The Putin Murders

A Brief History of Putintime

March 1997

45-year-old former KGB agent Vladimir Putin (pictured, left) is plucked from obscurity out of the St. Petersburg local government apparatus by President Boris Yeltsin and named Deputy Chief of Staff. In June, he defends his PhD dissertation in “strategic planning” at St. Petersburg’s Mining Institute. Later, this document proves to have been plagiarized from a KGB translation of work by U.S. professors published many years earlier (as if nobody would notice, and in fact for quite a while nobody did).

July 1998

In a second inexplicable move, Yeltsin names Putin head of the KGB (now called the FSB).

November 1998

Less than four months after Putin takes over at the KGB, opposition Duma Deputy Galina Starovoitova (pictured, right), the most prominent pro-democracy Kremlin critic in the nation, is murdered at her apartment building in St. Petersburg. Four months after that, Putin will play a key role in silencing the Russian Attorney General, Yury Skuratov, who was investigating high-level corruption in the Kremlin, by airing an illicit sex video involving Skuratov on national TV. Four months after the dust settles in the Skuratov affair, Putin will be named Prime Minister.

August 1999

Completing a hat trick of bizarre spontaneous promotions, proud KGB spy Putin is named by Yeltsin Prime Minister of Russia. Almost immediately, Putin orders a massive bombing campaign against the tiny, defenseless breakaway republic of Chechnya, apparently seeing the reassertion of Russian power there as key to overall resurgence of Russia’s military and state security apparatus, his primary political objective. On August 26th, he’s forced to acknowledge the horrific consequences of the bombing. Hundreds of civilians are killed and tens of thousands are left homeless as civilian targets are attacked. World opinion begins to turn starkly against Russia, especially in Europe, very similarly to the manner in which it has polarized against U.S. President George Bush over Iraq. Putin’s poll numbers in Russia begin to slide.

September 1999

An apartment building in the Pechatniki neighborhood of Moscow is blown up by a bomb. 94 are killed. Less than a week later a second bomb destroys a building in Moscow’s Kashirskoye neighborhood, killing 118. Days after that, a massive contingent of Russian soldiers is surrounding Chechnya as public opposition to the war evaporates. On October 1st, Putin declares Chechen president Aslan Maskhadov and his parliament illegitimate. Russian forces invade.

New Year’s Eve, 1999

Boris Yeltsin resigns the presidency of Russia, handing the office to Putin in order to allow him to run as an incumbent three months later. Given the pattern of bizarre promotions Putin has previously received, the move is hardly even surprising. So-called “experts” on Russia scoff at the possibility that Putin could be elected, proclaiming that, having tasted freedom, Russia can “never go back” to the dark days of the USSR.

March 2000

Despite being the nominee of a man, Yeltsin, who enjoyed single-digit public approval ratings in polls, Vladimir Putin is elected “president” of Russia in a massive landslide (he wins nearly twice as many votes as his nearest competitor). Shortly thereafter, all hell breaks loose in Chechnya. Russia will ultimately be convicted of human rights violations before the European Court for Human Rights and condemned for its abuses of the civilian population by every human rights organization under the sun.

[Between April 2000 and March 2002, Russia plunges into a nightmarish conflict in Chechnya eerily similar to what America now faces in Iraq. Opposition journalists, especially those who dare to report on what it going on in Chechnya, suddenly start dying. In 2000 alone, reporters Igor Domnikov, Sergey Novikov, Iskandar Khatloni, Sergey Ivanov and Adam Tepsurgayev are murdered — not by hostile fire in Chechnya but in blatant assassinations at home in Russia. On June 16, 2001, at a press conference in Brdo Pri Kranju, Slovenia, President Bush is asked about Putin: “Is this a man that Americans can trust?” Bush replies: “I will answer the question. I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. We had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul; a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country. And I appreciated so very much the frank dialogue.”]

April 2003

Sergei Yushenkov, co-chairman of the Liberal Russia political party (pictured, left), is gunned down at the entrance of his Moscow apartment block. Yushenkov had been serving as the vice chair of the group known as the “Kovalev Commission” which was formed to informally investigate charges that Putin’s KGB had planted the Pechatniki and Kashirskoye apartment bombs to whip up support for the Putin’s war in Chechnya after the formal legislative investigation turned out to be impossible. Another member of the Commission, Yuri Shchekochikhin (see below) will perish of poisoning, a third will be severely beaten by thugs, and two other members will lose their seats in the Duma. The Commission’s lawyer, Mikhail Trepashkin (see below) will be jailed after a secret trial on espionage charges. Today, virtually none of the members of the Commission are left whole and it is silent.

May 2003

Putin’s popularity in opinion polls slips below 50% after sliding precipitously while the conflict in Chechnya became increasingly bloody. Suddenly, he begins to appear vulnerable, and oil billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky begins to be discussed as one who could unseat him. All hell breaks loose in Russian politics.

July 2003

Yuri Shchekochikhin (pictured, right), a vocal opposition journalist and member of the Russian Duma and the Kovalev Commission, suddenly contracts a mysterious illness. Witnesses reported: “He complained about fatigue, and red blotches began to appear on his skin. His internal organs began collapsing one by one. Then he lost almost all his hair.” One of Shchekochikhin’s last newspaper articles before his death was entitled “Are we Russia or KGB of Soviet Union?” In it, he described such issues as the refusal of the FSB to explain to the Russian Parliament what poison gas was applied during the Moscow theater hostage crisis, and work of secret services from the former Soviet republic of Turkmenistan, which operated with impunity in Moscow against Russian citizens of Turkoman origin. According to Wikipedia: “He also tried to investigate the Three Whales Corruption Scandal and criminal activities of FSB officers related to money laundering through the Bank of New York and illegal actions of Yevgeny Adamov, a former Russian Minister of Nuclear Energy. This case was under the personal control of Putin. In June of 2003, Shchekochikhin contacted the FBI and got an American visa to discuss the case with US authorities. However, he never made it to the USA because of his sudden death on July 3rd. The Russian authorities refused to allow an autopsy, but according to Wikipedia his relatives “managed to send a specimen of his skin to London, where a tentative diagnosis was made of poisoning with thallium” (a poison commonly used by the KGB, at first suspected in the Litvinenko killing).

October 2003

Assaults on the enemies of the Kremlin reach fever pitch as the election cycle begins. Within one week at the end of the month, two major opposition figures are in prison.

October 22, 2003

Mikhail Trepashkin (pictured, right), a former KGB spy and the attorney for the Kovalev Commission, is arrested for illegal possession of a firearm (which he claims was planted in his vehicle). Also retain to represent some of the victims of the apartment bombings theselves, Trepashkin allegedly uncovered a trail of a mysterious suspect whose description had disappeared from the files and learned that the man was one of his former FSB colleagues. He also found a witness who testified that evidence was doctored to lead the investigation away from incriminating the FSB. The weapons charge against Trepashkin mysteriously morphs into a spying charge handled by a closed military proceeding that is condemned by the U.S. government as being a blatant sham, and Trepashkin is sent to prison for four years. Publius Pundit reported on Trepashkin’s plight back in early December of last year.

October 25, 2003

Just as the presidential election cycle is beginning, Khodorkovsky (pictured, left) is arrested at the airport in Novosibirsk. He will be tried and convicted for tax fraud and sent to Siberia, just like in the bad old days of the USSR, in a show trial all international observers condemn as rigged (his lawyer has documented the legal violations in a 75-page treatise). He is there today, now facing a second prosecution for the same offense. His company, YUKOS, is being slowly gobbled up by the Kremlin.

March 2004

With Khodorkovsky conveniently in prison and the Kovalev Commission conveniently muzzled, Vladimir Putin is re-elected “president” of Russia, again in a landslide despite his poll numbers. He faces no serious competition from any opposition candidate. He does not participate in any debates. He wins a ghastly, Soviet-like 70% of the vote. Immediately, talk begins of a neo-Soviet state, with Putin assuming the powers of a dictator. The most public and powerful enemies of the regime start dropping like flies.

June 2004

Nikolai Girenko (pictured, left), a prominent human rights defender, Professor of Ethnology and expert on racism and discrimination in the Russian Federation is shot dead in his home in St Petersburg. Girenko’s work has been crucial in ensuring that racially motivated assaults are classified as hate crimes, rather than mere hooliganism, and therefore warrant harsher sentences — as well as appearing as black marks on Russia’s public record.

July 2004

Paul Klebnikov (pictured, right), editor of the Russian edition Forbes magazine, is shot and killed in Moscow. Forbes has reported that at the time of his death, Paul was believed to have been investigating a complex web of money laundering involving a Chechen reconstruction fund, reaching into the centers of power in the Kremlin and involving elements of organized crime and the FSB (the former KGB).

September 2004

Viktor Yushchenko, anti-Russian candidate for the presidency of the Ukraine, is poisoned by Dioxin. Yushchenko’s chief of staff Oleg Ribachuk suggests that the poison used was a mycotoxin called T-2, also known as “Yellow Rain,” a Soviet-era substance which was reputedly used in Afghanistan as a chemical weapon. Miraculously, he survives the attack.

[Throughout the next year, a full frontal assault on the media is launched by the Kremlin. Reporters Without Borders states: “Working conditions for journalists continued to worsen alarmingly in 2005, with violence the most serious threat to press freedom. The independent press is shrinking because of crippling fines and politically-inspired distribution of government advertising. The authorities’ refusal to accredit foreign journalists showed the government’s intent to gain total control of news, especially about the war in Chechnya.”]

September 2006

Andrei Kozlov (pictured, left), First Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Central Bank, who strove to stamp out money laundering (basically acting on analyses like that of reporter Klebnikov), the highest-ranking reformer in Russia, is shot and killed in Moscow. Many media reports classify Kozlov’s killing as “an impudent challenge to all Russian authorities” and warn that “failure to apprehend the killers would send a signal to others that intimidation of government officials is once again an option.” Less considered is the possibility that Kozlov, like Klebnikov, was on the trail of corruption that would have led into the Kremlin itself, which then lashed out at him preemptively assuming he could not be bought.

October 2006

Anna Politkovskaya (pictured, right), author of countless books and articles exposing Russian human rights violations in Chechnya and attacking Vladimir Putin as a dictator, is shot and killed at her home in Moscow. In her book Putin’s Russia, Politkovskaya had written: “I have wondered a great deal why I have so got it in for Putin. What is it that makes me dislike him so much as to feel moved to write a book about him? I am not one of his political opponents or rivals, just a woman living in Russia. Quite simply, I am a 45-year-old Muscovite who observed the Soviet Union at its most disgraceful in the 1970s and ’80s. I really don’t want to find myself back there again.” Analysts begin to talk openly of Kremlin complicity in the ongoing string of attacks. Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum writes: “Local businessmen had no motivation to kill her — but officials of the army, the police and even the Kremlin did. Whereas local thieves might have tried to cover their tracks, Politkovskaya’s assassin, like so many Russian assassins, did not seem to fear the law. There are jitters already: A few hours after news of Politkovskaya’s death became public, a worried friend sent me a link to an eerie Russian Web site that displays photographs of ‘enemies of the people’ — all Russian journalists and human rights activists, some quite well known. Above the pictures is each person’s birth date and a blank space where, it is implied, the dates of their deaths will soon be marked. That sort of thing will make many, and probably most, Russians think twice before criticizing the Kremlin about anything.”

November 2006

Alexander Litvinenko (pictured, left), KGB defector and author of the book Blowing up Russia, which accuses the Kremlin of masterminding the and Pechatniki and Kashirskoye bombings in order to blame Chechen terrorists and whip up support for an invasion of Chechnya (which shortly followed), is fatally poisoned by radioactive Polonium obtained from Russian sources. Litivinenko had given sensational testimony to the Kovalev Commission and warned Sergei Yushenkov that was a KGB target). In his last days Litvinenko himself, as well as other KGB defectors, including Oleg Kalugin, Yuri Shvets and Mikhail Trepashkin (who allegedly actually warned Litvinenko that he had been targeted before the hit took place) directly blamed the Kremlin for ordering the poisoning. Recent press reports indicate that British investigators have come to the same conclusion. With Litvinenko out of the picture, the only member of the Kovalev Commission left unscathed is its 77-year-old namesake chairman, dissident Sergei Kovalev — who has grown notably silent.

