SPECIAL EXTRA: Breivik, Norwegian Mass Killer, Adores Putin

“Putin seems to be a fair and resolute leader, worthy of respect.”

Those are the words of Norwegian madman Anders Behring Breivik, killer of nearly 100 defenseless children, in his Internet manifesto.

Breivik interviewed himself and then published the results.  Here is the Q&A in full:

QUESTION: Name one living person you want to meet?

ANSWER: The Pope or Vladimir Putin. Putin seems like a fair and resolute leader worthy of respect. I’m not sure at this point if he has the potential to be our best friend or our worst enemy. He is very difficult to psychoanalyze. I would not want to be his enemy, that’s for sure. Obviously, he will have to condemn this [attack]. It’s understandable.

Breivik is also a big fan of Nashi, Putin’s Hitlerian youth cult. Serial killers worship Vladimir Putin. Need we say more?

150 responses to “SPECIAL EXTRA: Breivik, Norwegian Mass Killer, Adores Putin

  1. Not a very bright posting. You claim here that serial killers are reliable barometers for a judgement on Putin, particularly if that judgement is positive?

    I’m a serial killer, as yet undiscovered, and I think you’re brilliant, La Russophobe!

    • If you weren’t lying and actually killed people and said you admired us in your online manifesto, we’d seriously reconsider our approach.

      Not a very bright comment. You imply Vladimir Putin doesn’t need to do the same, that it doesn’t matter for him or Russia that international pariahs embrace him. In fact, quite idiotic indeed.

    • Actually he’s a spree killer (aka rampage killer), nor a serial killer.

      An example of racial terrorism by serial killers would be the Zebra Killings of the early 1970s (by a group of black racists in San Francisco area).

  2. Really, you are too stupid. Let me spell this out in terms you can understand: are the judgements of serial killers in any way valid? Does it matter if those judgements are positive or negative?

    Can one infer anything about Vladimir Putin from the view of a serial killer?

    • Yes, if serial killers are attracted to Putiin it means he is bad. Talk about stupid! It’s bad to be admired by a homicidal maniac, yes, very very bad.

      • Why would anyone who claims to be anti-Islamist admire Vladimir Putin, the pan-Islamist, the bankroller of Iranian Imperialism?

        • It would not surprise me in the least if that idiot Vova Putin believes that to overthrow the USA, one may – if necessary – even need to trade with the devil to achieve his long sought ambition.

          Like the brain damaged dwarf he is, Putin learned nothing from communist Russia’s failed venture in Afghanistan. Where the Russians were hated and treated as heathens by the religiously zealot Afghans and the struggle took on a holy war i.e. “we the religious Afghans and our Allah – against them – the heathen Russians, who do not believe in the existence of a religious God!”

  3. Anyway, one can’t help but notice that you are in no hurry to reply.

    The amusing thing is I agree with you on Putin.

    The unamusing thing is I happen to be Norwegian, and I lost relatives yesterday.

    The fact that I lost relatives yesterday tells us nothing about Putin.

    • Not sure what that means, we replied almost instantly.

      The fact that you lost relatives tells us that the killer admired Putin because Putin is a flaming racist and a homicidal maniac himself, who has been repeatedly convicted in the EHCR for state-sponsored murder, kidnapping, rape, torture and other crimes against Muslims, the same people the killer of your relatives hated.

      A civilized nation would be mortified by this adoration of a maniac, and would seriously reconsider their choice of leader.

      • Not only against Muslim.

        For example, most of more than 100 schoolchildren killed by Putin’s henchmen on September 3, 2004, were not Muslims (but some were).

        • The schoolchildren who were happily spending their time at a school in Beslan with peace-loving Chechen adults who came there to tell the children about Putin’s atrocities. The sky is green in Robertland.

          • Even this crazed conspiracy theory does not go beyond saying that “Kremlin’s first priority was wiping out the terrorists regardless of collateral damage”. Few Russians think that the country has an efficient army or the police force, and I agree that maybe not enough priority was made on saving the hostages. I doubt, however, that people in the Kremlin — or any other building in Russia for that matter — thought to increase the collateral damage. There is absolutely no evidence to that and even the harshest critics of the operation cannot claim that Putin’s henchmen aim was to kill the children, not to save them. Also, the Russian operation to free the hostages was caused by the monstrous capture of in 1,128 hostages in a Beslan school by the Chechens. No matter what the Russians did during that operations, their actions were provoked by the Chechens in the first place. Also, speaking of how successfully/ efficiently the operation was performed, one should always bear in mind that negotiations with terrorist do not result in anything but in more terrorist acts. However sad the outcome of the operation was, it has probably prevented dozens of similar barbaric acts by the Chechens.

  4. Your reply shows only that you trust the judgements of serial killers, reverse or otherwise.

    So your point is, you reversely trust the insane as barometers on Putin?

    • Orson

      With comments like you just made, you obviously need psychiatric help.

      You’re not related to that madman Anders Behring Breivik, or are you? I also bet that you admire V. V. Patin! right comrade.

      • Speaking of comrades, Bohdan: the terrorist Breivik was a right-wing extremist, and the attack he conducted was against a socialist youth camp, run by the labour party.

        Oops… think your discrimination is a bit… out of place.

        • Speaking of comrades, SovietJournalist : the terrorist Breivik admires the gangsters from the former KGB (NKVD, OGPU, CheKa, etc). The same folks who have worked hard to make his country communist, in his lifetime (born in 1979), before they dropped their ideology and became a mafia.

          • Speaking of comrades, Robert : I don’t care who Breivik admires- he’s a rightist authoritarian terrorist, and I don’t share his views, if I ever do, it’s for different reasons. He committed a crime against people with leftist views because they were the counter-theisis of his own, thus if he supports and admires the KGB, it’s for their own terrorism, and not for any Communist leanings they may have (didn’t actually) had.

            • It’s wrong to dismiss him as “rightist authoritarian”. He is actually primarily motivated by one thing and one thing only – the hatred of Islam, and what he thinks is a defense of “native Europeans”. Almost everything else is either coming from or seen through this issue.

              He attacked the ruling Labour party (government offices and the party’s youth activists) because of their support for multiculturalism.

              For example, check out this tirade on “leftism” and “a rightist sympathy for Islam”:

              5. Leftism: In this century, Islam has come to be advertised as a naturally leftist “religion of equality”. This line has been developed by Muslim apologists such as Mohammed Habib, and they have even taken it as a rationalisation of the irrational claim that Mohammed was the “last Prophet”: after all, as the “prophet of equality”, he had brought the ultimate message upon which no improvement is possible. Sir Mohammed Iqbal, one of the fathers of Pakistan, had claimed that “Islam equals Communism plus Allah”. The Iranian Ayatollahs, by contrast, and most of the vocal Muslims after the Soviet-Islamic war in Afghanistan, have restated the orthodox position that Communism is un-Islamic, not only because of its atheism but also because of its rejection of free enterprise; the current claim is that Islam provides a “better form of equality” than Communism. Even while Communists were slaughtered in Islamic Iran, and even while political analysts classify the Islamist movements as “extreme rightist”, most leftists have kept on cultivating some sympathy for Islam. During the Lebanese civil war, they fed us news stories about “leftist Muslims, rightist Christians”, “Islamo-progressive, Christiano- reactionnaire”. Negationism in Europe is practised with the most prowess by historians and writers who are under the spell of Marxism. Lenin had wanted to use the Muslims against the French and British colonialists. Modern Leftists with Marxist sympathies see Islam as an ally against Israel and the US.

