EDITORIAL: Russia Dreams of being Guatemala


America vs. Russia


Russia Dreams of Being Guatemala

The chart above was compiled based on data collected for the 2009 Legatum Prosperity Index, which was published last week.  The data compares 104 different countries of the world on nine different criteria to determine an overall ranking for prosperity and happiness.  America ranks #9 on the list. Russia ranks #69.  The green line in the chart shows America’s level of attainment on the  list of criteria, with the outer edge of the circle representing perfection. The blue line is Russia.  It shows Russia to be, compared to fully developed, rounded America, a perverted, twisted, Mongoloid deformity, like a baby born without arms and legs and a head the size of a golf ball.

But let’s not bash Russia by comparing it to America, even though it is baiting the U.S. into a new cold war, an act which this chart clearly shows is utterly suicidal. Let’s instead point out that Guatemala — yes, Guatemala — is ranked #67 on the list, above Russia.

Tunisia, Honduras and Namibia are also rated higher than Russia across these nine key criteria.  Ukraine is #61.  Russia just barely edged out Nicaragua and Ecuador to claim a place in the top 65% of nations assayed by Legatum.  If Russia were getting a report card as a country, its grade would be “D”.

Brazil and India, two nations two which Russia often seeks to compare itself, soar above Russia at #41 and #45 respectively.

What sort of commentary is it on Vladimir Putin’s Russia that its citizens are reduced to dreaming about maybe, one day, if they work real hard and get real lucky, being as good as Guatemala?

How is it possible that a nation fielding one of the world’s largest arsenals of nuclear weapons and practicing universal military conscription cannot find a way to devote basic resources to the development of its population?  How can Russia even dream of entering into a costly and futile new cold war with the United States, or indeed even of using vast resources to attack tiny neighbors like Georgia, when Russian people live in such squalid, backwards conditions that Russia does not even rank in the top 50 world nations for prosperity?

Don’t the people of Russia care at all how their government humiliates them before the eyes of a slack-jawed world?

35 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia Dreams of being Guatemala

  1. Yankee are the best friends of drugdillers in Afganistan, so LR`s funs should keep their mouses closed


    • TRANSLATION FROM GIBBERISH: “There’s no way I can respond to these devastating facts so I’m going to try to change the subject.”

      There’s an old Soviet joke about how an America went up to the desk clerk at a major Russian hotel and complained about the shockingly low quality of services. The clerk responded: “Yes, but you lynch blacks.”

      Really sad, shows why Russia has results like these. Simply can’t acknowlege fault and reform. A doomed country.

      • On that chart they are behind not only Guatemala but also a number of other third world countries, such as Panama, Dominican Rep., Namibia, Sri Lanka, etc. Yet, they still insist on their right to be a member of the G8. Just pathetic

    • What is the meaning of the word “funs?” And what does this have to do with rodent control? Who are those mice and what are we supposed to do with them (the plural of “mouse” is not “mouses” but “mice,” just for your information)? And what do the Afghan drug dealers have to do with the topic at hand?

      Are you quite sober right now?

    • So, by “drugdrillers” do you mean the Afghani police who often risk their necks to cut down the Islamist-aligned Opium trade?

      And we will keep our mouses shut. Not because you said so, but because if we didn’t, they would multiply, and disease, poor hygiene, and general muck would abound.

      In other words, we would be Russia with slightly better climate.

  2. Hey “I am Russian” you really are into the gibberish ‘muscali’ trash. For English ‘youse’ scored a whopping zero out of ten.

    In all fairness to you KGB stooge boy, I must say that I did understand one word in that trashy outburst. That was Afganistan!

    But now that you have brought that talking point “Afganistan” about, I can tell you that I do recollect seeing films of garbage piles of empty Stolychnaya vodka bottles littered all over this moslem country by your defeated RuSSian soldiers after they left this land utterly littered with antipersonnel mines to main the innocent women, children and livestock.

    And while on the subject of the then/previous Afghanistan, please tell, you ‘Ka Ge Bist’ stooge, how come your type of government was hated by all of the citizens? Whereas now the fight is between certain NATO members and the terrorist Taliban.

