In Russia, even History is Corrupt

Brian Whitmore, writing on The Power Vertical:

A Russian leader gives a four-hour speech filled with empty platitudes about imaginary accomplishments, promises of a bright future, and dire warnings about dangerous foreign influences. The speech was interrupted 53 times by applause.

Sound familiar?

Several months back, I blogged about the striking similarities between Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev. Each replaced a reformist predecessor who was ultimately seen as bumbling, erratic, and ineffective — Nikita Krushchev in Brezhnev’s case, Boris Yeltsin in Putin’s. Both ushered in an era of stability and relative prosperity thanks to high oil prices. And both perceived a “golden age” that lasted roughly a decade.

But by the late 1970s, the luster began to wear off Brezhnev’s rule as the Soviet economy stagnated, life expectancy plummeted, and social problems like rampant alcoholism, worker absenteeism, and widespread cynicism became endemic.

Vladimir Putin has been in power in one form or another for roughly 12 years now. On the Brezhnev timeline, that places us roughly in 1976 — just before things started to go south. It was also in that year when Brezhnev, who was then 70 years old, reportedly considered resigning.

Instead he stuck around, collected his third Hero of the Soviet Union medal, took the military rank of marshal, and passed a new constitution. Oh, and as living standards sank and the general social malaise increased, he gave a lot of long and meandering speeches.

In a commentary in “The Moscow Times” today (titled “Vladimir Ilyich Putin“) former State Duma Deputy and current opposition figure Vladimir Ryzhkov wrote about how much the prime minister’s speech to parliament last week reminded him of Brezhnev:

At an average of four hours each, Putin’s speeches before the State Duma and national television audiences have become just as amorphous and lacking substance. And like Brezhnev’s speeches, Putin’s address to the Duma on Wednesday was interrupted by applause 53 times. Like during Brezhnev’s time, Putin spoke before politicians who were members of his own party.

Ryzhkov noted that in Brezhnev’s time “Russians were fed rosy promises of an imminent solution to the food deficits, guaranteed housing for everyone and sustained economic growth, even while it was clear to everyone that their standards of living were only deteriorating with each passing year.”

He adds that “we are seeing the same Brezhnev-like stagnation today, including the official silence regarding the country’s deep economic and political problems, the manipulation of statistics and rampant alcoholism and drug abuse.”

And just like in the late 1970s, there are empty platitudes and outlandish promises:

Putin did not mention any of his failures during his first 10 years in office — a period in which he did not fulfill a single major promise. Remember the famous promise of reaching Portugal’s per capita GDP by 2015? Only four years away, there is clearly no way that Russia will close the gap.What’s more, during his Duma speech he promised to miraculously double Russia’s per capita GDP to $35,000 by 2020 from its current $15,837 (based on the International Monetary Fund’s purchasing power parity ranking). He also said Russia is bound to become one of the world’s top five economies by 2020. We already heard this promise in 2007; instead, Russia has dropped down to the No. 10 spot.

Putin did not mention that he failed to diversify the Russian economy or to reduce its dependence on exports and imports. Neither did he take any responsibility for corruption having increased tenfold during his rule. And Putin conveniently avoided answering the question of why the Russian economy is in a deep crisis, while the economies of its main BRIC rivals — India, China and Brazil — have shown steady growth.

And just like in speeches past, Putin pledged to “increase life expectancy, modernize infrastructure, make the ruble a world reserve currency, turn Moscow into an international financial center.”

Is Putin aware of the Brezhnev parallels? I suspect that he is.

As I have blogged before, Putin understands the lessons of the late 1970s all too well: a stagnant economy and moribund political system can sink a superpower. But he is also very well schooled in the lessons of the late 1980s and early 1990s: that unmanaged economic and political reform can quickly spin out of the Kremlin’s control.

And the drama we will witness in the coming year will largely involve how he manages to square this circle.

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  1. Pfff, quelles foutues platitudes. Les même vieux rêves imbéciles de la collapse de la Russie que sont constamment annoncées sur ce forum.

    L’Occident avait presque entièrement détruit la Russie il y a 20 ans, mais malgré l’assaut féroce la Russie a survécu et de surcroît regagné son indépendance. Désolé, Mesdames et Messieurs: Poutine a donné un très bon rappel à l’ordre à vos chers Oligarques dont ces derniers ne se reprendront pas à toute vitesse. Mais, en révanche, ça vous permet aisément de rabâcher vos conneries jusqu’à la fin du monde. Pas mal, hein?