March 2007

On Sunday February 25th, the American TV news magazine Dateline NBC aired a report on the killing of Litvinenko. MSNBC also carried a report. The reports confirmed that British authorities believe Litvinenko perished in a “state-sponsored” assasination. In the opening of the broadcast, Dateline highlighted the analysis of a senior British reporter and a senior American expert on Russia who knew Litvinennko well. Here’s an excerpt from the MSNBC report:

Daniel McGrory, a senior correspondent for The Times of London, has reported many of the developments in the Litvinenko investigation. He said the police were stuck between a rock and a hard place. “While they claim, and the prime minister, Tony Blair, has claimed nothing will be allowed to get in the way of the police investigation, the reality is the police are perfectly aware of the diplomatic fallout of this story,” McGrory said. “Let’s be frank about this: The United States needs a good relationship with Russia, and so does Europe,” said Paul M. Joyal, a friend of Litvinenko’s with deep ties as a consultant in Russia and the former Soviet states. Noting that Russia controls a significant segment of the world gas market, Joyal said: “This is a very important country. But how can you have an important relationship with a country that could be involved in activities such as this? It’s a great dilemma.”

Five days before the broadcast aired, shortly after he was interviewed for it, McGrory was dead. His obituary reads “found dead at his home on February 20, 2007, aged 54.” Five days after the broadcast aired, Joyal (pictured, right) was lying in a hospital bed after having been shot for no apparent reason, ostensibly the victim of a crazed random street crime.  He was returning home after having dinner with KGB defector Oleg Kalugin, and had been an aggressive advocate for Georgian independence from Russian influence.  The attack remains unsolved.

CONCLUSION: Did the Kremlin have anything to do with either Joyal’s or McGrory’s fates, or is it just coincidence that both were struck down within days of giving statements directly blaming the Kremlin for Litvinenko’s killing to the American press? Would the Kremlin really be so brazen as to attack an American for speaking in America? Whether it did not not is almost beside the point: the thing you can’t see is always scarier than the thing you can. The Kremlin is now positioned to turn random accidents into weapons. Appelbaum sums it up: “As Russian (and Eastern European) history well demonstrates, it isn’t always necessary to kill millions of people to frighten all the others: A few choice assassinations, in the right time and place, usually suffice. Since the arrest of oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky in 2003, no other Russian oligarchs have attempted even to sound politically independent. After the assassination of Politkovskaya on Saturday, it’s hard to imagine many Russian journalists following in her footsteps to Grozny either.”

NOTE: For more on the Putin murders from a panel of Russia experts, click here.

January 2009

markelovpaskoOn January 19, 2009, Russian human rights attorney Stanslav Markelov (pictured, right) was shot in the back of the head with a silenced pistol as he left a press conference at which he announced his intention to sue the Russian government for its early release of the Col. Yuri Budanov, who murdered his 18-year-old client in Chechnya five years earlier. Also shot and killed was Anastasia Barburova, a young journalism student who was working for Novaya Gazeta and who had studied under Anna Politkovskaya, reporting on the Budanov proceedings.

July 2009

On July 14, 2009, leading Russian human rights journalist and activist Natalia Estemirova (pictured, left), a single mother of a teenaged daughter, was abducted in front of her home in Grozny, Chechnya, spirited across the border into Ingushetia, shot and dumped in a roadside gutter.  Viewed as the successor to Anna Politkovskaya and by far the most prominent living critic of Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, who had repeatedly threatened her life, Estemirova was a member of the “Memorial” human rights NGO and a steadfast defender of human rights in Chechnya.  Most recently, she had been reporting on the barbaric practice of the government in burning down the homes of rebel activists, often with women and children locked inside.

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  1. When will the West learn to better counter such ruthless, Godless and thug-like behavior? I would like to see Putin and Medvedev hanging from a lamp post in Moscow someday!

    • I am so-o-o pleased to read about your secret (?) wish, Gus. This is exactly what I was saying since they have ‘elected’ they Fishy-Eye Comrade P and his bunch of mafiosi.

      Russians are absolute idiots, or too spooked to move, and there are so many of them, all sitting on their backsides prettily. Surely, would they care for their own wellbeing and their children’s future, they should do just that, – the Kremlin and Lubyanka companies should be both kicked out of business. To have their streets decorated in a lovely surreallistic Christmas-ey display, – with the hundreds of their greedy murderous vultures, suspended upside down, with the dosh falling out of their pockets, – ah, it is every decent man and woman’s dream! I am not a bloodthirsty monster at all, but, even if this would last for a couple of hours, before they have been put to prison, – wouldn’t it be something to dream about? If only.

      The people keep very-very quiet, as usual, according to Pushkin’s ‘Boris Godunov’: ‘narod bezmolvstvuet’ – they all keep shtum, that is.


      • I am a Russian sitting on my … I am 50, a mother of a son 26. Do you know how many Russians have died since 1989? Nobody knows exactly – but hundreds of thousands, maybe more – about 150 000 children have been adopted by foreigners, hundreds of thousands women have been sold to brothels. All last European wars (including a Yugoslavian one) have been arranged by the KGB/FSB in order to hide the fact now enormously big the amount of dead Russians is. Post-Soviet migration could disguise the population decrease but well-being is – a paradox! – the time when you can count dead ones. So there is room only for permanent chaos. Don’t blame us – your country probably is afraid of conflicts with the oligarch’s/FSB’s Russia too. Your government has got the army, the police, the secret services. I have got my son. Will you notice his death? Or diffamation? Will you protect us? Believe me – they have come this time for your soul. Do not criticise Russians! Do something

      • Some people forget that Russians are Asiatic. Once you consider this fact Russian behaviour can be correctly interpreted.
        East and West shall never meet!

    • hahaha did u just read what u wrote…complete hypocrite mate

    • Non credete a tutto ciò, è meglio se leggete Wikipedia!! E’ questo è un sito anti Putin, con l’amministratore Gay!!

    • OK these people Vlad disappeared well, like you say, don’t every forget there is a rattle snake in that barrel over there, But they say he is a christian now, wht dew you think-a-mundo?

      • Jimmy Petrocelli

        I have to admit that the very sweet and enduring story we are told about his sainted Mother, slipping out with day old Vlad before dawn, working her way through the frozen darkness of a moonless night to find the reason for her journey; a Russian Orthodox Church with a cooperative priest.
        Mother with her beautiful son, a great and noble leader in viva, becomes a Christian when baptized by this dedicated man of the cloth.
        This was accomplished at no small risk to Mother, a Priest or son. However Mother knew this was the chance and maybe the only chance to tie the future savior of a great nation to the Powers of God and the Savior of all mankind.

    • i got brought here by a hidden file on a message i received from admin phallica on prodigits. the slimy scumbag has been hacking me as a member on there for ages.

      although i am glad you are highlighting this, and im just relieved that it only brought me here and not to some illegal website……as depends how much the scumball has it in for certain members on prodigits i think…..

      interesting read though and it has brought a lot of issues going on to my attention…..through the hack. but even still. if he had just sent me the link in a message willingly i would have still come to have a read. his reasons for hiding the file are his alone. thought u needed to know what file he has used to attach to a hidden file in a message he sent me on pro. And phallica if you are reading this……just know i know now all your lies about not being able to be hacked. more to the point sunshine…..its been you doing it all along. ive got it all saved.

      think its about time you got your nose out of my equipment and did one basically hmmm. Bringing trouble to here as well with what you are doing arent you……….and i believe in freedom of speech. and i have got it too.

      bully someone else.

    • I’d like to see ALL Russians hanging from a lamp post. Russians have always been inhuman, godless.

  2. If you think that’s bad, Bill Clinton had direct contact with over 50 people that were either murdered, or died under suspicious cirumstances.

    There was nothing as dramatic as polonium, or thallium, but two Arkansas State troopers died in Waco Texas of almost identical gunshot wounds to the head.

    They just happened to be Clinton’s private security escort while he was governor, and just happened to become ATF(alcohol, tobacco and firearms) agents shortly after he became president.

    • Actually, 3 of Clinton’s security guards died.

    • You are a conspiracy fool..Putin is real

    • Jimmy Petrocelli

      Did your mother not advise you that two wrongs fail to make a right? I recall being teased in 4th grade by a boy twice my height and weight, a moron who at age 8 had already been told to repeat 2nd and 4th grade. This bully, Fred Paskett, said “You got hit by your dad, you got hit by your dad….yuta yuta yuta. (This was pre-Seinfeld before we had Yada Yada Yada. Running late my mother asked my dad to drop me off at school, (had I walked the mile or more I would have been extremely late) he never failed to show his love for his second son by whacking me in the head or stomach, this was witnessed by Mr Paskett, Now was it OK for my personal bully to beat the hell out of me as well as my friends because my abusive father also enjoyed whipping his 50 pond son? Or were they both maladjusted child abusers? I don’t know anyone who defends the “corrupt to the core” Clinton but because he was an American citizen, must I keep my mouth and keyboard silent towards the Russian dictator?
      You may wish to check out the story of Jeffrey Epstein best Clinton buddy and a convicted child sexual predator. The man Epstein has given millions to the illegal, family slush fund, the Clinton Foundation. He has hosted the inner Clinton White House circle on his island as well as Prince Handy Andy and too incompetent to live, sorta wife, Sarah Ferguson.
      Witnesses describe an island mansion filled with 12-15 year old girls to be used by guests, artwork of a sick nature everywhere. I know it seems as if I’m staging some disgusting sick-o-thon, but it’s all true, I have left out the worst parts, even the British are aware of their pedophile Prince Andy.
      Still I have to wonder what possible motivation could you have for playing a game of tit-for-tat in bringing up Slick Willie on a comment section solely devoted to the genacidel maniac running Russia. Can you explain?
      Some emotionally damaged people attempt to build themselves up by tearing others down, please don’t try and convince this motley group that Vlad Isn’t Bad, because Bill Clinton is a corrupt lowlife. Both are evil characters.

    • You’re deluded…

      And the fact that you think there’s any comparison proves the point.

  3. “The world is a dangerous place; not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing…” – Albert Einstein. The question is “What is the most important thing to do?…Answered by another quote: “You can do more than pray after you have prayed; but you can never do more than pray until you have prayed.” – A.J. Gordon

  4. I should like to mention that poisoning is not the only way that Russia disposes of its “enemies” who live in other countries in the twenty-first century. The murder by Russian assassins of Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, in Qatar, was by means of a car bomb.

    In the same year, according to an article in the Sunday Herald (a reputable Scottish newspaper), the means chosen in a contract killing intended to murder a British judge was a shotgun. Here is a snip from the article.

    One UK source closely linked to British intelligence told how he had a conversation with a Russian intelligence officer in 2004, in which the Russian spy spoke of the killing of a British citizen carried out by Russian agents. In January 2004, Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Workman was found shot dead on his doorstep in the Hertfordshire hamlet of Furneux Pelham. The killing seemed completely motiveless.

    However, the Russian intelligence source told his British contact that Robert Workman was killed in a case of mistaken identity. The real target had been a judge called Timothy Workman who lived not far from the scene of the murder.

    In late 2003, Judge Workman infuriated the Kremlin when he rejected Russia’s extradition request for Akhmed Zakayev, the Chechen leader in London. Workman said that Zakayev faced a “substantial risk” of being tortured if he was returned to Moscow to stand trial. The Kremlin accused Workman of playing “cold war politics”.

    Also in 2003, Judge Workman called a halt to Russia’s attempt to have Boris Berezovsky extradited from Britain. The billionaire oligarch had fallen out with Putin and has bitterly criticised the ruling regime. Berezovsky was also a close friend of Alexander Litvinenko.

    I wonder if there may be some truth in this serious allegation.

