EDITORIAL: Putin is our Hitler and Obama is our Chamberlain


Putin is our Hitler and Obama is our Chamberlain

“Nothing matters more to Mr. Putin and his oligarchs than the price of oil. Even with oil at $70 a barrel, Russia’s economy is in bad straits. Tension in the Middle East, even an outbreak of war, would push energy prices higher. A nuclear-armed Iran would, of course, be harmful to Russian national security, but prolonging the crisis is beneficial to the interests of the ruling elite: making money and staying in power.”

Garry Kasparov, The Wall Street Journal, 10/18/09

Quite possibly, the single most important point that we in the West need to understand about neo-Soviet Russia under proud KGB spy Vladimir Putin is that the country benefits tremendously from instability, terror and war in the Middle East.  Those who would suggest that Russia fears a nuclear-armed Islamic dictatorship in Iran simply do not appreciate how utterly dependent the neo-Soviet state always has been on the price of crude oil, or how much tension in the Middle East works to Russia’s advantage in making oil markets nervous and driving up the price.

When Kasparov writes that “nothing matters more” to Putin than the price of oil, he is in deadly earnest.  Certainly, the lives of the people of Russia do not matter more.  Just like his Soviet ancestors, Putin has shamelessly shifted most Russian assets towards cold war and the weaponization of energy, ignoring the basic social needs of the population. As Kasparov writes:  “From the shameless expect no shame. And from a corrupt and criminal regime, expect no changes unless real consequences are put on the table.”

Where are those consequences?  We see none.  What we see is a cowardly, stupid,  naive American president ignoring basic facts of life about Russia and Iran and proceeding with rose-colored glasses to deal with the pair in exactly the same way Neville Chamberlain did.

18 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin is our Hitler and Obama is our Chamberlain

  1. Quote:”What we see is a cowardly, stupid, naive American president ignoring basic facts of life about Russia and Iran and proceeding with rose-colored glasses to deal with the pair in exactly the same way Neville Chamberlain did”.

    Not necessarily so….seeing is only small part of the history to unfold.

    Quote:” Warfare is the Way of deception.

    Therefore, if able, appear unable,

    if active, appear not active,

    if near, appear far,

    if far, appear near.

    If they have advantage, entice them;

    if they are confused, take them,

    if they are substantial, prepare for them,

    if they are strong, avoid them,

    if they are angry, disturb them,

    if they are humble, make them haughty,

    if they are relaxed, toil them,

    if they are united, separate them.

    Attack where they are not prepared, go out to where they do not expect.

    This specialized warfare leads to victory, and may not be transmitted beforehand.

    Before doing battle, in the temple one calculates and will win, because many calculations were made;

    before doing battle, in the temple one calculates and will not win, because few calculations were made;

    many calculations, victory, few calculations, no victory, then how much less so when no calculations.

    By means of these, I can observe them, beholding victory or defeat!

    • You are putting a LOT of faith in Obama when his record bluntly does not back it up. See Honduras. And Iraq. And Afghanistan. And China. And Georgia. And Europe.

      Nope, if anything, it’s an insult to Chamberlin by making that comparison.

  2. What a load of crap. First, the Chamberlain Hitler meeting was a kiss of death for Russia by the west. Things didn’t turn out the way England and US wanted. Second, the issue is still the same since 1917…the death of Russia. Its not about oil. It’s about who calls the shots in Russia.

    • And I thought AMERICAN public education was bad…

      “First, the Chamberlain Hitler meeting was a kiss of death for Russia by the west.”

      Nope. If anything, it was a kiss of death for CZECHSLOVAKIA AND POLAND rather than Russia. Indeed, if anything, It was an attempt to SWEET TALK Hitler away from making an alliance with Stalin (like he actually did) by forking over some Anti-German and Anti-Soviet minor allies in Central Europe.

      “Things didn’t turn out the way England and US wanted.”

      No %#%#@. And you forgot France, which played a VASTLY larger role than the US did in these negotiations.

      “Second, the issue is still the same since 1917…the death of Russia.”


      “Its not about oil. It’s about who calls the shots in Russia.”