  2. Kleine Schwaine; the one million chinese crossing non-existant chinese-russian border and retaking Siberia, is called the desintegration of the country everywhere except for Russia – there it is called ‘regagne son independnce’ – bonne continuation!!!
    By the way on Aljazeera TV a broadcaster announced ‘let’s have some good old fashion fun and showed the wobbly, unstable new russian military plane being presented to the potential buyer – he was laughting and the rest of the world with him… any reaction??

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Et les mêmes vieux imbéciles aussi. Salut!

      • Thanks for agreeing with me, Kleine Schwaine a.k.a that f#$%6ing russian baboon who thinks he is Swedish – this psychosomatic disorder you are suffering from can be cured – the large dosage of ricinus oil will cure you from within – you will be your old normal ‘self’ , obosranyi, pianyi, kasaglazyi ruskiy riab…then you will be happy again….

        • mccusa, your and Poland’s problem is that you’re not just an Arschauer Pshek but a most representative one at that. Hence the question arises as to which scenario is more intolerable to you in light of your all-out inferiority. Is it being inferior next to:

          a) a pro-Russian, well-educated, intelligent Westerner


          b) a well-educated, intelligent Russian?

          I mean, regardless of (a) or (b) above, you’ll find yourself a totally contemptible piece of refuse. Do you really want this perception to stick to each and everyone of your compatriots too?

          • Manfred,

            Bravo! But I guess it might be too difficult for our little Pshek to understand your point.

          • Nice try, but with your knowledge of the’colloquial’ gutter russian, vulgar expressions in russians used only by ‘bezprizornye’, gulags criminals or present-day thieves and murderers you are pure russian refuge [just to use your own expression…].
            By the way, May 3, 1791, is a great day in European history; the first European written Constitution was created – it happened to be a Polish Constitution – the second only to the best one; the American Constitution. What would be the reaction to this event by the so called ‘a pro-Russian well-educated, intelligent Westerner’? By the way, the second flattering description of yourself ‘a well-educated, intelligent Russian’ is simply a sick fantasy – it doesn’t exist…WHAT A HUMONGOUS, COSMIC AND JUSTIFIABLE INFERIORITY COMPLEX!!!

            • And still, I’m having no problems whatsoever wiping the floor with you single-handedly in spite of your intelligence way above the Pshek average. Should tell you something, shouldn’t it?

              Psheks = Worthless people, worthless culture, worthless faith.

              • Kleine Schwaine, it is too easy, really – you are 100% russian – I have never heard any Swedish person insultingPoland, considering the long and common history that bound both countries, including dynastic connections for centuries between royal houses of Poland and Sweden. But mind you, we are talking about two civilized European countries, not russia. You are obosranye, kasaghjazye ruskie barakhlo, beyond doubt. By the way, Poland tried to civilize Russia by giving you a Polish czarina – beautiful, illiterated Polish peasant called Marta Skowronska she married your greatest tsar Peter the Great – by the way dear Marta was also a 17th century hooker but she surely was good enough for your greatest tsar..By the way, when Russia asked King of Poland, Michal Wisniowiecki to become the tsar of russia, he refused why? He put the one condition only that russia adopt the Catholic Faith – it was the missed chance for russia to become European country….

                • Manfred Steifschwanz

                  Russians usually do not bother about Psheks, so your deduction is rubbish to begin with. Would have made appreciably more sense if you had taken me for a USian — on that basis, anyway.

                  Is your crappy English Russia’s fault too?


                    • As I’ve already made perfectly clear, I know your intelligence exceeds the Pshek average by at least an order of magnitude; that’s precisely what’s so embarrassing about you and your worthless country. Swedes haven’t sunk that low since the heyday of King Charles XII at the turn of the 18th century.

                    • We all like your capsing as a way to victory. If this is what the “West” is be it.

                      Though as a person educated in psychology, I’d say writing such posts is not quite normal.

              • Kleine Schwaine, What about russian ‘intelligence’ the russian are truly ‘bag of sh#$%^t – that can be marched by millions to the gulags, can be destroyed, can be humiliated, totally devoided of any dignity – That’s intelligence of amoebas…. Russian barkhko= Worthles people, worthless culture, forthless faith …..

