June 21, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russian Barbarism Unbound I

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russian Barbarism Unbound I

(3)  Moscow for “Russians” Only

(4)  Translation: Ilyumzhinov’s Game

(5)  Improving Russia is not in the Kremlin’s Interests

35 responses to “June 21, 2010 — Contents

  1. On DrudgeReport:

    Medvedev sees opportunity for new world order…
    Russia pushes for New Reserve Currency; Meets With China…

    FLASHBACK: Medvedev Shows Off Sample Coin of New ‘World Currency’…

    On the back of the coin it says, “UNITY IN DIVERSITY’.

    This rediculous anouncement reminds me of the time the Russians were planning to divert an asteroid to save the earth.

    Hey Medvedev, “When it takes you 17 years just to get a new submarine into the water” (let alone on sea trials), I suggest you do not have the resources to be anything except a banana republic.

    Show us anything new that you have built in years except over weight airplanes and ships that need to be towed back to port?????

    • Ron, you should care about oil in Mexican Bay. you are polluting the whole world. If it takes you months to stop the oil leakage, I suggest in turn that you do not have the resources to be anything except a banana republic. Banana USA! Aldo lots of walking bananas there.

      • Well Sochi, given that the leaking Russian oil infrastructure in Siberia makes the Gulf of Mexico oil spill look not too bad in comparison…..

        Russia has a long climb to even reach the level of Banana republic.

        1. The Issue

        The oil spill near the town of Usinsk in Northern Russia (Komi republic) is one of the most serious environmental disasters of the decade. The pipeline just south of the Arctic Circle had been leaking since February 1994 but the oil was contained within a dike built for this purpose. On October 1st, the dike collapsed because of cold and snow. Following the collapse, around 102,000 tones of oil began to pour onto the Siberian tundra. The spill reached the Kolva River, a tributary of the Pechora River, which falls into the Barents Sea. Life within the rivers as well as the fragile environment of the Artic have been endangered by this oil spill. Experts estimate the spill to be eight times greater than the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

        2. Description

        The ruptured pipeline is the third largest oil spill in history. Russia has more than a million miles of gas and oil pipelines, many of them poorly maintained. “Every year, up to a fifth of Russia’s total oil production is lost – partly through theft, but much of it through leakage”. Komineft, the company responsible for the 20-year-old pipeline, has a history of accidents caused by age and corrosion. Along the oil pipelines, which experience hundreds of leaks and breakages each year, the ground is saturated with oil. Some of the oil has already seeped into the water table. “One of the main reasons for the large oil spill is the lure of black gold which drives officials to strain the antiquated infrastructure in the fuel sector and keep supplies moving despite breakdowns”. The oil spread across 170 acres of streams and fragile bogs and marshland.


        And (not surprisingly one might add) the latest example of Russian oil infrastructure is leaking already:

        Oil leaks from Russia’s East Siberian Pacific oil pipeline

        Oil oozed from the East-Siberia – Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline, launched about a month ago, in the third such accident in less than two months, a regional spokesman for environmental issues said on Friday.
        The leak occurred late on Thursday in the Olekminsky district in Russia’s eastern Siberian republic of Yakutia.


        Maybe you should read this document:


        Not a major leak admittedly, but considering the pipeline has only been running for a few months well, you get the idea.

      • Russia’s economy is extremely dependent on oil and gas exports. Oil alone accounts for nearly 25% of Russia’s gross domestic product, and together oil and gas make up for almost half of Russia’s federal budget revenues. Gazprom is the largest earner of hard currency in Russia. This year Exxon becomes the largest foreign investor in Russia, expecting to invest US$12 billion.

        Oil and gas development has had devastating impacts on Russia’s taiga and environment. In June 2001, Greenpeace released a report on the impacts of oil and gas development in western Siberia, which is responsible for the large majority of Russia’s production. The numbers are startling: between 700,000 and 840,000 ha of land polluted; up to 40,000 accidents per year resulting in oil discharge into the environment; up to 1,000 spills annually; 10,000–2,000,000 tonnes of oil leaks annually in Khanti Mansiisk Region. Although Western Siberia bears the brunt of the damage, the situation is similar in oil and gas producing areas throughout Russia. According to a 2000 Greenpeace Russia report, Russia’s annual loss of oil and gas to pipeline leaks is enough to replace all the country’s operating nuclear power plants.


        • Georgia has no economy.

          GDP per capita is same as in Sri Lanka, Vanuatu and Morocco.

          And 4 times less than in Russia. 3 times less than in Belorus or Kazakhstan. Lower than every other freaking european and Transcaucasian post-Soviet state.

