EDITORIAL: Likhachev and his Lies


Likhachev and his Lies

Vasily Likhachev, Neo-Soviet Con Artist

Vasily Likhachev, Neo-Soviet Con Artist

According to Vasily Likhachev, formerly Russia’s ambassador to the European Union and now a member of the Federation Council (appointed lackeys of dictator Vladimir Putin), we here at La Russophobe are like AIDS and we need to be wiped out.

When you hear something like that coming from a Russian about critics of the Kremlin, you cannot but hear the echoes of Josef Stalin, a man who could only win arguments at gunpoint because there simply was no factual basis to his position. 

Just look at the man!  He looks exactly like the crude, violent thug he is, exactly the sort of person Vladimir Putin has filled the halls of power with, exactly the kind who brough the USSR quickly to its knees before the eyes of a slackjawed world.

In a column published in the Moscow Times, he writes:

Young European countries that have only recently declared their sovereignty are the main instigators of this division and antagonism. I am speaking about countries that are trying to define their own identity, that possess great ambitions but few resources. Their names are well known — Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and others. Under the patronage of the United States, they have become valuable pawns for conservatives and neoconservatives in the West in their global chess game against Russia.

As a result, these European states are actively cultivating Russophobia to give the United States the upper edge in the game. Recall the recent resolution of the Polish Diet concerning the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, anti-Russian resolutions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe concerning events in the Caucasus in August 2008 and the resolution of the European Parliament regarding energy security. These initiatives indicate an escalation of anti-Russian rhetoric in Europe. That is why we should heed President Dmitry Medvedev’s words that he spoke at the UN General Assembly several weeks ago: that “irresponsible political regimes” should not be allowed to provoke divisions in Europe.

In any case, political manipulations under the guise of Russophobia are like the “political AIDS” of the 21st century, and we must take firm measures to eliminate them. It is clear that legal nihilism, double standards, U.S. hard-power tactics only lead to an increase in global conflicts. It takes away time and resources of the state that could be used for working together to find effective solutions to such urgent problems as terrorism, piracy, health pandemics, nuclear nonproliferation, other weapons of mass destruction, the demilitarization of space and overcoming the global economic crisis.

Well.  Let’s see now.  In terms of per capita GDP, Estonia ranks #41, Latvia #45, Lithuania #49 and Poland #50 in the world according to the IMF.  They all beat Russia, which comes in at #52. 

Few resources?  It seems Mr. Likhachev was lying.  Surprise, surprise!

Are these countries really “pawns of conservatives and neoconservatives” or was Mr. Likhachev lying about that too?  Who was it, we wonder, that sent U.S. troops into Yugoslavia? The conservatives?  As far as we can recall, it was the liberal government of Democrat Bill Clinton.  George Bush, by contrast, let the tanks roll right into Georgia, resulting in a good deal of criticism from his Democratic rivals. Oops. Mr. Likhachev caught in second lie.

Does the world really agree with Dima Medvedev about “irresponsible political regimes”?  Nobody vaguely acquainted with actual facts thinks so.  The world identifies rogue regimes like Iran under that rubric, it’s only among those rogues that the USA is considered “irresponsible.”  Russia stands against the entire world when it opposes sanctions being applied against Iran and when it sells weapons to crazed dictatorships in Syria, Venezuela and Libya.  Like the infamous emperor with his new clothes, only Russia is unable to see how it has been ostracized and scorned.  That’s yet a third lie Mr. Likhachev is guilty of.

And how about his ideas on “anti-Russian rhetoric” and “Russophobia”?  Can’t even a child easily see that he himself is engaging in exactly the same kind of vicious hatred that he purports to criticize?  Does it really contribute to warm human understanding to equate a school of thought on Russia with AIDS?  And is it really wise for a man who represents the government of a country which faces one of the world’s most pernicious AIDS catastrophes to bandy that disease about for propaganda purposes?

We think not.  We think, to the contrary, that this man is mind-bendingly evil, the personification of everything that is wrong with modern Russia, the obvious explanation why the country’s population is plummeting amid pandemic alcoholism, suicide and utter despair.

13 responses to “EDITORIAL: Likhachev and his Lies

  1. Your summation of Likhachev, ie “Just look a the man! He looks exactly like the crude, violent thug he is, exactly the sort of person Vladimir Putin has filled the halls of power with.” is spot on!

    To me he looks just like a “porky” hence he cannot help telling all the ‘porkies’ he does, and as for the “crude, violent thug he is” – what can one expect when he has a god father like Vova Pootin.

    Your accurate quote ‘look at the man’ brings to mind the old saying “a picture is worth thousand words” – how apt in this instance!

  2. He looks like a porky pig.

    And he must have a huge bug up his butt about Ukraine – he could not bear to mention Ukraine at all.

    This is yet another manifestation of the abolutely insane Kremlin insanity, which starts with the premise that the whole world ought to bow to the Kremlin, and that any country that “dares” to exercise sovereignty and independence is not only “insulting” the Kremlin, but also a “pawn” of [insert any number of targets here] the West, or conservatives, or “anti-progressives,” etc.

    Notice – he claims that there is a “global chess game against Russia.”

    What arrogance! What chauvinism! What delusion!

    What does his statement – “a global chess game against Russia” – tell you?

