October 16, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Likhachev and his Lies

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Once Again, Mighty USA humiliates Russia

(3)  The Kremlin’s War on Dissidents

(4)  Even Putin’s Friends are starting to Hate Him

(5)  America, Saving more Russians from Misery

NOTE:  The vicious 1-2 punch packed by item nos. 2 and 5 in today’s issues gives the Russophile trash a major ouchie. Sorry about that, boys.

3 responses to “October 16, 2009 — Contents

  1. Russia is blowing up in Obama’s face. They aren’t going to assist the US efforts to sanction Iran which pushes Israel into unilateral action if left without options:


    Obama has turned into Jimmy Carter faster than Jimmy Carter did.

  2. Charles Krauthammer in WaPO takes on the sheer folly of Obama’s Russia policy, a must read:

    Gone with the wind. It’s the United States that’s now retreating from its already flimsy position of just three weeks ago. We’re not doing sanctions now, you see. We’re back to engagement. Just as the Russians suggest….


  3. Why should we?
    You keep moving missiles around and we should give you something in return?
    Well,we gave you something!
    In exchange we will not station our nuclear missiles in the Kaliningrad district.
    Done deal…

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