Russia in the Toilet

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Siberian Light tips Russia-watchers to the following item from  the fanatical nationalist Russian blogger Stanislav Mishin at Mat Rodina (if he admits things are this bad, do you dare imagine how bad they really are?):

Travelling Russia extensively, it is always a with great trepidation that I enter public bathrooms in many areas, such as at train stations, parks and other areas. But this is not limited only to the public. Working with heavy industry the same is true for most of the older, heavy manufacturing facilities.

Usually, if one is lucky, the toilet is at least a porcelain toilet, usually with the cover, the seat, taken away and never with anything like toilet paper provided. Some times even the walls are pealing and crumbling. The user is forced to sit on just as often, a disgusting, dirty bowl, balancing uncomfortably on the edge, to do what nature demands. Carry your own toilet paper, or if you are lucky, you’ll be using newspapers.

Then there is the unlucky “toilets”, little more then Asiatic holes in the ground, where like a dog, the user is forced to squat, do his duty and hope the aim is good and the knees do not give out. Never mind if the person is an invalid with a bad leg, back or missing appendage. The stench in these toilets, with no real plumbing to wash away the waste from inside the pits, is over powering.

Beyond the discomfort and beyond the disgust, it is more important, what it is that this says about us, as a people and about our nation, as a whole. Are we a civilized population or some second world Asiatic substate? Toilets, you see, say everything about the relationship of the people with themselves and others and what they expect from their governments and on how much the government cares about its people.

While all apartments and most houses have normal, modern toilets to sit upon, why is it that we are so passive in our demands for the same dignity from our public restrooms and from those at our jobs?

To the bosses out there and their lack of caring for the very basics of their workers, learn humility and care enough about your workers to make a change. For one, with a relatively low investment: proper plumbing, toilets and yes, very important: supplied toilet paper, you can not only raise the moral of your workers, and thus their productivity, but also their health and thus their productivity, as a more sanitary environment will lead to fewer sick days. By putting a bit of cash up front, by treating your employees as actual people, you can benefit greatly from this. Try this kindness, your workers are not vermin, subhuman or an afterthought, they are the very foundation that makes your organization function.

Now for the government.

You want to be taken seriously in the eyes of the modern world? What kind of reaction do you think tourists and visitors have after seeing this, when they return to their home countries? It is time to take this crisis and create jobs, by modernizing this infrastructure.
Further, this improves the health of the population, by limiting disease vectors and eliminating a place for flies to breed. And yes, it also improves moral, by improving, however incrementally, the quality of life of the average person, especially those not rich enough to travel by plane.

It is time for us to stop being silent about this issue, to stop grumbling under our breath, as we try not to breath in the stench of these biological disaster zones. It is time we started demanding that the issue be resolved. It is time we sit up right, with dignity, while doing nature’s duty.

29 responses to “Russia in the Toilet

  1. Prior to the fall of the USSR most of us in the west knew that if you scratched the surface past their military bluster that Russia was a pathetic dump to live in. Nothing has changed. Russia is still a vast wasteland in human terms with a squalor that is closer to the Third World.

    Any of the moronic morally challenged Russian pro-Putin fascists that pass through here by virtue of their having access to a keyboard are very far removed from the majority of their countrymen that live in such squalor. They could care less about them.

  2. There is urban legend that when USSR made coup in Baltics (1939) and Soviet troops arrived, they did not know purpose of water closet. They thought that that is for drinking. :)
    And other modern “fun” fact from interview with ambulance chief – russians have habbit to not to sit on closet, but stand on it and then squat. And one “lady” did it and closet broke, cutting her ass with sharp edges of ceramics.

    • Also we eat children

      • Do you? You should stop doing so!

        Still, this reminded me of a particular dictator in Africa few decades ago.

        USSR supported him in any way and claimed to be the first true Marxist in Africa, the one who is leading his people down the glorious road of Construction of Socialism for all the Progressive Mankind to rejoice.

        Until one day it became public that he is a cannibal.

        So it goes.

  3. – AB


    I live in Riga, Latvia.

    I remembered my mother in law telling that right after the WWII they had a Red Army officer living next doors in a flat where its former owners were sent to Siberian camps.

    She had overheard him praising what a nice white china bowl there is in his bathroom, so extremely convenient for washing one’s feet, what a good invention that is.

    Poor Soviet guy had thought that the WC bowl is there for washing your feet.

