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6 responses to “Sources

  1. Rd. Daniel Everiss -Oregon,USA

    Do you have a link to Russian-language versions of your English articles? Thank you.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: We don’t translate our material into Russian, but we’d love to have it done if anyone would like to volunteer.

  2. Rd. Daniel Everiss -Oregon,USA

    Thank you for your reply. Now I understand. And thanks for your great work here. Spreading the truth is very very important, for the west and for Russia too. Spasibo!

    Hey, i’m back to burn you some more.
    Today i will be shooting down useless or unreliable sources that you have mentioned here, hope you enjoy it and actually have the courage to respond this time and not hide in shame like last time.
    CIA Factbook? an American source on Russia….yeah thats not going to biased, so we discount that
    Wiki? you have to be joking, that is disqualified instantly. Wikipedia is not a confirmed unbiased source, so thats out of the window.
    Yahoo? ……. I honestly feel sorry for you
    the Russia Spy website, is a joke, that is not a source, its just ridiculous.
    Under your press you listed Blogwatch….very good source, it also offers ways of making free idea what that means and making millions on the stockmarket….good one
    You know, i hope you keep this site up cause its so much fun shooting you down. You think that placing a lot of references is going to show people that your ‘work’ is backed up? well it will work on complete idiots, but you have to account for people who actually check.
    I’m actually going to help you here. First of all remove all the sources that are just useless from any angle. Then actually reference the part of the sources that are useful, don’t just put down New York Times and thats it. Then come up with facts, and not your type of facts but actual facts, stating that all Russians are aggressive as a fact just makes you seem stupid because there is no way you can back that up.
    Oh and please don’t include the word ‘ape’ in your response, come up with some new material.


    “remove all the sources that are just useless from any angle”

    Starting with you, right?

    Oh that’s right, you don’t have ANY sources of ANY kind, do you?

    Thanks for the good example. We’ll be sure to follow it.

  4. You want me to come up with sources, i did not post a useless blog on the web.
    By proving that most of your sources are useless, i have successfuly proven that most of your ‘facts’ are lies, which was my original goal…but you have to do a better job at sources and come backs….my god

  5. I have read a Google translation of Andrei Zubov’s article “This Has Already Happened” which I downloaded from vedomosti. Needless to say- Google translate leaves allot to be desired. Is there anyway/anywhere I can get an accurate translation? I can’t describe myself as a “Russoaphobe” as there are Russian’s that prefer the truth, but at times it seems the majority find more comfort in fiction (no offense Andrey).

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