  5. 11.12.2008
    Eurasian Secret Services Daily Review
    Former Chechen separatist commander assassinated in Instanbul

    Former Chechen separatist commander assassinated in Instanbul
    Islam Dzhanibekov, 38, who had been living with his family in Istanbul, Turkey, for the last six years, was killed in Istanbul, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reports, referring to
    Turkish media.

    Dzhanibekov was a former Chechen separatist field commander. The Turkish newspaper Sabah, citing police officials, said that the murder was carried out using a MSP (Malogabaritnyj Spetsialnyj Pistolet,
    Small Special Pistol) Groza, a silenced double-barreled 7.62 mm pistol, near his home in Umraniye district of Istanbul.
    Groza pistols are used by Russian intelligence services and the Turkish authorities have not ruled out Russian involvement in the

    Media note that Russian special-task units are believed to have carried out operations in other countries, including in Qatar in 2004,
    when two Russian intelligence agents were convicted for a car bombing that killed Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, a former Chechen President, who had taken refuge there.

    Istanbul police do not comment on the incident, saying only that they are carrying out a detailed investigation.

    Turkish Dogan News Agency reported that in September another Chechen rebel, Gadzhi Edilsultanov, was killed in Istanbul during a dispute over financial aid for Chechen separatists that was being collected in
    Turkey. The agency said similar circumstances could have led to the murder of Dzhanibekov. Dzhanibekov was killed on December 9, however, the Turkish police revealed this information only today, Russian Public TV channel adds.

    Until today there was no public information about Islam Dzhanibekov. The Russian law enforcement bodies have known Urasul Dzhanibekov.
    Russian Defence Ministry TV channel Zvezda alleges that this was Islam Dzhanibekov’s `nom de guerre’. Dzhanibekov was declared in federal
    search after acts of terrorism in Essentuki, Mineralniye Vody and Karachayevo-Cherkesia autonomus republic on March 24, 2001. He was
    accused of masterminding of bombings which resulted in death of about 30 people, more than 100 were wounded, according to Zvezda TV. One of the executors of these acts of terror, ?rasul Khubiyev, admitted during interrogation that he commited acts of terrorism under
    Dzhanibekov’s direct instruction, Russian daily Izvestia adds.

    If Islam and Urasul Dzhanibekov is the same person, was supervising also over financing of acts of terrorism, a source in law enforcement
    bodies told to the daily Izvestia. Money for the organization of acts of terrorism transferred to Dzhanibekov, have been received from
    profit of the shops located in Moscow in the market of building materials at metro station Bitsevsky Park. They were operated by
    Sergei Orel, a Russian military who accepted Islam and came over to the insurgents. He was carrying out their special tasks and lived in
    Moscow under false identity, Izvestia notes.

    As regards pistol Groza, this weapon consists on armament of the Russian special units since 1972. The pistol is compact; it weights
    560 grams with cartridges, its length is 115 mm, height – 91 mm. It has a number of original design features: it does not have magazin (in
    the handgrip there is a dispatch-trigger mechanism), two barrels are located one under another. The main feature is that no muffler is
    necessary for this pistol. The special SP-3 7.62 mm cartridge forms an independent “silent complex”. Evidently these were the cartridges that made the Turkish mass media think of Russian special services involvement in the murder.

    Daily Izvestia marks that the gun which has been produced for 36 years and was actively used during the Russian invasion in Afghanistan surely is in hand not only of the Russian intelligence services. By the way, in Istanbul’s Asian part of Umraniye, where Dzhanibekov was killed, Kurdish separatists also arrange their `action’ quite often Izvestia adds.

  6. As much as I hate Putin regime and its murders of its opponents. A few assassinations I think were absolutely necessary, Putin or not.

    Maskhadov, Basaev and other Chechen separatist-terrorists were assassinated justly because they used terror to advance their goals. Also they were Islamists who wanted to make Chechnya into a beachhead to advance Islamic imperialism with its Sharia law on Russia’s North Caucasus and beyond.

    It is by no means approval of the terrible abuses committed by Russian Forces in Chechnya. However, it is important to understand, that liquidating actual terrorists (who actually used terror against innocent people) is justified, no matter what regime does the liquidation.


    This list doesn’t name any people who could be considered terrorists. They are public servants and journalists. You seem rather confused.

    • This is the problem. Assassination is not a good option. It may have quick results but in the long term it is more harmful. There’s always revenge afterwards. Any leader who uses such methods means s/he has weak diplomatic skills and that’s bad leadership.

  7. First of all if you read my post carefully, I clearly condemn murder of journalists and opposition politicians. Murder of Politkovskaya is an outrageous crime–pure and simple. I was talking about liquidating Chechen separatist-terrorists who did harm innocent people.

    Or are you trying to say that Shamil Basayev, architect of massive hostage taking of Budennovsk, 1995, Beslan, 2003 and other terror attacks was not terrorist ? Are you kidding me ? Yes, he is terrorist by all normal definition of the word. And Aslan Maskhadov had this guy named as a prime-minister at some point. Therefore, Maskhadov too bears responsibility for Basayev (or Basaev) actions.

    Yes, I support liquidating terrorists, even if they become democratically elected political leaders. The terrorists (including terrorists-politicians) intentionally harm innocent people to advance their political goals.

    Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I would rather see the “public servants”, like Arafat (now deceased) and Iranian president and Islamic fanatic Ahmadinejad liquidated than see them destroying other innocent lives.


    What we’re trying to say, you illiterate troll, is that this post has NOTHING to do with terrorists.

    Please read before you comment and confine yourself to the topic of the post. It’s rule we have, clearly posted in our header. You offend us with your your stupidity.

  8. Offending you ? Did I call you “illiterate troll” or “dimwit” or things like that ? You think you insult me, but in fact you only showing your own indecency and pretended histeria.

    First of all, learn to discuss things without insulting your opponents and call them names. Insulting all opponents in writing is a sign of literary hoodlums -not reasonable intellectuals.

    And by the way, I agree with you on many points, but not all of them. So you, folks, have absolutely no justification to insult me. Grow up first. Basically you guys, have a totalitarian bolshevik syndrom: “Who is not with us, must be against us”. You may call yourself anti-Putinists, “Russophobes”, anti-communists, etc., but in fact your mentality is totalitarian mirroring that of communists.

    Now I would like to go back to Basaev and Maskhadov. Although you did not mention them in the post, you, it seemed to me, implied that they were “public servants” rather than terrorists. And my response is simple–terrorists are terrorist–even if they played the role of public servants. And practicing terrorists need to be liquidated before they can harm innocents again.


    Again, you simply have not read our blog. Apparently, you’d like to run it. You can’t. Make your own blog. We have comment rules that clearly warn you will be insulted if you violate them.

    And you don’t get to decide whether we are offended or not. Who do you think you are, Stalin?

    • Oh, Sergey wants to talk about terrorism, so lets talk. Putin is a terrorist, and Russia is a terrorist-feeding and terrorizing country, isn’t it. Generally it seems, terrorism is allowed to the state but not an individual, right ? If you are big enuf, rich enuf and have powerful friends enuf, you can have anything to be done. Fooling everyone by a white lie you’re still a good guy doesn’t change the facts about your acts and poltics.

    • Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters. Matthew 12:30 Everything is much more complicated – even terrorists :)

  9. “Again, you simply have not read our blog. Apparently, you’d like to run it. ”

    If you pay me 6 figure salary, I will run it somewhere -:) Otherwise, I’ve got more interesting things to do, like commenting on this blog once in a while -:)

    “And you don’t get to decide whether we are offended or not. Who do you think you are, Stalin?”

    Looks like you are ready to get offended each time you get into a spirited argument. Very childish and teenage behavior, Kim and friends.

    As for me, I am who I am and I am happy with being who I am -:)

  10. Kudo’s to you for having the guts to exercise the democratic right of free speech. I read your page with the ties Putin has had to extortion and assassinations of his fellow countrymen. This is very disturbing and one must be a total idiot not to tie Putin’s rise in economic and political powers to these mere “coincidences” same goes for Bill Clinton. I do not have a formal degree in politics but I have common sense which in the light of American politics today does not exist!
    I have also worked for a Russian company here in Washington state and would never ever trust a Russian businessman as far as I could toss an elephant with one hand. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing the information with the rest of us.

  11. Former KGB agent – Putin??? – Very nice cliche invented in the CIA. Hey, Americans, don’t forget to add “former alcoholic” Bush each time you mention his name. Plus “Pervert” Clinton. These two descriptions of your last two presidents fit them well and must accompany their names in all your “well reseacrhed and important” publications. Otherwise, it is one-sided approach. Don’t forget – alhogolic Bush and pervert Clinton.


    Not sure what planet you are writing from, but here on Earth everybody knows that Putin served his whole life in the KGB as a field agent, having been recruited out of the university, and ultimately took over the whole organization. If you think that fact is irrelevant, you need to have your head examined and your consicence too.

    You might also like to know that Putin once lifted a little boy’s shirt in public and kissed his stomach. He’s also a pedophile.

    • I sincerely hope that Dima and La Russophobe are joking especially the part about Mr. Putin being a pedophile. That is a very serious charge to make in a public space such as this. It should also be pointed out that it was comments in such a vein ( apartment complex blown up to start a war in Chechnya) that likely led to the notorious and murderous attempts to defend Mr Putin’s honor. I don’t approve of the killings but nonetheless these are VERY serious charges to bring against a State President, in a public place without very good evidence. Journalists can be HIGHLY irresponsible!

      • Corey and everyone else who wonder here who Putin is. He is a very bizarre and very lonely man, and full of contradictions.

  12. Dear la Russophobe!
    All of yours incrimination are not evident.
    Well I thank God that our president Putin but no Saakashvilly. Saakashvilly are murderer indeed. And mass killing in Georgia is only link of chain! Are you acquainted with writer Giga Liparteliani. Those Georgian writer illuminates to detail about death of many people in Georgia at last time (e.g. prime-minister Zurab Jvania and businessman Badry Patarkacishvilly).
    Unfortunately most of his books were published in Russia, but there are also some english language books.

  13. @IamRussia quote…”Unfortunately most of his books were published in Russia”. enquote

    I believe you made a very natural mistake as learners of English as a Second Language commonly make… inserted a prefix where none was needed. (Un-) No shame it is done all the time.

  14. “I am Russian” is soiling himself again.

    UK Police & coroner gave the reason for Badri Padrikatsishvili’s death as “severe & long term HEART DISEASE” brought on by heavy smoking & drinking.

    As opposed to opponents of pedo Putin being shot in the head, or poisoned with pulonium etc.

    Nice try “I am baboon”, but you better reach for the towel, as once again you have embarrassed yourself in public.

    • Thats nice, but British history is a lot more bloody… So I wouldn’t use that as freely as you. Nice work killing Diana too… got many confused for a while. I believe she was a terrorist….=D

  15. For Andrew
    UK Police & coroner will not be make a problem for their Saak. it is clear.
    But Putin will be guilty in all occasion because he does not want to sell country which he heads (my motherland Russia).
    UK Police & coroner is not honor (as any western athority body).

  16. InCountryVlad
    I say that western people are very poor informative about Georgian reality. Many of indeed independence writers are published UNFORTUNATELY in Russia only. Many of them are not passed by the censor in western countries.

  17. Many of them are not passed by the censor in western countries.

    Dude – you have severe case of projecttion. Either that – or you are king of trolls. Either way – ignore!

  18. “I am Russian” once again stuns us all with his stupidity.

    So we are poorly informed about Georgia because we do not read the racist hate articles spewed out by the kremlin, as opposed to reading a wide range of articles by independant media.

    What censors in western countries you prize idiot? As Felix rightly pointed out you are making “cultural projections” of your own rotten state upon others.

    The UK police & coroner, and all other western bodies for that matter, are a sight more respected in the international community than ANY Russian institution.

    When even the puppet president Medvedev states that Russia is rotten with corruption, you know there is a problem.

    As for your “Russian Motherland” well as my Georgian friends would put it, “sheni deda movtran”.