              6. Rightist traditionalism: There is also a rightist sympathy for Islam. An obvious point of agreement is of course anti-Judaism. A subtler basis for sympathy is the so called traditionalist current, which was represented by the converts Rene Guenon and Frithjof Schuon, and still has a following: it has been idealising Islam and esp. Sufism as the preserver of the age-old philosophia pernnis against modernity. In Russia, some Slavophile anti-Western groups now seek an alliance with Islam against the impending Americanisation of their society. In the U.S., Christian fundamentalists and Islamic organisations are increasingly creating common platforms to speak out against trends of moral decay (abortion, pornography, etc.). Some of these phenomena of traditionalist alliance-building are quite respectable, but they are nevertheless conducive to Islam negationism.

              Or about Hitler and the National Socialism:

              Muslims, on the other hand, are steeped in an Islamic tradition based on Muslim supremacy. Muslims view lack of force as a sign of weakness, and they despise weakness, which is precisely why Adolf Hitler stated his admiration for Islam, and thought it would be a better match for Nazism than Christianity, with its childish notions of compassion.

              (actually it was rather Himmler, somewhat – he obviously preferred the old Germanic gods and Wotan in particular – but never mind)

              The Nazis called themselves national Socialists, and they took the Socialist component of their ideology quite seriously[24]. They never nationalised all assets of production as the Communists did. They left nominal ownership in private hands, but production was in reality controlled by the state[25]. The Nazis were thus to the left, economically, compared to many of the labour parties in Western Europe today. As Adolf Hitler stated in 1927: “We are Socialists, enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system with its exploitation of the economically weak, with its injustice in wages, with its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth and money instead of responsibility and achievement, and we are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system!” The Muslim Brotherhood were also fans of the European Fascist and Nazi movements in the 1930s, as they are of welfare state[26] Socialism now.

              And so on, guess you can see the pattern. Also about himself and his movement (is it really any?):

              We are no more terrorists than the indigenous Brits who fought against the imperialistic Roman invaders, or the Americans who fought against English rule. We are no more terrorists than Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse or Chief Gall who fought for their people against the imperialist General Armstrong Custer.

              I guess he thinks what he did was like the Dakota War of 1862, when the Sioux rose up from their reservation and systematically killed or kidnapped hundreds of immigrant settlers. (Somehow, General Custer was nowhere around, kind of like the attention of the US Army which was kept busy by the CS Army.)

              A review of his manifesto by a British historian:

    • The insane know what they like just as well as anyone else, though their desires are insane. And it is insane to like Vladimir Putin.

      • Breivik appears to not be insane, just evil. Same about Lt. Col. Putin.

        The Hero of Russia Colonel Budanov was given an excuse of “temporary insanity” for all his murders (of which only one was semi-properly investigated), but in the end turned out to not be bulletproof, whoever emptied a whole magazine right in his “temporary insane” brain.

  5. You have a point about Putin.

    To get it across, it’s not too hard to make it in a logical and thoughtful manner.

    If you do it in a stupid way, you damage the cause.

    • Are you Stalin, that you would decide how we may make our points? Are you the final arbiter of what is convincing? Where is YOUR more convincing blog?

      • No I am not Stalin. But humankind have this thing called logic, and some of its simple concepts seem to beyond your slender grasps.

        Logic is a dictator, I’ll admit, but it is a tough one to beat.

        • You believe only you can determine what logic is. That’s scary. So are you.

          • This proves only how stupid you are LR, at so many different levels.

            The simple way to prove me wrong is to walk through your Breivik syllogism and your “logic” system. You won’t do this, since you know you are wrong.

            So instead, you engage in various ad hominem attacks.

            Amusingly, they are so flawed that they refute themselves; I am scary since I try to impose my logic system, but isn’t that exactly what you seek to do with the above reply?

            Hey, here’s a question: do you LR, believe in absolute truth?

            • There’s no “syllogism.” You are an IDIOT. When an American leader like Bill Clinton says a Russian leader like Boris Yeltsin is great, Russians immediately start hating that Russian leader because they do not like Americans and think they want to harm Russia. It is PERFECTLY NORMAL to mistrust an endorsement when it comes from a maniac.

              • Ok, but that aside, that’s all good, you admit your original posting is nonsense.

                But what part of my final question didn’t you understand? If you need help, I’d be happy to explain!

                • No answer I see? You must be totally out to lunch.

                  Why do you even bother if you’re not intellectually equipped?

              • You make your original posting nonsense in two ways;

                1. You claim ” It is PERFECTLY NORMAL to mistrust an endorsement when it comes from a maniac.”

                I agree, that was my original point. But you don’t; you take the view, whatever a maniac likes must be bad, so I trust the opposite of what the maniac thinks.

                2. You say “There’s no “syllogism.”” Again, you’re right, that’s my second point about the logical issue. You have no syllogism, as it doesn’t stand up.

                But that’s by the way, how are you doing with the “absolute truth” question? As ever, I will help you out to understand it at your leisure!

    • How about this:

      Russia as the mass murderer’s political model

      In his 1,500-page manifesto, Breivik is full of references to Russia. He sees Putin as a “potential” friend for a European revolution. For Putin’s spokesman, his are the “ravings of a madman”.


      Moscow (AsiaNews) – Russia not only expressed its solidarity and extended its condolences to the Norwegian government for the 90 and more victims killed in Oslo and Utoya Island last Friday, but also rejected any association with Anders Behring Breivik, the man who carried out the massacre.

      In his long manifesto, which he posted online under an anglicised version of his name (Andrew Berwick), the 32-year-old mass murderer laid out his plans, citing Russia as an example of a nation that a Europe “liberated” from NATO rule and the alliance with the United States must join in order to halt the progress of Islam. In it, he describes Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as a “potential” friend and ally for his behind-the-scene subversive plan.

      Interviewed by the daily Kommersant, the Russian prime minister’s spokesman Dmitri Peskov called Breivik “the devil incarnate”, describing his words as the “ravings of a madman.”

      In Norway, the authorities have not yet verified the authenticity of Breivik’s manifesto, but his attorney has already referred to it. In it, the terrorist has called for a European revolution to liberate the continent by 2083 from multiculturalism, Islam and many wrong ideas that according to him are destroying Europe’s roots. In his document, Breivik pays homage to new Christian militias inspired by the Templar Order. In it, he sees Russia playing a primary role.

      In talking about the new ways to promote a “patriotic” and “cultural conservatism”, he cites ‘Nashi’ (Ours), a pro-Putin Russian nationalist youth movement that promotes extremism and is often involved in violent action against civil society groups that are critical of Russia’s current government.

