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(1)  EDITORIAL:  Nashi goes to Court

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Annals of Putinomics

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Will Russia outlaw Time itself?

(4)  Putin’s Long Knives point towards Georgia

(5)  Russia:  The World’s most Gastronomically Challenged Country

NOTE:  Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment of her Russia column on the Pajamas Media blog condemns the horrifyingly blatant fraud imposed by the Kremlin on the country’s recent “elections.”  And over at the American Thinker, she lets the Putin regime have it for defending American-killer and terrorist-supplier Victor Bout.

EDITORIAL: Nashi goes to Court


Nashi goes to Court

Nashi, Vladimir Putin’s personal Hitler-youth cult, filed suit last week in Moscow accusing a British newspaper (The Independent), two French ones (Le Monde and  Le Journal Du Dimanche) and a Germany counterpart (Frankfurter Rundshau) of libel in referring to Nashi as what is, a “Hitler-youth cult comprised of bandits and nationalists.”

It’s telling that Nashi appears to have neither the funds nor the guts to file these lawsuits in Britain, France or Germany where the reports actually occurred.  Apparently, Nashi doesn’t think it could win a case in any of those places, and therefore needs to lodge the suit in the corrupt Russia court system, where a ham sandwich could make a case if it had been made by Vladimir Putin.

Also telling is that, once again, Nashi appears to be lying.

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EDITORIAL: Annals of Putinomics


Annals of Putinomics

Bloomberg reported earlier this week:

Russian banks are characterized by “very high risk on a global comparison,” Standard & Poor’s said in a Sept. 28 report. The share of “problem loans” may jump to $110 billion by year-end and account for 25 percent of total lending by the end of 2010, compared with 11 percent in the middle of this year, Moody’s estimates.

No banking system can survive one-quarter of its loan portfolio being non-performing.   Russia’s banking system, in other words, is on the verge of collapse. And that’s not the end of the horror, because there’s blowback.

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EDITORIAL: Will Russia outlaw Time itself?


Will Russia outlaw Time itself?

You probably know that if you live in New York City or Moscow, though you may think Christmas comes in the winter that’s not how they see it down under in Australia.  For the Aussies, Christmas is a summertime affair.

Russia is in the process of becoming even more flexible.   Who says morning comes at 9 am?

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Putin’s Long Knives point towards Georgia

Ryan Mauro is the founder of WorldThreats.com and the director of intelligence at the Asymmetrical Warfare and Intelligence Center (AWIC), writing on Pajamas Media:

The director of Russia’s FSB intelligence service is accusing the Georgian government of being a secret ally of al-Qaeda, taking the country’s anti-Georgian rhetoric to a new height. Russia is apparently unsatisfied with absorbing Abkhazia and South Ossetia from the Georgians, but what else do they want?

The FSB director said that Georgia’s intelligence services have been holding meetings with members of al-Qaeda and providing them with safe harbor, arms, and training in order to carry out attacks against Russia.

“They perpetually undertake to deliver weapons, explosives, and financing for subversive acts on high-security sites in Dagestan — first and foremost on oil and gas pipelines,” he said.

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Russia: The world’s most gastronomically challenged country

The New York Post agrees with our analysis of the horrifying deficiences of Russian “cuisine”:

It’s no shock that Nets buyer Mikhail Prokhorov celebrated the other day at Nello. The Madison Avenue joint’s overpriced food and underfed blondes are perfect for a bimbo-craving, globetrotting gazillionaire from the world’s most gastronomically challenged country.

Nello’s theoretically Italian, seasoning-shy Oligarch Cuisine attracts the kind of vagabonding clowns too eager to flaunt their ill-gotten gains — hedge-fund scoundrels, tainted politicians, dope-snorting movie stars. Plus, as Mr. Nello Balan once informed us in an ad he placed in this newspaper, “her royal majesty, the late Princess Diana,” Prince Andrew and Prince Albert of Monaco.

They can’t all be going there for the food, even if the joint’s organic guinea hen has more meat on it than some of the broads who hog the front tables.

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