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(1)  EDITORIAL:  Medvedev drags Russia Deeper into the Mire

(2)  EDITORIAL:  The EU Spits in Putin’s Eye

(3)  Russia’s Dirty Caucasus Secret

(4)  In Vino Veritas

(5)  Cartoon: The Democracy Dirge

NOTE:  The always brilliant journalists at Pravda report the pulse-pounding story that the U.S. will attack Russia within 3-4 years.  It was the lead story on the Pravda website last weekend. How do they know? Because NATO is building bases in Bulgaria and Romania with 2,000 soliders each (no source, of course) and because . . . wait for it . . . the U.S. Military Academy at West Point is teaching Russian language (no source, of course).  Pravda says it started teaching Farsi Arabic 3-4 years before the invasion of Iraq, so the proof is conclusive.  That Barack Obama is clearly one dangerous man.

EDITORIAL: Medvedev drags Russia Deeper into the Mire


Medvedev drags Russia Deeper into the Mire

We published a barrage of items last week documenting in the most horrifying chapter and verse imaginable the barbaric, indeed ape-like, electoral fraud that took place during Russia’s recent elections.  The facts are plain for all to see. They are scientific, they come from Russian sources. No thinking person can dispute them.  The world stands slack-jawed and appalled.

But not the Kremlin. 

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EDITORIAL: The EU Spits in Putin’s Eye


The EU Spits in Putin’s Eye

If there was anyone left among the wretched Russophile rabble who still thought Europe was on Russia’s side against Georgia, surely not even they could still believe so after learning that the European Union had awarded its highest honor, the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, to one of Vladimir Putin’s most ardent and fearless foes, the Memorial human rights organization.

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Russia’s Dirty Caucasus Secrets

SBS Dateline has produced a documentary film about Russia’s secret dirty wars in the Caucasus.  Watch it here.  The following is a transcript ,which could not be more timely as Maksharib Aushev, just murdered as noted in our Special Extra below, is quoted extensively:

In the Caucasus Mountains along Russia’s southern fringe, a hidden war is escalating. Moscow says it’s battling militant Islam in the tiny republic of Ingushetia. But people here say hundreds of innocent civilians are being tortured and murdered.

REPORTER: He says, “We can no longer walk. “Our teeth have been broken, our jaws are broken. “We desperately need some help.”

They say they live in terror of a Russian security apparatus out of control.

We arrived in Nazran, the largest town in the mainly Muslim Russian Republic of Ingushetia. We were taken to a house, where we were met by a crowd of grieving women. Just a few days earlier, at 5:30 in the morning, 400 heavily armed Russian soldiers had surrounded the house.

REPORTER: And then what happened?

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In Vino Veritas

The Washington Times reports:

When Russia boycotted Georgian wine in 2006, Georgia lost 80 percent of its export market for wine overnight. Now, Georgian winemakers look back at the ban as a blessing in disguise.

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Cartoon: The Democracy Dirge


Our readers likely already know all about the controversy that has raged in Russia over whether to remove Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin from his tomb on Red Square and give him a traditional burial. Cartoonist Sergei Yelkin, a/k/a “Ellustrator,” replaces the word “Lenin” on the tomb with “Democracy” and has Russian “president” Dima Medevedv urging “let’s not bury democracy!” as we reference in our editorial today.