EDITORIAL: Artur Kositsyn, Paragon of Russia


Artur Kositsyn, Paragon of Russia

Policeman and Serial Rapist Artur Kositsyn

It’s hard to know which fact about Russian criminal Artur Kositsyn is more outrageous, his resume or his sentence.

While serving as a lieutenant for the Podolsk traffic police force in the Moscow region, Kositsyn raped at least 27 women at knifepoint, perhaps as many as 39.  The sentence he received upon conviction amounted to six months per rape.  In utterly bizarre fashion, sentence was then reduced by one year under a deal with Kositsyn in which he agreed to be incarcerated in a maximum-security prison.

Mr. Kositsyn is, in other words, a paragon of his country.  Which reminds us of “president” Dima Medvedev.

A couple of years ago, Medvedev touted a new law which would require the Kremlin to examine all legislation to determine whether it contained loopholes that could be exploited for purposes of corruption.  But days ago, Medvedev admitted he was stunned to learn that all legislation originating from his own desk was exempt from this review.

So Dima Medvedev, too, is a paragon of his country.

Russia is a nation of imbeciles and liars and criminals who rule and cowards who are ruled over.  It is a nation permeated from the highest parapets of the Kremlin to the lowest rank and file in the police by evil and corruption, and full of “citizens” who turn a blind eye to it at best, at worst seek profit and advantage from it.

How can a president be so incompetent, or so dishonest, as to claim he does not know how his own laws are reviewed?

How can a policeman be so evil as to become a serial rapist, and how can he then when apprehended receive only a slap on the wrist?

Why, for that matter, do any laws originate from the Russian president’s desk?  In the United States, no such thing happens, laws can only originate in the parliament, not an all-powerful autocrat.

These are not questions to which we will ever receive any kind of satisfactory answer other that the craven, cowardly, benighted “citizens” of Russia do not demand or deserve better.

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  1. This is good stuff!

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