                • Well, if you are representative of the Polish intelligence, the Russian one appears to be much better. You provide no arguments, show no culture and what you spew is pure hate and racism. The fact that you come here to do just that shows how miserable your life must be: its really sad to come to a site just to post insults and nothing else, cowardly hiding behind the anonymity the Internet provides.

                  • Manfred Steifschwanz

                    AT, this IS the “culture” of utter garbage heaps who want to qualify as WESTERN imbeciles at all cost. He really can’t help it, being the very authentic Pshek he is.

                    • Klaine Schwaine; let me describe some elements of so called russian “culture’ – public toilets; walls covered with excrements in a truly russian artisitic style – all in shape of human hands. But what made this picture of russia’s sophistication so unique was Lenin’s portrait hanging on that sh#$%ty wall – ruly vintage russia!!

                    • Mccusa, let’s just say you are a true exemplary Pole (I mean ethnicity), and a true American of the future.

                      That would be more than enough.

                  • AT, You called it’ to post insults’ and I called it the Russian/soviet history……

                  • Its about 5th time you are telling this story. Let me tell you, I’ve seen worse latrines around the world, including in Poland. This does not leave permanent impressions on most people’s mind. Try therapy.

              • what floor, ruskiye barakhlo, the russian animals don’t have floors…

                • Did you learn this in a Polish school?

                  • AT , Yes I learned this in a Polish Catholic Boarding School – by the way, those catholic schools existed all over Poland in spite of the soviet occupation – as you can see nobody in Poland took seriously the communist cr#$p coming from Asia…We also learned that Poland is truly a bulewark of Christianity and the last post of civilization, that we saved Christian Europe twice; once in 1683 – the famous siege of Vienna by the Polish King John Sobieski a true saviour of Christian Europe against the Turkish Empire, and the second time in 1920 when Poland destroyed the bolsheviks in the battle of Warsaw hence stopped the advance of communism and saved the Christian Europe again..The Catholic Nuns also mentioned that russia is the greatest and the deadliest enemy of Catholic Poland and any civilized European country, the Good Sisters also taught us that the Russian Orthodoxy is simply a sect totally controlled by the czars.

              • Kleine Schwaine aka russian baboon wrote;

                ‘And still, I’m having no problems whatsoever wiping the floor with you single-handedly in spite of your intelligence way above the Pshek average. Should tell you something, shouldn’t it?

                It tells me something, indeed, poor barakhlo, you are having one of your schizophrenic epizods – instead of imagining wiping the floor with me single-handedly, why don’t you use this mental disorder to imagine that you are using the toilet paper instead of using the bare hand to clean your disgusting russian arse..

        • What the hell is “riab”?

      • Kleine Schwaine, thanks for agreeing with me and laughting with me…

    • Hey!!! mcusa-Poleno!!! You lying about chinese. I live in Siberia. There are no millions of Chinese people on whom you speak. It is a myth that you just like it. In my city of Omsk, the Chinese limited boundaries of one of the Chinese market.

      • HUY-SKY from ‘my city of omsk, Nice try, dearie, but you are wrong. Chinese just retaking Siberia that was stolen by russians; it is as simple as that….AND STUPID, PRIMITIVE RUSSIANS CAN DO NOTHING…

        • Next to the world’s brightest Pshek, Humanity is at a total standstill.

          • So to follow your sick way of reasoning, Humanity moved forward thanks to millions of russian slaves who perished in the gulags, never rebelled and justified this barbarity inflicted upon them by their own barbaric government – WHAT A HUMONGOUS, COSMIC AND JUSTIFIABLE INFERIORITY COMPLEX….

            • Next to the world’s brightest Pshek, all of Humanity is suffering from limitless inferiority complex.

              • Hey Kleine Schwaine, you can do better than that???!!!! what kind of retarded answer is it???

                • Manfred Steifschwanz

                  I was merely trying to flatter you, Arschauer genius. By the way, in case you didn’t read my latest posting to the Ukro estúpido, you have an invitation to my studio in Stockholm. It’s because I’ve discovered the missing verse of “El Condor Pása”. Paul Simon, back in the 60s, didn’t include it in the original recording of the song. Nearly half a century later, the time has come to correct that. The text again:

                  I’d rather be a Russian than a Pshek
                  Yes I would
                  If I only could
                  I surely would
                  Ukrainian in Australia, what the heck
                  Never would
                  Even if I could
                  I surely would

                  • Manfred Steifschwanz

                    Oops, the concluding words shall of course be “I never would”.

