La Russophobe is now on Facebook and Twitter

The return to formal power of Vladimir Putin validates the premise of this blog, established in 2006, to warn the world that Putin would rule Russia for life as a neo-Soviet dictator.  After more than 5 years,  3 million visitors and 50,000 comments, mission accomplished. Nobody could be more unhappy to see this blog proven right than its authors. Nobody could be more ashamed of America’s leaders, both Republican (George W. Bush) and Democrat (Barack H. Obama), whose names will live in infamy for failing to stand up for American values as this occurred.

As a result, there is no longer further need for the publishing of content here on WordPress.  La Russophobe’s content will now appear on her Facebook and Twitter pages, and her readers are welcomed and encouraged to sign up for fast, easy, free, anonymous accounts on those two websites so that they can continue commenting on and adding to that content as darkness falls on neo-Soviet Russia.


55 responses to “La Russophobe is now on Facebook and Twitter

  1. Sorry to see you go, Kim. You told the truth about Putin, nailed the Putin-lovers, and said much that needed saying.

    • Please forward this mail to Russian Ministries, departments, members of State Duma and members of Federation Council.

      The President and Prime minister of Russia
      The Ministry of Finance, Commerce, Industry and planning,
      Government of Russia,

      Subject: – Development of far east Russia, Primorsky Krai and Vladivostok.
      Dear Sir/Madam,
      I would like to ask two questions. Why Government of Russia doesn’t try to develop far east Russia Primorsky Krai and Vladivostok region like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan? Because Primorsky Krai and Vladivostok region is close to Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan. Near by Canada and USA. Is Russian Government happy, only exporting seafood products, timber products, and ferrous metals from Primorsky Krai and Vladivostok?
      Wake up the world is changing. I am sending this mail from Patna, eastern India, the land of Buddha Bihar. I am a young male teacher. I teach geography and economics to the school students.
      DEVELOPMENT PLAN for the Primorsky Krai and Vladivostok region:
      I have some ideas. I would like to develop Primorsky Krai. ( Artyom, Ussuriysk and Vladivostok region) like Japan and South Korea. We will attract investment from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe and USA.
      ( 1 ). You should know that simply attracting huge foreign investment in Primorsky Krai is not easy because this region is too cold, less populated, less workers and there is fierce competitions from other developing nations to attract foreign investment and foreign investors are averse to invest in green field, new regions.
      Many developing countries such as – China, Thailand, Vietnam and its neighboring small countries, Philippines, Indonesia, African and South American countries are trying hard to attract foreign investment. These countries are offering long time tax incentives, free land and other incentives to the foreign investors. Do not worry I know many ideas to attract huge foreign investment in Primorsky Krai.
      Just give me a chance and I will prove it.
      ( 2 ). Primorsky Krai is too cold, less populated and less workers. Do not worry I know how to attract highly educated, skilled, semi skilled Russian workers from western and central Russian region to Primorsky Krai.
      We will employ only Russian workers in new companies. No Indians, No Chinese, No Asians. I am not joking.
      ( 3 ). We will use energy efficient prefabricated technology to make factories and workers apartment. I know some world-class prefabricator companies in the world market.

      Invite me to live in Vladivostok, arrange my permanent resident VISA.

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      We will make a group of Russian economists, master planners and we will open an office in Vladivostok soon. We will make master plan to make many special economic export zones (SEEZ) for Automobiles, hi-tech electric, Electronics, bulk chemicals for medicine companies and biotech.
      IMPORTANT: – Russian Government should give me 100 or 200 acre hilly, barren (not fertile) fenced, land, between Ussuriysk and Spassk-Dalny, on the Vladivostok -Khabarovsk National Highway and help me to make apple farm and a some cheap farm houses with heating. I will live in this farmhouse with my blind Russian wife and many kids. I will take care of more than 100 disabled Russian and poor retired, elderly people in this farmhouse.
      I will grow apple on this land and I will give free apples to the local Russian people and they will give provide free food and cloths to me and my disabled friends.
      I want to get love of Russians and I want to give love to Russian people.