      “The destiny of the European peninsula cannot be separated from continental Russia, for both ethno-cultural and geopolitical reasons,” the text said. “ It’s absolutely imperative for America’s mercantile thalassocracy (naval supremacy, in either military or commercial senses of the word) to prevent the birth of the culturally and ideologically confident European Federation.”

      The goal is to set in motion coups across Europe backed by a military and nuclear power like Russia to stop any action by the United States or NATO.

      Bur Russia is not only a potential ally but also a political model to emulate. In ‘A European Declaration of Independence,’ the author writes, “the dysfunctional mass-democracy will be replaced by an administered form of democracy similar to that of Russia”. For him, the model to build is a form of authoritarian democracy epitomised by Russia’s “controlled democracy”, which Putin has been constructing since he became president in 2000.

      The Russian prime minister is among the people cited as having understood which way the West is going if Islam is not stopped. “Even the Russian president, Vladimir Putin knows exactly what is going on as he has publicly stated in the past: Western Europe is heading in a direction where they are going to become colonies of their former colonies”.

      • And from the same website last year about why Breievik is wrong about Putin, but for all the different reasons:


        Or maybe he actually admires him precisely for this too, I don’t know (I didn’t read his manifesto).

        • The Christian peoples of the Caucasus, such as the Ossetians of North Ossetia-Alania, now face extermination at the hands of the Muslimeen WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF VLADIMIR PUTIN. (That’s not to say that I have sympathy for the bloodthirsty Ossetian secessionist mafia/Russian puppets in Georgia). Yes, in the past Russia’s behavior towards the Muslimeen in the Caucasus was atrocious, but it is apparent that Russia prefers Islam to Christianity, and will do anything to support it. The Orthodox Christianity of Russian Slavs is, after all, heavily influenced by the militant Tatar ghazis, very unlike the aversion to holy war present in other Orthodox denominations.

          Putin is nothing but another Russian sellout to Islam, just like his Rurikid ancestors during the Tatar Yoke. In fact, Putin is subsidizing the resurgence and growth of militant Islamic expansionism today. Putin is, to some extent, the head of the beast, or one of its many heads.

          Russia and the Dar Al-Islam were made for each other — partners in brutality, hundreds of millions dead over the centuries as a result of both. The Russians and Chechens alike share an uncontrollable sanguinary impulse, a thirst for blood. I only hope both entities get what they truly deserve.

          • Or my, “the Russians and Chechens alike share an uncontrollable sanguinary impulse, a thirst for blood”. Where is Andrew’s, RV’s and LR’s racism-bashing when its truly needed?

            • Yeah, I’m a “racist”, bashing my own race — the Caucasoid.

              • Well, antisemitism is often referred to as racism, although most Jews are Caucasian. You instigate ethnic hatred, so you are very much in the same category as racists.

  6. Bohdan, yes I am probably related to Breivik, but then again, Norway is a small country.

    You lost me on the “psychiatric help” bit.

    If you need help reading, or understanding anything I’ve said on here, feel free to get in touch.

  7. Let’s spell your logic out in longhand, and do not get me wrong, I think Putin is evil. The issue I have is with your logic. It’s the stupid side of LR that is the most damaging to the anti-Putin cause.

    Breivik kills lots of people.

    Breivik is bad.

    Breivik admires Putin.

    Ergo, Putin is bad.

    Makes no sense whatsoever.

    If you don’t understand the distinction between criticisms of your logic and Putin, you should pack in the blogging thing.

  8. Serial killers worship Pope. Need we say more? …

    • You’re illiterate. He chose Putin between the two, and gave specific reasons you hillbilly. And equating Putin with the Pope is just about as disturbing as thinking Putin is a role model.

      And the Pope should be having second thoughts about his behavior, as many millions around the world do, upon learning he’s admired by a mass murderer.

      • “And the Pope should” — have you ever thought what gives you the right to lecture to the Pope, Putin and the Russians. What did you do, except for your investing time, money (most likely not yours) and effort to inciting your readers to hate and prejudice, for making a blog that is a hotbed of Hitler’s apologists, like Andrew, European supremacists, like Mccusa, peddlers of half-truths, like Robert, and just regular senile idiots looking for communists under their beds, like Bohdan?

        • AT, I am not a “Hitler apologist” I just state that like Nazi Germany, the Tsarist/Communist/Neo Fascist Russian state is a mass murdering totalitarian state.

          Which also managed to kill many more people than Nazi Germany.

          You are a documented Red Holocaust denier however given the overtly racist nature of your posts, no surprises there.

          • Andrew, you agree with direct quotes from Hitler. If this does not make you a Hitler’s apologist, I don’t know what would. Your agreement with Hitler’s quotes is right here in comments at this blog’s site. However, you will never be able to find a racist quote from me or any of my statement where I would deny that the Communist regimes around the world have caused much deaths and suffering.

            • Hmmm, you forgot the comments you made about Chechens being slave traders, not to mention about Georgians etc.

              You have frequently denied the scale of mass killings committed by Communist Russia.

              You support, in quite a racist manner, the ethnic cleansing of Georgians by Russians and Russian backed separatists.

              And you frequently display racism towards the former victims of Russian imperialism.

              And where do I agree with Hitler quotes, except perhaps where he describes communism as evil? I also find Nazism evil. Ergo if Stalin said Hitler was evil I would agree with that particular quote.

              You are a noted liar AT, we can safely disregard almost anything you have to say.

              • Well said Andrew,

                Now you know why I call ‘it’ Absolute Trash – , which he is!!!

                • Bogdone, while my response is awaiting moderation, consider that Andrew supported Hitler’s quote about the evil of Ukrainians as well.

                  • Andrew, slave trade by ethnic Chechens flourished in Chechnya. It is a documented fact. The economic failure of the Georgians is the same. I’ve never said that Chechens or Georgians have any genetic predisposition for slave trade or economic failure. This is not race-related. I regretted the fact that the Georgians made Abkhazians and South Ossetians take dramatic steps to achieve their independence. And I said many times that a solution accommodating all the parties in the conflict, regardless of their ethnicity, should be found. I’ve never denied mass repressions against all ethnicities in the USSR, including Russians. I’ve never displayed racism towards anyone. Again, you’ve failed to prove my racism with one single quote from me.

                    Finally, you agreed with the statement where Hitler describes the evil of the Russians and Jews, not the evil of communism.

                  • Stop lying you little piece of Absolute Trash, be good enough to show me where Andrew said or insinuated “consider … Andrew supported Hitler’s quote about the evil of Ukrainians as well.”

                    When its a known fact that your beloved communists dressed in Ukrainian Nationalist uniforms when they slaughtered helpless Poles etc to make it look as if these slaughters were carried out by the UPA and hence earn the hatred of those nations. After all victors in any wars are never taken to war crimes and it is they that write up the history of that conflict – albeit be it all propaganda as is the case of your beloved soviet communists.

                    Besides Absolute Trash comparing any crimes committed by Ukrainians pale into insignificance when compared by the 10’s of millions of murders committed by your beloved Stalinist’s. Also be good enough to show me any nation that has NOT used force – though not in the monumental scale of the bolsheviks – against its own people or its neighbors.