                    I envisage the set-up as follows:

                    Manfred, Lead singer
                    Pshek & Ukro, Angel choir

                    Is it a deal?

                  • Manfredo Stiff Dick,

                    Oh come on bird brain don’t flatter yourself, you vegetable ‘swede.’ You who has a head with no brain, one eye that is blind and whose best friend is an ‘arschlo’. If brains were ink you’d have just enough to make a ‘full stop’ mark at the end of a sentence.

                    I told you then and I’ll repeat myself again now! you cannot come up with anything original or intelligent. So you copy real artists like Paul Simon to spread your stupidity by using their works out of context. Thanks once again for proving just how dumb you are – any dumber and you’d be a menace to society in general.

                    I’ll bet my bottom dollar that you are the product of a liaison between a Swedish pro and a soviet ‘untermensch’ toilet cleaner at the Russian Embassy? What else can it be, aye comrade.

                  • kleine schwaine, are your sure it is ‘Estockholmo’ perhaps it is Emagadan, Eworkuta or Elubanka – and your point is??? yeah, yeah, I know world revolution russian style – I will go for it if I know that EVERY #$%^G RUSSIAN ON THIS GLOBE IS DEAD – IS IT A DEAL??????

                    • Are you fond of singing, then come here and bring your drooling little Ukro boyfriend with you. We’ll be making fortunes for decades to come!

                    • Manfredo Stiff Dick

                      Wonders will never cease, so thanks are once again due to you for proving what a hopeless soviet communist fascist fable writer you really are.

                      Remember chum, two is a company, while three is a crowd. So thanks, BUT no thanks for your offer of a music career as I have a very strong hunch that your dishonest nature would ensure you pocket all the proceeds and leave mccusa and me ‘stone’ broke. Au revoir comrade liar, you sing and keep all the millions, so to speak, yourself. LOL.

        • I am wrong? I am leave there!!! You realy moron, – no, sorry -you POLENO!!!

      • new-sky wrote;

        Hey!!! mcusa-Poleno!!! You lying about chinese. I live in Siberia. There are no millions of Chinese people on whom you speak. It is a myth that you just like it. In my city of Omsk, the Chinese limited boundaries of one of the Chinese market.


        I cannot undersand half of this but I detract a touch of ‘chinoisserie’ in the way he writes – it means chinese are already influencing the way of speaking…of poor russian drunks of siberia….

    Siberia makes up 25% of Russia’s population (36 million people).

    Демографический кризис в Российской Федерации

    Often among the demographic threat to Russia’s security mentioned the possibility of a “quiet expansion” of the populous China with regard to the Far East, with subsequent exclusion of the territory along the Kosovo scenario. However, it’s observed [53] that in the entire Northeast Asia the population density obeys laws depending solely on the natural environment, decreasing from the central provinces of China to the north and northeast, where frontier regions in Russia are often more densely populated than neighboring counties in China. From this we can conclude that Russia’s Far East is not too attractive target for immigration, or at least, that the situation is far from straightforward.

    According to professional demographers in Russia in the Far East, there are between 30 thousand to 200 thousand Chinese, which is insufficient for the “demographic expansion”. At the same time, China is rapidly losing its capacity for expansion due to the rapid decline in the share of youth in the Chinese population.

    Look at it this way: it has been almost 20 years since the borders with China opened up. And in these 20 years, 30 000 to 200 000 Chinese have moved in. That’s 1 500 to 10 000 per year.

    Given that there are 36 million people in Siberia now, how long will it take at this rate for the Chinese to become a majority? Divide 36 000 000 by 10 000. You will get 3 600 years. I don’t think the Human Civilization will last for another 36 centuries.

    And btw, you should do something to curb your petty infantile swearing. It is perfectly understandable when you are drunk, but you should sober up some day. Plus, people with the mentality of little children shouldn’t drink at all.

    • MAIMUM, Nice try, Siberia simply doesn’t belong to russia and will go back to china the sooner rather then later – you know it and I know it so what seems to be the problem? For God’s sake you russians tried to lease the city of Vladivostock to China for 75 year – you russians really are in the gutters to stoop this low – future doesn’t look to good for you. Keeping the head in the sand is the only way to go – I understand and I feel sorry for you [sort of…] By the way the swearing is simple a reaction to these half russian animals who are using the obscenity whenever they cannnot handle the truth.