          Long story short, Georgia sucks.


          • Good old Dumbitry, we can always rely on you to try and change the subject when on the back foot.

            However, if Georgia is sooo terrible, how come they live so much longer than Russians?


            • Oh, but 40% of Georgians have so much physical activity, as all subsistence farmers worldwide do!

              66 years in Russia, compared to 71 in Georgia, is just the difference the fresh air gives you :D

              However, I wouldn’t call longer life a valuable benefit of subsistence farming, anyway. Because it’s quite a boring existence to say the least.

              • Actually D-tard, Georgia is a heavily urbanised country.

                half the population live in the cities of Tbilisi and Kutaisi.

                Of course, we can’t expect rational arguments from a retard like you.

                BTW, subsistence farming tends to shorten ones life span d-tard, not lengthen it.

                I see you are showing the “benefits” of a Russian education again….

                • And how many are subsistence farmers in this heavily urbanised Georgia of your delusions? :)

                  half the population live in the cities of Tbilisi and Kutaisi.

                  Calling Kutaisi with 186,000 population a “city” is cool. One of the world’s greatest “metropolises”, sunshine! :D

                  Never mind. Tbilisi has 1,480,000 (T.area included, or 1,100,000 in the city itself). Kutaisi has another 185,000. Combined, 1,665,000.

                  Georgia has 4,400,000. Half of that would be 2,200,000.

                  Am I the first person to reveal it to you you need to study math more thoroughly, even taking into account you live in Georgia?

                  • dymytre,

                    I strongly advise you to improve knowwledge of you own country – russia – take a road [if you can find one] and drive east of moscow – so you will see how 80% of russians live – no electricity, no gas, no running water – no hospitals, just pure 18th century russia..

  2. Dagestan keeps on displaying unity in diversity.

    FSB counterintelligence senior officer killed in Dagestan


    (I didn’t know the FSB have “military counterintelligence”. They’re not military.)

    Policeman lethally wounded by gunmen in Dagestan’s Khasavyurt


  3. Russia facing an orphanage and adoption crisis


    The fact is that in the Russian Federation, according to experts, there are too many orphans, too many orphanages and few local adoptions. At present, there are more “official” orphans now than during the Second World War, almost 700,000 (697,000 to be precise) against 678,000 in the 1940s.

    Too often, orphaned children in Russia are psychologically “sensitive”. This is clear from the data concerning abuse and violence against children. Again, Echo of Moscow radio talked about the matter, quoting Russian Children’s Rights Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov, who said that about 100,000 crimes against children were committed in Russia in 2009, 2,000 children were killed, and 600 disappeared after escaping from home.

    • Oh, compare to the 90ies, please.

      There were almost no orphans in the 80ies, compared to 1940ies, but please, compare now to the 90ies, and then please explain where did all those orphans came from in 90ies, under Yeltsin widely supported by the West.

      • Oh Ya! I forgot, it’s all the west’s fault! How could I have been so stupid?

        • This West’s most disgusting trait is hypocricy, darling.

          This regards to your answer too. Because you perfectly understand my previous post.

      • dymytre wrote;

        Oh, compare to the 90ies, please.

        There were almost no orphans in the 80ies, compared to 1940ies, but please, compare now to the 90ies, and then please explain where did all those orphans came from in 90ies, under Yeltsin widely supported by the West.


        Of course, USA is responsible for the russian orphants!! I wonder why Russia cannot take care of its own rejected children?? Perhaps BECAUSE RUSSIA IS THE THIRD WORLD COUNTRY WITH AGING NUKES [LUXURY LIKE POTATOES ARE BETTER GUARDED THAN NUKES IN RUSSIA] AND DYING POPULATIONS. Anyway those russian orphants should be adopted by neighboring countries like Mongolia, China, Kyrgyzystan, etc. – the environment is more familiar to them…..so no more american trauma…..

  4. Dmitry:

    Georgia may not be very wealthy, but they have brains enough not talk about a reserve currency or doing other difficult things beyond their capacity.

    This Putin-Medvedev habit of covering up the damage they are doing to Russia by making stupid, bragging statements is the subject right now.

    Foreign investment is the key. Money flowing in creating employment and producing things to sell on the international markets is the only thing that can stop Russia from sinking.

    The energy game is destined to be difficult because suddenly everybody has energy.

    This means the cheap crooks that occupy the kremlin need to stop shaking down business owners and instead start working for the Russian people.

    They could start by releasing the Yukos owner and give him back his business.

    This reserve currency announcement is sickening.

