A Publisher at Large: Kim vs. Harvard

LR founder and publisher Kim Zigfeld discovered a nastly little appeasement freak lurking in the ivy-covered halls of Harvard University.  She outs her in a recent letter to the editor of the Harvard Crimson:

To the Editor:

In discussing NATO’s efforts to protect Georgia from further Russian aggression (“Exercising Power in Georgia,” Opinion, May 13), Ellen C. Bryson offers readers much information that is incomplete and misleading.

Ms. Bryson fails to inform readers that Russia has recently stood alone against the entire Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to block impartial observers from monitoring the disputed border between Russia and Georgia. Thus, it is Russia that leaves NATO with no alternative other than military confrontation.

She fails to acknowledge that Russia has played a key and improper role in supporting the opposition protesters on Georgia’s streets, and she fails to admit that the protesters refused to carry on any discussions with the Saakashvili regime except regarding the terms of the democratically elected president’s resignation.

She fails to recognize Russia’s profound military weakness (while invading Georgia, many of its officers were reduced to communciating on their personal cell phones) or the effect of the nation’s recent economic collapse (stock market down three quarters, reserves down half, currency value down a third, double-digit unemployment and inflation). NATO in fact has far more power over Russia than Ms. Bryson imagines.

She attempts to impugn President Saakashvili’s democratic credentials, ignoring the fact that he is besieged by a giant neighbor where even vestigial democratic politics have been totally liquidated. The fact that Georgia remains to any extent democratic in the face of this threat is a miracle owing only to Saakashvili’s amazing personal courge.

But most of all, Ms. Bryson ignores the proven-effective doctrine of deterrence. NATO failed to take aggressive action to show solidarity with Georgia in 2008, and Russia invaded. By showing resolve in 2009, NATO is helping to deter a second invasion.

Kim Zigfeld

May 14, 2009

Kim Zigfeld is the publisher of the Russia blog “La Russophobe,” and the Russia columnist for the American Thinker and Pajamas Media websites.

11 responses to “A Publisher at Large: Kim vs. Harvard

  1. John Reed, who graduated from Harvard, is buried in the Kremlin.

    Harvard ought to be more properly known as “the Kremlin on the Charles.”

    I found it highly amusing that one of the comments on the Crimson web site was:

    “there is no such person as Kim Zigfeld.”

  2. John Reed, as I remember, did at least document some resistance of the educated and middle class to the takeover of the Reds, in his book; “10 days that shook the world”. A good read on the middle class reaction. There was opposition.

  3. Thank you Kim! Thank you very much and god bless you. In people like you I see hope that can save the world from this horrible nasty evil. I am disgusted to see how many break and bow down so easily to threats, money and simple fear. LOOK AND THE PATHETIC LEADERS AROUND THE WORLD! LOOK AND THE EUROPEAN LEADERS! SARKO, MERKEL, BERLUSCONI… ALL F*ING PATHETIC!

    I also hope that Obama(MY PRESIDENT) WILL WAKE THE F@CK UP! IS THIS HOW WE SUPPORT OUR ALLIES? IS THIS HOW WE HELP THE WEAK AND CONTAIN THE UGLY EVIL? IS THIS HOW WE STAND FOR GOOD AND HELP THE ONES THAT WANT TO FOLLOW A VERY DIFFICULT PATH CALLED DEMOCRACY! I have been to Georgia about 15 times! I never loved it as much as I do right now! People that want and deserve to live in a free united Democratic European country. So friendly and peaceful.

  4. Both Putin/Medvedev have to think it over and over again if they don’t want to follow Miloshevich/Saddam’s way.
    They should not forget about Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT) well developed in the US to make guys like them love democracy. Mission in Georgia is not acomplished yet.

  5. rts

    1. If you have only 1% brains in your dumm belfry so you clearly understand that you have not any possibilities to attack us or to make a overturn among us. So Miloshevich/Saddam’s way won`t be similar our way.

    2. “Mission in Georgia is not acomplished yet.”. This statement is very funny because I like to see as a new NATO-servant getting his lumps. If you are sadomasochist so you are in right direction!

  6. The Soviet Union went down that road without a single shot. Gorbachev turned out to be wise enough not to follow Mr.Chaushescu of Romania to be executed at the wall in such a brutal manner. Why not Russia in the forseeable future if I may ask? Secondly, Russia is depopulating intensevly itself (more 10 m loss in population since 1992). Were you good at math You Are Russian? Arguments matter.

  7. 1. Soviet Union went down NOT RUSSIA. Russia prospers now. If you so ignorance You should firstly visited my country. SU was destroyed without a single shot by RUSSIANS. And we have really improved our life. But many former Soviet countries unfotunately couldn`t create their statehood. Ukraina, Georgia, Latvia , Estonia, Moldavia are filed states now. So they hate us. They hate us as ugly person hates his mirror.
    If you know depopulation in “democratic” Ukraine are significantly higher then our one. Otherwise we are very immigration attractive country. The tens of millions foreigners escaped to us since 1991. Many of them was Ukrainians. As opposed to Russia Ukraine is suffered by exodus of their people.

  8. We are to approach the problem of territorial integrity of Russian Federation in a deliberately balanced way.

    I’m running out of time right now but will be happy to continue the discussion with you in another post. It’s always good to hear from you whether we agree or not and I don’t think that I ever totally disagree with you.

  9. I Yam Russian, what happened to the
    “inducements that rasha’s Putin was offering to its former citizens to come back? Even rashans not stupid enough to go for it.


    Moscals can’t stand themselves it seems. The ones living in former Soviet republic would rather stay there, as they have it not so bad…

    Ukraine does not need your mangy kind.

  10. USA supported to Yeltsin then. It was very hard period of our history. But the most of Russians voted against communists. We did it to improve our life and we have reached success. We have a really beautiful country now. We have not any intention to attack someone. We are very rich and independent country. You hate us because our people were more clever then yours. We extricated ourselves from communism and could war. We released ourselves from military running and useless waste of money. We make the world better. You sought our capitulation but you get vice-versa. So you hate us.

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