      • MCCUSA, Nice try, but you Poles have been murdering and exploiting Rus peoples (Ukrainians, Belorusans, Russians) for almost a millennium, always thinking that one more invasion – and all of enormous Russia will be subjugated to Poland. But it all turned into nothing than wet dreams.

        Your dream that China will take Siberia from Russia is just that: yet another stupid wet dream. If China tries it, Russia will nuke China 100 times over. And if this is not enough, USA will nuke China 500 times over, because China is too dangerous to USA to allow it to take Siberia.

        • Maimuni, Do you realized what have you written?? What Rus people?? They are Ukrainians, Belorussians not Russians – I am not sure that Ukrainians and Belorussians consider themselves Russian unless you subjugate them??? Poland never wanted to subjugate Russia; Poland always was a European country and defended its European Catholic roots from 966 to 2011 A.D. to be exact, and it will never stop doing it…By the way, the part about China and Russia is simply beyond embarrasment, dearie, asking the USA to nuke
          China to save Russia’s ar#e, is the situation that serious and that hopless???

          • MCCUSIK, your stupidity is beyond belief, matched only by that of Bohdan. You don’t understand anything that is said to you, so I give up my efforts to explain logic to you. However, since you are not familiar with the term “Rus” and confuse it with “Russian”, here is the definition:


            Kievan Rus’ or Rus’ was a medieval polity in Eastern Europe, from the late 9th to the mid 13th century, when it disintegrated under the pressure of the Mongol invasion of 1237–1240. Contemporarily, the state was known as “land of the Rus”


            Lech, Čech, and Rus

            Lech, Čech, and Rus is a legend of three brothers – Lech, Čech, and Rus – who founded three Slavic nations: Poland (also known as Lechia), Bohemia (Čechy, now known as the Czech Republic), and Ruthenia (Rus’, whose successor states are now Russia, Belarus and Ukraine).

        • Boy ‘O’ boy Maimuni, are you stupid, unbelievably stupid!!!

          For your information, when Russia was having those skirmishes with the Chinese over the border between them and two islands involved. Your beloved Russian communists asked the Americans whether they would stay neutral if they (the muscali) bomber China with nuclear devices to teach them a lesson.

          America relied that no way were they going to stay neutral, and that they would support China in such a conflict. Your beloved muscali backed down.

          Please note that your beloved Stalin once said, (to Comrade Terekhov in fact, – in the book “Stalin, The Court of the Red Tsar”) “join the Writers’ Union: you’ll concoct fables, and fools will read them.” Which describes you perfectly!!

          ‘Ooh’ are you sick , and ‘ooh’ can you concoct sick fables, you sick comrade ruSSophile? What ?? the “USA will nuke China 500 times over, because China is too dangerous to USA to allow it to take Siberia.” Dream on, just continue to dream on comrade fascist.

          It is now obvious that the heat stroke did a lot more damage then first believed.

        • Maimuni,

          Sure the Poles once murdered and exploited Rus people! which nation has not. But never in the huge numbers (i.e. tens of millions) that your beloved soviet communists did.

          Compared to Stalin, Hitler was only “a babe in the woods.”

          • The pre-fabricated standard tripe about Hitler and Stalin for average Western dullards actually has a little grain of truth in it, albeit not in the way hinted at. What the USSR achieved in Stalin’s time was truly earth-shattering. In short, the USSR — in the mere course of 3 decades’ time — achieved what took nearly 5 centuries of unbridled, bloody colonial tyranny and parasitism to materialise in the West. Hitler, for his part, was just another rabid, Western imbecile but at least his Third Reich didn’t immiserate or massacre non-European peoples. Hell, he even dropped bombs on his Aryan knit and kin abroad — almost makes him look a little liberal, right?

            • Klaine Schwaine, e.k.a the f#$%$ing russian baboon who thinks he is Swedish wrote;’

              ‘What the USSR achieved in Stalin’s time was truly earth-shattering. In short, the USSR — in the mere course of 3 decades’ time — achieved what took nearly 5 centuries of unbridled, bloody colonial tyranny and parasitism to materialise in the West.’