      Now read carefully, once I went to the Indian tourist spot GOA for long winter holidays and I saw thousands of Russian people enjoying beach life everywhere in GOA. I made friendship with many Russian people. My Russian friends told me about Russia and its natural beauty Siberia and Trans- Siberian railway. Russian friends told me that I can see paradise in Siberia, Primorsky Krai, Sakhalin Island and in Kamchatka peninsula of Russia and sine then I fallen in love with Russian people and natural beauty of Russia.

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  2. This is beyond stupid. Keep this website going with updates. You are only hurting the readers by moving to two different sites.

    • Twitter and Facebook are the wave of the future, try them you might like them!

      Facebook is the main source of our content, our home page ( is just like a blog and just as easy to comment on. It also allows you to follow comments we make on other media, like the Moscow Times website.

      Twitter is just for instant updates on breaking news developments.

  3. It is a big mistake to leave wordpress.

    Facebook is run by communist islamophiles…you will last no more than a month or two there. They canceled millions of accounts for the high crimes of being critical of Islam, the Obamunists, the Maoists or the Putinists.

    Myself have had no less than eight accounts canceled and I’ve kept the one I have only because I have not posted much lately.

  4. And twitter is for twits…Sadly, the majority or people these days…they voted for Obama, didn’t they? God know what moron they will choose next time…A blanket of darkness is spreading over humanity…in 500 years they will have dissertations over the collapse of civilization similar to that of the Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire…

  5. Could you please update this blog for a while, so that some people who are not used to Facebook and Twitter could see some content here. Also could you please delete previous posts from history or comments. Just for privacy reasons.

    • Facebook and Twitter are easy! Just create a Facebook account (no different than creating e-mail) then send a friend request to La Russophobe. After that you’ll see all our content on your news feed. Create a Twitter account, click follow on La Russophobe’s page, and then you’ll see all our content on your Twitter page. You can then comment on all of our content, and by doing so you’ll be helping to publicize and support it.

      • Thank you very much Kim for many years of outstanding work. I feel very sad to see you go. There is no way I will ever get involved with Facebook, I receive more than enough spam as it is. There is something very distasteful to me regarding their whole concept; maybe it’s reflective of my middle age. But I realize this is a necessary marketing move for you.

        Thanks again and farewell!

  6. Thanks for giving me my start, “Kim”. Sorry to see you go, but I think I’ll stay around awhile just the same.

  7. I too am not happy with your move, but I guess that’s what is called staying abreast of the times. Hence, I wish you all the best on Facebook and or Twitter.

    Enjoyed LR immensely and especially your exposure of the latest going on’s in current Russia. Keep up the excellent work.

  8. I guess this blog is closed because it is not popular anymore. Everybody understood that Russia is great!

  9. Kim,I appreciate your sincere alarm of Putin`s Russia.

  10. Anna Kushchyenko

    Thanks God, long overdue! Ashton, Kim and Paris, and finally la Russophobe!

    • tovariszcz kruschchyenko, go to hell – better still go to russia that sh#$%t hole with 130 million slaves. Dearie – in case you don’t know comes monsieur putain and you russian slaves will march back to the gulags like pigs to the slaughter houses, like your own mother, father and generations before them… The only thing should be done to be sure that ONLY ETHNIC RUSSIANS WILL MARCH THERE – ITIS A RUSSIAN BARBARIC INVENTIONS LET RUSSIAN BARBARIAN TO ‘ENJOY’ IT…..

      • i’ll pretend that i did not hear this rant… otherwise, mlle russophobe would be caught lying that there is no hate speech on her site…

        but, probably, she does not care… so, thank you then for exposing this website as a hate site…

        • Hey tovariszcz kushceyfenko, ;you forgot your on mother, father, and grandfather when they marched to the gulags? By the way the most extraordinary picture of moscow I have even seen was during the end of ramadan celebration in moscow. Russian capital was TAKEN OVER, TEMPORARILY, FOR A TIME BEING, by the millions of muslims. This is truly prophetic and foreboding – russia is doomed…

        • Aw come on and grow up comrade Anna K, you’re nothing but a neo soviet propagandist. You have shown superbly that you cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality.

          It is brain dead simpletons like you that Putin feeds on to spread his wicked and corrupt idealism – i.e. read communism. And line his pocket with billions of Rubbles at the long suffering peasant’s expense.

