EDITORIAL: Russian Barbarism Unbound I


Russian Barbarism Unbound I

In yet another stunning act of Russian barbarism last week, the Tverskoi District Court in Moscow ruled that the malignant henchmen of dictator Vladimir Putin are beyond the law.

The court stated that to allow a lawsuit against employees “who are directly subordinate to the president” would result in “a direct or indirect interference in the constitutional and legal activities of the president who enjoys immunity as the head of state.”

Though the decision was actually taken in April, it did not surface until the court posted it on its website last week.  The press spokesperson for the court refused to comment. The Moscow Times reported:

Yevgeny Ikhlov, a senior spokesman for the For Human Rights movement, and celebrity lawyer Igor Trunov said the Civil Procedures Code allowed the suing of any state official. Ikhlov said the president was immune from criminal prosecution, but not exempt from civil lawsuits.  He called the judge’s arguments “faked” and “artificial,” while Trunov said the ruling was “not based on law.”  Trunov stated:  “The judicial branch has to be independent from the executive branch, but we have big problems with that. To achieve an unambiguous court ruling against an official in Russia is the domain of fiction.”

We reported just days ago that the Kremlin was pushing forward new legislation which would permit the KGB to arrest opposition political activists without charges and hold them for up to two weeks, torturing and harrassing them into silence.  Now, the Kremlin is placing such persons beyond the reach of civil lawsuit in the event they break the law.  Now, the Kremlin is making it clear that it need have absolutely no hesitation in undertaking any manner of crackdown against civil society.

Little did we think that the Kremlin would be capable of doing something so barbaric that it could push its wanton, illegal seizure of books written by a former deputy prime minister, now in opposition, before they could be distributed, out of contention for the focus of our lead editorial. But the Kremlin has easily done so, and now we can only report on that act of savagery in second position.  The Kremlin has openly declared that the law does not apply to the Kremlin, exactly the same message that was sent to Russian citizens in Soviet times.

Truly, those who cannot remember history are doomed to repeat it. And they deserve their bitter fate.

9 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russian Barbarism Unbound I

  1. I think this ruling applies to employees of President Dmitry Medvedev, not those of “dictator Vladimir Putin.” Theoretically, at least (and at least until 2012), Putin’s employees in the government can still be sued. But, sadly, only in Russian courts!

    • We consider Mr. Medvedev to be an employee of Mr. Putin, and everyone else in the Kremlin adminsitration the same.

      • Oh. What about Obama?

        At least he is relatively ndependent of Putin?

        And what about Putin himself? Who controls him?

  2. More death-squad verdicts in the ECHR (it’s just a routine now):

    The ten applicants are Russian nationals and belong to six families. Their seven male relatives were detained in two separate incidents in 2000 in Grozny or the Grozny district and subsequently disappeared. The applicants’ account of the events is based on witnesses’ statements.

    In the afternoon of 18 September 2000, Khasan Batayev, Zaur Ibragimov, Magomed Temurkayev, Rizvan Ismailov, Sayd-Ali Musayev and Kharon Musayev were taken away from Khasan Batayev’s home in Grozny by a group of men, armed with machine guns, wearing camouflage uniforms and speaking unaccented Russian, who had burst inside the house. Neither of the applicants’ relatives have been seen or heard of since. The Government did not contest the facts as presented by the applicants but submitted that there was no evidence that the abductors had been servicemen.

    On 8 January 2000, Usman Mavluyev, walking from Grozny towards the village, where his wife, the tenth applicant, was staying with their children, was stopped at a checkpoint for a document inspection by servicemen, dragged into a military vehicle and taken away. He has not been heard of since. The Government did not challenge most of the facts as presented by the applicant, but referred to the abductors as “unidentified persons”.


    Violation of Article 2 (right to life) in respect of the applicants’ seven relatives

    Violation of Article 2 (right to life) for failure to conduct an effective investigation into the circumstances of their disappearance

    Violation of Article 3 (inhuman and degrading treatment) in respect of the applicants

    Violation of Article 5 (unacknowledged detention) in respect of the applicants’ seven relatives

    Violation of Article13 (right to an effective remedy) in conjunction with Article 2

    • There was also another case from Ingushetia in 2004:

      The Government did not challenge the facts as presented by the applicant, but submitted that she had not witnessed the events, that her son’s body had not been found and that the involvement of State representatives in his abduction and death had not been established. Despite requests by the Court for a copy of the investigation file, the Government produced only part of the investigation file.

      No violation of Article 2 (right to life) in its substantive limb in respect of Said-Magamed Tovsultanov

      Violation of Article 2 (right to life) for failure to conduct an effective investigation into the circumstances of his disappearance

      • And seaking of “requests … for a copy of the investigation file”, Poland is still waiting for the materials of the so-called “Russian investigation” (personally led by Putin) into the deaths of two Polish presidents (that’s right, Kaczynski and Kaczorowski) and dozens of other highest-ranking Polish officials in Russia on April 10.

        The Russians are basically ignoring repeated requests by the Polish prosecutors, and now they’re ignoring requests by the Polish foreign ministry too. And they’re also ignoring for more than a month now the Polish requests to send a allow of Polish archeologists and other specialists to the crash site.

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