              He truly reflects the attitude of Swedish people – the most tolerant, civilized people on this planet..The russian barbarity comes out from every word you wrote Monsieur ‘Swedois’, le commisair sovietique a la retrait. You missed a few ‘minor’ points what ‘ USSR under Stalin achieved’ in 3 decades – slaughtered 60 million people during the peace time, destroy any vestige of civilization, tolerance, decency, destroy environment beyond repair, and most importantly destroy [to my personal delight] Russian people. By the way, the ‘achievements’ of those three decades are just crumbling in front of the shocked and bemused world – what a cosmic failure Russia is…

              • No, Stalin killed Avogadro’s number of peoples (mind the plural tense).

                mccusa — the drooling Pshek miscreant who thinks he qualifies as a WESTERN imbecile — had better come to terms with Hitler’s attitudes towards Arschauland and its people. Swedes are Westerners; Psheks not, ha!

                • Sh#$%ty russian barakhlo, do I have to remind you the treatment of the russian hordes by the germans – Germans NEVER consider russians a human being let’s leave it this way…

                  • and I would like to remind you how these Germans ended up

                    • AT, I would like to remind you how these russian victors ended up – they goose stepped directly from the victory parade to the gulags, courtesy of their own government…

                    • Some of them did, others did not. Many of those who did not ensured that the regime, which used the GULAG system was discontinued 55 years ago, never to return again. But most of those “who never considered Russians human beings” found their bitter end by Russians’ hand.

                    • Wrong AT, it was Gorbachev who finally dissolved the Gulag, it continued under the successors of Stalin, who also continued the reign of state terror.

                    • Look AT, the system of deportations to Siberia to labor camps of political prisoners continued to the end of the USSR.

                      The “closing” of the Gulags by Khrushchev was simply a case of changing names.

                      Political Prisoners at Perm

                      In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Soviet government cracked down on the dissident movement. Several camps in the Perm region were transformed into the harshest camps for political prisoners. The prisoners were repeat offenders who had continued to criticize the Soviet government even after being released from prison. During the last years of the Soviet regime, the most prominent leaders and opposition activists from all over the Soviet Union were kept in these camps. Some of them perished there.


                      Try learning to read.

                    • Sure, no difference at all between the GULAG system in the 1930-1955 and imprisonment of dissidents in the 1960-1980s. Surely you know nothing about the Soviet Union.

                    • Lets see, torture, executions, beatings, and working people to death.

                      Not much difference really.

                    • Not much difference? Most importantly, political persecutions in 1957-1985 affected fewer than 10,000 people. And this is during 28 years. Or about 357 imprisonments or commitment to psychiatric care for political reasons a year. While no one says this is acceptable, this is a far cry from the GULAG machine of the 1929-1957, which affected around 470,000 people a year. You cannot call something scaled down to 1/1000th of its former self the same thing really.

  4. @LR:

    I agree with everything that Ryzhkov wrote, except one: applause. American presidents’ speeches are interrupted by applause much more often than Putin:,28391,198839,00.html

    Message to the Nation

    When President George W. Bush walked into the Chamber of the House of Representatives last Tuesday, the room erupted into thunderous applause. A beaming Bush shook hands with senators and representatives before taking a stand at the podium.

    Bush was interrupted 76 times by applause.

    Obama’s first State of the Union

    The president spoke for about 70 minutes and was interrupted 86 times by applause.

    • larussophobe

      But there is an important difference, because Democrats who clap for Obama or Republicans who clap for Bush do so in the context of competitive primary elections. Putin has never once faced a competitive presidential primary or election. In essence, Bush was elected president four different times, two Republican primaries and two national elections, and Obama twice. Those who clap for Putin are nothing but robotic idiots, and as such an embarrassment to the Russian nation.

      • Sure, Russia has less democracy than USA, but interrupting President every 45 seconds with applause is a shameful brown-nosing. Not even Stalin and Brezhnev received such frequent applauses.

        • I agree, State of the Union addresses are very embarrassing to watch, maybe that’s why fewer and fewer people watch them every year. This annual ritual is absolutely unnecessary, but the Constitution is interpreted to require such addresses. I wish they return to a previous practice when the President delivered it in writing, via a messenger.

          However, your comparison with the Kremlin practice is off the mark. First of all, it happens only once a year, during these addresses, and perhaps also on rare occasions when a joint session of Congress is called. Our fawning politicians, being politicians, cannot help themselves when a camera is present. They want their constituents to see they support certain political points, and so it is easy to notice that most of those thunderous applauses come from one side of the aisle, rarely from both. It is known that some members of Congress come as early as 3 hours earlier to get a coveted seat in the aisle, so that they would be seen shaking President’s hand when he walks this aisle by, in and out.