          Instead why don’t you tell us about the tens of millions of U.S.S.R. comrades that were slaughtered by your beloved Stalin and his Chekist henchmen! Besides Putin at heart is a confirmed “Chekist” – right or wrong?

  11. Gonna miss you Kim. But no, I won’t be joining Facebook and Twitter or any other social networking sites. I’m extremely careful of what personal information I place online and where it is placed. Facebook and Twitter have demonstrated repeatedly that they are about as secure as a screen door.

    Good luck and keep up the good fight.

    • Facebook and Twitter are totally anonymous. You put no more personal information online there than you do here. You can use the same false name if you like.

  12. It’s over and good luck for the future. No one is going to start up Facebook & Twitter feeds for a blog, though, it’s too bad you didn’t feel it necessary to warn once-loyal readers that this was coming.

    • You have a strange idea of “loyalty” if you will not take the 30 seconds it requires to open Twitter and Facebook.

  13. You should keep this excellent blog. I, for one, don’t plan to reopen my FB account. Oh well, you have the last word. Good luck to you. When you return I will be here to read.

  14. Facebook has made a lot of enemies over the years, and continues to do so. Aligning yourself with Facebook introduces unnecessary barriers between you and your potential readership. Like going from an open society to a closed and fascist society. Very sad.

    • I agree Alice. I think Facebook has capitalized on youthful enthusiasm, idealism and craving for something new. It’s just cool to be a part of it and not cool not to. Well, for me coolness matters nothing anymore, and I believe the true goal of Facebook is advertising and spreading spam. Forget about “building community” and “social platforms.” Maybe I am too jaded but I don’t believe any of this. Therefore, I will not touch it with a 10 ft pole.

  15. NO! Please don’t go!

  16. This is a really strange decision. Clearly, from the above comments, many people will not follow you to Facebook and Twitter because of security concerns. It’s a real shame, given all your work all these years. Things are only just beginning to become interesting in Russia. I really ask you to reconsider and stay on wordpress. This is not a criticism, just a request from a reader. Please stay on wordpress. You have no idea how much you are going to need to allow all the commentary of the past on your page to continue in the months ahead. It is clear that some of the most interesting followers will not follow you to Twitter and Facebook. People are afraid and can you blame them? People felt secure on wordpress and facts are facts, Facebook and Twitter are questionable when it comes to security. An admirer, Jon

  17. Thanks Bohdan! I wonder if we can persuade La Russophobe to reconsider. It’s such a shame because things are really volatile now in Russia. If ever the blog was needed, it is now. So many smart thinkers contributing too. It’s just not a logical decision because things are just beginning to be interesting, as I said. I just don’t understand it. It’s not an open and closed case re Putin. There is huge anger right now, admittedly not yet articulated. Yet, last week when all of Moscow came to a standstill and the traffic situation was announced to be “10 ballov” – the worst rating for traffic jams – people were outraged, regardless of their politics. Why? Because the streets in Moscow had been closed for Putin to attend a restaurant and then he was 2 hours late in leaving (btw, Putin is always late). People abandoned their cars and went to the Metro. This was frightening. Coming down the escalator it was like looking at a mass of worms in a gigantic tin. Businesses and people were not just disrupted that evening, their plans and running were ruined. The anger that evening in all circles that I moved in was palpable.
    I, for one, am going nowhere near facebook and twitter.

  18. Thank you La Russophobe for being big enough to listen to all your loyal supporters. You will not regret your decision. If ever you were needed, it is now. At times when I have nearly gone out of my mind at the latest Russian
    outrage, I have clicked on “La Russophobe”, which always articulates the same outrage. Keep up this outrage and the exposing of the truth, terrible as it might be. I said yesterday and I say it again today: nothing is clear yet.
    The mood in Moscow right now is eerily similar to just before the 1998 crash. Everything revolves around the arrogant boasting about money. If Putin gets in the way of people making money, which he is by pulling stunts like last week’s closure of Moscow traffic, support will evaporate.
    Thank you for the new blog.

  19. So first you close your flawed but interesting blog in order to defect to sewers like Facebook and Twitter (no way I am following you there), and then you say you are opening a new blog – where the text is a totally unreadable white on black!?

    Have you gone mad?

