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La Russophobe’s New Blog is now Live

La Russophobe 2.0 is now up and running.

La Russophobe is now on Facebook and Twitter

The return to formal power of Vladimir Putin validates the premise of this blog, established in 2006, to warn the world that Putin would rule Russia for life as a neo-Soviet dictator.  After more than 5 years,  3 million visitors and 50,000 comments, mission accomplished. Nobody could be more unhappy to see this blog proven right than its authors. Nobody could be more ashamed of America’s leaders, both Republican (George W. Bush) and Democrat (Barack H. Obama), whose names will live in infamy for failing to stand up for American values as this occurred.

As a result, there is no longer further need for the publishing of content here on WordPress.  La Russophobe’s content will now appear on her Facebook and Twitter pages, and her readers are welcomed and encouraged to sign up for fast, easy, free, anonymous accounts on those two websites so that they can continue commenting on and adding to that content as darkness falls on neo-Soviet Russia.