                    • Bogdan, all ethnicites of the USSR suffered from Stalin’s regime. What made you say its my “beloved”? Also, I belong to the generation that overthrew the Soviet Communist regime. The Communist economic system is, in my personal and professional opinion, is the worst that could have happed to all the ex-USSR countries. So frankly saying that the Soviet Communists are “mine” is pretty delusional. They are as mine as they are yours. Yet, you of course realize that if the Stalin/Soviet regime was replaced by Hitler’s regime for a comparable number of years, there would be no Ukrainians or Russians anymore. That is why I condemn Andrew’s endorsement of Hitler’s statements, which portrayed the ethic Slavs, Jews and other nationalities as genetically deficient/evil.

              • Andrew, to deny that slave trade by ethnic Chechens flourished in Chechnya is an undeniable and documented fact. The economic failure of Georgians is the same. I’ve never said that Chechens or Georgians have any genetic predisposition for slave trade ore economic failure. This is not a race-related factor, but a cultural-economic phenomenon in the first instance and a politico-economic phenomenon in the second instance. I regretted the fact that the Georgians Abkhazians and South Ossetians take dramatic steps to take their independence. And I said many times that a solution accommodating all the parties should be found to correct this situation. I’ve never denied mass repressions against all ethnicities, including Russians, perpetrated by representatives of pretty much the same ethnicities in the Soviet Union. I’ve never displayed racism towards anyone.

                Again, you’ve failed to prove my racism with one single quote from me.

                This makes you a liar.

                Finally, you agreed with the statement where Hitler describes the evil of the Russians and Jews as ethicities, not the evil of communism. This further proves you to be a liar.


                • Hmmm, then there was your quote that Georgian women all have moustaches…..

                  Georgian women are also infamous for their moustache — doesn’t this bother you in your marital life?”

                  As far as the case of Georgian women’s moustache is concerned, this is not a stereotype, but a genetic trait and a commonly observed fact

                  Thats racism AT

                  Now what Georgian women really look like is

                  Shorena Janiashvili

                  Katie Melua

                  and so on.

                  Now, please post a link to a quote where I agree with Hitler about the evil of the Jews as an ethnicity?

                  I do agree there is a very dark nature to Russian culture, but this is nothing to do with Hitler.

                  You never said you regretted the ethnic cleansing and mass murder of Georgians, in fact you lauded the Russian military operations that caused the mass murder and ethnic cleansing of Georgians.

                  So liar, pony up.

                  • Well, I never claimed that all of them have moustache. But many of them — alas do. We cannot control our genetic traits. However, I am not prejudiced against Georgian women with moustache. I don’t mind having one as a boss, or as a colleague, for example.

                    • Your attention to the topic confirms my suspicion. I’m sorry for you, Andrew.

                    • AT, enough of your lies.

                      Claims of “genetic tendency” when used in a disparaging manner are racism, especially when not true.

                      Now, please, a quote where I agree with Hitler as to the “ethnic evil of the jews” would be interesting, but being that you are a natural born liar, with no sense of honor, decency, or respect for the truth, I suspect you cannot find one.

                      Pony up AT, of course the fact that you are a lying piece of filth makes it hard…..

                    • Andrew, condemned out of your own mouth again. Racism is, basically, claiming that a race or — if we use the term more liberally — ethnicity is somehow inferior or dangerous to yours based on its genetic setup (like your claiming that Russians are naturally dangerous, oppressive etc). Saying that representatives of different races have different facial traits is not racism; its, erm, obvious. Denying this is stupidity.

                    • No AT, cultural traits as well as physical are racism if they are used to denigrate.

                      Georgian women are no more prone to facial hair than Russian women, though I did see some hairy Russian women in Moscow I must admit.

                      Now AT, I suggest you find the quotes you claim to have unearthed about how I agree with Hitler about the Jews. Unless you were lying of course, which you were.

                      Now your racism is fairly obvious in the way you also denigrate Poles, Finns, Romanians, Ukrainians, and of course Georgians, for desiring to be rid of the, quite frankly, evil influence of Russia.

                    • BTW AT, there were all those comments about Russian women being hairy in all the wrong places around 20 years ago, before Russian women got access to luxuries such as hair removal creams, wax, and the incredibly heavy makeup they have to wear to look even half decent.

                      Guess it was just genetics…..

                    • The fact of a women having moustache does not equal to denigration. Two of my Georgian female colleagues — alas — do have facial hair, and I profoundly respect them.

                    • And predictably, all the unsubstantiated statements… with a racist statement at the end. Well, Andrew, calling someone who is not racist a racist while making racist statements reveal as much of your inner conflict as your frequent gay-bashing posts.

              • Chechens were indeed slave traders, and Russians were indeed mass-murderers.

                I don’t think the two are mutually-exclusive.

  9. “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.”

    Most serial killers declare that they admire some madmen. Other serial killers, dictators, movie characters – seems to be a pattern profilers pay attention to.

  10. Manfred Steifschwanz

    Well, Western imbecility and depravity work in strange and wondrous ways sometimes, does it not? However, as a Swede I just have to make a point about neighbouring Norway: Breivik, of course, is a piece of complete, utter filth. But he pales almost into insignificance as compared to Sweden’s supreme psychopath Anders Åslund of Yeltsin-era notoriety. The LR team falls somewhere between these two Western animals.

    • Russian Baboon wrote; ‘But he pales almost into insignificance as compared to Sweden’s supreme psychopath Anders Aslund of Yeltsin-era notoriety.’

      Russia, which is in the state of a slow motion civil war for years, and is desintegrating slowly but inevitably, calls every critic of russia, supreme psychopat.
      By the way, poor thing, every time you post your insane comment, you have to underline that you are Swedish – it is exactly as ‘russian’ republic of Tatarstan, ‘russian’ republic of Chechnia, ‘russian’ republic of Dagestan, ‘russian’ republic of Ingushetia, ‘russian’ republish of Karelia; I wonder WHY DEARIE???? By the way your comments are beyond ridiculous and insane; may I suggest a break – TAKE A NICE CRUISE ON ‘BULGARIA’ ALONG THE VOLGA RIVER – I HEARD IT MIGHT BE EXCITING….

      • Mccusa, to your chagrin, the slow but inevitable process of Russia’s disintegration is slower than the slow but inevitable process of Mccusa’s disintegration. In other words, not in your lifetime…

        • ‘Swedish” Russian Baboon, So it is official, russia IS disintegration – so tell me, tell me, which country within russia will go free and independent first.. let me guess Tatarstan and the whole Northern Caucasus countries, or perhaps Karelia will be Finnish again; I think it will be Chinese Siberia first, any comments???

          • Since when I am Swedish? No country is eternal. Russia will cease to exist, just like Poland or China will eventually do. By the time Karelia will not be part of Russia, there will be no Finland, I am certain.

            • AT, dearie, calm down and listen – Poland, China, and Finland WILL exist only russia will change the size – will lo0se about 60%, non-russian territory, as simple as that; and the life will go on, dearie…

              • Steifschwanz is your dearie, not me. Well, if you so good at predictions and can tell what will happen and what will not, why are you spending hours with the sole goal to insult your old masters instead of using this power to become rich and powerful and actually doing something in real life?

