Latynina on the Attempted Coup in Georgia

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We stand in awe of her courage and selfless devotion to her country.  Hero journalist Yulia Latynina, her pen dripping with poison and virtually begging the Kremlin to arrest her, writing in the Moscow Times:

Georgian authorities quelled a planned coup last week, and the purported ringleaders — Giya Gvaladze, Koba Kobaladze and Giya Karkarashvili — have been arrested.

Gvaladze is the former head of Georgia’s Delta special forces unit and a protege of Igor Giorgadze. Giorgadze, the former chief of the Georgian KGB, carried out a failed assassination attempt against then-President Eduard Shevardnadze and then fled to Moscow. Giorgadze has been Moscow’s main trump card for years and the main source of the priceless information that Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili’s regime is collapsing.

Karkarashvili served as Shevardnadze’s defense minister and has said he would sacrifice 100,000 Georgians to eliminate all 100,000 Abkhaz people. After becoming Abkhazia’s national enemy, Karkarashvili went to Moscow to study at the General Staff Academy and was shot on the streets of Moscow. Although he survived the attack, Karkarashvili was severely disabled.

Kobaladze is the former commander of Shevardnadze’s National Guard, whose principal activity was highway robbery.

It seems that the Kremlin does not understand that Georgia has emerged from chaos to become a full-fledged independent nation. Moscow can’t orchestrate a coup in Georgia just by waving its little finger, as it did during the reign of Georgian President Zviad Gamsakhurdia.

The Kremlin has once again demonstrated its creative talents. The last time it happened was during the gas war with Ukraine. Before the war, there were a number of signals that something was brewing. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said he would never forgive Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko for helping Georgia. It was hard to believe that Russia would shut off gas supplies to Ukraine — and by extension, to Europe. It was hard to believe because a decision to shut the pipeline valve during an economic crisis would result in multibillion-dollar losses for Gazprom. It would also mean a severe blow to Russia’s reputation as a reliable energy supplier and threaten the future of the huge joint Russian-European Nord Stream and South Stream gas pipeline projects. Nonetheless, Moscow shut the valves and announced over Channel One state television that it was all Ukraine’s fault. Unfortunately for Russia, Europe does not watch Channel One.

Before the recent events in Georgia unfolded, we heard warnings all across the Internet that Georgian opposition would take to the streets and that Saakashvili’s regime would fall on April 9. Meanwhile, Russia once again mobilized its forces along the South Ossetian border, as it had done in the weeks before the August war. Russian sent its tanks to Tskhinvali and dispatched its ships to patrol the Black Sea waters near Georgia.

In short, everything was pointing to an imminent coup. That is what happened in 1978, when Babrak Karmal and the Moscow-backed People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan overthrew the Kabul government. Moscow later installed Karmal as president of Afghanistan. But that scenario seemed unlikely for Georgia. After all, where would the Kremlin find a Georgian version of Karmal? But it did find one — and not just one but three: Kobaladze, Karkarashvili and Gvaladze.

The failed coup certainly looked like something from the “Keystone Cops.” The whole affair was rife with incompetence, if not idiocy, but this is no excuse. When plotting a coup, idiocy is an aggravating circumstance and not a mitigating one — like when an intoxicated driver is guilty of causing a severe accident.

28 responses to “Latynina on the Attempted Coup in Georgia

  1. God bless Latynina.
    And for more on Russian imperialist agressions planned against Georgia, see this article on RFE/RL

  2. And the article mentioned in the above story in full.


    Saakashvili stated to the Corriera della Serra,that russia is prepared for a new war. So guys,let´s be realistic and not naive. After the Nato-troops will leave Georgia in early june,we can expect a new russian invasion in june,july or august. I hope,that the Georgians are also prepared.Otherwise they will be part of the russian Vampire-Empire soon and darkness will shadow Georgia again.


    Please look the video as well,there you see the russian cluster bombs,which were found by the chechen mujahideen in large quantity


    Chechen rebel leader Dokka Umarov about the ongoing russian war-crimes in Chechnya and the military plans of the chechen rebels for this summer. A Must-read for all freedom-loving people

  6. here you the russian cluster bombs,which were found by the rebels in large quantity. You also the how brave these chechen freedom fighters are. They were not afraid of the russian bombardments. The man with the asian appearance is of course no chechen,he is a Sheikh from Siberia,who joined the rebels last year