    • My man visited Georgia many times during the Sovjets and later. I’ve seen the pics and heard the stories about “the paradise”. It still is. Because its people are not depressed Russians, fooled, oppressed and muted for a hundred years by all those crazy despots. Their resemble more Hungary – those neat cared gardens and open, truly friendly people. I’ve met some nice Russians too, but most of them are just stupid greedy idiots, even if they are not home. That stuns me a lot.

      But must say, Americas give the same signal though in different ways. the signal is: Me, me, me, first and everywhere.

      But what is a Russian, anyway? Actually, it’s all artificial. The same goes for North-Americans. Shame for Russia, it mostly wiped out the aboriginal people from its land, and still does.

      My disgust.

  19. I am Russian,
    Whatever your smoking, can I have some? How nice it must be to be wondering around in a state of delusional ignorance. Like I stated in an earlier post, you Russians seem to think all governments and people are as corrupt and ignorant as you are and they are here to teach us all a lesson. Read the other day a highway patrolman in Nebraska was offered a $25K bribe to let the guy go, guess what, the guy was also prosecuted for attempted bribery. Think that would happen in Russia? NOT!!!

  20. obamayomama
    May be all Russian employees, public servants and military servants are bribetakers!? It is tipically horse of feather as well as to think the contrary of the other countries.

  21. I am Russian,
    May be all Russian employees, public servants and military servants are bribetakers!? It is tipically horse of feather as well as to think the contrary of the other countries.

    Quite true of everywhere…but not to the cosmic proportions of Russia. Your talking sprots and whales!

  22. No, not all. Just most.
    My father in law refused to take bribes when he was a factory mangager in “Glorious Russia” and his bosses tried to have him killed because bribes are tithed on up the chain.
    Get a life “I am Russian” your country and culture is a stain on humanity.

  23. This list of “Putin murders” is very short and does not include for example the Ingush opposition leader Yevlovyev (shot in the head in police custody) and lots of assassinated Chechens – not even Yandarbivev, the former president killed abroad, with the SVR agents captured and convicted(!!) for his murder. Or

    But I don’t know, maybe really this all is too “too remote and violent”, or maybe it’s not “murder” if the high-profile victim is not an ethnic Russian.

    So maybe you’ll add some more of older cases when updating now.

  24. Oh, and as of my last comment – I read through the other comments and I see “This list doesn’t name any people who could be considered terrorists. They are public servants and journalists.” (shouldn’t it be in the heading and not in the comments?)

    Well, Yevlovyev was a lawyer and journalist.

  25. And so there are also many others, like (Popkov was very little known in the West though) or (also the same small village, the former chief of administration).

    Trepashkin or Khodorkovsky are not exctly dead, while Popkov and Umazheva are.

  26. is also an interesting case. Well, just dig some other yourself, there are many.

  27. Robert, it can be argued that Yevloev was killed by Ingush president Zyazikov without Kremlin’s knowledge. In fact, one can argue that Yevloev’s assassination was the last straw that lead to Zyazikov’s sacking.

    Of course, in civilized countries murder would lead to something more than dismissal, but that’s a different stories. This list is powerful, because there is little doubt that the victims were assassinated by Putin’s henchmen, and that they were political (as opposed to military) opponents of the regime.

    Thank you for putting Markelov up so quickly!

  28. Felix:

    Zyazikov’s (a general in the FSB) was the Putin’s man in Ingushetia (just like Kadyrov is Putin’s protege and sort of adopted son even, after his father was killed). Here are the two:

    The list: Trepashkin and Khodorkovsky were not assassinated. From my examples, Popkov or General Rokhlin (killed under Yeltsin then covered-up by Putin) or Umazheva were civilian critics of the government (Rokhlin retired). Alikhadzhiev was not taking part in the war in any sense and stayed at home (he was only calling for peace talks).

    Now, Markelov was not only lawyer in Budanov case, but also in many others – Politkovskaya, Dubrovka (representing victims of gas attack), Lapin (“Kadet”), and others.

  29. And it should be also added how Politkovskaya was previously poisoned during Beslan and threatened (including a mock execution in Chechnya), and Markelov physically attacked several times before.

  30. Hi Robert, you make good points.
    Also at Beslan a Georgian journalist was detained along with her cameraman. They were filming on the side of the school that the Russian troops assaulted.
    She was beaten and given a dose of drugs while in custody that caused memory loss. Her cameraman was never seen again, nor were the camera and film of the events.

  31. Murder of Chechens in Turkey — mounting evidence of Russian FSB involvement. -JP

    Turkey’s MIT probes Russian involvement in Chechen murders


    Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) has launched a probe into the murders of three Chechen leaders which occurred in the last six months in Istanbul, Vatan daily reported on Sunday. MIT suspects Russian involvement in the incidents.

    Chechen commander Ali Osaev’s murder on Friday night has alarmed the Turkish intelligence service, the daily said.

    Osaev was assassinated in front of his house in the Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul. Osaev was very close to Dukka Umarov who was called “head of state” by Chechen insurgents, Sabah daily said.

    Both MIT and police think his murder may be related with the previous ones.

    Chechen Colonel Gazi Edilsultanov was shot dead in Istanbul’s Basaksehir district last September while commander Islam Canibekov was killed in the Umraniye district last December.

    MIT, which believes the three were killed by Russians, was briefed on Saturday by a newly formed police investigation unit about the killings of the Chechens, Vatan said.

    All three victims were killed with MSP Groza pistol in front of their houses, developed for KGB, Sabah reported.

    Federal Security Service (FSB), main successor to the Soviet KGB, has been carrying out operations against the leaders of Chechen resistance who are living abroad.

  32. 30 Russian agents on murder rampage in Turkey

    Chechens fear “Russian death squad team” in Turkey

    Way and used weapons of these attacks raise doubts over the role of Russian FSB intelligence.
    Wednesday, 04 March 2009 12:14
    World Bulletin / News Desk

    A new debate has been surfaced after 3 Chechen murders in Istanbul.

    3 Chechens were killed in Istanbul in five months. While all doubts are on the Russian intelligence, Muslum C, an aide of Ali Osaev, killed last week, says, ” a team of 30 Russian intelligence agents walks freely in Turkey now. After every murder, we ask ourselves “who is next”. Turkey should take precautions.”

    In Istanbul, Edilsultanov Gazi who fought against Russian army in Chechnya as ‘Colonel’ on September 6, Islam Canibekov on December 9 and Islam Ali last week were assasinated.

    Way and used weapons of these attacks raise doubts over the role of Russian FSB intelligence.

    After the latest assassination, Osaev’s aide, Muslum C. told Turkish Daily, all Chechens who live in Turkey is worried.

    Muslum C. insisted the Russian intelligence agency is “behind these killings”. “Murders are committed by the Russians or their accomplices. Russia is trying to destroy us by using puppets in Chechnya like Ramazan Kadirov”, he said.

    Muslum C. hides his face because of security concerns in an interview by Yeni Safak. His important claims continue about alleged Russian death squad: “FSB assassination team of 30 people walks freely in Turkey now. Turkey should take precautions. None of us is secure. We ask ourselves “who is next”, “which one of us will get the next bullet. ”

    Russian death squad: Special powers for assassination

    The report says “Russian Internal Intelligence Agency (FSB) is known for attacks against not only to Chechens, anyone who criticizes the invasion of Chechnya in Russia, who talks about the human right abuses in the region.”

    “The questions about the agency has been intensified after Putin’s Duma gave special powers to use for specific tasks within and outside the country. The agency is able to make electronic listening in abroad and carry out assassination in anywhere in the world,” the report added.

  33. btw I logged in with my name backwards only because I use my name forwards with another address!
    Jeremy Putley

  34. Vladimir Putin, or his attack dog Ramzan Kadyrov, sends assassins to Norway, Austria, Turkey — is Germany next?

    New Claims That Chechen Leader Ordered Killings Abroad

    Last updated: 05.03.2009 10:28

    (RFE/RL) — A video clip has been posted on YouTube in which a young Chechen man describes how he was tasked by Chechnya’s pro-Moscow president to assassinate a Chechen emigre.

    In the clip, Ruslan Khalidov says Ramzan Kadyrov employed him to kill Magomed Ocherhadji, a leader of the large Chechen exile community in Norway.

    Khalidov, who claims he did not carry out the killing, says he was tortured and threatened in an attempt to force him to comply. “They even did things that I’m ashamed to talk about,” he says in the video.

    Neither Khalidov’s identity nor his allegations could be immediately verified.

    The clip was posted on YouTube by, a radical Chechen website that claims the video is part of a more extensive confession by Khalidov.

    Where and when it was recorded is not clear.

    “They blackmailed me with video footage of me,” Khalidov says in the clip. “They told me if I didn’t accomplish the mission, they would post that video on the Internet.”

    Chechen Killing Spree

    Ramzan Kadyrov has rejected the allegations. The clip comes amid a surge in killings of Chechen emigres and former rebels.

    Over the past five months, three Chechen former rebels have been killed in Turkey. Two months ago, Umar Israilov, a Chechen exile who had filed a complaint in an international court detailing Kadyrov’s alleged use of murder and torture, was killed outside his home in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

    Kadyrov denies any wrongdoing. Earlier this year, his spokesman criticized “a large-scale and purposeful campaign” to discredit the Chechen leader, calling it a “deeply conspiratorial initiative of some ideologists of terrorism and an armed criminal underground.”

    In the video, the bearded Khalidov says he is a nephew of Shaa Turlayev, who at one time was the bodyguard of separatist leader Aslan Maskhadov, who was killed in 2005. Turlayev later went over to Chechnya’s pro-Moscow camp after being wounded and taken prisoner.

    Turlayev is reported to have been in Vienna immediately prior to the murder of Israilov, who sought asylum in Austria in 2006.

    Israilov, 27, once served as a bodyguard to Kadyrov. He had provided “The New York Times” with a detailed account of his past work, alleging that Kadyrov personally tortured detainees, at least one of whom was subsequently executed.

    In a January 31 story about Israilov, the newspaper said it had notified the office of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on January 9 that it was seeking interviews with Russian officials about Israilov’s allegations. The daily said Israilov was ready to go public with his story.

    Four days later, Israilov was gunned down on his Vienna street, after Austrian police had rejected his request for protection. Polish police arrested a Chechen on February 22 on suspicion of the killing.

    “The New York Times” reported that Kadyrov had dispatched an agent last summer to Vienna to threaten Israilov to return to Grozny, the Chechen capital. Later, under questioning by Austrian counterterrorism officials, the agent acknowledged he had sought to bring back Israilov. He also said that Kadyrov kept a list of 300 Chechen emigre enemies to be killed.

    Video: Ruslan Khalidov claims that Ramzan Kadyrov hired him to assassinate a leader of the Chechen exile community in Norway. The video is in Chechen and does not have a translation.

    According to Khalidov, Turlayev now presides over a personal prison in the town of Gudermes, where relatives of suspected armed militants are subjected to torture. “The fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers of those fighters are also held there,” he says. “They torture them, too.”

    He also says that Turlayev supervises a band of professional killers, set up by Kadyrov on orders from the Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia’s domestic intelligence service. The band’s task, he says, is to assassinate Chechens abroad.

    Informed Of Plot

    In an interview with RFE/RL’s North Caucasus Service, Ocherhadji, the Norway-based Chechen exile, says Khalidov had personally informed him of the plot against him.

    “I went to speak to him [Khalidov] after he sent me a message saying that Kadyrov wanted me to be killed,” Ocherhadji says. “Naturally, I was somewhat taken aback. He told me Kadyrov and his people view me as a threat. Because of me, he said, they are afraid to travel to Norway.”

    Khalidov says his orders from Kadyrov also entailed establishing contacts with Norwegian authorities and providing them with disinformation incriminating Chechens living in Norway.

    According to a recent report in the German publication “Focus,” German officials are now assessing the possibility the FSB might target Chechens living in Germany.