  11. Putin is really a phenomenal person, a great stateseman of modern times. Many people admire him, many are cautious, and many don´t like him. nobody is indifferent. Some refer to him as to a communist. Some as to Russian nationalist. others as to a tsar. still others consider him as a radical capitalist. So many conflicting views of him! so this terrorist hates marxism, but suddenly decided “to love” Putin, even though in the west Putin is so often views as “commi”. Funny! By mentioning Putin, he certainly makes him a negative favor. Probably he does it intentionally, and the western propaganda is exaggerating and manipulating this occasion in the light of coming elections!

    Putin to be President of Russian Federation!

    larussophobe – your phantasies are fanciful. but not intelligent.

    • “Some refer to him as to a communist. Some as to Russian nationalist. others as to a tsar. still others consider him as a radical capitalist. So many conflicting views of him!”

      You forgot this view: Putin is just a gangster. No ideology whatsoever, just money and power.

    • @By mentioning Putin, he certainly makes him a negative favor. Probably he does it intentionally

      Yeah. Just like he criticised Islam (to put it mildly), just to make the critics of Islam look bad. And so on.

      @and the western propaganda is exaggerating and manipulating this occasion in the light of coming elections!

      Whatever “coming elections”? The selection is already done, and Putin selected himself, telling his pathetic puppet / frontman Dima M. to move away.

  12. It is insane to be anything like you larussophobe.

  13. At first about Berliner. The FSB agents in thousands waging the propaganda war against the world, often like to pose as Germans, perhaps in this way they feel some impersonalization with their mad fuhrer Putin and his professional inteligence connections with Germany as a former Chief Spy in that country…..Now about the Breivik. Does anybody remember another Russian Satanic crime which is so similar to this one? That was the assasination of JFK. Just compare the key facts! Do you remember the murder happened immediately after the humiliation Russia felt after it had to withdraw their nukes from Cuba? Is not Norway the main competitor of KGB Russia in oil and gas in Europe? Is not it the main obstacle in Russia’s fanatical zeal to strangle the world with their gas noose? And now smth. more important – do you remember the murderer of the US President? L.H.Oswald? Do you remember he was an admirer of Russia and its policies? Do you remember his biography? He had defected to the USSR and spent there the last months before returning to his native country and then committed his hideous crime. And as officially written, for most of his time in the USSR. he “worked at a factory in Bielorussia”. Now compare with Breivik. As well as Oswald, he immediately admitted he was crazy about Russia and its president. He told he had L I V E D in Bielorussia recently!……… Come on world! Remember also the recent murder of the Polish government.Don’t you see the murderous satanic Beast has struck again? Stop repeating the pathetic cowardly nonsense that the bastard acted alone ion Oslo! Wake up! The Russian beast is going to destroy the world because you fools and cowards allow them to mass kill unpunished.

    • To me, the April fog in Smolensk last year was poetic justice at its very finest indeed. And please spare us your vile grovelling before the miscreants parading as USian Presidents.

      About time we got back to the subject matter proper, eh? If anything, by his criminal rampage Breivik has pledged allegiance NOT to Putin and Russia but to the very global terror organisation Breivik’s own country is a long-time member of. Poor Breivik failed, however, to mind the complexion and social status of his victims. Not good for him, that’s for sure.

  14. I’m sorry to say it – not your finest moment…

    The latest serial killer liked English philosophers as well….Hitler liked Fedor Dostoevsky, so? C’mon now, we can all agree on holding Putin in contempt, without using the same preposterous arguments only the leftists use.

    • Where did you get this “Hitler liked Fedor Dostoevsky” thing? I know Hitler enjoyed Tchaikovsky, but never heard about Dostoyevsky.

      Anyway, Dostoyevsky never had anyone killed, and his Crime and Punishment has a clear message that murder is a bad thing (okay).

    • Sorry to say it, not your finest comment.

      Dead English philosophers are not like living Russian “prime ministers.” Based on his observations of a living Putin, this maniac believes Putin is sympathetic. Others believe the same, like the lunatic Pat Buchanan and the psychopath Ron Paul, both also big Putin fans. Anyone who knows who Buchanan and Paul are would immediately be suspicious of Putin even knowning nothing about him, just because they like him.

  15. Berliner, I hope that ‘russian federation’ will NOT include Chinese Siberia, Finnish Karelia, Tatar Tatarstan and the countries of the Northern Caucasus, or Kongisberg, whoops Kalinininiiningrad, Or, during the putin’s new regime, the ‘victorious’ russian army [fed with the DOG FOOD, and 50% muslim], will slaughter non-russians to ‘voluntarily’ accept russian domination – You will agree that to reopen the gulags – the only infrastructure that works in russia will be helpful…

    • I think this pretty much repeats the first post you made on this blog many months ago. I am having the best time picturing you, say in 20 years from now retelling your Kursk Railway Station toilet story and intentionally trying to spell Kaliningrad wrong. Pathetic.

      • AT, In twenty years….let me see… how is Kursk Railway Station in chinese??? And by the way, what or who was Kalininin???? Enlighten me, and the rest of the civilized world …

        • Well, Mccusa, you know your former masters’ language well enough to enlighten yourself about Kalinin. Use your knowledge. Knowledge is power.

  16. Blablabla
    Tы страшно скучный и неумный, старый болтун.

    • This comment sums you, Mr Limp Organ, up completely!

    • Stan, You are 100% right this fiendish, well planned destruction of the Western Civilization by Russia is going on for over 70 years now; using the stupidity of the Western liberals, socialists and communists. Russia started, of course, with the perypheries of Europe. Let me add some more facts; every child in Scandinavia knows that the economic destruction of Iceland was orchestrated by Russia, using UK and Dutch banks, Greece is beyond hope, unless the Greeks get rid of russian cancer in Greek society – the country is totally, controlled by russian mafia/government, the same goes for Spain, Portugal, and Ireland. Let me give you some picture from Central Europe. During the Czech presidency, suddenly,out of the blue, the government of M. Topolanek is toppled, by ‘leftist’ opposition. The day after russia’s attack on Georgia, of all places in Warsaw, Poland, there were old Polish retired people, holding the signs ‘DOWN WITH THE GEORGIAN AGRESSOR!!. It took half a day for ordinary Polish people to connect the dots – that lead directly to the russian embassy in Warsaw. Before the Hungarian EU presidency, suddenly, out of the blue, the ecological disaster happens, never solved, and, of course, everybody remember the onslaught on Hungary’s democratic institutions, and disgraceful behavior of the all leftist parties in the EU Parliament. Polish President Lech Kaczynski was sentenced to death by putin and kgb. He was the only head of state in EU who dared to stand up to russia and openly sided with Georgia and Ukraine. Russia destroys everything in Europe including sport – Polish race driver Robert Kubica, was in a freak car accident and was replaced by Petrov of Russia. Somebody should write a book about strange happenings during every olympic games e.g., the russian sprinter wins 100 and 200 meter dash because the american sprinters were given the wrong schedule, the list is endless. The only thing that makes me happy to see russia humiliating itself on a daily basis, kursk, bulava rackets, russian army [50% muslim already and going], dog food for the drunk russian soldiers, 38 military planes returned to russia by Algeria that declared the russian military hardware total junk and above all the young generation killing itself with drugs. Bonnes continuations

  17. If you read his whole manifesto – about 150 pages -you will see that he admires many people from many countries – including the USA. So should we condemn the USA and the UK too? This article is as bad as the Russians in Latvia who are tarring everyone with the same brush by justifying their hatred of a free and democratic Latvia by quoting his love for some of the more nationalist Latvian political parties. Putin is arguably one of the biggest monsters in the world today – but let’s be fair!

