May 20, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Putin’s Sochi Charade

(2)  EDITORIAL:  The Horror of Eurovision

(3)  OP-ED:  Kaliningrad’s Mayor is Rewriting City’s History

(4)  Latynina on the Attempted Coup in Georgia

(5)  Russia in the Toilet

(6)  A Publisher at Large:  Kim vs. Harvard

NOTE: We are pleased to publish an op-ed article today from reader Paul Cordy regarding Kaliningrad.  We encourage readers to submit op-ed pieces for publication consideration (we are happy to provide editorial and translation services as needed).

NOTE: Last week was the best for traffic in our history.  We were visited 23,466 times, a new record!  Perhaps as a result, another record fell, namely most comments on a single post.  We never thought the record, well in excess of 300, previously held by our post “Why is LR a Russophobe? Why aren’t YOU?” would fall, but last week it did when our editorial “Putin’s Abkhazia Quagmire” edged past it. Our comments, we are proud to say, have become their own rich source of information about Russia, and the comments are now independently searchable because of recent WordPress system improvements.

4 responses to “May 20, 2009 — Contents

  1. “Last week was the best for traffic in our history. We were visited 23,466 times, a new record!” Not surprising. Some of your most imbecile articles are now translated and published at However, I’m afraid, what most of comments are mocking you, and most of the new visitors come here to laugh at you. But… who cares?


    Wow, you are an amazing idiot.

    You talk about Inoforum as if you just discovered it yourself! In fact, we’ve repeatedly linked to their material, and all the translations are linked in our “Oborona” section. We’ve even editorialized about it:

    Only a tiny fraction of our traffic comes here from Inoforum, and if you think Russians find it “funny” that we document the fact that they don’t rank in the top 150 nations of the world for adult lifespan, have an imploding economy and that the USSR collapsed after “winning” a war, you need to have your silly little-boy’s head examined.

    Oh and, by the way, NEITHER of the two posts linked-to in this one were translated by Inoforum, whose readers are hardly in a position to understand English (that’s why they translate, d’uh). And, uh, the most commented-upon post in the current issue was WRITTEN BY A RUSSIAN. Also, it seems the vast majority of comments on this blog are written IN ENGLISH by native English speakers. Mind if we ask what planet you are writing from?

    We are delighted to have our content translated into Russian, something few if any other English-language Russia blogs can say, and we are delighted to have it read by Russians. Why you would possibly think that’s a BAD thing is beyond us, but then you don’t publish an English-language Russia blog about politics, do you? No, you just babble inane comments about them like the meaningless, jealous little freak that you are. If it’s bad, we hope more bad things happen to us! Every day of the week!

    Do you really think we expect most Russian readers to AGREE with us? Don’t you realize that if they did that would mean we are WRONG about them? Did you think AT ALL before you scribbled your nonsense?

    Do you think the New York Review of Books, one of the most prestigious publications on the planet, was laughing when they linked to our translation of Boris Nemtsov’s writings? How about the Associated Press? How about Little Green Footballs, or the Moscow Times? Did you consider the traffic we got from those links before you started babbling your ridiculous nonsense, or how hysterically stupid they would make you look in our eyes? It seems not.

  2. La Russophobe (whoever you are):

    You think the russian readers are visiting this blog to know something new about Russia — you have a very serious delusion. Actually, they come here to have some fun, I’m afraid. If you browse through reader’s responses to one of your articles:

    — you’ll see soon, what you’re mostly laughed at. (Your statement about Coca-Cola was a real pinnacle of idiocy, but everything other was silly enough, too.) Go read these comments, and have fun.

    About all the other. Well, you can feel proud to be the only translator of Boris Nemtsov’s writing. (I’m afraid, there was no other person on the Earth interested in translating his rant to some other language. :) The Moscow Times (extremaly boring english-language newspaper, normally offered *for free* to visitors of Moscow restaurants) is a great source of pride for you, too. And I have absolutely no idea, what “Little Green Footballs” is.

    No, I don’t really expect most Russian readers to AGREE with you. And, when the majority disagrees with you — there is something wrong with you, not withthem.


    So your point is that if 75% of Russians approve of Putin (they do) we also have to or else there is something wrong with us? Did you recently bump your head, or are you drunk? When the vast majority of Americans approved of Clinton and Bush, did that means Russians had to approve of them also? Sir, you are fully demented.

    Little Green Footballs is one of the most famous, powerful and highly-trafficked blogs on the planet. You show your profound ignorance, as if we needed any further evidence.

    And, um, nobody’s translating YOU into ANY language, now are they? Does that make you feel bad? Sorry. But really, it’s not our fault.

    We’d respond to your comment about our statement about Coca-Cola if we understood it, but as you haven’t made the sightest attempt to explain your point (because you are demented) we can’t really do so. Our point was that Coke is going out of business in Russia because Russians, who learn less than $3/hour on average, can’t afford it now that the economy is in freefall. We stand by our point. As far as we know, the only point you have is the one on top of your head.

    Oh and, by the way: We’re writing for an English language audience and ATTACKING Russians. If they agreed with us, we’d be shocked and disappointed and conclude we were total failures. Think about it, if you can you baboon.

  3. Ah, yes, the old russkie “superior sarcasm look-down-your-snot-KGB-nose” trick.

    Dripping with “superiority,” and confident from the support of all the cheerleaders at inoforum, delirium shows up to tell us that everyone except delirium and his cheerleaders is – well, wrong.


    Because delirium and his inoforum cheerleaders claim to be laughing and having fun.

    Laughing at – Coca Cola, and laughing at LR.

    I’ve seen people laughing and having fun.

    And it sure doesn’t look, feel or sound like delirium and his inoforum cheerleaders are having fun.

    What’s a sure sign of people NOT having fun?

    They have to tell you that they’re having fun!

  4. I remember in the 70s there was a hilarious magazine called Krokodil (Crocodile). It made funny jokes about Western Imperialism going down the tubes; Americans enraged in futile hatred against glorious USSR; African nations (Ethiopia and Zimbabwe most memorable) prominently standing against the vultures of military industrial complex… anyway, you get the picture.

    It was so funny – party secretaries couldn’t stop laughing. Seems like delirium has as much fun as Krokodil editors! Have fun!

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