      True, but we could say the EXACT same thing for conflicts with a heavy oil component, like Pre-WWI Arabia, the Middle East 1900-now, and the Far East in the 30’s and 40’s: oil may not be the END of all Ends, but it is a very important means to an end. Without oil, Putin’s war machine would, like Hitler’s, Mao’s, and the Imperial Japanese, grind to a halt.

      Let’s not overemphasize the role of oil, but let’s not shortcut it either.

  3. Shifting power generation and vehicle fuels to natural gas is the best way to undermine Russian power. They are already on the ropes. We must not forget that China will prop them up though. They will use Russia like they use North Korea, to undermine Western power.

  4. Another article for all those retards that think Russia is no threat to its neighbors

    “Russia ‘simulates’ nuclear attack on Poland

    Russia has provoked outrage in Poland by simulating an air and sea attack on the country during military exercises.

    By Matthew Day in Warsaw
    Published: 4:37PM GMT 01 Nov 2009

    The armed forces are said to have carried out “war games” in which nuclear missiles were fired and troops practised an amphibious landing on the country’s coast.

    Documents obtained by Wprost, one of Poland’s leading news magazines, said the exercise was carried out in conjunction with soldiers from Belarus.

    The manoeuvres are thought to have been held in September and involved about 13,000 Russian and Belarusian troops.

    Poland, which has strained relations with both countries, was cast as the “potential aggressor”.

    The documents state the exercises, code-named “West”, were officially classified as “defensive” but many of the operations appeared to have an offensive nature.

    The Russian air force practised using weapons from its nuclear arsenal, while in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which neighbours Poland, Red Army forces stormed a “Polish” beach and attacked a gas pipeline.

    The operation also involved the simulated suppression of an uprising by a national minority in Belarus – the country has a significant Polish population which has a strained relationship with authoritarian government of Belarus.

    Karol Karski, an MP from Poland’s Law and Justice, is to table parliamentary questions on Russia’s war games and has protested to the European Commission.

    His colleague, Marek Opiola MP, said: “It’s an attempt to put us in our place. Don’t forget all this happened on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland.”

    Ordinary Poles were outraged by news of the exercise and demanded a firm response fro the government.

    One man, identified only as Ted, told Polskie Radio: “Russia has laid bare its real intentions with respect to Poland. Every Pole most now get of the off the fence and be counted as a patriot or a traitor.”

    Donald Tusk, Poland’s prime minister, has tried to build a pragmatic relationship with the Kremlin despite widespread and vocal calls in Poland for him to cool ties with Moscow.

    After spending 40 years under Soviet domination few in Poland trust Russia, and many Poles have become increasingly wary of a country they consider as possessing a neo-imperialistic agenda.

    Bogdan Klich, Poland’s defence minister, said: “It is a demonstration of strength. We are monitoring the exercises to see what has been planned.

    Wladyslaw Stasiak, chief of President Lech Kaczynski’s office, and a former head of Poland’s National Security Council, added: “We didn’t like the appearance of the exercises and the name harked back to the days of the Warsaw Pact.”

    The Russian troop exercises will come as an unwelcome sight to the states nestling on Russia’s western border who have deep-rooted anxieties over any Russian show of strength.

    With a resurgent Moscow now more willing to flex its muscles, Central and Eastern Europeans have warned of Russia adopting a neo-imperialistic attitude to an area of the world it still regards as its sphere of influence.

    In July, the region’s most famed and influential political figures, including Lech Walesa and Vaclav Havel, wrote an open letter Barack Obama warning him that Russia “is back as a revisionist power pursuing a 19th-century agenda with 21st-century tactics and methods.”

    Moscow and Minsk have insisted that Operation West was to help “ensure the strategic stability in the East European region”.


    • @In July, the region’s most famed and influential political figures, including Lech Walesa and Vaclav Havel, wrote an open letter Barack Obama warning him that Russia “is back as a revisionist power pursuing a 19th-century agenda with 21st-century tactics and methods.”

      And Obama the Messiah ignored it completely.

      • Btw, I think it’s very, VERY disturbing how much influence Kissinger & Co have on Obama.

        Few months ago I laughed at the The Nixon Center, but now it’s not funny anymore. I’m waiting for Obama to say: “I’m not a crook.”

        And hey, Kissinger is also a Nobel Price laurate – for “ending” the Vietnam War in 1973 (and for the massive bombing of Cambodia too I guess). So they’re a fine company of total peaceniks, just give one more to Putin the next year.

