Yanukovych’s Ukraine apes Putin’s Russia

After the jump, you will see what happened to a Ukrainian activist from the FEMEN organization who dared to bare all to protest against an effort by her government to increase the retirement age and curtail pension benefits for untold numbers of starving aged countrymen, whose lifespans are far shorter than we have in the West.  Having studied at the knee of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, the Ukrainian “president” Victor Yanukovich knows just how to handle the situation.


A heroic Ukrainian woman makes a dramatic effort to protest a draconian measure against the aged by her government.

Aping Vladimir Putin, the goons of Ukrainian “president” Victor Yanukovich descend upon her.

They drag the screaming, defenseless, peaceful woman off to prison, where God only knows what will happen to her.

10 responses to “Yanukovych’s Ukraine apes Putin’s Russia

  1. What can one expect from a criminal that had two assault charges mysteriously disappear from his criminal record register, and who is recognized as a wife beater to stop his equally stupid wife from making imbecile remarks to the news media like she did about oranges during the Ukrainian Orange revolution!

  2. The heroic Ukrainian women broke public nudity law- and thus, they were arrested.

    • If you are saying Russian/Ukrainian gestapo fairly apply the laws, treated this woman properly and acted consistent with democracy you are insane.

  3. WRONG! SovietJournalist is your typical insanely delusional Homo-sovieticus, spouting disinformation. Showing a womens brest or nipples IN PUBLIC is not against the law in UKRAINE.

  4. Putin triggers topless protest, speculation over his appearance

    Oct 29, 2010 at 03:05 | Kyiv Post Staff

    No big deals were announced during Putin’s Oct. 27 visit.

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was greeted to Kyiv on Oct. 27 by topless protesters campaigning against what they said is Russia’s growing influence in Ukraine.

    “We won’t sleep with Kremlin midgets” and “You can’t make us bend over that easily,” read two placards held by six young women with nothing to hide as they stood in downtown Kyiv on the square facing Bessarabsky Market in front of the Vladimir Lenin monument.

    We are protesting against the interference of Russia in Ukraine’s internal affairs. After these visits, restrictions are placed on media and the right to demonstrate, just like in Russia.”

    – Anna Hutsol, Femen leader.

    The name of their protest, “Ukrayina ne Alina” (Ukraine is not Alina), refers to Putin’s reputed longtime romantic relationship with the pro-Kremlin Russian lawmaker Alina Kabayeva, a former world champion gymnast.

    Read more:


  5. Fully clothed Femen in trouble for ‘free hugs’

    Jan 21 at 00:59 | Peter Byrne

    Femen activists chalked up a rare legal victory on Jan. 17 after a Kyiv court threw out charges against Inna Shevchenko for holding an illegal demonstration.

    Shevchenko was detained by police on Jan. 15 for offering “free hugs” with her colleagues on the capital’s main thoroughfare of Khreshchatyk in celebration of International Hug Day. Police officers detained Shevchenko after asking members of the group why so many young girls wearing short skirts were walking around.
    They took me in after one of the policemen called asking for instructions.”

    – Inna Shevchenko

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/nation/detail/95312/#ixzz1QVhKv7nM

  6. Putinization

    Yesterday at 22:03 | Kyiv Post

    More indication appeared that President Viktor Yanukovych is bringing disloyal oligarchs under his control closer to Putin-style authoritarianism.

    Masked and armed agents from the security services this week launched raids at a series of companies connected with a leading tycoon linked to former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

    It could be the start of a campaign, similar to the one pursued in the 2000s by then-Russian President Vladimir Putin, to force the powerful oligarchs to fall into line behind Yanukovych.

    Read more:


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  9. Louie Nappie Leonhead

    This is why we fought the Crimean War against Photius Heresy so they could never Bystra Paris again! Putin’s tax, gay and oil policies are almost as bad as Sarah Palin’s. CNOOC SHould have been allowed to buy Unocal just like Exon and Chevron tried to buy Yulos.

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