          As I said, this is very silly and embarrassing, but that’s politics for you.

          In Putin’s Russia, of course, something else is involved. It’s just a slavish expression of total submission to the Paramount Leader, perhaps mixed with a measure of fear. They know they are watched by the enforces of political orthodoxy, loyalty and unity, and probably are afraid not to show such loyalty and unity. Who can blame them, the consequences may be unpleasant.

          Now, your comparison with Stalin is just plain silly, unless you want to tell us that the cult of personality exists in the United States. Even you, with all your hatred of America, are not prepared to say that, right?

          • I disagree. In Russia, it is the “United Russia” party members who applaud Putin to make him look good. In USA, it is the Democratic party members who applaud Obama to make him look good. A secondary motive is to show allegiance to their party’s platform, in both cases.

            But notice that Putin’s rate of applause is 13 per hour, whereas in USA it is like 70 per hour.

            • Not true at all. In the U.S., members of Congress stand for very competitive election each 2 or 6 years, and they don’t depend that much on the President for that. Their own re-election is all they worry about. In Russia, of course, nobody will be “elected” without their boss’s permission.

              • You call your elections competitive.

                Actually, you had 6 black senators during all the US history. 6 out of 1120 ever elected.

                Right now there are 2 hispanic senators (out of 100), though 16% citizens are hispanic.

                Either the “competition” went wrong, or the judges were a little racist.

                P.S. 17% americans living below the poverty line (USD 5500- a year per family member) are represented by the brave 17 socialist senators, of course.

                • So you’re saying you think Russian elections are just as competitive as American elections even though Russians have NEVER ONCE IN THEIR ENTIRE HISTORY (which is five times longer than America’s) ousted a sitting ruler in favor of a candidate from a rival party by means of election? Isn’t that a bit asinine even for a Russian moron?

                  • Manfred Steifschwanz

                    Yankee drivel
                    Void and trivial

                    • Hmmm, funny how floppy is so unhappy about western democracy but continues to live in one.

                      Off to Russia or North Korea then old fruit, I am sure it would raise the average IQ of both the country you are leaving and those unfortunate enough to receive you.

                    • Kleine Schwaine,
                      My God ‘ Yankee drivel Void and Trivial’ – it is truly Dante Aligheri and Lord Byron incarnated…

                • 6 black senators out of 1120 ever elected… 2 hispanic senators for 16% citizens… brave 17 socialist senators…


                  Funny how none of the comments above explained really why (taking into account all the statistics posted above) murkins still call USia a democracy…

                  • Let’s just put it as it is:

                    1) Black persons are just born inappropriate to serve as US senators.
                    2) People earning less than USD 40,000 a year are ineligible to vote and send their representatives to the US parliament.

                    • That’s exactly what an average USian thinks of democracy, right.

                      Does he even ask himself if it is right?

                      No. He is taught starting from his school to think it’s right – by the USian corporations that control all the major mass-media. And every USian government.

                      That’s the democracy these corporations want to bring to the world.

  5. To all kgb contributors – Another annual humiliation of russia by russia itself – a ‘victory parade’; those poor bastards couldn’t even march properly [let alone fight e.g., russia’s humiliation by Georgia…] and seeing those two midgets side by side; Monsieur Putain and pan niedzwiadek what a fiendish pleasure for all of us. That pathetic performance looked like russia is showing a middle finger to everything russia stands for…..

    • Next to the world’s brightest Pshek, all of Humanity is doomed to utter humiliation — even Western peoples.

      Hence, it’s about time we celebrated with an eye to showing all our due respect to mccusa — the one and only. In unison, everybody:


      It would be most appreciated if some other contributor here fluent in German could complete the verse. We owe mccusa quite a lot, right?

    • re: e.g. Russia’s humiliation by Georgia — some more of such “humuliations” and there will be no Georgia anymore….

      • AT wrote;
        Russia’s humiliation by Georgia — some more of such “humuliations” and there will be no Georgia anymore….