    • Once again: Georgia sucks very massively.

      Because with over 40% of population involved in subsistence farming, they’re simply in the Middle Ages.

      As to Yukos, Ron, have you ever wondered what exactly is Khodorkovsky accused of? Seriously?

      Ruble as a reserve currency is a very far-fetching, if not an outright stupid idea, of course.

      However, it’s rather the US Dollar that looked “sickening” to most creditor states as a reserve currency lately:


      Debtors, not surprisingly, think otherwise.

    • Your comment sounds very wise, Ron, you seem to know alot about Russia.

  5. Lawyer Sapiyat Magomedova severely beaten in Dagestan [by OMON at police station]


    In Sochi, Imereti residents stop their hunger strike


    Chechen women tell Spanish paper about “hunting” for women without headscarves


    • Reuters also picked up the story on the newest activities of Putinite-Islamist “law enforcement” (warning shots so far):

      Paintball Attacks on Chechen Women Prompt Outrage


      Several witnesses told Reuters that men in camouflage, which is worn by many Chechen police and security officers, had fired paintball guns at women from cars with tinted windows in multiple incidents this month. A spokesman for the Interior Ministry, which handles the police force, declined to comment Friday about the reports.

      “This paintballing is an obvious Kadyrov rule just used to strengthen and tighten his grip over his tiny republic,” said prominent human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva, who heads the Moscow Helsinki Group.

      Rights group Memorial, citing witnesses, said in a statement that it believed police were behind the attacks that fired the paint at women’s faces and necks. Local media said there were about 12 such attacks.

      Fliers from the self-proclaimed paintballers appeared last week in the city of Gudermes, site of Kadyrov’s opulent residence, warning women that if they did not cover their heads the attackers will be “forced to resort to tougher measures.”

      Police also declined to comment on the fliers, some of which were posted on state buildings and bus stops.

  6. voce della ragione

    Ron wrote: “This reserve currency announcement is sickening.

    Why? What do you care of some allegedly economically irrelevant country like Russia starts using a different reserve currency.

    Don’t you believe in freedom? Doesn’t Russia have a full freedom to decide what its reserve currency should be?

    Why does this prospect “sicken” you, Ron? hat are oyu so scared of? Are you saying that the dollar is a hoax, that its only value comes from the fact that the international community stupidly uses the dollar as reserve currency? Are you saying that if other countries choose another reserve currency, the dollar will collapse and USA will turn into a Uganda, Georgia, Moldova or Rwanda?

    You are afraid that the pyramid will collapse? But, Ron, all pyramid schemes collapse sooner or later. By switching to another reserve currency, Russia is simply protecting itself from this collapse, that’s all.

  7. Reserve currencies are not decided by the egos of various country leaders. The dollar, for instance, would not last long under the control of the small brained negro known as Obama.

    The people of the world decide what they want to call a reserve currency. Only they know what makes themselves feel confident.

    The dollar is holding its own right now only because the American people are banding together against the riff raff occupying the white house and the congress.

    The Putin-Medvidev cheap criminal gang look stupid talking about a reserve currency. Obama probably has no idea what a reserve currency actually is.

    A bag full of Swiss francs has value. A bag full of hundred dollar bills has value. A bag full of rubles isn’t worth spit.

    • Ron, you’re plain wrong. All named bags have value. During the last crisis, Ruble was much more stable than Dollar and Euro, and Sw.Frank too.

      As to the what people decide – you see, the main drive for a new reserve currency comes from China rather than Russia.

      Because China has even more reasons to want a new reserve currency than Russia, approx. 2000 BN USD more reasons.


      • Despite all those wonderful features of Russian currency, somehow nobody but Russians. Ruble is not freely convertible. I guess the whole world is mad to miss an opportunity to own such an attractive thing as the ruble.

        The currency reserves are meaningless. In the chart you provided, Switzerland and Germany are below Russia and China. Does it mean the Swiss and the Germans start immigrating to Russia and China en masse?

        • Ron, may I ask you for what reason should Russia, or China make their currencies “fully convertible”?

          In the chart you provided, Switzerland and Germany are below Russia and China.

          In the chart IMF provided, actually.

          And this one is also to be taken in account.

          For PIGS are not the problem, they are just a symptom.


          Does it mean the Swiss and the Germans start immigrating to Russia and China en masse?

          No, that all means they owe money to Russia and China.

          As to the Swiss and Germant, who knows what happens in the next 50 years? Who could imagine Germans migrating to the US in 1900?

          • Really D-Tard,

            The USA was the major destination for German emigrants until WW1, starting in the 18th century to be precise.