  18. Orson is really evil. How you can use the grief of those who really have lost people in this appalling attack in Norway for a propaganda, pro Putin rant? How can you lie that you have lost people in this attack? This is like the demons of hell roaming the earth. If you really had lost people, you would not have time to post on internet such stupidity, you would be either deeply weeping or lighting candles or going to your place of worship (on the other hand maybe you have an altar to Putin in your home?). The fact of the matter is that Putin has created such hatred, division, lack of rule of law, culture of pogroms against selected members of society, that he is bound to appeal to someone like Breivik. Do not spit on the grief of so many by saying that you have lost people in this massacre. Do not. You are as brainwashed as Breivik and clearly a member of Nashi or this appalling rogue network that roams the internet to leave comments on sites that are trying to reveal and expose the evil of the present Russian “Regime” or “Junta”. God help us all against people like you. But especially, God help Russia. When will it finally wake up to who is roaming in its corridors of power?

    • Jon, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on this. You were likely drunk when you wrote this.

      I write “Putin is evil”, and you think that is a pro Putin rant?

      On the Norwegian thing, you’re just wrong as a matter of fact.

  19. The massacre’s organizers are Russian beasts. First of all they had more than enough clear RUSSIAN (i.e. satanic) motives for it:
    1. Norway is their main obstacle to strangle Europe with their gas/oil noose.
    2. Russian satanic Beast ALWAYS retaliates immediately what they perversely feel as humiliation. Remember – a few days before the Beast struck humans, their chief cannibal was at first awarded and then refused the German prize.
    3. Also a few days before the Beast struck, a score of Russian slaves died in Volga river and a tangible tension developed in the Russian Hell where the slaves started showing their growing resentment towards their chieftains.

    And the main prove of the Oslo massacre being another crime of Russian Beast is the following: Is there another Evil Force on the planet capable of such a crime? For the last century at least, was there any mass murder, act of terrorism, a war which has not been organized by the Global Satanic Force of Russian KGB?

    P.S. You bloody KGB whoresons who work on this site as well as everywhere else, waging your satanic propaganda war against the world! Start screaming you stupid pathetic motherfuckers! I will be listening to your bestial screams and laughing! God will win! Satan will die! The world Evil will die! Russia will die!

  20. OK. Here are the revelant parts of 2083 about Putin:

    Even the Russian president, Vladimir Putin knows exactly what is going on as he has publicly stated in the past:
    “Western Europe is heading in a direction where they are going to become colonies of their former colonies”.
    [about the NATO air campaign to end the Serb-extremist ethnic cleansing in Kosovo]
    It was also unfortunate timing for Serbia as it was during the inauguration of President Putin (after two terms with Boris Jeltsin in Russia). Putin lacked the political confidence at the time to intervene and help Russia’s cousin.
    Q: Name one living person you would like to meet?
    A: The Pope or Vladimir Putin. Putin seems like a fair and resolute leader worthy of respect. I’m unsure at this point whether he has the potential to be our best friend or our worst enemy though. He’s very hard to psychoanalyze. I wouldn’t want to be his enemy, that’s for sure. Obviously, he has to openly condemn us at this point which is understandable.

  21. Some other stuff of interest, Mr. Breivik views about the so-called “Russophobia” (yes, that’s right):

    Chechnya and Dagestan (Muslims vs. Christians)
    Biased and Russo-phobic coverage (anti-Christian, pro-Muslim). In this case the Muslims have been trying to create an Islamic state for decades. They fail to show the link between the so called “poor outnumbered rebels” and their Jihadi motives and terrorist activities.
    Georgia – Biased and Russo-phobic coverage.
    Secondary goals
    Disallow current and future European political Russo-phobic activity. This includes disallowing the current anti-Russian activities lead by several EU countries (the UK and Nordic countries in particular).
    These anti-Russian activities has been ongoing for more than 100 years and peaked during the British Prime Minister Disraeli’s reign (when the UK agreed to protect the Islamic Ottoman Empire from Russia receiving Cyprus in return).
    We acknowledge that integrating Russia and the ”former” EU will be challenging (due to decades of anti Russian propaganda in certain EU countries) but we will succeed providing that Russia accepts our demands.
    Emphasis will be put on cultural and educational reforms in order to complete this objective. Historical information concerning past European anti-Russian political leaders will be revised. It is essential in this process that past opportunistic traitors such as Disraeli are labelled as traitors to all Europeans and that we conclude, cheer and acknowledge the fact that Russia did indeed play the primary role in crushing the Islamic Ottoman Empire, liberating millions of Europeans from Dhimmitude and thus deserves the gratitude of all Europeans.

  22. LOL!!! A KGB lousy rat Robert immediately started screaming his usual stinking Russian lies about “Great Russia”. You stupid pathetic son of whore! There is no Great Russia, it’s your satanic Russian lie! There is the Kingdom of Global Evil responsible for the most of Grief, Misery, Deaths and Tears in the world for the last centuries. Your global propaganda machine of satanic lies will not help you! Be cursed you murderes! Die you beasts! Go to hell which is the place existing exclusively for you Enemies of Humans!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Judging by this fairly amusing rant — could it be a little pesky vowel missing after the opening letter “S” in your signature? The forces of darkness express themselves in subtleties, mind you…!!

      • ‘Swedish’ russian baboon; off the medication again!! Dearie, you truly need some medication for mental disorder – apparently the large dose of the dog food [ so successful with the non-existant russian ‘army’] might help as well as the pleasant cruise on the volga river on ‘bulgaria’ instead of electric shock treatment is also highly recommended….,

      • Кто о чем, а вшивый пшек о бане…

        • hey ‘swedish’ russianb baboon – wes mir dumayet shot govno, wshi, griaz eto typicznye dla ruskoy ‘kultury’ ossobienno ruskieye pravoslavneye batyushke bole oni gryaznye, vanyushczye i obosraney bole oni sviatye….gospdin pomiylouy!!!!

          • Wow, 20 years passed, and your command of your old masters’ language is better than that of your new masters’ language. Not good, kholop, not good.

            • Hey AT – what ‘masters’? dearie, oh yes, those who marched to the gulags like pigs to the slaughter houses, courtesy of their own barbarian government, those who eat the dog food, those who live on their knees covered with excrement for the last 400 hundred years – the whole irrelevant history of russia, those who are half mongolian – those whose greatest contribution to the world culture are; gulags, Chernobyl, and Tea with polonium. Those ‘russian masters’ – the laughing stock of the world..