  3. Interesting measurement system, though how did Russia score so well in the health variable?


    You’re asking the wrong question! You should ask: “How did America score so badly.” America is famous for unhealthy citizens and wasted healthcare spending.

  4. Yes Andrew “Falsification of data probably.” Oh yeah, and how; because that’s one of the areas that they excel in, hands down.

  5. Bohdan
    ” the fight between certain NATO members and the terrorist Taliban”.
    Really it`s not true. There is now a fight between certain USA and NATO and Co (including some awfull dictatorships like Georgia) against peacefull Afganians! Some USA authorities need in growing of Taliban and increasing of drugproductions. It`s a part of their plan to make Russia weaker and then to destroy my Motherland at all. There are many facts which pointed that terrorist`s attacks 11/09 were made not by Taliban by CIA. And Taliban was created by CIA to fight against USSR in Afganistan. So CIA is the main terrorist in the world not Taliban. CIA also is the main drug produser in the world. But you will be forsed to escape from Afganistan very very soon!

    • Do you EVER think about the ridiculous mental gymnastics you seem to do on an hourly basis in order to merely COME UP with this tripe without seeing that it STILL applies to Russia?

      “Really it`s not true.”

      As I sit here, with documentary evidence in my hands, and a spate of news reports about Taliban and Al-Qaeda attacks in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, I think I can say pretty damn well that it IS.

      “There is now a fight between certain USA and NATO and Co (including some awfull dictatorships like Georgia)”

      First things first, whatever you don’t like about Saaks, he isn’t a dictator. Hell, he makes American Lame Ducks look powerful. Do you HONESTLY think he could order almost anyone to do something they didn’t like at this point, particularly with Russian and Ossestian and Abkhazian forces still in Georgia proper? And this is before we even get onto the Constitutional limitations in Georgia. Just because the Kremlin doesn’t really give a damn about their Constitution doesn’t mean everyone else behaves in the exact same way towards their own.

      ” against peacefull Afganians!”

      What are you smoking? Because I’m pretty sure that it would draw a good profit anywhere you looked.

      Firstly, the main force persecuting the “peacefull Afghanians” would be the Islamists- chiefly the Taliban-, who did so for almost two decades before the Liberation and are now splitting up to do it locally. Indeed, there are probably more Afghanis fighting FOR the Allies than against them, with the formation of the Afghani military and police force.

      If anything, it is the Taliban + Al-Qaeda + your mixed bag of Islamists + rogue Pakistani forces VS the Peaceful AfgHANIS and Pakistanis + the West.

      “ome USA authorities need in growing of Taliban and increasing of drugproductions.”

      Unless by “USA authorities” you mean Drug kingpins over here, you are wrong, PARTICULARLY given the extreme measures the West has taken to try and limit Poppy growing and the alliance of the Drug Lords with the Islamists. Got any proof to the contrary?

      “t`s a part of their plan to make Russia weaker and then to destroy my Motherland at all.”

      Sorry, but the sinister West can hardly be contributing much more than Putin and the Kremlin are because of the growing conflict within European Russia between the dissidents and the Regime, the Islamist attacks in the Caucasus and the growing Islamist movements in the South, and Russia’s own extremely asnine move of trying to alienate the West while only flirting with China all while believing it can give an Islamist power that is supporting the Caucasian Jihad (Iran) the bomb and everything will be hunkey-dorey.

      Russia’s regime is only accelerating its own doom, and barring a miracle, it will be destroyed “once and for all” within a few decades not by any outside force- or at least any outside force alone- but by the internal factors eating away at it and the stubborn refusal of die-hards such as Putin and yourself to recognize reality and adapt accordingly.

      And that tragedy shall be one of your own making.

      ” There are many facts which pointed that terrorist`s attacks 11/09 were made not by Taliban by CIA.”

      And what “facts” were those, herr fool? Particularly since the Taliban didn’t do 9/11, it just was allied to those who did do it (Al-Qaeda)?