    RFE/RL North Caucasus Service director Aslan Doukaev and RFE/RL correspondent Liz Fuller contributed to this report

  35. And we all know he would not do it without permission from Putin

  36. September 2006 – Andrei Kozlov

    maybe you should remove the paragraph from this article? afaik – in last 2 weeks – it seems to me – i read about convicting somebody for ordering the kill – for avoiding being discovered as money laundering ….

    • maybe – maybe not. If one of very few high-level officials tried to stamp out corruption and got killed for it – is it an incident that can happen anywhere in the world? or does it reflect on the regime?

  37. oh my God :) what we should say then regarding Italy in ’80 ?
    basically, the pointed paragraph is just a speculation, which was a valid one until the officials had no official (sic!) answer.
    as there is one now, as the case was closed with incriminating a particular person for ordering the killing – the original assumption is not valid anymore.

  38. 23.03.2009
    Eurasian Secret Services Daily Review

    French intelligence to help Turkish secret services to investigate Russian hitmen murders

    A confidential summit of the secret services of Turkey and France, which has taken place in Istanbul and has been focused on the joint efforts to combat with hitmen gangs of Russia and Chechen leadership that organized
    terror against the Chechen refugees in Europe, the Turkish daily newspaper Sabah reports.

    “French officials, who want to protect Chechens living in their country, secretly came to Turkey to investigate three Chechen murder cases.
    Exchange of information has been conducted between the Turkish and French officials. The mysterious murders of Chechen in Istanbul, had
    alarm not only the Turkish security units but also the French intelligence service. A few days ago, a French delegation secretly came
    to Turkey to get information about the murder cases of Chechens. The delegation met with prosecutors and intelligence service. According to information, some time ago the French intelligence units got info saying
    that armed and bomb assassinations of the Chechen leaders would be conducted in France.

    The French intelligence services believe that assassinations are planned by the Russian secret service (FSB). French intelligence has changed
    addresses and IDs of the Chechen leaders living in France. The French anti-terror police has given a strict protection to the Chechen leaders
    and their families living in the country.

    The French delegatiin did secret entry and exit from airport and met with Turkish Ministry of Justice and the National Intelligence
    Organization (MIT). The Liaison Judge Philippe Dorcet from French delegation said the following to “Sabah” newspaper: “We have got
    information from our secret police DGSE that assassinations of the Chechens would be carried out in France. We are doing a very secret
    investigation in this direction. Chechen murders that occurred one after another in Turkey attracted our attention. We think murders in Turkey show similarities to each other. We have established a special intelligence team for Chechens living in France. A Russian connection is closely examined from the intelligence that we got.”

    Istanbul Deputy Chief Prosecutor Turan Cholakkad, who participated in the meeting with the French delegation, said that the murders of
    Chechens do not relate to organized crime. In the meantime it is reported that the MIT has prepared a report on three Chechen murder
    cases. The report says that the killed Ghazi Edilsultanov, Islam Janibekov, and Ali Osayev are all participated in the resistance in Chechnya. The report also indicates that the most of the Chechen groups enter Turkey illegally, but they do not do any crimes here.

  39. Turned out it was the esteemed Hero of Russia, Sulim Y. himself.

    Report: Kadyrov Foe Sulim Yamadayev Slain in Dubai

  40. Russian death squads ‘pulverise’ Chechens Sunday Times, April 26

    April 26, 2009 Photo of war criminal, V V Putin

    Russian death squads ‘pulverise’ Chechens

    Elite commandos have broken their silence to reveal how they torture, execute and then blow captives to atoms to obliterate the grisly evidence
    Thousands of Chechens disappeared after being taken away by Russian troops. One death squad targeted ‘black widow’ bombers such as those who seized a Moscow theatre in 2002

    • A mix of well-known truth (to anyone who’s interested) and the usual Russian war bravado/bull****.

      Blowing-up bodies was particulary frequent in 2002-2003. An interesting story of a man who escaped being blown-up after he was left for dead and already mined:

      From AP in Jan. 2003: “Lawmaker and rights campaigner Sergei Kovalyov theorizes that the intent is to make it difficult for independent investigators to connect the corpses to the soldiers who allegedly arrested them. Bodies blown up beyond recognition can more easily be blamed on the rebels, he says. Kovalyov traveled to the United States and Britain last month to press for action, but was told “quiet diplomacy” was preferable. He says that isn’t working. (…) The pattern of blown-up bodies, and the fact that remains of people from different parts of Chechnya are found in the same place, point to a centralized system of violence, Kovalyov said.”

      • Really, it’s a problem with “the Russian troups tell stories of atrocities” – they almost always just must to thow in some bull****. It’s just really annoying.

        For example, often repeated theme is what they do with captured mythical “women snipers” (often even Baltic!) – who just don’t exist there. Of course, here too we have a “woman sniper” – this time being run over by a tank (something new). Now if try to find a photo or a video featuring supposed “female snipers” swarming all over Chechnya, there curiously won’t be any (plenty of male Chechens with Dragunov rifles, though).

        Mark Franchetti should know better and throw some informed commentary to what he heard from these fine proud fellows – instead relies entirely on their stories (including very hairy parts) and himself writes sensationalist stuff like about blowing-up the victims “to atoms”.

  41. I haven’read previous comments, but I would like to say that those men deserved to be dead. Look at their faces, you can see the fear. They were not innocent people. Most of them worked for Western propaganda. And there are many more still at large. FSB does its job. Those, who work for La Russophobe should be next.


    There’s two small problems with your “analysis.”

    First, they’re not all “men.” You don’t seem to have read the post, as it mentions Galina Starovoitova and Anna Politkovskaya. Apparently you approve of killing women. That’s not very manly.

    Second, you don’t seem to realize that if you can only deal with your rivals by killing them when they are not trying to kill you, that shows weakness not strength. The USSR tried killing, and look what happened to it!

    Think about it. That is, if you can think. Which we doubt. And that’s why Putin’s Russia is such a mess, because she has only the likes of you to defend her.

    • Typical kremlin mentality. Kill all intelligent people, and only allow useful idiots to live so may rape them and that they may lick our boots and kiss our a#*.

      • It’s very strange.
        Paul Khlebnikov glorified Putin and was murded. His may-be murderers were justificated by a jury.
        Andrei Kozlov, a state inspector, had a conflict with banker Frenkel and was murded. His murderers are imprisoned.
        Maxim Sokolov, Yelena Chudinova, Konstantin Krylov (or I as well) critisize Putin and picture Medveded a pure idiot who kisses Obama’s ass, but everybody is still alive.

  42. “…Think about it. That is, if you can think. Which we doubt…”

    I knew I would hear something like that!=) Nothing changes.. Well, all those journalists like them and like you can’t do anything but talkin’. Everyone can talk. Few can work and be useful for the society. Fewer can see what is happenning. You see only what you want to see. Everyone can critisize – no one can give an advice. You only critisize. I see many many bad things in Russia, but it would be too stupid to blame one (1) person (Putin, if you forgot). No, he is not the one. You hate Russia and its people; therefore, you are not better than fascists.

    I do not approve killing people unless they deserved it. I do not approve everything that Putin does, but being a president is not like being a store manager…

  43. And, by the way, democracy does not exist. Future reference.

  44. I think Denis Chugunkin is a troll in the most classical definition: someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response.

    If that’s not inflammatory (“I haven’read previous comments, but I would like to say that those men deserved to be dead. Look at their faces, you can see the fear”) – hard to imagine what would be. He even refers to classical Russian mockery (“I haven’t read Pasternak, but condemn his writings”) – so he is obviously not a genuine idiot. In other words, a troll!

    Unfortunately, he succeeded in provoking other users into an emotional response. I say – don’t feed the trolls!

    • Dear Felix,
      Thank you for your explaination. This is the first time that I am chatting in a forum of this type. I will be posting many more comments and hope that some will sink into the minds of the brainwashed trolls.

  45. @Unfortunately, he succeeded in provoking other users into an emotional response. I say – don’t feed the trolls!@

    This was exactly my goal! Ha-ha-ha)) I came to this website just for laugh on you, you fools!

    Don’t be so upset, you won’t see me again here, this place propagates hatred, nothing else.

    Notice that Kim (or whoever that person is) did not respond, she knows I’m right, even though off-topic. Bye!

  46. Можете задохнуться в своей ярости, ебланы!! =)

  47. BTW:

    Which rock did you just crawl under from?

  48. There are many strange death in the world. For example democratic Georgia the whole list from pr. minister Zurab Jvania to businessmen Patarkacishvilly. All of them deaths were good opportunities for Saak.Why don`t you accuse Saak?
    Denis St. does not approve murders of somebody. He only said that people mentioned above were rats, they worked against our country they lied day after day against Russia. Their accusations against my motherland were lie but their were convincing in the West. They were convenience for anti-Russians in the world and they were some kind of terrorists – information terrorists. So they merited what had happened with them. But there are nothing evidences that would point to Putin or someone else Russian official.

    • Really “I am Baboon” you have been ovedosing on “Russia Today”
      Zurab Jvania died from a leaking gas heater, and Patrikatsishvili died from heart disease brought on by years of smoking.
      There is no evidence either were murdered.
      As opposed to those valiant Russians mentioned above, who were all violently murdered.
      You are the information terrorist.

  49. Since its first Chechnya judgments in February 2005, the European Court has held Russia responsible for the deaths of more than 200 people, mainly through killings and disappearances carried out by Russian forces in Chechnya. The court handed down its 100th judgment on Chechnya on May 14, 2009, and the most recent three judgments on May 28, 2009.

    Two-thirds of the Chechnya judgments concern enforced disappearances, and the remaining ones, for the most part, extrajudicial killings, indiscriminate bombings, torture, and destruction of property. To date, Russia has not held a single individual accountable for the violations found in these rulings.

    At least 300 more cases concerning human rights violations in Chechnya and other republics in the North Caucasus are pending before the European Court.

    European Court Has Issued 104 Rulings Against Moscow Over Killings, Other Attacks

  50. Crimes of the Kremlin – 45 min Documentary

  51. Who Killed Litvinenko? – Russia

  52. What are Putin and his thugs up to now? A whitewash I think

    Russian court orders retrial in Anna Politkovskaya murder case
    Russia’s Supreme Court has ordered a retrial of three men acquitted of involvement in the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, the campaigning journalist and Kremlin critic.

    By Colin Freeman
    Published: 11:42AM BST 25 Jun 2009

    The defendants, who were cleared in February after a four-month trial, will face a new jury before the same Moscow district military court, officials said.

    The reasons for the retrial were not immediately given. However, the failure so far to put any of Ms Politkovskaya’s killers behind bars so far has been a diplomatic embarrassment for the Kremlin, which itself was accused by human rights groups of having a hand in the assassination.

    “The supreme court has annulled the innocent verdict on the case of the murder of Anna Politkovskaya,” said supreme court spokesman Pavel Odintsov. “The case will be examined again with new jurors.”

    Ms Politkovskaya was gunned down in the entrance to her central Moscow apartment block on October 7, 2006, in a killing which drew worldwide attention.

    She had written widely about human rights abuses in Chechnya, and had been highly critical of Vladimir Putin, who was president at the time and is now prime minister.

    During the trial, Chechen brothers Dzhabrail and Ibragim Makhmudov were accused of driving the gunman to the crime scene, while Sergei Khadzhikurbanov, a former police investigator, was charged with providing logistical back-up. Pavel Ryaguzov, a former agent of the FSB security service, was accused of attempting to extort money in a related aspect of the case, and was likewise acquitted in a separate trial.

    Prosecutors alleged that Politkovskaya’s assassin was a third Makhmudov brother, Rustam, who they claim has now escaped abroad. The original trial shed little new light on the circumstances of the killing.

    A lawyer for the Politkovskaya family, Anna Stavitskaya, said the family did not support the annulment of the verdicts.

    “They were completely in agreement with the acquittal verdicts, we did not regret this and we think there is no foundation for their annulment,” she said.

