EDITORIAL: Medvedev drags Russia Deeper into the Mire


Medvedev drags Russia Deeper into the Mire

We published a barrage of items last week documenting in the most horrifying chapter and verse imaginable the barbaric, indeed ape-like, electoral fraud that took place during Russia’s recent elections.  The facts are plain for all to see. They are scientific, they come from Russian sources. No thinking person can dispute them.  The world stands slack-jawed and appalled.

But not the Kremlin. 

Russia’s so-called “president” Dima Medvedev said the elections had been “organized well enough” and then proclaimed in a meeting with members of the Duma who had stormed out of the body in protest:

I agreed to meet with you and discuss the outcomes of the elections to local legislatures and local self-government bodies so that this all should not turn into a burial of democracy and the electoral system here. There are different assessments (of the outcome) among parliamentary parties, but that’s easily understood, because, as a rule, those who win treat the results as positive.

Let’s be absolutely clear:  When Medvedev said the words “burial of demoracy” he was laughing. Not within himself, not with his eyes, but openly, jokingly, without a care in the world as he faced elected members of his own parliament who just as openly accused of massive electoral crimes, as former Soviet ruler Mikhail Gorbachev had also done, labeling the proceedings a “mockery.”

Medeved, however, blamed those who had “lost” the election for imagining things.  That is the nature of the man who now putatively rules Russia:  He’s a fully-realized neo-Soviet demon and yet there are still some absolute morons among us willing to fall for ridiculous Trojan Horse offered up by proud KGB spy Vladimir Putin, and refer to Medvedev as a “liberal” who wants to “reform” Russia.

But nobody reading these comments can have any doubt left about that, not even a moron of that ilk.

6 responses to “EDITORIAL: Medvedev drags Russia Deeper into the Mire

  1. Well we all know this. the problem is when some moron in the western media calls Medvedev – a “liberal” ?

    What? WHAT? – Yes, “liberal” or “reform oriented”…

    I HOPE those morons are at least getting a decent pay from Kremlin and it’s not just their
    real opinion about “president” Dima…

  2. To be objective, then the ruling party “United Russia” (“Edinaya Rossiya”) and Putin, in particular, really enjoy great popularity among the population.

    • Thats nice for you Viktor, same as the Nazi party in Germany before ww2 then I guess.

      Putinist Russia = Hitlerite Germany

  3. This is your personal conclusions …
    Btw, Barack Obama = Adolf Hitler?

    • Nah, Barak has not tried to annihalate his own citizens a la Chechnya, Ingushetia, Daghestan etc.

      BTW, he is not my president, and I can’t vote in the US elections anyway.


  4. хорошее место бараком не назовут.

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