  5. Kasparov is a Jew and therefore his opinion doesn`t matter!
    He is amember of the largely Jewish PNAC,a neocon and has advocated policies to hurt Russia!
    And this guy ran for president of Russia,imagine,that would be the same like Stalin running for president against Harry Truman in 1952.

    Get this through our head you jewish scum,we have destroyed the jewish media and oligarchs in Russia and we will never allow them to come back to spread their disease…

    • We’re going to leave this unspeakable cowardly filth in place because it so nicely captures the true spirit of today’s Russia. Readers will notice the absence of any disagreement from the Russophile cadres.

      Can anyone distinguish Putin’s Russia from a nascent Hitlerite dictatorship? Not viewing this type of rubbish they can’t!

      We apologize to any readers who are offended, but this is the reality of Putin’s Russia.

      • Oh, you have nothing to apologize for. To the contrary, thanks for not deleting this so people would know.

        I wonder whether this is a representative of their lunatic fringe or perhaps this reflects their public opinion overall.

        In either case, I wish our friend Michael Tal was here to read this and to see what country he cannot forget.

  6. Zig hail! Hail Putin! Hail Putin! Hail Putin! Hail Putin! Hail Putin! Hail Putin! Hail Putin! Hail Putin!

  7. Europe Must Stop ‘Fetishizing’ American Relationship


    Washington has left Cold War thinking — a time when the support of the European nations was particularly important — behind and is seeking pragmatic alliances with new partners such as China. As American President Barack Obama declared when opening the US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue earlier this year, “the relationship between the United States and China will shape the 21st century.” And that American attitude is the opposite of the Europeans, who still cling to strategies and philosophies evolved out of decades of American hegemony that have led to an exaggeratedly submissive attitude toward the US.

    Because so many statesmen believe in keeping up a close and cozy relationship with the US, the Europeans in general have been able to come up with a unified stand in their dealings with the Americans. The sort of unified stand they are able to take in dealings with the Chinese or the Russians seems impossible here. In fact, in their desire to flatter and cajole the Americans, the Europeans have managed to get themselves enmeshed in undertakings that may not even serve the best interests of the EU — undertakings like the conflict in Afghanistan.


    The White House has no time for this sort of sentimentality and fuss. At the last EU-US summit in Prague in April, Obama’s advisors were annoyed that their boss was assailed by each of the 27 member states separately. The US president consistently denies requests from European journalists and he imparted news of the end of the US missile defense shield — which was to be based in their countries — to the Czechs and Poles by phone. The European reaction to these kinds of rejections is predictable. They simply try even harder to get into Obama’s good graces.

    The study by the European Council on Foreign Relations strongly advises against this. Instead of this favor-mongering, the Europeans should set clear goals for foreign policy amongst themselves and communicate these to the Americans consensually, and with the same cool headedness that already exists among those working in trade and economics. Going into combat single handedly or clinging to sentimental memories of past partnerships won’t get anyone anywhere.

  8. I understood: Europeans want Nixon and Bush, and the third world war.

    • Perspicacious as usual :)

    • And remind me who has been invading their neighbors, “simulating” a nuke strike on Poland, and loaning nuclear material to one of THE most unstable and radical Islamist powers in the world?

      If anything, the Kremlin is edging closer to causing WWIII, like their Soviet ancestors did in the 20’s and 30’s and their Czarist ones did in 1914, 1853, and 1877.

      And chances are that it is Russia that shall lose the most from that.

  9. Since the invention of the PLO in 1964 by KGB, and “the fight for peace” black propaganda, Russians goal has always been jacking the oil prices sky high. Sky high oil prices cause severe recession first, and then restructuring and new isolationism, in the West.

    What the morons (and their Arab former lackeys) don’t understand is that in that kind of world they would drink their own oil, but won’t have any good life out of it.

    Nuclear Iran-Israeli war? The morons couldn’t be happier about anything else. The whole point of surrounding Israel with its mortal enemies and supporting the Arab revanchism, financing, arming Hamas/Hezollah which Russians do, is to put Israel into a bind and force them to use their “Samson option”.

    There would be celebrations in Kremlin.

    Now THAT’s a way for _responsible_ power to behave!

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