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(1)  EDITORIAL:  Inflation Devastates Russia

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Boot Russia out of the COE!

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Closing the Vice on Russia

(4)  EDITORIAL:  Kositsyn, Paragon of Russia

(5)  Russia is Governed by Lunatics 

(6)  Yanukovich’s Ukraine apes Putin’s Russia

NOTE:  LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment on the mighty Pajamas Media megablog exposes the outrageous fraud of oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov’s sham political party as Putin consolidates his malignant dictatorship with the help of Barack Obama’s treacherous cowardice.

NOTE:  LR’s translation of Boris Nemtsov’s latest white paper has been republished by Nemtsov on his blog and in turn has been cited by the Washington Post as it reported on the latest outrage against Nemtsov, the Kremlin banning him from foreign travel for six months. Welcome back to the USSR! We condemn this apelike behavior and we condemn all those who tolerate it.  UPDATE:  The Kremlin has been forced to back down!

NOTE:  In another sign of the Russian apocalypse, as of July 7th Ramzan Kadyrov, or someone pretending to be him, has started Tweeting.

EDITORIAL: Inflation Devastates Putin’s Russia


Inflation Devastates Putin’s Russia

By far the most important economic story where Vladimir Putin’s Russia is concerned remains inflation.  Raging out of control like wildfire, consumer price inflation is hollowing out the Russian economy even faster than the virulent corruption which Putin has likewise failed to control.

And the most important inflation story is how the government is hiding the truth about it.

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EDITORIAL: Boot Russia out of the Council of Europe!


Boot Russia out of the Council of Europe!

Russia has only less than one-sixth the population of Europe, yet it has nearly one-third of all pending cases for human rights violations before the European Court for Human Rights, which is organized and maintained by the Council of Europe — of which Russia is a member.  Russia has nearly three times more cases pending before the EHCR than any other nation, and Russia loses nine out of ten cases when it is prosecuted by the EHCR.

The Kremlin’s response to its horrific human rights record — as adjudicated by one of the world’s most respected courts —  has been quite simple: It is moving to oust the court’s jurisdiction from Russia.  That’s fine, in fact it’s probably rather unfair to expect a nation of corrupt baboons to allow themselves to be controlled by something like the rule of law.

But as former Russian parliamentarian Vladimir Ryzhkov argues in the Moscow Times, it means that Russia must be ousted from the Council of Europe, and the sooner the better.  We call upon the COE to heed Ryzhkov’s words and move forward immediately in standing up for its core values and casting Russia out.

And we state what is obvious:  If Russia had the slightest shred of national dignity or honor, it would simply resign.

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EDITORIAL: Closing the Vice on Russia


Closing the Vice on Russia

Despite the best efforts of the craven Obama administration, the world is catching on to the evil that is Vladimir Putin.

To celebrate American independence day, on July 4 the Dutch Parliament overwhelmingly passed a tough sanctions bill aiming to punish all the Russian officials connected with the brutal torture and murder of attorney Sergei Magnitsky.  A similar measure is also pending in the U.S. Congress, where a newly revitalized Republican Party is at last standing up to Obama’s cowardice.

In short, a steely vice is now closing around Putin’s Russia.  Appalled by Russian barbarism, the civilized governments of Europe are now moving forward to block Russian influence and stand up for basic European values.  In America, Obama faces an ever more intense backlash against his misguided policies and stands to lose the presidency at the next election.  Even tourism to Russia is plummeting.

Putin’s days are numbered.

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EDITORIAL: Artur Kositsyn, Paragon of Russia


Artur Kositsyn, Paragon of Russia

Policeman and Serial Rapist Artur Kositsyn

It’s hard to know which fact about Russian criminal Artur Kositsyn is more outrageous, his resume or his sentence.

While serving as a lieutenant for the Podolsk traffic police force in the Moscow region, Kositsyn raped at least 27 women at knifepoint, perhaps as many as 39.  The sentence he received upon conviction amounted to six months per rape.  In utterly bizarre fashion, sentence was then reduced by one year under a deal with Kositsyn in which he agreed to be incarcerated in a maximum-security prison.

Mr. Kositsyn is, in other words, a paragon of his country.  Which reminds us of “president” Dima Medvedev.

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Russia is Governed by Lunatics

Yulia Latynina, writing in the Moscow Times:

I confess that I have been thinking for a long time about the collective looney bin that best describes Russia’s leaders. I mean loony bin in the direct sense — when our leaders, suffering from real delirium, utter complete nonsense.

Take, for example, the in absentia conviction last week of Alexander Poteyev, former deputy head of the “S” department of the Foreign Intelligence Service who oversaw sleeper agents. In the verdict written by the judge, Poteyev betrayed Anna Chapman and the other sleeper agents working in the United States.

But in the material released by U.S. prosecutors after the Russian agents were arrested, it was clear that they had been followed by U.S. investigators for 10 years — and without any help from Poteyev.

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Yanukovych’s Ukraine apes Putin’s Russia

After the jump, you will see what happened to a Ukrainian activist from the FEMEN organization who dared to bare all to protest against an effort by her government to increase the retirement age and curtail pension benefits for untold numbers of starving aged countrymen, whose lifespans are far shorter than we have in the West.  Having studied at the knee of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, the Ukrainian “president” Victor Yanukovich knows just how to handle the situation.


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