    Oh, the shame, oh, the outrage, oh, the horror, oh, the audacity – countries dare not to accept the rule of the rooshan kremlinoids!

    That it is a basic premise to this porky pig that the Kremlin rules, or shall rule, the world!

    Imagine that – While the people in roosha are rotting from top to bottom, except for a few thug oligarchs, the Kremlin rules the world in a global chess game!

    The only thing left to do is to mask it with typical Kremlin/rooshan/sovok rhetoric, the typical “vee arre veesheeng you verry, verry vell” – while they try to roll their tanks into your country, or some other Kremlinoid shenanigan:

    мир всем, привет всем

  3. The simple fact that Russia is AGAINST sanctions for Iran and INSTEAD it INVADES and OCCUPIES parts of small democratic Georgia, this should say it all… oh and also Russia has all the imaginable sanctions on Georgia like since 2005.

    Also just listen to Russian zombies. THEY ARE AFRAID of Georgia! Levada center ranks Georgia as #1 enemy of Russian Pederation… with US being the closest second… and all the rest of normal democratic countries down the list.

    • Russian Pederation!! LOL AntiPUKin you are a genius.

      It does make you laugh that Russia with all its nukes and massive military is afraid of Georgia, but what makes the scum in the Kremlin truly terrified is that a democratic Georgia, that works very hard to stamp out corruption is a direct threat to the Russian system of government.

      Russian dictators, I mean politicians, constantly spout the line that ” western style democracy won’t work in Russia” due to “cultural reasons” such as being Orthodox Christians etc. They say the same thing about corruption “its a cultural thing”.

      However, Georgia shows this kremlin BS up for all to see.

      Georgia is an ancient Orthodox Christian nation, after Ethiopia the oldest Orthodox state in the world (Armenians are Gregorians, not Orthodox), and has democratised very well indeed (with immense support from the Georgian Orthodox Church, which sees full fledged democracy as the only legitimate form of government for Georgia), and in addition has majorly stamped down on corruption, receiving many awards and plaudits from groups such as “Transparency International” the World Bank, the EU and others.

      That is the real threat that Georgia poses to Russia’s leaders, that the Russians can (if they choose to) build a free, democratic and corruption free state.

  4. Finally someone came out with the truth!

    Poland and the Baltic states are a bunch of agriculutural countries without an own industry and resources that export prostitutes and import stolen cars but nationalist ambitions like they are the new Empire.
    General Jozef Beck said in 1939 before the outbreak of the war with Germany that the Polish army would conquer Berlin after a few days…
    What happened?Yep the Poles were crushed by the German army in two weeks and Warsaw bombed into oblivition…
    You are what Hitler would have called “Untermenschen”low lifes that simply cannot hide their frustration that Russia and Germany are so much more developed and mightier than you…

    • But, um, not to destroy your fantasy or anything, these “agricultural coutnries” have per capita GDP figures THAT ARE LARGER THAN RUSSIA’s, you lame-brained imbecile. Don’t you think that might be a problem>

      • not larger but rather the same,and you forget those enourmous resources we have and that are still to be utilized you stupid brainwashed piece of garbage…

        • You mean you think Russia will have a bigger GDP figure in the future, so it can behave as if it does right now??

          HA! That’s a new low in Russophile gibberish for sure.

          We think Russia will be as DOA as the USSR in ten years, and should behave accordingly. So it’s a difference of opinion. History will decide.

  5. Ruski, are you drunk? I’m neither a Pole nor a Balt, but to mention Russia and Germany in the same sentence, and to call Poland “agricultural countries without an own industry” (sic) and Russia “developed and mighty” is beyond retarded. If Russia is so developed, why don’t the hundreds of thousands of Russian illegal immigrants in the Baltic states go back home? And there’s plenty of Russian illegal immigrants in Poland and the Czech Republic as well, it seems they aren’t aware either of Russia’s greatness.

    I don’t know much about Baltic prostitues, but most of the prostitues in Amsterdam for instance look either Russian/Ukrainian or African.

    • Who has brought the first man to the orbit?
      Who is the biggest arms exporter?
      Who is buying up property in the Mediteranian ?(I am speaking of the middle class)
      Who has the best matematicians around?
      Who has a monopoly over energy in Europe and an energy superpower?
      Look,I could go on and on !
      You Poles and Estonians are nothing good for,except prostituting you mothers and sisters.
      Name me at least 5 Polish national champions(in terms of Polish owned companies?
      Unfortunately we didn`t root out the whole Polish nation,we should have together with the Germans exterminates The Polish,Estonian and Jewish cockoroaches…

      • Who hasn’t put a man on the moon EVEN TODAY?

        The USA exports FAR more arms than Russia.

        Best math and no Nobels? You’re just proving our points, numbskull.

        You should read the papers. Europeans are refusing Russian gas and the price is plummeting. You spend too much time watching Russian TV.

  6. Your blog is useful! I bookmarked it just now)

  7. Ruski is out of his mind, Russia is a third world state, literally a Nigeria with Missiles. With the exception of weapons, Russia has no internationally respected manufacturing.

    Russia a resource exporter, and an appendage of Europe and now of China. The quality of life of an average Pole, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian is far better than at of an average Russian.

    Any dream of a grand Russian-German alliance is fantasy, the US and Eastern Europe will prevent that.

    For a Russian to accuse other nations of exporting prostitutes is hilarious lol

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