  7. these are “ball bombs”,banned by all countries worldwide,except of foucking rusnya. Many chechens are dying in these explosions,their death is a terrible pain.BUT THE CHECHEN MUJAHIDEEN WILL DESTROY THIS RUSSIAN SCUM,ALLAH AKBAR ALLAH AKBAR ALLAH AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. well i just spoke with a georgian via chat,and he told me,that there are serious rumours all over Georgia,that the intelligence services now know,that the russian army will invade in between june 10-june 30,in 3-6 weeks. It will happen after the Nato-troops will have left Georgia in the next three weeks. So be prepared,folks,these rumours are serious.Last week chechen rebel intelligence also warned of a russian invasion in june.Last year the rebels predicted a russian invasion in august and it happened

  9. Adam

    1. What about people of Russian nationality in Chechnya who lived ther until 1991? Where are they now?

    2. Why have many chechens helped to us in Georgia and some other places in the world?

    3. Why so much of MUJAHIDEEN was killed by chechen ethnic units?

    • 1. Killed or displaced by the Russian war. If you see a random picture of the ruined Grozny and there are some desperate dirty civilians (usually babushkas) scavanging for food a firewood, they were most probably ethnic Russians (Chechens mostly evacuated to the countryside, while the mostly urban Russians lacked family connections to villagers). From the survivors who fled to Russia, no one is returning (while many Chechens are returning, even from abroad). Russia in fact completely decolonized Chechnya by force, only the Vainakhs remain, Sharia is the law – congratulations, well played.

      2. Vostok (see below). “Many chechens” also fought for Georgia against Russia (in Russia and in Georgia), that is until the Georgians expelled them in 2002.

      3. I think a better question would be why “so much of chechen ethnic units was killed by the other chechen ethnic units” (like the recent complete destruction of the very Vostok Battalion – and the continuing extermination of its leadership). (Your style retained.)

  10. Georgia update – the new “large-scale manoeuvres”, if you remember the last year’s smaller just before the war:

    Caucasus-2009 exercise to engage all North Caucasian Military District District brigades

    MOSCOW, May 19 (Itar-Tass) – The Caucasus-2009 large-scale manoeuvres of the Russian Armed Forces that will be held in the territory of the whole RF North Caucasian Military District (SKVO) this June will involve all brigades of this district, Russian First Deputy Defence Minister Alexander Kolmakov said on Tuesday.

    “The forthcoming exercise Caucasus-2009 in its scale and scope can be only compared with exercises that had been conducted during the Soviet period,” the official said.

  11. Thoughts From An Observer:
    A sense of pessimism, in many quarters, seems to prevail, as to both what Putin’s military will do to Georgia soon, and what will be the response from the west, if any, especially from our leftist weakling/airhead B. Obama.
    Unless, better-informed/more determined/highly placed US military advisors to Obama, prevail, and pressure him to do the right thing and take decisive-US-military ACTION, and also our…. ‘European Allies’ (whoever and wherever such ‘allied’-critters may be found?) , Putin and his Kremlin KGB gangsters will do what they want, short-term.
    What will be the long-term negative repercussions for neo-soviet Russia? Ah, that is when the Kremlin cannot win, in the long haul. More and more, minds and hearts , world-wide, outside of their gangster-controlled space, are turning sour on neo-soviet-Russia. What we see, is a never-repentent, always the bad-guy, evil empire, the Russia of barbarianism, the perpetual troublemaker and disturber of the peace of the whole world, the enemy of all mankind, forever and ever and ever. A free/good Russia, seems more and more, an empty dream. Thermo-nuclear war, seems much more likely, sad to say. Perhaps, if Russia ends up a nuclear-dust bin, then…..they will be …peaceful??? Many various peoples oppressed by Russia, would like that to happen, I’m sure.
    Various Russian holy men, have predicted: “If Russia will not repent, then will come the end of the world”. When has this national repentence for their massive past or on-going national crimes, occured? They, as a nation,-as a people, just continue on, in their obdurate Russian egotism and laughable pride, blaming others, but never themselves, for their evils and crimes and debasements. EXCEPT! for those few brave and praise-worthy heroic Russian dissidents, today, we would have to say, they are totally hopeless, as a culture, as a people, as a part of this planet, totally! The country of Russia, is the number one enemy of all mankind., next to the Devil whom they serve.
    Reader Daniel

  12. As far as I know the illiteracy rate in Russia far exeeds 80% and I still can’t understand just how their cavalry kassack units managed to find their way to Georgia/Ossetia on the map.

  13. rts

    I don`t know what are you from. But you really are showing your own ignorance and therefore you are showing illiteracy of your country. And you are just blind because our “kassack units ” not only really managed ” to find their way to Georgia/Ossetia on the map” but they also got a victory over Georgians troops who were prepared by US during last 8 years and 8 billion dollars were wasted for Georgian army. Obviously that US tactical skills were poor so NATO doesn`t know how to fight against Russia army! It was a head reason why Busch couldn`t help for Georgia!

