EDITORIAL: Closing the Vice on Russia


Closing the Vice on Russia

Despite the best efforts of the craven Obama administration, the world is catching on to the evil that is Vladimir Putin.

To celebrate American independence day, on July 4 the Dutch Parliament overwhelmingly passed a tough sanctions bill aiming to punish all the Russian officials connected with the brutal torture and murder of attorney Sergei Magnitsky.  A similar measure is also pending in the U.S. Congress, where a newly revitalized Republican Party is at last standing up to Obama’s cowardice.

In short, a steely vice is now closing around Putin’s Russia.  Appalled by Russian barbarism, the civilized governments of Europe are now moving forward to block Russian influence and stand up for basic European values.  In America, Obama faces an ever more intense backlash against his misguided policies and stands to lose the presidency at the next election.  Even tourism to Russia is plummeting.

Putin’s days are numbered.

Russia’s response the the American measure is laughable and classically neo-Soviet.  It has proposed to classify Magnitsky and international reviled arms dealer and terrorist supporter Victor Bout as birds of a feather and to sanction any American officials connected with Bout’s alleged mistreatment.

Bout, the Russians have not noticed, is still alive.  Nobody at all has accused the Americans of torturing him while in prison, and nobody has claimed that Magnitsky was guilty of torturing anybody.  Benighted by their neo-Soviet fog and childish idiocy, Russians cannot see that by attempting to make this equation they merely confirm that America’s system of justice is far more civilized than theirs.

But the best evidence of Russian hypocrisy and mendacity comes from so-called “president” Dima Medvedev.  The last doubts regarding Medvedev’s supposed “liberalism” were removed recently when he flouted the Russian Constitution and sought to name Valentina Matvienko speaker of the Federation Council (he has no such power)  and ignored pandemic corruption in the Prosecutor General’s office by reappointing its head Yuri Chaika.

Nobody, except perhaps the ignoramus named Obama, can now possibly claim that there is a shred of liberalism in Medvedev’s body.

2 responses to “EDITORIAL: Closing the Vice on Russia

  1. Craven Obama administration compeat with craven EU administration,who are affraid of Russians so that they at first have tied their economy to Russian gas ( to make Russian peaceful) and then explain to everybody that they are connected to Russia so that they can`t quarrel.
    Wait for another Reagan Mrs Russophobe!

  2. “Putin’s days are numbered.” – HA-HA-HA!!! Buuu-ga-ga!!! Mega LOL! LR, great thanks!!!
    May be days are numbered as Prime Minister. Before the election new President of Russia there are not long.

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