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EDITORIAL: Once Again, the USA Humiliates Russia


Once Again, the USA Humiliates Russia

Well, it’s that time of year again, the time when Russia is forced to hang its head in shame before the awesome power of the United States, the time it dreads all year like the plague.

You know, the time when they hand out the Nobel prizes.  Ouch.

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Once Again, a Goose Egg at the Nobels for Russia

This year 12 individuals received Nobel Prizes in six disciplines. Once again, America led the way with five prizes (Economics, Chemistry and Physics), nearly half the total.  France had three, Japan had two and Finland and Germany had one each. It’s enough to make one wonder where the outside world gets the crazy idea that America is in decline.

Russia had zero prizes. Again.

A Russian hasn’t won a Nobel Prize of any kind since 2003 when Vitaly Ginzberg got one for Physics.  But ask any Russian:  someone with a Jewish surname isn’t “really” Russian as far as they’re concerned, and he shared it with two American colleagues.  A “Russian” hasn’t won for literature, the single sphere of human activity for which the country is most renown, since 1987 — and that was Josef Brodsky, who had already defected to the United States.  Russia hasn’t won for chemistry since 1977.

Russia has won 22 Nobel Prizes (including expats) since the award was created.  Germany has 100.  The United States has 300. None of this is surprising, since Russia has chosen to divert the vast majority of its resources towards nationalistic pursuits like the cold war, including ridiculous charades of no value to the nation like the Sochi olympiad, rather than scientific advancement in the service of the people of Russia.

Nuff said.