    Politkovskaya, who worked for the Novaya Gazeta newspaper, penned a book called “Putin’s Russia,” accusing Mr Putin of presiding over serious rights abuses in Chechnya, and using the conflict there as a justification for his own authoritarian style.

    Her killing took place shortly before the murder in London of former FSB spy Alexander Litvinenko, and added to escalating diplomatic tensions between Moscow and the West. It was cited by human rights campaigners as a sign that the Kremlin was no longer prepared either tolerate or protect dissident voices. Kremlin officials have denied suggestions that they wished to see her silenced.

    After her murder, Mr Putin called for Ms Politkovskaya’s killers to be punished, but also described as “extremely insignificant” her ability to influence political life in Russia.

  53. In her last video interview to the “Caucasian Knot”, Natalia Estemirova, an employee of the HRC “Memorial”, who was shot dead on Wednesday, July 15, expressed her “complete confidence” that the murders of her friends – journalist Anna Politkovskaya and advocate Stanislav Markelov – were committed “upon blessing of those in power.”

    The statement of the Human Rights Centre (HRC) “Memorial” that has arrived to the “Caucasian Knot” runs that Ramzan Kadyrov has made the work of human rights activists in Chechnya impossible. Russia is under state terror; those who try to tell the truth and criticize the regime are assassinated

  54. Putin is only guilty for Khodorkovsky’s predicament. The other victims are too inconsequential to warrant Putin’s attention. Journalists were killed during Yeltsin’s tenure too. This is hypocrisy; many journalists were killed during Russia’s transition – why are only anti-kremlin ones remembered?

    This blog is clearly a joke meant to satisfy hollywood perceptions of good and evil. Nemtsov, Oborona, Amsterdam, Russophobe,


    How can Putin be guilty of Khodorkhovsky? Wasn’t it a judge who put him in prison, not Putin?

    Your lies are really stupid. Putin spoke on the record about Politkovskaya in Germany, and said her killing seriously damaged Russia.

    Please give an example of a pro-Kremlin reporter who was murdered after Putin arrived in the Kremlin. We’d love to hear about it. You can’t? Oh. Guess that means you’re an illiterate ape, doesn’t it?

    • Most of the journalists killed during Yeltsins era were anti-kremlin too.

      It is a fine Russian tradition to “liquidate” those who support human rights, the rule of law, democracy etc.

      A good example is that of Dimitry Kholodov who reported on widespread Apsu (Abkhaz separatist) & Russian war crimes against the Georgian majority in Abkhazia during the 1992-94 war.

      He was roundly hated by the Russian military for exposing the crimes of the separatists and their Russian sponsors, and was killed by a suitcase bomb while investigating corruption in the Russian military on October 17 1994.

      Unfortunately Reagan was right.

      Russia is the evil empire.

  55. Putin’s hard man image targeted by spoof web song

    MOSCOW, July 27 (Reuters) – A spoof song which makes fun of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s hard man image as the saviour of Russia’s battered economy has been winning fans on the Internet.

    Public satire of Putin, who stepped down as president in 2008 to become prime minister, is rare and state media present the former KGB spy as the main figure handling the crisis.

    Putin last month publicly humiliated factory owners in the town of Pikalyovo and forced them to reopen their plants after workers protested against unpaid wages.

    “Putin, Putin goes to Pikalyovo. Putin, Putin will make it cool for us,” the Russian lyrics say as a bearded man in a suit gyrates. “Putin, Putin is quick to do justice. Putin, Putin is our Prime Minister.”

    The Russian song, set to a popular 1970s Czech tune Jozin z Bazin, has had tens of thousands of clicks on the website in recent days.

    Putin is Russia’s most popular politician and his influence has fuelled speculation that he could seek to return to the Kremlin in the future.

    The spoof song says an election is just around the corner and that the result will be clear to everyone. But the song ends by saying the next Russian president will be the monster who gives his name to the original Czech song.

    That very popular song tells the story of a village monster which ate tourists.

    “Jozin z Bazin is the people’s choice … oligarchs, miners and even cops know that Jozin z Bazin will be our new president.”

  56. What are you trying to say? You’re denying that Khodorkovsky’s imprisonment wasn’t politically motivated? And from what you said about Putin’s comments concerning Politkovskaya you seem to admit that he wasn’t responisble for her murder.

    I don’t understand, aren’t you blaming Putin personally for all these deaths?

    Fact is, journalism was a profession more dangerous during the Yeltsin years than the Putin ones. And as to the Pro-Kremlin journalists killed after 2000, there are many- shurpayev, voronin(itar-tass, channel 1, and other state media). No journalists were killed on orders from the Kremlin but rather from business/mafia/corrupt officials. Maybe you should profile some of the Kremlin-loyal Chechen groups instead.

  57. [nik doesn’t] understand, [is LR] blaming Putin personally for all these deaths?

    Exactly! Do you really think that Putin is that powerful? Do you really believe that the concept of “power vertical” that the Russian media was promoting for last eight years is more than propaganda ploy?! Do you really think that anybody who has any position of power (say, Kadyrov, or Kokoity, or local police chief moonlighting as mafia don) care one bit what Putin is saying?

    Granted, if Putin wants to jail Khodorkovsky, or to hang Saakashvili by the balls – he will find the resources. But everybody else who has any power can do the same… governor of Lipetsk region and mayor of Khimki can order the murder of the journalist, not to mention the real rulers in Norther Caucasus! It’s Russian sovereign democracy – within my fiefdom I decide who has the right to live and who doesn’t!

    What Putin can’t do is to prevent the persecution. Even after Putin personally promised George Bush not to persecute Chichvarkin – the persecution continued and Chichvarkin was forced to escape the country.

    nik, you are a genius! Putin is just a meaningless symbol – good for posing topless with horses, and diving in Lake Baikal for photo-ops

  58. Amnesty International
    12 August 2009

    Russia must end impunity for murder of human rights activists

    The bodies of human rights activist Zarema Sadulayeva and her husband, Alik (Umar) Dzhabrailov, were found in the boot of a car early Tuesday morning in the Chechen capital Grozny. They had both been shot.

    Zarema Sadulayeva was the head of the Russian charity, Let’s Save the Children, which helps children affected by the violence in Chechnya and works closely with the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF.

    Amnesty International said that this latest murder of a human rights activist in Chechnya demonstrated the complete disregard of the rule of law that prevails in Chechnya today. The organization has strongly condemned the killings.

    “Coming only four weeks after the murder of leading Chechen human rights activist Natalia Estemirova, the latest killings are a strong reminder of the climate of impunity in Chechnya,” said Nicola Duckworth, Amnesty International’s Europe and Central Asia programme Director.

    “The international community must wake up to the fact that the systematic and continuing failure of the authorities in the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic to investigate effectively the murders of human rights activists or indeed any other human rights violations that have taken place over the past years is a strong indication that those authorities are at least acquiescent to these crimes.”

    “The pledges of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov that they will find those responsible for the murders are worth little, considering the complete failure of the authorities over the last years to bring to justice those responsible for the killings and abductions of human rights activists, lawyers and journalists working in the North Caucasus.”

    “The light of public scrutiny is gradually being turned off in Chechnya. First, international organizations and journalists were banned from the region, and now, local civil society is being eliminated. This can only lead to the further unleashing of lawlessness which has already been destabilizing the North Caucasus for many years.”

    Zarema Sadulayeva was a courageous human rights activist who had been harassed by the authorities for her work. Four years ago she told Amnesty International delegates visiting the North Caucasus how the office of her organization had been searched and her computer taken by the authorities. What Zarema Sadulayeva told Amnesty International’s delegates then is still very valid today:

    “Human rights violations continue in Chechnya unabated – all the time people are being abducted, forcefully disappeared, beaten or murdered. The complaints of relatives are being disregarded by the authorities. All this is happening under complete informational blockade. Journalists and independent monitors are not allowed in the republic.”

    The murder of Zarema Sadulayeva and her husband should alert the international community to the precarious circumstances in which human rights activists work in the Russian Federation. It follows the killings earlier this year of Natalia Estemirova and of human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov, both close friends of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who herself was murdered in 2006, as well as of journalist Anastasia Baburova.

    “It is critically important in these circumstances that the authorities fully investigate these crimes and do not stop short from investigating the possible involvement of government officials in the murder of their critics,” said Nicola Duckworth.

    “The international community must take concrete and unified action to put pressure on the Russian authorities to end the impunity.”

    Amnesty International has called for an end to impunity for the murder of human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers in Russia.

  59. Somewhere more toward the middle of this page I found quite some hysteria against so. who sais: “I am Russian”.
    I would believe to him that not everything in Russia is entirely bad. If you believe everthing was bad, ask yourself if you do not simplify too much. And if maybe you do not serve this way to some people who gain profit from war.
    Anywhere in the world you will find people who behave stupidly, egoist, even killing others to pursuit their goals.
    If you would like to know some stories specifically about trustworthyness of police and coroners in UK you may check:

    I have personally seen a story in Bournemouth, Dorset, where Pasadena Villa was burned down with a Molotow-Cocktail on 16th October 2003, firebrigade did not extinguish for 5 days, police refuses to investigate. Helpers got scared off. Some people related to the issue turned crazy or died suspiciously.
    I just saw that I could find NOTHING about this story on the internet. Strange. But if you would like to know more, I’d guess the guys there would be happy about some support. Write to:
    Save Pasadena Villa
    3 St. Anthony’s Road
    Meyrick Park Halt
    Bournemouth BH2 6PB

  60. Moment!

    The Adress needs:
    Lord Peter Hamilton-Harvey at
    Pasadena Villa

    on top of it, otherwise letters will be returned.

    Or call: +44 1202 31 71 71

  61. Russia’s litany of unsolved murders


    Lev Rokhlin was a former lieutenant-general who fought in Afghanistan and the first Chechen war from 1994-1996 – famously condemning its brutality.

    He was assassinated on the night of 3 July, 1998, at his dacha near Moscow.

    He was shot in the head with a gun he had received as recognition for his military achievements.

    In November 2000, a court convicted Rokhlin’s wife, Tamara, of her husband’s murder and sentenced her to eight years in prison.

    Her supporters insist the security services were behind the


    A former State Duma deputy from Chechnya, Ruslan Yamadaev was shot dead in central Moscow in September 2008.

    His brother Sulim, a former Russian military commander of the “Vostok” battalion formed of contracted Chechen soldiers, was killed on 28 March, 2009 in Dubai.

    He was shot dead in a parking lot near his home.

    The brothers were members of an influential clan that virtually controlled Chechnya’s second-biggest city, Gudermes.

    When the second Chechen war broke out in 1999, the brothers switched sides and joined Russia’s federal forces.

    Their relations with Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov had become tense in the years before their deaths.

  62. В этой статье всё в кучу намешано :)
    Тогда уж и Obama причастен к казусу с Malik Nadal Hasan

  63. About Litvinenko.

    British officials` version are not even supported by German.

    Even the closest ally, the member of EU does not believe to England.

  64. Here is another one – for putin’s collection:

    Adviser to Hermitage investment fund dies in Russian custody

    MOSCOW, Nov 17 (Reuters) – A lawyer who advised Hermitage, once Russia’s biggest investment fund, has died in custody amid a row between the fund’s co-founder Bill Browder and the Russian authorities over alleged tax frauds.

    Magnitsky was arrested in 2008 after Interior Ministry tax police raided the law firm’s offices as part of an inquiry into Hermitage’s alleged tax evasion. He was charged with conspiracy but his case had not come to trial.

    Browder fell out with Russian authorities after publicly berating large companies over their treatment of minority shareholders and was barred entry to Russia in 2005 on national security grounds. Hermitage subsequently disposed of all of its Russian holdings.

  65. Putin will have to add rooms to his house to add more trophies on his walls?

    Campaigner against hate crimes killed in Moscow

    Today at 14:11 | Associated Press

    MOSCOW (AP) — Russian prosecutors say an anti-hate crimes campaigner has been shot and killed in Moscow.

    Russia has seen a string of contract-style killings of human rights activists and journalists.