    • The joys of blind patriotism. Even the Russian military leadership acknowledged in a number of sources that the Russian military fared poorly. You had cases of Russian soldiers shooting on Russian soldiers because the Russian equivalent of GPS was not working or they did not even have shoddy equipment. If Georgia had had the best NATO weaponry, Russian forces would have had a difficult time, to say the least.

    • rts is actually just trolling everyone – including you :) Who is Busch?

  14. Michel


    But Georgian army with its GPS and another lot if hell escaped during 4 DAYS! So you really have nothing to say!

  15. Robert

    Your information about first Chechen war are very poor. When our soldiers reached Grozny they saw that almost all of the Russians had already escaped. 200000 escaped from Chechnia before first Chechen war . They escaped because there was ethnical cleaness of Russians by Dudaev regim`s forces!

  16. don´t speak with this russian scum.they are no humans,they are scum,ignore them. Scum will die,and russia will die soon

  17. sascha

    It is a kind of european fascism as usual.

  18. Robert

    Thousand Russians were killed and enslaved in Chechnia sinse 1991 to 1994 and 200000 Russians escaped from Dudaev regime befor the first Chechen War. You do not want to know it. This fact does not correspond with your naive point of view!

  19. Robert

    Many people also stayed in Grozny of course. And they were used by chechen gangs as “living shield” it was the same that happened later in Budenovsk, Komsomolskoe, Nord-East, Budenovsk it was terroristic tactics of chechen gangs . You must realize that Russians the same victims as Georgians, Abkhazians, Ossetians, Chechens and others. The mass suffering of all national groups was a result of weak Yeltsin “democratic regim”. That is a head reason because the most of Russians and other Russian national groups support Putin. Putin FSB regim stopped wars! We do not want to “West-democracy” returning!

    • Ah yes, the human shields. Doctors Without Borders:

      “Tanks and armored vehicles enter the villages. MSF has gathered reliable reports of men, women and children put on the tanks as human shields. Women and children are pushed in front of soldiers as they enter the houses to loot, shoot and pillage. Cattle are also shot or taken away.” (later on the example of Samashki ’96)


      Behind Their Backs…: Russian Forces’ Use of Civilians as Hostages and Human Shields during the Chechnya War

      For example, two Russian “gangs” (let’s use your vocabluary) took patients and personnel hostage of a Grozny hospital hostage and then used them as human shields (very literally, this is how they got to their lines).

      A major difference – the Chechens did not try to storm the hospital under heavy supressing fire, shell it with artillery barrages and attack with gunship helicopters, gas it using a mysterious chemical agent, or burn it down using Shmel flamethrowers and tanks (standard Russian “hostage liberation” tactics, in sum at least about 700 hostages killed by Russians in those 4 crises you mentioned):

      Grozny, August 1996. Occupation of Municipal Hospital No. 9

      There were ethnic Russian civilians in the hospital too, of course (and the non-Chechens were officially also Russian citiziens anyway). The siege was resolved through negotiations, the Russians were let go and the hostages were freed.

      The result of the hostage crisis: 10 patiens dead due to conditions, many Russians killed or wounded and at least 1 Chechen fighter.

      Epilogue: After the Russians were gone and the human shields that accompanied them returned, the hospital was subjected to the Russian mortar fire (4 hospital personnel and 1 patient wounded and 1 nurse killed in the shelling).

      One more thing: “The testimonies of witnesses and victims provide a reasonable basis to assume that the Russian soldiers who took the patients and medical staff in Municipal Hospital No. 9 and civilians in the vicinity of the «15th town» hostage, did not undertake these actions on their own, but rather acted under direct orders from the commanders of their units. ”

      Whoever told you Yeltsin was a democrat? And Putin was a high-ranking official in his regime (various positions, including the FSB chief and prime minister) – and his hand-picked succesor.

      On the issue – and our shameful failure to confront the Russian regime back then (following our previous stupid “reset” after 1991):

      Comment after you read this article.

      A fragment:

      “In December 1994, Yeltsin launched by decree a war against the tiny breakaway republic of Chechnya. By the time it ended in a temporary truce in 1996, the war had killed tens of thousands of civilians, many of them ethnic Russians ; eviscerated and alienated the army; made a mockery of constitutional federalism; and, barely noted, earned the horrifying distinction of being the first civil war to take place in a nuclearized country. While Russian planes, tanks and artillery rained death on the Chechen capital of Grozny, President Clinton saw fit to compare Yeltsin to Abraham Lincoln. “

  20. Robert

    Doctors Without Borders: and others “est-humanists” are very dangerous units of secret-services. They took part in the war against Russia. They helped to Dudaev`s gangs and took part in antiRussian information actions. So I do not believe them!

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