LR Wants to Know

Defying the entire membership of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Russia has stood alone to eject OSCE observers from the disputed border between Ossetia and Georgia.  Not even Belarus and Kazakhstan would support Russia’s powerplay. And Russia has walked out of peace talks with Georgia.  Is this move a prelude to cover a second planned Russian invasion to depose Georgia’s democratically elected president? We’d like your view.

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  1. Preparations in full swing:

    (February) Russia regains key air base to project power in Caucasus

    (April) Russian army in North Caucasus receives new attack helicopters

    (May) Russia to conduct large-scale war games in Caucasus

  2. Would I be surprised? No. Logic is not a Russian (government) forte, or even a “te” for that matter, so they would go in with blinders on.

    I would certainly not want it to happen, as civilians would suffer. It seems to be yet another ploy by the Kremlin to gain some concessions on NATO and economic matters.

  3. OSCE observers proved to be the best observers on the disputed border between Ossetia and Georgia. Actually they did their possible best in 2008 to enlighten the EU public opinion about the nature of the conflict and the atrocities of the Russian army against civilians.

  4. Ossetia and Abkhazia are independent countries now. So any mission must be approved by such countries` authority bodies. But mentioned above new countries have rejected such mission. And Russia has just helped to own new-allies.

    • So, they have missions in the UN? They’ve been recognized by the majority of UN members?

      You may be Russian, but you’re also a two-bit moronic idiot.

      • Btw, this trippy “reality” epic fail is awesome beyond words:

        “Moscow welcomes Nicaragua’s decision to recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Saturday [6 September 2008].

        The decision is not only an indication of the leaders’ deep understanding of current international realities, but also a contribution to the formation of the international system on the basis of strict adherence to international law, the foreign ministry said.

        The move will further enhance the traditionally friendly bilateral ties, as well as the partnership between Russia and the Latin American region, the ministry said.

        The foreign ministry also called on other countries to “recognize reality” and follow the example of Nicaragua, which is the first country after Russia to recognize the two self-proclaimed republics.”


        • Oh, and I forgot this, “I `m Russian”. You complained to me that your mighty Russia was able to send only(?) 8,000 paratroopers to Kosovo in 1999 (because the rest of them were busy destroying everything in Chechnya) – while the NATO alliance fielded tens of thousands.

          I’m so sorry all of your trusted allies (meaning the Nicaraguans) let you down back then ;)

  5. I like the bit where the Russian government says they are interested in a “free” and “independent” Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

    So does that mean when the proposed free states of Abkhazia and South Ossetia decide that they want the Russians to leave them alone in their new free and independent countries to run their own affairs, the Russians actually will leave? Does anyone actually believe that? Would even Russophiles believe that?

    Hasn’t anyone in Abkhazia or South Ossetia realised that they have just sold their souls to the devil? Whether or not you support reintegration into Georgia or for them to be independent states, I think anyone who thinks Russia will allow any independence is not just a wishful thinking fool, but criminally naive.

    Sigh.. what a world we live in. Anyone can predict further troubles in this angry part of the world. So sad. I thought imperialism was a thing of the 19th Century.

  6. G

    “Hasn’t anyone in Abkhazia or South Ossetia realised that they have just sold their souls to the devil? “.
    Yes angel all of them realised of course. But yours angels killed their civil populations. Yours angels carry mass killings and ethnic cleaning in all the world angels – Georgians, Croatians, Kosovars, Bosnia Muslims killed thosands people. But you do not worry about it, because you are angel too. This fact is explanation why Ossetian and Abkhazian “sold their souls to devil”.

  7. On Monday, the talks were close to being disrupted. The Abkhazian delegation refused to participate in them before the UN Secretary General released his report, which was due on May 15. Sukhum wanted to make sure the document did not mention that the self-proclaimed republic belongs to Georgia. South Ossetia and Russia supported Abkhazia’s decision. Moscow said it “stopped the watch” at the negotiations table in Geneva. On Monday night the report was released, Abkhazia was satisfied with its title, and yesterday morning the talks resumed.

    The much-anticipated report by Ban Ki-moon did not contain the words “Abkhazia” or “Georgia”; it was entitled “The Secretary General’s Report Pursuant to Security Council Resolutions 1808, 1839, and 1866.” Moscow thought the title was acceptable. Grigory Karasin recalled that originally the report was entitled “On the Progress of the UN Mission in Abkhazia, Georgia,” and “this style was unacceptable to Sukhum.”

    The next meeting in Geneva is expected to take place on July 1. Grigory Karasin emphasized that Russia was concerned about the Georgian authorities’ intention “to regain control over the territories they lost as a result of their aggression last August and over the peoples living in Abkhazia and South Ossetia at any cost.” That is why it is so important to sign a binding document on the non-use of force. Also, Mr. Karasin said that the town of Dvali on the Georgian-South Ossetian border will soon host a meeting for those who will be involved in the incident-prevention mechanism, which was agreed at the previous round of Geneva consultations in February. The Russian diplomat said Georgia’s attempts to force upon attendees a discussion about deploying an international police force in Abkhazia and South Ossetia were “absolutely unacceptable.”