            Tell me D-tard, which weetbix packet did you get your qualifications in?

            German Americans comprise about 51 million people, or 17% of the U.S. population, the country’s largest self-reported ancestral group. [1] California, Texas and Pennsylvania have the largest numbers of German origin, although upper Midwestern states, including Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and The Dakotas, have the highest proportion of German Americans at over one-third.[2]
            None of the historical German states had overseas colonies, so not until the 1680’s did the first significant groups of German immigrants arrive in the British colonies, settling primarily in New York and Pennsylvania. Immigration continued in very large numbers during the nineteenth century, with some eight million arrivals from Germany. They were pulled by the attractions of land and religious freedom, and pushed out of Europe by shortages of land and religious or political oppression. Many arrived seeking religious or political freedom, others for economic opportunities greater than those in Europe, and others simply for the chance to start fresh in the New World. The arrivals before 1850 were mostly farmers and sought out the most productive land, where their intensive farming techniques would pay off. After 1840 many came to cities, where “Germania”—German-speaking districts—soon emerged.[3] [4] [5]

            19th century

            A high level of German immigration to America occurred between 1820 and World War I, during which time nearly six million Germans emigrated to the United States. From 1840 to 1880 they were the largest group of immigrants. Following the Revolutions of 1848 in the German states, a wave of political refugees fled to America, who became known as Forty-Eighters. They included professionals, journalists, and politicians. Prominent Forty-Eighters included Carl Schurz and Henry Villard.[32]


            • Don’t interrupt conversations of people with brains, please.

              • Well retarded one, I have more brains than you.

                When have you ever been right?

                So tell me, which Vodka bottle cap did you get your “edumacation” from d-tard?

  8. If you trust the long haul reliability of the chinese then you will be willing to hold their currency. They, at this time, choose to hold dollars. That is their decision.

    If the chinese want another store of value they will almost certainly not want to hold the Ruble which crashed 35% in only six months in the year 2008 because all Russia had going for it was energy. Russia does not have a diversified economy that will hold up during both good and bad times.

    You have it wrong. It is Medvedev that is running around with a coin which he is suggesting should be a reserve currency. The chinese did not create this coin. [It is just pathetic to watch this Medvedev jerk]

    It is the Russians who hate America because America stands in the way of Russian expansion.
    It is the stupid Putin- Medvedev crowd that wants to bring back the old USSR. This inspite of the fact that the USSR imploded of its own weight.

    Putin could have chosen the path of cooperation with America. This would have encouraged foreign investment for the long term benefit of the Russian people.

    But no, this cheap little jerk tried a dumb war in Georgia and screwed Russia for decades. No one will ever trust Russia again.

    • choose to hold dollars. That is their decision

      Is it what they say in the US textbooks? :D

      Medvedev that is running around with a coin which he is suggesting should be a reserve currency. [It is just pathetic to watch this Medvedev jerk]

      But invest in US, why don’t you, then? Watch Obama, invest in US, bathe in money, Ron :D

      It is the Russians who hate America because America stands in the way of Russian expansion.

      Igzektly, America stands in our way. Right over Atlantic on the other side of European Union. Or you mean over the Bering straight? Doesn’t matter, we want to expand in all these directions.

      Thanks God you just peacefully love Russia in return, as one may see from the previous excerpt :)

      It is the stupid Putin- Medvedev crowd…

      I vaguely recall some anecdote about “two Odessites that are a crowd”:D

      But no, this cheap little jerk tried a dumb war in Georgia and screwed Russia for decades. No one will ever trust Russia again.

      Sure thing, he just hates Russia. Which is the exact reason he is hated by some in the West, right?

      The chinese did not create this coin.

      Oh these little yellow smartasses. Please follow the two links and see what they invented yourself.


      And please sit down before you continue. CNN never told you that…


    • China spends 10% of their GDP propping up the dollar and keeping their currency low so they can win the export trade. Russia might try something like that to expand their economy, but they don’t make anything that anybody wants to buy, except their natural resources. Typical behavior from communists and tyrants, they have to find a way to cheat in order to compete in the civilized world. How anybody could be a shameless cheerleader for the sawed off dictator ‘Purin the Terrible’ I don’t understand. But then again we have our ‘useful idiots’ cheering on our clueless president, just shows you their are delusional dolts found everywhere.

  9. Thank you Mesta:

    Actually I comment only on well known finance. Financial rules apply to everybody and not just to Russia.

    It is just so irritating to listen to the pathetic lies of the Putin-Medvedev crowd.

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