goons.

    I am voiceless, powerless, and helpless. My constitutional rights are disregarded by wicked, cruel and unjust. My life is at stake anytime and anywhere.

    Please help me to speak out for better world and better tomorrow.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Wenfo Song

  96. Nice post………the article is very informative and educative, hope to see more update.

  97. Trump cannot be another useful idiot!

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  99. Pingback: 47. 📢Must Read 👉LETTER: Russians Outraged by Skewed Independent Reporting : the crude propaganda article which appeared in The Independent last month, praising 👉valentina matviyenko, the UNELECTED & CORRUPT governor of St. Petersburg👈, as

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