    Today Russians who live in Baltic states (their parents came to Baltic states as settlers after WWII or remained there as occupation army officers and political instructors etc.) get extremely angry when they hear stories like this. It hurts their pride. They say these are invented “Russophobic” stories inciting nationalistic hatred against Russians. Though these are nothing else than truth.

    Living standard in Soviet Russia was low. Not just “low”, it was Extremely Low. So people really did not know much about conveniences which were ordinary everyday things for any European.

    It is hard to imagine for a normal Western parson that the things he/she takes for granted actually aren’t.

    I, a former Soviet citizen, myself was just like that once. I remember going to Finland right after the fall of USSR. Imagine this: In the hotel I did not know how to operate the shower, because it was of the type we did not have in USSR. I did not know what to do with the closed plastic glass with Coca-Cola, and only guessed that its lid has to be perforated by the straw they gave me at McDonald’s. I could not open a plastic pack of sweets, because I did not know how to. The things that seem obvious to me today. But they actually aren’t.

    And we had TV in USSR to see (filtered) picture of the world and we did not consider ourselves savages.

    Imagine then how that should have been for a Russian guy from remote a village deep in the USSR, brainwashed for decades by hatred mongering totalitarian Communist system, living in poverty he did not know exists, because that was a standard for him?

    No wonder, that another thing that is told by those who experienced Red Army coming to Latvia and taking over the country in 1940 and later in 1944 is that wives of the Soviet officers were very happy to buy silk night-shirts, because those seemed to them so extremely beautiful and elegant, and they had nothing like that in their Workers’ Paradise. They thought that it was a nice party dress. So those Soviet officers’ wives were seen in daytime on the streets of Riga, proudly wearing night-shirts. They even went to Opera, together with their Red Army husbands, dressed in those silk night-shirts, wearing rubber boots.

    • Michael_from_Poland

      KindOf, in our country (Poland) we had the same. Soviet/Russian women were wearing night-shirts because they thought it was some kind of formal dress. BTW the Polish people were shocked to see the Red Army, because it was so dirty and poorly dressed, so undisciplined with tendency for rape and robbery.

  4. In Lviv Ukraine the storys go that the Red Army officers would not unload their wives, off the airplane because they felt they looked too shabily dressed. A raiding party was sent out for appropriate clothes. The rooskies wanted to show off their “elegance” and the rashan wives were quickly dressed up in stolen Night Shirts and were the laugh of the town on their introduction. Oh and the word they used for Bathroom was “OObornia”.

  5. It would all be amusingly human and forgivable if Russians when confronted with their history of material and civil backwardness, eight decades of communism takes a toll, if they weren’t so obnoxiously perpared to lie in the face of the obvious reality. That mentality continues today.

    In the late 80’s I had a Russian exchange teacher live with me that brought me laundry detergent as a gift because she had heard we had a shortage in the US and wanted to be thoughtful. She was mortified by her error when we took our first trip to a supermarket.

    Russia is never moving forward until it makes a serious effort digesting all of the sordidness – the imposed mass poverty, the mass murders that sustained that poverty – of its past.

    • Exactly!

      All that would be understandable and forgivable. We all are humans. Our environments shape us, do we want it or not.

      Even more serious things, like invasions of other countries and Red terror, – all that can be discussed, analyzed and settled, lessons learned, so that it does not stand in our way anymore.


      A critical links is missing. For that it is necessary to admit that it ever happened, and there should be a will to analyze the situation neutrally.

      So far there have been no signs from Russia that it is going to happen any time soon. They prefer to isolate themselves into a cocoon of comforting lies of denial, of their Greatness and of the encirclement of the enemies (to explain why the ends sometimes do not meet in their constructed worldview).

    • Penny,
      Was wondering if the teacher’s first thought about the super-market was that it was there for show, and probably had to see more before believing things were that much different. Just wondering.

  6. WEll but all the world took part in Moskow Eurovision. IT`s prove that yours impotents abuses are useless.

    • You clueless Putin lackey, the rotating slot in Eurovision, as stupid as it is by American musical standards, gains nothing for Russia. It’s a stupid talent show!!

      Past Eurovision what the civilized world thinks of Russia doesn’t change – a backwater where human life is cheap, thugs are in control, ignorance is bliss and basic human rights are as pathetic as any African thug state.

      Your presence and stupid utterances confirms it.

