7 responses to “Translations

  1. how would one say Death solves all problems, no man no problem in Russian?

    • Смерть решает все проблемы, нет человека – нет проблемы/Smert’ reshaet vse probkemi, net cheloveka – net problemi


      You simply could not be more wrong. Stalin killed many, but his problems continued and destroyed the USSR, which now lies on the rubbish heap of history like a dead fish, stinking and reminding all that killing solves nothing, it only makes things worse and proves the killer is in fact weak and helpless, unable to deal with problems in any way but with brute force.

  2. Wow, you guys have no respect to Russia. If you americains think your so cool, why don’t you guys help Russia?

  3. Please reply, I would like to hear what you americains think.

  4. The Only people I believe would Benefit From being killed,Is a Child Molester,,We dont need them to be around Our Children,Then the killers that just kill for Fun,,Dont need them Either,because I love Everyone & Love To see Happy Endings,,But how can you be Happy ,If your Friends Family was Just murdered over Voicing their Freedom of Speech,,Like what Happen in Norway,,That Guy Should Be Hung,,,,

  5. Also when I Die, I plan to donate my Whole body to Science,But before that I will be an Organ Donor,,So that way my family wont have to worry about paying for a costly Funeral and They Cremate For free,and Give your remains to your family For Burial or an Urn to put on a shelf

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