              • Those who controlled your borders, your destiny and the language you speak before your new masters started to do the same.

                • AT, obosranyi, golodnyi bendashka, you must be on afghan heroin or on contaminated russian samogon, AGAIN. You don’t control A THING including the Antonovs and Tupolevs, those flying coffins falling of the russian skies almost on daily basis [a perfect advertisement for the sochi olympics], or kursk or bulagria or a 80% of muslim population in Moscow, 40% in St. Petersburg …. you cannot control the fire that ravages russia every summer, destroying moscow and almost whole of siberia….By the way, people of Poland remember the visits of the ‘russian masters’ – la creme de la creme de la societe sovietique – true communists – dirty, dressed in horror suits and dresses from the time of the russian revolution, with gold teeth and medals all over their breasts. They smuggled diamond rings and sold it to buy american jeans – the only dream they had. Another request was to see a real streap tease – so the decades of communist propaganda, gulags, starvation didn’t work?? Now you understand the total and utter contempt for everything russian in Poland is justified…..

                  • Mccusa, your command of Russian is a proof I am right. And the fact that you cannot stop thinking about Russians is also evident. And Russia did control the borders of your country for a couple of centuries. Now you have a new master. You speak your new master’s language a little worse than your old master’s language. And you rejoice how your old master became poor, and now you serve a richer master. It will take a while before you can overcome your need for a master.

        • Tы влюблëнный в меня? В этом случае, ты должен носить розовые трусики-танга, милый. Ничто не приблизится к польским секс-рабам! Добро пожаловать в мой маленький гарем, Пшек.

          • ‘swedish’ russian baboon – Polish sex slaves?? You got it wrong – the hordes of russian prostitues are all over the Western World. In the US, though, they are considered; deseased, dirty, ugly, and totally pathetic – Americans made the endless crude jokes about russian hookers’ physics, smell, hairy legs, revolting teeth, etc., those russian whores that infested America….

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              The quote was about sexual practices in a typical Catholic Boarding School, estúpido.

              Cada joven Polaca muy guápa
              Estará una puta del Papa

              Ugly little boys cannot be ‘sexcluded’ either, minf you.

    • I know you guys can troll better than this.

  23. Manfred Steifschwanz

    Aber natürlich! Vielleicht sollte ich mich als “Manfred Schlappschwanz” nennen lassen… Und wie findest du dann unseren Pschek? Ein Spitzgehirn, oder?

  24. hey ‘swedish’ russian baboon, talking about poetic justice – my favorite is the following – picture this – red square, moscow, 1945, glorious victory parade the victorious soviet soldiers goosstepping from the red square directly to the gulags by millions to their death without any resistance – I cannot justify the logic behind this [perhasp russians are born slave??] but I LOVE IT…

  25. Manfred Schweinscheiße, to pose as a German you chose a German name but seeing the mistakes you make when trying to write in German one can easily guess your are not a German, you are a lousy Russian KGB prat, one of the army of Russian prats whom your cannibal/paedophile Führer Putler pays for the terrorist war you help him to wage in the web. I am sure you are paid extras for your “knowledge of foreign languages” but this is a waste of KGB money as you speak well neither English nor German. If your chiefs read these comments they must know what you are really are and sack you. But I doubt they speak English so I put this in Russian for them ——Начальнику Отдела Иностранных СМИ Департамента Интернет Дезинформации Министерства Пропаганды Российской Федерации.
    Довожу до вашего сведения, что ваш агент, который работает против интернет-издания La Russophobe, плохо знает иностранные языки и делает очень грубые ошибки. Он не стоит тех денег, которые вы ему платите. Увольняйте пидaра, пусть идет обратно в переход на Тверской сосать у прохожих за два бакса.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Haha — it’s easy indeed recognizing the silly Ukro-Aussie fellow in Stan’s blog barfs. Care to correct my German, bitte?

      And just why is my Swedish descent so hard to take into account? Also, you should know that my poorest performance here has been in — Russian.

      • Whom are you trying to fool with your repeated tales about your “Swedich descent”? They mean nothing. What implies you are a mere KGB rat working against this message board, is your wild Russian propaganda of your Russian anti-human ways. You may write a thousand more times you are a Swede but only fools will believe you having just once read your crazy screams hailing “Great Russia”, “Great Putin”, “Great KGB”. Pathetic Russian moron!

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          That’s >> Swedish >> , estúpido.

          Looks as if I’m fooling a bunch of nutters into looking for me everywhere except where I actually do live. Makes me feel quite comfortable.

          Again: Care to correct my German, bitte?

          • Ja ich muß, Herr SCHWEINSCHEISSE!

            • Well said Stan!

              You have hit the mark 100% fair and square!! Yes well done, indeed.

            • Ausgezeichnet, mein lieber Schafskopf!

              Ich habe das bestimmte Gefühl, daB wir vom Thema abgeschweift sind. Lass uns dafür vom Abschaum Breivik weiterreden. Er hat fast 100 Kinder kaltblütig ermordet — aber warum? Ich habe viel darüber nachgedacht und würde gern deine Meinung über meine Hypothese hören:

              Kann es nicht ganz einfach sein, daB Anders Breivik tatsächlich vom Friedensnobelpreis phantasiert hat? Die Kinder dieser Welt scheinen nicht bei den Mitgliedern des Preiskomitees sehr beliebt zu sein. Dieser sogenannte “Friedenspreis” ist vielmehr eine Auszeichnung für die schlimmsten Henker des Imperialismus. Als Osloer Spiessbürger und eingefleischter Islamophob, Anders Breivik dürfte ganz klar Preisträger werden können — doch muB er zuerst begreifen, daB weiBe Kinder im Westen zu ermorden wird für pure Schweinerei gehalten.

        • Stan, that poor ‘Swedish’ russian baboon, has to repeat every time he is Swedish it sound exactly like ‘russian’ republic of Tarstan, ‘russian’ republic of Karelia, ‘russian’ Kongisberg, sorry kalinininininingrad, ‘russian’ Siberia, ‘russian’ republic of Chechnia, – the list is endless. He obviously is mental case – the remedy – very simple – dog food [it works perfectly for the non-existant russian army], and a pleasant cruises on ‘bulgaria’ in the volga river to calm the nerves…

          • Manfred Steifschwanz

            Again, this really should appeal to you as a beautiful memory of your Catholic Boarding School, right? Just read and reminisce:

            Tы влюблëнный в меня? В этом случае, ты должен носить розовые трусики-танга, милый. Ничто не приблизится к польским секс-рабам! Добро пожаловать в мой маленький гарем, Пшек.

      • Wrong again Manfreddo LimpDick!!

        We all know that your “poorest performance here has” (not) “been in — Russian.” When in fact it is actually in everything you attempt!!!

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Driving a useless Ukro-Aussie idiot to utter insanity seems to have been an immense success thus far, has it not?

          • Don’t talk like that about yourself! Manfreddo LimpDick. We all know it’s the truth about you, but then that’s life you swedish baboon of a jerk.