    • So?

      So what?

      What does that “prove”?

      Was Eurovision” also invented by Russians as nearly all the other things?

      Or is it so very special event in any other way?

      Is there some exceptional merit in this?

      Then you will be happy to learn, that the “Eurovision” took place in Riga, Latvia, already six years ago – in 2003! So even here you can’t boast being special, despite your state propaganda induced delusions of grandeur.

      What a jerk.

  7. Oy, russian, you are soooooo stupid. In the West eurovision is nothing to talk about. Nobody even mentions it. Idiot! As to the wearing nightgowns and robes as evening dresses I can confirm the stories. When I emigrated in the 70ies among one of the things we sent to tallinn for my mother-in-law was a very nice flowery robe, long and silky. I was horrified to see her wearing it on one of the pictures at some official reception. Oy,oy.

    • If eurovision is nothing to talk about, why are so many publications about it? Ahd here too. May be somebody wrong?

      I didn’t watch eurovision.

  8. Dear voroBey:

    I asked this question already, but nobody answered. Perhaps you can. What the heck is Eurovision?

    • Per your request:

    • “Eurovision” is a kind of Europe-wide (not EU!) song contest. It is very popular in former Eastern block. I may be wrong, but I guess ABBA were discovered in one of these contests once upon a time. Though the quality of it is going down, people complain. (But people always complain, don’t they?)

      See here. Some nice Swedish song. It caused some sensation recently. It is very popular in Baltic states. Russian ambassador to Sweden has publicly called these artists “crazy lunatics” (seems that everyone, except for themselves, is either “crazy” or “f#cking” “lunatic” to Russians). People in many countries were hoping that this will be Swedish song on “Eurovision”, but it, unfortunately, wasn’t. ;)

      Tingeling Goes Russia (Tingeling Russian Bass-Lovers REMIX)

      • Well said KindOf.
        Russians are willing to grasp at any straw to assert they are “getting up off their knees”.
        Sad to say the only people who are putting them on their knees are themselves.

  9. Senator Larry Craig

    Yeah, clean public washrooms are so fun!

  10. Russia in the Sh*t.

    Russian production contracts 14.9% in the first quater.

  11. The Russians badly need experts from the West to explain to them on how to run the toilet business. I have met lots of Ukrainians performing that sort of jobs all across Europe.
    As I see that whole issue they (the Russians) would be lucky if Ukrainians with their original EU experiance agree to help them out in that respect. We must learn them do things right.

  12. rts

    I suggest you to receive a medical treatment for madeness! I think it is very seriously. May be you need to live some time in lunatic asylum.

    • I’m Russian,
      I would suggest a .357 magnum to shoot yourself with. The instructions are quite simple, only three steps.
      1. Load gun.
      2. Put gun barrel in mouth.
      3. Pull trigger.

      Thank you, the world smells just a little bit better.

      • The bullet will miss the brain.

        • I would suggest a .357 magnum to shoot yourself with. The instructions are quite simple, only three steps.
          1. Load gun.
          2. Put gun barrel in mouth.
          3. Pull trigger.

          By all means, demonstrate on yourself and than we’ll think about it. Yours is about the level of response one is to expect from a La Russphobe groupie.

          • Stanislavina, why don’t you lay off the vodka.

            Obamayomama’s reaction to “I’m Russian” is the normal reaction of a civilised person living in a free country to the filth and bile that is “I’m Russian” and all his verminous countrymen that enslave, rape and murder their neighbours (such as yourself), spread anti semitic propaganda, and support neo-fascist governments around the world.

            Mother Russia is a Nazi whore, and her people are lemming like vermin who dream of empire.

            Time to grow up Stanislav, rather than defending vermin like “I’m Russian” try and make your country a place worth visiting, let alone respecting, and then maybe we will give you some respect.

  13. @Andrew

    Free country? You mean your fat arses are still allowed to choose BurgerKing or McDonalds? Oooh, don’t worry, your Arab master in DC will soon end that choice too. Stupid dipwad Westerners, Orwell couldn’t have predicted the hell you made yourselves, enjoy the shiete sandwich you made.

    • You first substandard boy.

      The Caucasians are going to tear you a new arsehole (as usual).

      Can you say Nevsky Express?

      And Obama is 1/2 Kenyan & 1/2 Irish American, no Arab there, and I’m not an American anyway you retarded piece of filth.

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