  66. “World opinion begins to turn starkly against Russia, especially in Europe, very similarly to the manner in which it has polarized against U.S. President George Bush over Iraq.”

    Polarized against the US…

    Polarized by who?

    By Putin’s fellow socialists and muslim jihadists,
    that’s who!!!

    You Russians are not too bright, aren’t you!!!

  67. Excellent article. Thank you.

    It might be worth to include the possibilities of vlast’s involvement in plane and helicopter crashes that lead to deaths of the following people.

    Артём Генрихович Боровик,
    президент издательского холдинга «Совершенно секретно»,
    died March 9, 2000, plane crash

    He was professionally interested in the 1999 apartment bombings and had probably gathered enough material through insiders in the ‘agentura’.

    Александр Иванович Лебедь,
    политический и военный деятель,
    died april 28, 2002, helicopter crash

    Disloyal to Kremlin, disenchanted general, who had voiced previously a concern for FSB’s involvement in Ryazan bomb accident.

    Also, may I correct you, Berezovsky had never been a close friend to Litvinenko.
    Berezovsky owed Litvinenko for holding off police at LogoVaz offices, after Listyev’s murder. When Litvinenko became a nuisance to the regime and a dead weight to Berezovsky, he was executed.


  68. Attento micio” .La pelliccia di gatto ottima per inverno di Russia


  69. Illiterate by definition means someone who is unable to read and write, not someone that cannot come up with an example.
    Its fun to take shots at you, who ever is writing for LA RUSSOPHOBE.

  70. P.S. i never got a response to the comments i left on the other thread….what happened? please don’t tell me you actually admitted your defeat, its smart but come on, it was fun

  71. I want to update a list of Putin’s victims. 10th of April 2010 96 people including the president of Poland Mr Lech Kaczynski, his wife, his ministers, members of Polish Parlament have died in a mysterious air crash near Smolensk, needless to say Putin is leading a commission investigating this crash……..

  72. Haven’t you heard that a well-known Russian Russophobe Galina Kozhevnikova is dead? I think she was murded by radiation, as it is usual in such cases.

  73. Kyril the Squirrel

    His photo resembles Berlusconi. Are they going to the same mortician these days?
    Both men have prodigious appetites. But our man ? That old wax work Berlusconi is no competition.
    VP – So manly – example to us all.
    Lada endurance test driver, fighter pilot, pianist and cabaret raconteur, rippling 6 pack, bear trapper, toilet assassin. An office cabinet full of trophy heads on dry ice and a cool 40 billion in the bank. He’s got it all.
    Dimitry who?
    Btw Domety was that a pre written obituary you posted?

  74. It is dangerous to be a Ukrainian in Russia

    On Nov. 19, 2002 in the city of Teikovo of Ivanivsky region, Volodymyr Poburinny, the deputy chairman of the Ukrainian cultural organization “Mriya,” a businessman, philanthropist and the director of the company “Zapovit,” was murdered in front of his own apartment.

    In November 2003, a religious community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate was registered in the city of Vladivostok. On April 1, 2004, Anatoliy Kryl, one of the co-founders of the religious community and the conductor of the Ukrainian choir, was severely beaten on his way home from a rehearsal.Two days layter, Kryl died from his injuries.

    On the July 19, 2006, Natalya Kovaliova (Medvediuk), a deputy chairman of the Tula city branch of the Ukrainian organization in Russia, was severely beaten. By a miracle and with the help of her husband, Volodymyr Senishyn, Natalya was saved. After the incident with his wife, Senishyn continued with her activities in the Ukrainian community of Tula. He demanded that the appropriate Russian authorities commence a proper criminal investigation into the attack on his wife and updated the Ukrainian communities around the world of the outcome of his efforts. On Dec. 26, Senishyn was brutally murdered in front of numerous eyewitnesses by two unknown assailants near the offices of Kobza company.

    These are only the few of the many hideous incidents that have occurred recently to activists of the Ukrainian community in the Russian Federation. To date not one has been solved.

    Read more:

  75. alan b'stard M P

    I understand why suspicion falls on the Kremlin re these murders, but I wouldn’t discount Ogligarh’s interested.

    As for Khordokovsky, I will read his lawyer’s treatise when I get round to it, but my view is that bastard is an arch thief and crook and deserve’s what he gets

    • Nobody says Khodorkovsky isn’t a thief. But Putin is surrounded by oligarchs who are thieves, and none of them are prosecuted. Why? Because none of them dare to challenge Putin for power! And Khodorkovsky was in the process of going straight, demanding Western-style accounting transparency for his business which none of Putin’s favored oligarchs are doing. Putin himself is stealing billions and building an array of palaces to live in, yet Putin is not prosecuted. And the Khodorkovsky judge openly admits he was pressured by the Kremlin. This is not justice, this is shame for Russia. It is not the way forward.

  76. WOW, Looks like several years of the X-Files all rolled into one man! Mr. Putin must be one of those Mad Scientists that history breeds.
    I believe (if my studying is correct) that he was a low level analyst the whole time he was part of the Soviet KGB; observed Eastern Germany, wrote reports and drank beer with his friends.
    In that he has a balding head, wouldn’t the horns show through better if he were such a demon?
    Can you do a better job? That is what I ask myself when I step-up and prepare to throw that stone from inside my glass house. I usually put the stone down and look for ways to better myself, and society, rather than be an arm-chair critic. And I am FAR from perfect.

  77. Oh perhaps I found this blog too late but actually I was not looking for blog like that, just found it unexpectedly. Yeah, there are many facts to hate Russia as a country, to hate Russian government and people that are so passive and coward that can’t fight for their rights but just keep tolerance. We don’t even have an official opposition party because when few people start protesting and organize meetings, they are simply beaten by a police. Corruption, Unemployment, No Human’s rights, Crime, Prostitution, Worst ecology, Terrorism… – is the country I live in.

    • Anna Kushchyenko

      No Human’s rights,
      Worst ecology,

      sounds like the United States of America…

      indeed, rampant corruption in political offices, high unemployment among blacks, no human’s rights for political prisoners in Guantanamo, unrestrained crime of greedy financial corporations, prostitution (from escort services to crack whores), worst ecology of the greatest polluter in the industrial world, and terrorism (oh boy, did we witness the terror) — that’s the reality of USA…

  78. Do you Know that Italian vicepresident Mitrokhin Commission, Mr.Enzo Fragala’, who was recently investigating the bombings of the strategy of tension in Italy in the eighties was brutally killed last year in Palermo, right in front of the Court of Justice? Commission Mitrokhin collaborator, Mr. Caramella had to meet Mr.Livtinenko at Sushi bar on that day Livtinenko was Killed in London. Is there any connection? Any connecction you know? Your blog is very interestig, Thank you!

  79. Fantastic material – Thanks for posting that information, I suspect that it mostly answers my concern.

  80. Newspaper founder killed in Russia’s Dagestan

    Today at 08:10 | Reuters

    MAKHACHKALA, Russia, Dec 16 (Reuters) –

    The founder of a newspaper that investigated government corruption was shot dead in Russia’s North Caucasus region, in what an international watchdog called “a lethal blow to press freedom”.

    A gunman shot Gadzhimurat Kamalov as he was leaving the offices of the newspaper Chernovik in the capital of Dagestan province shortly before midnight on Thursday, the regional Interior Ministry said.

    Police said Kamalov was shot eight times and was pronounced dead on the way to hospital.

    Read more:

  81. Thank you for some other informative website. The place else may I am getting that type of information written in such a perfect approach? I’ve a challenge that I am simply now running on, and I’ve been at the look out for such information.

  82. On april 21st this year a big campaign named “Is it really Putin?” will take place in the biggest Russian cities. We don’t trust Putin anymore, because his clan got richer than the richest man in the world, but the population of the country is rapidly decreasing as like as it was while the World War.

    95 per cent of industrial enterprises and banks are in foreigner’s hands. Our country is almost sold without fight. NATO has the right to be a host on our land!

    Now they want to allow landing of super heavyweight cargo airplanes from Afganistan. We are assured that it’s going to be just a logistical base, but we think it’s a lie – we are sure it’s going to be NATO base and we are not able to control what they will transport on those planes.
    Putin gave our Amur islands to China and now Chinese army in no time can trespass Russian border. Razor wire is taken away and our border guards are moved to centre of the country.

    Our raw products are being transferred abroad, the country is being pulled in World Trade Organization( WTO) which means our products will cost as much as imoprterd ones for us. We will be eating GMO products as it’s one of the WTO terms.

    We don’t trust Putin, because he won the elections by breaking the law (he made up a filter for those who wanted to take part in elections and be a president). Only for that he had to be removed from the elections.

    We don’t trust Putin because we are not even sure that the person who has been on TV, has taken all decisions, has appeared at conferences for the last 12 years is real Putin. His appearance differs from one he had years ago. It makes us think they fob us off Putin doubles. It means our country is ruled by strangers.

    We call for specialists (criminalists, photographers, cosmetic surgeons, workers of airports, etc) to help find and analyze materials and prove that Putin is not real.
    For more information about us at
    Telephone number – +79278125256
    Come to the rally on April 21st! Let’s make impeachment out of this inauguration!

  83. I have read about your blog, but finally got to it. The name sounds like crap since for a Russian person to hear critic is one thing but to say that you hate my country is a different one. You make Putin a very controversial man although, responsible for everything in Russia. He killed proffessor Girenko, he killed Anna Politkovskaya everybody. I am not a supporter of Putin, but thanks to your blog, I would for sure rally around the guys you hate

  84. It’s not a surprise that all countries are afraid of Russia, the most powerful country of the whole world. So, do not even try to
    pour dirt on Russia because it will not help you.
    P.S. Most Russian are proud of the
    President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The general attitude to him is positive and “people” who criticizes him are mainly influenced by the Americans. Their aim is to destabilise the situation inside Russia, which will never happen.

  85. HUH? Keep telling yourself that Eugenia. This world is so small now. For lack of a better way to put it, we are all in the same boat. A capsizing one. America and our government, as well as the Russian government and just about every other government on the face of the Earth have no clue on how to rein in ANYTHING anymore. You enjoy selling 1980’s post Cold War uranium to Iran, and I will enjoy being solely owned by China due to the 1980’s banking derugulations..

  86. How you can talk about Russia and Russian’s problems if you haven’t been there?

  87. I visited Russia two times a year for about last 5 yrs and I now very well what is going on there. Besides that, I have a lot of Russian friends. And about “Russians loves Putin” is such a lie.

    • I’m sorry Helena but this is simply untrue..Yes there is opposition to Putin but this exists exclusively within the bigger cities predominantly among the ‘novie russkie’, middle classes and students who will most likely end up living in Europe or the US anyway…basically anyone with money who therefore stands to loose under Putin and his popularist party. The Russian population, too, is by nature diasporic and as a result the majority of people live in the countryside: these people are most assuredly NOT members of the resistance movement but rather either fervent supporters of Putin, communists, or far-right nutters supporting somebody like zhirinovsky for instance.

  88. you’re all just glorified racists, you think you know about russia but you don’t even know about your own countries..i imagine this website originated in the U.S, or at least most of its users hail from there? as Anna says, America is exactly the same as Russia in every aspect regarding dealing with political opponents..all that’s been done here is an extensive list has been compiled detailing the Russian government’s exploits, and nothing has even been mentioned about western governments operations of a similar nature, in fact the myth is propagated here that this does not go on, when it most certainly does (as it appears to me anyway, correct me if i’m wrong.) What about Julian Assange now? he’s being secretly extradited to America via Sweden on some trumped-up sex offence charge to face indictment for treachery when he isn’t even a U.S citizen! In America the media is highlighting his act of releasing state secrets in his cables and completely and ignoring the veritable war crimes exposed therein, its absolutely ludicrous.

  89. Even if this is true, Putin is no worse than our own western leaders. And where do Zionists fit into this, the west is infested with them, are there none in Russia, how many of those listed were actually Russians and how many Jewish.