      “And Taliban was created by CIA to fight
      against USSR in Afganistan.”

      Nope, it was created by Zia-ul-Haq and Pakistani Islamists far before he US intervened. Though, to be perfectly fair, the US DID give aid to it and Al-Qaeda., though that aid was cut off after the Soviets withdrew, and hardly compares to Soviet aid to Cuba (which nearly started WWIII when they couldn’t really control Havana’s blustering idiot) or other sorry misadventures.

      ” So CIA is the main terrorist in the world not Taliban.”

      You fail logic FOREVER. Particularly since you cannot tell the difference between Al-Qaeda (international Islamist organization started by Osama Bin Laden and responsible for 9/11) and the Taliban (Islamist government of Afghanistan that gave shelter to Al Qaeda).

      “CIA also is the main drug produser in the world.”

      Got any proof? Particularly since your friends Castro, Zelaya, Chavez, and Morales seem to be gunning for that spot.

      :But you will be forsed to escape from Afganistan very very soon!”

      We will see, knave, we will see.

      But mark my words: if we do, than the fall of Pakistan and Russia shall become imminent.

      • “Indeed, there are probably more Afghanis fighting FOR the Allies than against them”

        Oh, it was always like that. Even back in the first phase in 2001 (the first weeks of what people even thought were disappointing) it was the official Afghan government (Islamic Front) coalition forces and other local militias and only a few CIA guys and bearded spec-ops teams who mostly just did intel work and directed air strikes, respectively.

      • Geez, just stop talking to this guy. Are also arguying with any obviously retarded guy that you hear babbling gibberish? Now that’s quite exactly the same thing only on the internet.

        • (arguing)

        • Sorry, nope.

          In my experience, trying to starve the trolls RARELY works, and more than anything it embarasses you if you do not refute it, and if someone in complete ignorance of the situation at hand were to examine it, it may indeed harm the cause.

          No, I prefer feeding them to bursting. Hit them with vollies so thick they cannot stand the pressure. THAT is the only real way to deal with most of them, in my opinion.

          And yes, I do argue with said morons in real life as well, because silence gives the impression that you cannot rebutt them.

          • It’s just a blog.

            If you care so much about educating random people and not just commenting, maybe use your effort better for editing Wikipedia or something.

  6. Turtler
    “But mark my words: if we do, than the fall of Pakistan and Russia shall become imminent”.
    – I agree about Pakistan but Russia don`t. Russia fight selbstandig succesfully against Afgan modjacheds and then against taliban since 1992 to 2001 without any aid from the West. Our soldiers kept the board of CIS. We stopped their inteferense to our Near Abroad before USA go to the Afganistan. Now our military bases located in Kazachstan, Tadjikistan and Kirgizstan, we also have created joint-forces. Our soldiers have a big experiance. Another thing – North Caucasus – we won in Chechnya and we successfully fight in Dagestan and Ingushetia. We killed almost all famous militant`s leaders. We won despite the resistans of the West. So I`m sure if USA give up in Afganistan it won`t be a big problen for us.

    • Russia fighting successfully against the Afghan mujahadin?


      Thats why Russia was trapped in the towns, its helicopters knocked out of the sky with clockwork regularity, and you had to withdraw in shame.

      Russia was defeated by the Afghans.

  7. Hey Muscali “I’m Russian”, what planet are you from? The effect of the ‘sumohonka’ is wearing off – have another big swig of that brain cell destroying poison. You sure need it.

    My thanks to you Turtler for your excellent reply to the Ka Ge Bist stooge’s twisted propaganda, but I believe it will have no effect – none what so ever on him – or account of his alcohol diseased gray matter. It would not surprise me if he is a registered member of the “Nashi” (read Putler/Hitler Jugend) thug movement.

    Finally, dream on, dream on ‘I’m RuSSian’.

    The only thing ‘I’m RuSSian’ left out of his spiel was that Putin’s pigs can fly. Man now he is one hell of a wasted space – and if he believes the propaganda trash he wrote no wonder his MusSScovi land is in such a mess and the poor Russian continues to suffer under Putler’s dictatorship. Heil Putler, aye, aye I’m RuSSian!