  26. Hi Robert, having read your earler comments I see maybe I was wrong about you. Sorry if I confused you with one of the Russian KGB suckers working against this message board. As you see this is a war, so if I was mistaken take it as a friendly fire

    • Oh, my, another warrior… whom are you looking for under your bed: KGB? FSB? Communists? …and you really believe that you spar with “KGB suckers” here rather than with guys who are not having too much to do at work or at home at the moment? I wish I could picture something glamorous like that. For all I know, I am debating the future of societies with (i) a guy who relies on his wife for buying his socks, (ii) a kiwi loser stuck in Tbilisi, (iii) an international bunch of loonies that post little more than personal insults and (iv) a guy who dedicates most of his time reading the Internet materials on Chechnya, Holocaust and similar exciting subjects. Is it entertaining? Sometimes. Intellectually stimulating? Moderately. A War? Nah…

      • Whereas you are a racist loser AT, whose frequent posts claiming Putin has made Russia a paradise for its people are simply ridiculous.

        • Idiot. None of my posts are racist or say that Putin has made Russia a paradise for its people. Your attempts to prove it otherwise are pathetic.

          • Actually AT, a lot of your posts are racist, support crimes against humanity, and you also frequently point out how wonderful life is in Putin’s Russia.

            • Yes, and the sky is green. Two things you do well Andrew are (i) elementary math (the deduction function) and (ii) unsubstantiated claims.

  27. loool, Stan, sorry, but i could not have finished reading your post. it is too much of mad fiction for me as well as for any normal human being. I am FSB agent? hahaha lool, I see that you are completely lost in the labirynth of your curved brains.

    Putin is backed by his great country, no matter how much you explode in despair and dissapointment!

  28. and by the way, by “western propaganda” i mean of course only some western groups. cause there are a bunch of others being in peace and harmony with Putin!
    and by the way, if you think that “Berliner” necessarily stands for “German”, then your ability to make conclusions sucks. as well as all other abilities.
    To Russia, with Love!

  29. Gosh dudes… Get a life! You have nothing to do than post loonie comments? Those who are not insane here (Berliner, Orson, inter alia), just leave the crazy folk alone ). I could not read through all of this crazy debate but did you notice that Breivik also likes Japan and its immigration policies? So, by the “apples-to-apples” comparison should we all now hate Japan?

  30. here is a random link to some of his citations on Japan and South Korea. http://www.tokyotimes.jp/post/en/2117/Breivik+looked+up+to+Japanese+monoculturalism.html

    • And here’s a less random link to how the prior mass murders by his idol prepared the victims of both Putin and his faithful Norwegian disciple to survive them both:

      Chechen Teens Threw Stones During Norway Massacre
      15 August 2011
      By Nikolaus von Twickel

      Two Chechen teenagers who survived last month’s massacre on Norway’s Utoya Island said they pelted right-wing extremist Anders Breivik with stones and saved lives.

      Movsar Dzhamayev, 17, and Rustam Daudov, 16, told the Norwegian Dagbladet daily that they were reminded of the war in their native Chechnya after seeing Breivik killing three people in front of their eyes on July 22.

      “I have seen people being shot before in my country when I was small and had flashbacks,” Dzhamayev said in the interview published late last week.

      But after speaking to his father by cell phone, he pulled himself together. “My dad said, ‘Attack the perpetrator and do it properly,'” he said.

      With a third unidentified friend, the teens armed themselves with stones and returned to the scene only to witness Breivik killing another young camper on the island outside Oslo.

      “We stood three meters from him and wanted to beat him, but then he shot one of our friends in the head. So we just threw the stones and ran for our lives,” Daudov said.

      While he was unsure whether he hit Breivik, Dzhamyev said he was certain he had.

      “First he howled and then turned to me and shouted, “[expletive] [racial slur],” he said.

      The teens said they decided that it was too difficult to stop the gunman and better to save lives. They discovered a cave-like opening in a rock where they managed to hide 23 children from Breivik, who ended up killing 69 people at the camp and eight more people in a bombing in central Oslo.

      Dzhamayev, who kept guard outside, also dragged three youngsters from the lake who were close to drowning.

      The two Chechens, who both live in Norway, said they first met each other at the summer camp and immediately became close friends.

      Norway has a sizable population of Chechens, most of whom came as refugees from the wars that have ravaged the North Caucasus republic over the past 15 years.

      Dzhamayev and Daudov are not the only Chechens reported to have survived the camp. A third, Anzor Dzhukayev, 17, was briefly arrested after the massacre on suspicion that he was an accomplice, Norwegian media reported last week.

      A police spokesman said he was suspected of throwing away his gun and blending in because he showed no emotions, the Verdens Gang newspaper reported Friday.

      Dzhukayev, who was released the following day, explained his coolness with his childhood experiences. “When I was little, I lived in a house full of bodies. I remember seeing dogs eating them,” he was quoted in media reports as saying.

      • About the survivor (of more than one massacre), who has been detained:

        Survivor held for 17 hours after Norway massacre: Reports


        August 12, 2011

        OSLO – After surviving the island massacre in Norway last month, the nightmare continued for a 17-year-old boy, who had endured horror in Chechnya, as police thought he might be an accomplice and locked him up, media reported Friday.

        While Anzor Djoukaev was held in an Oslo jail for 17 hours, close to the cell housing 32-year-old self-confessed killer Anders Behring Breivik, his family was becoming increasingly convinced he had died in the shooting on Utoeya island, the Verdens Gang (VG) daily reported.

        “I thought that they were crazy to think I could have anything to do with such a thing,” Djoukaev told the newspaper.

        Police confirmed to VG they had arrested the teen on suspicion he might be an accomplice of the killer since he could not prove his identity and did not react to the carnage with the same tears and hysteria as most of the other survivors of the July 22 massacre, which left 69 people dead.

        “We were concerned we might have a situation where a killer may have thrown away his weapon and blended in” with the survivors, Oslo police officer Johan Fredriksen told the paper.

        Police did not immediately respond to an AFP request for comment on the matter.

        Djoukaev meanwhile explained his lack of emotions after right-wing extremist Behring Breivik’s shooting rampage with his experiences as a child in Chechnya.

        “When I was little, I lived in a house full of bodies. I remember seeing dogs eating them. And there were other experiences that also helped me keep my cool,” he told VG.

        When he was released from custody around midday on July 23, the teenager was finally able to borrow a telephone to call his family, interrupting an increasingly desperate search for him by his older brother and friends at the city’s hospitals.

        “The more time that lapsed the more I grew convinced that he was dead,” his brother told VG.

        On July 22, Behring Breivik first set off a car bomb outside government offices in Oslo, killing eight people, before going on his shooting spree on the nearby island of Utoeya where the ruling Labour Party’s youth wing was hosting a summer camp. Many of the 69 killed there were teenagers.

  31. mccusa – your posts made me very happy! thanks for those summaries. Russia should keep working harder. stupidity of antirussian fantics is only a compiment to Russia, Putin and the whole of us – who support it. by the way, i am from Azerbaijan. and always there for Russia!

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