  90. You tell em James Hilton. I also been to Russia this past Spring and can vouch Putin is still very popular outside that subset of people you were referring to – especially outside Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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    for me on Safari. Exceptional Blog!

  92. A stunning catalogue of misdeeds of this rogue man. And where the hell where you, Russophobe? Gone fishing? Why didn’t you do something about this? The boys in Langley are mighty pissed with you. I can tell you that much.

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  95. Is that history any different from that of Truman, killing 140,000 men, women and children in two days? Then being evolved with Korean War? History will set you free…

  96. the USA makes Putin seem like a saint

    let the great USrael collapse begin

    bring on the multi-polar world

    end the hegemonic empire

  97. Liberty Freedom

    When will the west realize that Putin and his KGB/USSR style dictatorship must be destroyed? If Russia can deploy covert forces, why can the west not do the same? Identify the heads of the neo-Soviet regime and one-by-one put them down. If we don’t head this off now, we will be in a bigger war with a New Soviet Union within a matter of a few years. I fear that war will be one we don’t make it out of alive.
    The west needs to support the victims of this ongoing crime and execute Putin and his criminal government.

  98. Vlad has a Napoleon Complex

    Putin and his ilk will pay for his transgressions. He has an inaccurate view of how powerful Russia actually is.

  99. Putin is a pedophile

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  103. Great site. Thanks for all the information. I’ve been writing quite a bit about it this topic at my blog. If you don’t mind, I think I will link to this article and quote it at my place. There’s a commentator there who considers me Russophobic because I’ve pointed out Putin’s dictatorial authoritarianism. Not that this will change the person’s mind, but anyone reading with half a brain can’t help draw the same conclusion.

  104. Why are people so wicked from Russia to America to Europe

  105. Hello, La Russophobe. Thank you for your work in putting this together. I was wondering if you have any documentation on the particular statement, “On August 26th, he’s forced to acknowledge the horrific consequences of the bombing.” Are there any public references on Putin’s admission?

  106. Evil has been unleashed on the world scene in the form of Putin & Europe sits biting their nails, hoping this Russian maelstrom will pass them by as greedy companies count their money.

  107. Why so much hate against the Russians? They aren’t any different than most other nations on the planet, except for the fact that they clearly don’t have good censorship if all this information about the President is getting out.

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    website which presents these things in quality?

  109. Charlie Domanski

    How long before we read the headline: ‘PUTIN MURDERED’?

    • I really hope we don’t have to wait. And why isn’t there anything about that plane in Ukraine? That was his action too. That’s obvious…

  110. I hope very soon. Greetz from Holland

  111. 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash – killing all 96 people + malaysian boeing-777 – 298 people—– who’s next????????????

  112. I used to hate Russians, now I just feel sorry for them…..

  113. Dear Anna Kushchyenko

    Your beloved Russia:

    Corruption – Russia is one of the most corrupt countries in the world in the top 5 actually – FACT
    Unemployment – Russia has one of the most unemployment rates in the world – FACT
    No Human’s rights – gay people, anti-journalism campaigns – FACT
    Crime – worthless to mention this
    Prostitution – Russians are in top for this ancient job
    Worst ecology – entire forests cut down, CO2 emissions you do not care off, coal plants everywhere, corruption again taken its part
    Terrorism – MH17 – AND THIS SAYS IT ALL…

    Enjoy your PUTIN brain-washing

  114. Who was the Russian killed in the eastern US while jogging in the past year? Can anyone remember or find his name and location and please post it here?
    For some reason, Google seems to have intentionally narrowed search parameters to prevent finding “Russian found shot in upscale/exclusive US neighborhood while jogging” …serious limited search parameters – WHY?

  115. putin has got to win the prize for being the scum of the earth. We thought things had changed after the cold war but how mistaken we are. Putin you have the blood of 298 innocent victims on your hands. Maybe God will forgive you.

  116. Long live the free press!

  117. Iakovos Alhadeff

    The Energy War Between U.S.A. and Russia and the Threat to Israel’s Survival

  118. I like what you guys are usually up too.
    This type of clever work and reporting! Keep up the good works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to our blogroll.

  119. not to sure these are all verified facts.i see this an attempt by western machinery to once again paint russia black in the international arena.what of the crimes against human rights commited by bush in iraq and israel perpetuated in the palestinian territories…

  120. I hope you fry in hell you bastard, the only thing that would look good on you is a bullet right between the eyes, and I pray that someone does it, the world doesn’t want you, your people don’t want you, just do the world a favour and just do yourself in ya friggen tyrant, your no good for this world and even your own mother wants you to burn in hell

  121. Putin a Vulnerable, Haunted, Isolated Man: Judah Путин Уязвимые, Преследуемый, изолированные человек: Иуда

  122. How come the 298 people on the Malaysian Jet shot down over the Ukraine are not included in the list?

  123. Don’t worry. If he steps in Romania, he will be killed.

  124. I can understand where Alex is coming from after watching this Nobel Laureate Herta Müller: “Putin Makes Me Sick. Look What the Russians Doing to the Poor Ukrainians”. VIDEO Very soon I don´t think he will even be safe in Russia

  125. I think Russia should pay the families millions for their lost love ones on the Malaysian air liner that was shot down by Putin terrorists.
    It was all Putin’s fault and now Russia should have to pay.

  126. Melvin I agree but they are also responsible at the end of the day for all the damage in Eastern Ukraine apart from all the civilians that have been killed by the rebels/terrorists for they stationed themselves in built up areas on purpose

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  128. Ruble Falls for Second Day on Oil Decline: Russia Reality Check
    By David Wilson Nov 14, 2014 11:52 AM ET

    Markets are reacting in real time to tension in Ukraine following Russia’s March incursion into Crimea and subsequent unrest in the country’s east, where pro-Russian separatists seek autonomy from Kiev.

    The ruble weakened 0.7 percent to 47.162 per dollar by 7:03 p.m. in Moscow, extending its decline since Feb. 28, the day before President Vladimir Putin’s incursion, to 24 percent. The yield on local-currency bonds due February 2027 rose six basis points to 10.22 percent, giving an increase in the period of 186 basis points. The Micex Index rose 0.6 percent to 1,500.76, stretching its increase since Feb. 28 to 3.9 percent.

    The chart shows the performance of stocks, bonds and the ruble, along with indicators of Russian investment risk. The top panel displays the value of the Micex Index of 50 stocks, government debt in the Bloomberg Russia Local Sovereign Bond Index, and the ruble relative to the dollar.

    Credit-default swap rates on Russian bonds due in five years appear in the bottom panel. The yield gap between the nation’s debt and U.S. Treasuries and the one-month implied volatility of the ruble are also tracked.

    : (
    Now he is killing the Russian Economy.

  129. The falling down of Putin – is a logical end of bad mismanagement of the country. For 15 years Putin, ignoring the economic problems and democratic institutions, has developed the vertical of power, putting on the key State posts his relatives and friends, providing for yourself a life term of being in power. Putin has always strived for only one goal – to strengthen his own power and influence. He destroyed the free elections in the country, appointed for all public offices of his people, to suppress any pro-democracy protests and demonstrations, forged elections at all levels. In international politics, he neglected issues of democracy, economy, social policy, honest cooperation with neighboring countries, he unleashed two wars – in Georgia and Ukraine (not taking into account the wars in Chechnya and Dagestan), has destroyed his own family and now he destroys the state. Putin destroyed any manifestation of democracy in his country and abroad, supporting all murderous totalitarian regimes all over the world. He wanted to be a global supplier of oil and gas, to have power all over the world. During the Putin’s regime the theft of officials and friends of Putin reached mammoth proportions, whereas the social benefits and pensions amounted to $ 150 per month. Falling of Putin – is the logical end of bad mismanagement of the country and unwillingness to address the issues of international politics by peacefull ways.

  130. Is Sandy presently grabbing Putin by the neck? He would. Do not get mqd at me if he is killing all of you.

  131. You are vicious lying scum losers for people. You started with your petty little psychological manifestations ot delusions. You became MONSTER BEASTLY ARMY BY BEING TOLD THE TRUTH. Your falsehoods caused me to anger appropriateky against your viciousness. You ended up losing me in your lives completely.

  132. Due to your incivilities as beadts of the evolved rhesus monkeys you are all considered all THREAT.

  133. Good to see Russia is paying the price for their little kgb dwarf Pukin.
    Pukin will be riding the russian beast shirtless down the gutter as was bound to happen once the west decided enough was enough.

  134. Just update the article (excellent one, btw) with case of Sergei Magnitsky (8 April 1972 – 16 November 2009)

  135. You forgot poisoning Jasir Arafat with polonium 210.

  136. Now the US Murders 250,000+ Iraqi Civilians…and the CIA forms ISIS which Beheads.

  137. Excellent article, dou you have a sequel (post 2009 events)?

  138. And now Boris Nemtsov…. la-la-la-la….

  139. I don’t believe in western BS sorry I had a fool tell me that Vladimir Putin is a murder and that Obama is the best leader in the world so I moved to the table all the way across the room away from her so I won’t hear her mouth saying that Obama is the leader of god when she never did her research so I let her be and I went on about my business and headed home after the church thing.

  140. Dear ladies and gentlemen

    Great job and Horrible “Track record” Indeed.
    Would not a German, UK or swiss author about these Events with an eBook be very usefull!?
    Maybe you could put these Text Infos in a simple movie Form on youtube!? Would surely reach hundreds more also in Russia where Internet is still not fully censored.
    The current case with Czechzenian scapegoats for Another murder would garantee also local Attention

  141. We want to mention that this guy and his friends apparently own a fortune of billions of dollars of stolen money. It would be great if this money could be tracked down one day and the origin of the money could be completely investigated and revealed.

  142. It is about time to inform the public about the murder cases and all the aspects mentioned above.

  143. In my opinion may be the killings had occurred but the restoration of balance of power on the world canvas is more essential as the bath and Europe forces are there to kill the Russia and eat in fragmented for like the dog eats the flesh and that might be more dangerous as we all are seeing at middle east and by the Is is terrorist forces the Russian federation. Has given.tje balance of power with USA else the entire world may become the slave of us imperialist with no one to look in to the eyes Russia never conquered any nation but rather protected it’s own nation maybe torturing his own people and crushing human rights in the revolution to. Save humanity one needs to.sacrify somethings and that is done by Russians under Mr putin

    MH17 Ukraine disaster: Putin says UN tribunal premature….. ?????
    I think Putin Presidency should be considered overdue and he should be aborted !

    Thank you very much.

  145. Russians are some of the hardest people on earth..
    But if you leave them alone long enough they’ll eventually defeat themselves.

  146. Do you really want to talk about murders?! No entity on this earth has murdered more than this country! The CIA is basically ISIS!! I mean facts are facts!

  147. Anthony Maxwell Hatt

    Putin killed so many people? What about American and British politicians? How much did it cost to fabricate this crap. Government Trolls are expensive.

  148. Don’t blame only Putin!
    Russia has always been despotic since the Middle Ages when Russia was a Mongol-Tatar empire.
    We need a new iron curtain to keep them out!

  149. AllTheKingsMen
    We are showing the issues with a former KGB (think about it) leader;
    Russia was and still is a godless communist state who have killed and injured millions; just want to remind you that there are men and women who have opposed Putin and are killed in coldblooded murder; the words of John the apostle says that if you want to kill people you do not have the love of God in you (headed for hell at death). America does not kill it’s enemies unless in a just war; we fight our enemies; we do not shoot them in the back of the head; have a nice day!

  150. I can’t wait for the day their filthy country collapses. Consider it karma for all the women and especially the helpless little girls they raped in WWII. Stopping Hitler was necessary. Raping women and children is not

  151. Rotting world

    Click here to read the shocking truth about Russia’s war in Georgia, including a complete chronology
    It said page not found.

    Love you

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  153. Yes, the colony Irak, but not the colony Syria) Why attak a little country? Oil is too attraktiv

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  155. Putin is criminal and has disgusting sexual choices for little children. I work at Mariinsky Theatre with children he has hurt.

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