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(1)  EDITORIAL:  Likhachev and his Lies

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Once Again, Mighty USA humiliates Russia

(3)  The Kremlin’s War on Dissidents

(4)  Even Putin’s Friends are starting to Hate Him

(5)  America, Saving more Russians from Misery

NOTE:  The vicious 1-2 punch packed by item nos. 2 and 5 in today’s issues gives the Russophile trash a major ouchie. Sorry about that, boys.

EDITORIAL: Likhachev and his Lies


Likhachev and his Lies

Vasily Likhachev, Neo-Soviet Con Artist

Vasily Likhachev, Neo-Soviet Con Artist

According to Vasily Likhachev, formerly Russia’s ambassador to the European Union and now a member of the Federation Council (appointed lackeys of dictator Vladimir Putin), we here at La Russophobe are like AIDS and we need to be wiped out.

When you hear something like that coming from a Russian about critics of the Kremlin, you cannot but hear the echoes of Josef Stalin, a man who could only win arguments at gunpoint because there simply was no factual basis to his position. 

Just look at the man!  He looks exactly like the crude, violent thug he is, exactly the sort of person Vladimir Putin has filled the halls of power with, exactly the kind who brough the USSR quickly to its knees before the eyes of a slackjawed world.

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EDITORIAL: Once Again, the USA Humiliates Russia


Once Again, the USA Humiliates Russia

Well, it’s that time of year again, the time when Russia is forced to hang its head in shame before the awesome power of the United States, the time it dreads all year like the plague.

You know, the time when they hand out the Nobel prizes.  Ouch.

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The Kremlin’s War on Dissidents

Former parliamentarian of nearly a decade and a half’s service Vladimir Ryzhkov, writing in the Moscow Times:

To the accompaniment of the usual official drivel about democratic values, Russia’s political regime continues to reach new heights of authoritarianism. Or more accurately, it is stooping to new lows. Having already eliminated freedoms in television, federalism and parliamentarianism, elections and the formation of multiple parties, and having established an all-powerful ruling bureaucracy, the Kremlin is now reviving one more important element of the Soviet system — the fight against political dissidents.

In true Soviet fashion, individuals have appeared to speak out against the ruling powers and our leaders have sanctioned a campaign of ostracism and persecution against them. Human rights activist and journalist Alexander Podrabinek has kicked off the new epoch of Putin-era dissidents with a drama that is unfolding before our eyes.

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Even Putin’s Friends are Starting to Hate Him

When you know there aren’t any opposition parties in the Russian Duma, it’s somewhat disconcerting to read a headling saying they’ve walked out of the Duma in protest against the Kremlin’s outrageous rigging of Russia’s most recent elections. That that’s just what we recently got from Reuters:

Russian opposition parties walked out of parliament in a rare act of protest on Wednesday against Sunday’s disputed elections, with the Communist Party blaming Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for an unworkable system. Opposition leaders and independent observers said the vote was rigged and turnout was much lower than reported.

Sunday’s win means the United Russia party — backed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and nominally led by Putin — retains power in key locations, including Moscow city, the most populous and affluent region. None of the three protesting parties, the Nationalist Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR), Fair Russia and the Communist Party, are usually critical of the Kremlin. Liberal opposition parties are not represented in parliament and are marginalised in state media.

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America, Saving more Russians from Misery

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:

For Sasha Doran, the transition this football season has been smooth. The junior at Wayzata High School took over as the starting quarterback for the defending big-school state champions and has helped the Trojans remain undefeated through the first three games.

Doran was a defensive back two years ago, so in a football sense he’s come a long way. But go back seven years – to when Sasha and his two older sisters were wards of a Russian orphanage – and the story seems too unbelievable to be true.

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