  8. Apes you have just nothing to say. Afganistan war lasted sinse 1979 to 1989. And then since 1990 to 2001 Mojacheds und Taliban tried to penetrate in our Near Abroad. But they were failed because of our army stopped them. So we are ready to meet Afgans again. And USA make their own play in Afganistan. For example drugproduction in that country was threefoldly increased after USA began their operation! So cruelt USA occupation of Afganistan is not kind for us, it is even more dangerous for us than Taliban`s period.

  9. I’m not at all shocked by this revelation. If you look at Guatemala’s form at the recent US Tennis Open, it hardly raises a quizzical eyebrow to discover they’re ranked so close to Russia in this study.

    Oh, and Guatemala’s only player lives in the US too, so another non-shock there:


  10. “I’m Russian” do you speak any language properly? If it’s easier for you, try to express yourself in any other major European language (German, French, Spanish etc) in which you can be coherent. What you’re saying is completely incoherent and makes no sense, but I’ll just attribute that to linguistic barriers, otherwise I would have to consider you retarded.

    • I think he can speak russian. After all, it’s about Russia, right? Hm, so i think the expert commentators like yourself can express themselves in russian too if they know that much about Russia.

      • Sorry Agrippa, this is an English-speaking blog. I for one don’t speak a word of Russian and I don’t claim to know “that much” about Russia, and as a European my concerns are primarily about aggressive and expansionistic Russian foreign policy (which is a direct threat to Europe) rather than internal Russian issues. And while some of the commenters may speak or understand Russian (especially those who are from the former USSR) most of us probably do not.

      • This is predominantly an English-language form. Sorry, but while I would be interested in learning Russian, I don’t know it right now.

        And where have we claimed to be expert communicators? We merely claim to be RIGHT. And I claim to be a history buff. So there. When a self-proclaimed expert communicator comes along, I will tell you.

  11. It shows Russia to be, compared to fully developed, rounded America, a perverted, twisted, Mongoloid deformity, like a baby born without arms and legs and a head the size of a golf ball.

    LR and her minions once again reveal themselves for the hypocritical, racist neo-Nazis they really are – or as I like to call them, “Western chauvinists”.

    • Actually KGB, Russia is the home of neo-nazi xenophobia, Russia has more neo-nazi’s than the rest of the world put together.

      Then there are the neo-communists…..

    • Remind me again, which country has the National Bolsheviks and other assorted Fascists, Neo-Nazis, and other trash march in Red Square every year?

      Now, the West ALSO has Neo-Nazi rallies, that is true. Because we have something called “freedom of speech.” So long as the trash lobbies legally and half-behaves themselves, nobody can bar them from marching.

      However, that you and your ilk attack men like Kasparov and their allies without provocation while allowing swine like that to march in your street says much about the state of your nation.

      Ironic that the Democrats opposing your government are so dangerous as to be harmful to the public good and in desperate need of arresting and/or clubbing to injury or death, but the swine brandishing the rhetoric and the signs of the ideology that gave Russia its most devastating foreign invasion are allowed to go on their merry way.


  12. It shows Russia to be, compared to fully developed, rounded America, a perverted, twisted, Mongoloid deformity, like a baby born without arms and legs and a head the size of a golf ball.

    Mongoloid, for you dumbasses.

    This quote shows that LR hates not only Russians, but East Asian people, and the fact no-one called her out on this further proves that her slavish minions like yourselves are racist fanatics.

    • Now dumbass, I think she is referring to the birth defect, also known as Downs syndrome.

      Try again KGB retard. Try getting an education, you desperately need one.

  13. So not only is LR racist, dumbass, but she also mocks people with disabilities. Truly reprehensible.

    • Nothing wrong with using the term mongoloid to describe Russia’s economy and society, after all bith are terribly deformed.

  14. Apt that the Chinese refer to Down’s Syndrome children as “International Faces” as they look the same all over the world.


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