  8. Wow, you’re a bit touchy, aren’t ya?
    “your angels..”? wtf are you talking about?
    I’m not any of “those” people that you are suggesting that I might be (whatever that means), but you sure know how to totally miss the point and ignore what someone says.

    I’m not talking about other people or other cases here, i’m talking about how any thinking person should be able to realise that when Russian says they want to “liberate” Abkhazia and South Ossetia what they really mean is that they plan to annex them as a part of Russia, even though they make arguments about promoting independence of these places. The saying that someone has ‘sold their soul to the devil’ means that they don’t know the consequences of allowing Russia into their lands. I wasn’t talking about goodies and baddies or angels and devils at all.

    I will be shocked and pleasantly surprised if Russia leaves either of those places now that their troops are in there. It appears the words of the Russian government are not to be trusted. Not to mention deceitful. I mean, we are talking official government policy here! In any other part of the civilised world that alone would be an outrage.

    Thinking that you have just given me a serve by talking about other instances of ethnic cleansing (that somehow you think is my fault??) just shows that you aren’t interested in commenting on the point I just made. Why did you even bother making a comment on my comment when you just changed the subject? Or perhaps you are suggesting that because other people have commited ethnic cleansing then it is okay for the Russians to do it?

    Wow, what a revelation. I hadn’t even accused such a thing, but you defend it anyway. Hmm, very defensive. Very telling.

    Perhaps you are saying that it’s Russia’s right to do some ethnic cleansing this Summer as LR has been predicting here?

    Rather than try to solve the problems in this region, you try the old cliched and annoyingly childish method of saying that “someone else did it, so we can do it too”. Maybe you should take a holiday to a part of the world where people are a little nicer to each other to get a fresh perspective on humanity.

  9. To G
    Abhasians and Osetians lived with Russians for centuries. They know very well what it means. When they had to choose between democratic Georgians and terrible Russian, they have chosen the latter. They might have wanted independence but as your country impregnated Georgia with weaponry and military advisors, they realized that there will be no independence for them, as long as they try to stand alone. So, they made an alliance with Russia. Ya, they must be all brainless morons. Probably genetically inferior breed of people. Right? What else an american can think?

  10. the russian ultranationalists know that they are guilty for the bloody war against georgia.
    so, they say “nato aggressed serbia for bosnia and kosovo, we have the right to do the same in georgia”.!!!
    no, no, no! I was against nato when it bombed pale and belgrade! today, the russians must admit that their aggression against georgia has no extenuating circumstances!
    serbia and georgia have no reason to hate each other.
    georgia is not responsible for nato’ s aggressions in serbia
    serbia is not responsible for russia’s aggression in georgia.
    there is no reason to search for rivalry between them.
    now, I fear that russia wants to invade georgia once again, after june. maybe nato must stay there, even after ,in order to prevent such a crime.

  11. christiane

    There are some rule of behavior and their must be kept by all participants. If once such kind of rules are violated in one point then the such regulation should not exist any more in other points. Serbia and Georgia are not related but their situations are similar and the rule which defended their before does not exist now.

  12. G
    “Abhasians and Osetians lived with Russians for centuries…………………….Probably genetically inferior breed of people. Right? What else an american can think?”.

    Yes they lived with us for centuries, but they are very independent people. Americans must admit that their views are not absolute verity. You must recognize it instead of outrage any people. Ossetian and Abkhazian know what they are needed better then someone else.

  13. Shelford,

    You are a presumptious fool. What makes you think I am American? I am not, nor do I live there, but even if I was, I notice how you answer my question by trying to mock me. I made no mention or name calling of anyone as “Inferior” people. I’m talking about the fantasy of the Russian government allowing independence in Abkhazia or South Ossetia, and how its just a dream that by trusting the current Russian government they will attain their independance.

  14. To G
    “I think anyone who thinks Russia will allow any independence is not just a wishful thinking fool”.
    You said that. Most Abhasian and Osetians are fools according to your definition. Good for americans that you are not one of them.

  15. Calling someone a fool is not the same as calling them inferior people. A foolish decision and believing the hollow promises of the Putin regime is what I believe to be foolish – and not the same as throwing a racist slur. Yes I think it’s a bad decision to allow Russia to occupy one’s lands. Harassing me because you think i’m American is irrelevent to the discussion. And anyway, the South Ossetians and the Abkhazians are the ones who now have to live under the orders of Russians, not me. So what I think won’t really make a difference, it’s what they think that matters. And why are you getting upset because I use the word ‘fool’ rather than discuss the topic at hand, which surely is more important?

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