  20. There are lots of people who won’t touch Facebook because of its countless security breaches and shameless trading of personal content. Twitter doesn’t allow its users to utter a single coherent thought.
    And the new blog fries your brain with its unreadable white-on-black font.

    Sorry to see this forum go.


  21. Na na na na,
    Na na na na,
    Hey, Hey, Hey,

  22. эх, русофобы, русофобы.

  23. Why did you trash this site?

    You had a known brand (which is very hard to establish) and just trashed it to disappear into oblivion (a new site and the Facebook cloaca).

    Are you a self-destructive Russian, Kim?

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      On behalf of Kim and her stable boys, the answers to your two questions above amount to:

      a) The site was trash to begin with, run by a bunch of trashbags
      b) Kim is an average Yank with all the usual niceties this entails

  24. I am a jewish american and i would like to send good wishes to Dokka Umarov,the chechen rebel leader. He is a brave man and fighting against this tyrant Putin and he is living in the mountains since 1999,he´s a real man. Long live Chechnya,down with this fascist Putin. Obama must end his reset,we must protect out friends in Eastern Europe and Georgia

  25. Hello from a fellow rusophobe from Krakow, Poland! Intend to join your FB page and provide you with some hopefully interesting insight.

  26. Hi everyone. Twitter and facebook. la russophobe…

  27. This blog is underwhelming as a troll blog, which says a lot.

  28. Just about every American publication about Russia contains outright lies, especially incorrect statistics. Americans are notoriously bad with numbers and journalists are more so than others, so I initially thought it may be inadvertent mistakes. However, it happens all the time and “mistakes” are always in one direction, to make things worse than they are. US refuses, for example, to even consider purchasing power parity numbers when calculatin GDP. US and Europe calculate GDP counting housewife unpaid labor as a contribution, additionally, an owner of a home would be considered as having an additional income equal to the cost of renting it out. If Russia would incorporate these figures and add shadow economy product, which is 30% of the total (a thus adding 43% to the official GDP), its GDP would double and would amount to about 40k a year per capita. One should add that regardless of GDP per capita, US is a highly unpleasant place to live, hot, muggy police state, an ugly concrete jungle with repugnant, brainwashed overweight and ignorant population.

  29. La Russophobe publishes the same old propaganda lies. The country with 200 years history of Indian genocide, slavery and segregation, which killed 1.5 mln civilians in the last 10 years in the M.E., with its NDAA laws and police brutality against OWS, has a nerve to criticize Russia, a free and democratic country? US has the highest Ginny index in developed countries, making it very similar to Africa in its gap between rich and poor. Being very familiar with US and Russian educational system, I could state that US Bachelor’s degree corresponds to a Russian High School Diploma and US Ph.D. in math corresponds to about 2-3 years of undergraduate studies in Russia. Most American engineering students can’t solve a linear differential equation, much less anything more sophisticated. Russia is a green beautiful country with stunning women, great culture and deep spirituality, US is an aggressive, ugly, dehumanizing place in comparizon. It is a decaying civilization of hollow materialism and stilted religion for primitive, one dimensional minds.

  30. LR wrote: “The return to formal power of Vladimir Putin validates the premise of this blog… As a result, there is no longer further need for the publishing of content here on WordPress.”

    My hearty congratulations to La Russophobe for having her funding cut off and for not having guts to even admit this deadly defeat. I am amazed that these anti-Russian “think” tanks kept her on their payroll for so long.

    Today is a special day for LR: her nemesis Maria Sharapova has won yet another Grand Slam and returned to the Number One rank.

    Merry sleepless nights to you, LR!

    PPS: Are your unemployment checks still coming?

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  33. Hope you died… painfully.

  34. I can’t believe what I just discovered. Your posts is absolutely on point! This is an great, an eye-opener for sure! I am reading your write ups while on a boat. Might you have any more helpful hints? I could not help myself from leaving a comment.

  35. Nice blog.
    Read about my real life Russian love story.

  36. Pingback: 47. 📢Must Read 👉LETTER: Russians Outraged by Skewed Independent Reporting : the crude propaganda article which appeared in The Independent last month, praising 👉valentina matviyenko, the UNELECTED & CORRUPT governor of St. Petersburg👈, as

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