        AT, nuke them, nuke them – Russia, of course, has the most advanced nuclear ‘oruzye’ the one that ONLY kills the enemy of Russia and spare the friends of Russia – as far as humiliation is concerned; believe me, the picture of russian soldiers stealing toilets sets and Black and White TV sets from bewildered Georgian population will stay in the minds of Westerners for ever….

        • From what we’ve seen, absolutely no need to nuke Russia’s neighboring nation, even if the intent is to punish their somewhat insane government.

          Does the picture you are talking about also exist in your mind only — the same place where a statement that “Russia has no GDP” is true?

          For God’s sake learn to spell the word “seat” correctly: what you are thinking about are “seats”, not “sets” or “sits”. Polish education, matka boska.

          • Lets see, whose government is more insane?

            How many peoples blood stain the hands of Putin, and scum such as yourself who support his racist genocide in the north Caucasus, his ethnic cleansing of the native Georgian populations of Abkhazia and South Ossetia etc?

            And which government has done more to fight corruption, introduce democracy etc?

            Certainly not the Russian one.

            Really AT, are you so stupid?

            • Andrew, I told you you are the paragon of intelligence I won’t dare to compare myself with. At least the Russian government punished the Georgian tie-eating leader for an attempt to level a peaceful city in the middle of the night.

              • AT, the Georgian tie-eating leader? What about the Russian tummy-kissing pedofile leader???

                • The tummy kissing is embarassing, but much less than tie eating. As for paedofilia, I saw no evidence for such accusations. In any case, I am sure your Polish ksiądz made you an expert in the subject.

                  • AT, tummy kissing is criminal, tie-eating video was concocted and manipulated by the stupid russian bydlo – couldn’t they find a better software to do that????

                    • Russians made Saakashvili eat a tie? Tummy kissing is criminal? I am stunned a nation’s leader can be manipulated into eating a tie. As for the latter, I guess this depens on the nature of the kissing, the intent etc. I appreciate, however, that given your Catholic experience any kissing of any child must look suspicious for you. I appreciate how profoundly damaged you are.

            • Yeah, as far as fighting corruption and introducing democracy goes… sure, the GDP per capita of a Sub-Saharan Africa, half of the population employed in essentially subsistence agriculture, lost territories… Georgia’s government is doing just fine, not insane at all…

              • Now AT, just because you support a government that is the continuation of the KGB regime of terror, and are quite happy to see the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Chechens, Georgians etc at the hands of Russian troops (the Russian “volunteers” that killed and raped tens of thousands of Georgians in Abkhazia were members of the Black Sea Fleet’s naval infantry for example).

                As for “attempting to level a peaceful city in the middle of the night” two comments.

                1. The Georgians did not attempt to level a “peaceful city”
                A. There had been increasing exchanges of fire, initiated by the Russian backed separatists, including an attempted assassination of the Ossetian leader of the pro Georgian administration of the Georgian controlled areas of South Ossetia, roadside bomb attacks, the use by separatists of weapons banned from the conflict zone, such as 122mm mortars and artillery against Georgian villages etc in the several weeks leading up to the beginning of the August war.

                B. The IFFC report stated that Georgia had every right to retaliate, but that they should have used more precise weapons, the report did however note that the Georgians targeted separatist military and government targets in Tskhinvali, and that damage to civilian areas was minimal (though still unacceptable).

                C. The Russians deliberately and with malice aforethought completely eradicated the Georgian villages and towns from “South Ossetia” by looting, burning, and then bulldozing them, after driving out the Georgians. This is particularly repugnant as the Georgians are the native population, having lived in the area for thousands of years while the Ossetians are recen newcomers.

                2. If you want to see the leveling of a peaceful city, just look at what Russia has done twice in a decade to Grozny in Chechnya.

                AT, you are a total hypocrite, a liar, and incapable of honest debate.

                In other words, a fairly typical Russian. I feel so sorry for people like Igor who come from the same country as you.

                Try being a bit more like him.

                • How boring, a new 5-screener of unsubstantiated claims.

                • As for Grozny, I am definitely proud that in just a few years, the Russian military evolved from perpetrators to a power capable of punishing the insane government and preventing another Grozny from happening. And I definitely dismiss any reports of any comissions that justify the use of military force against a city, especially in the middle of the night.

                  • Not unsubstantiated my retarded little friend.

                    The claims of ethnic cleansing are quite well substantiated by Human rights groups, the UN, and satellite imagery of destroyed Georgian villages.

                    As for your insane comment I am definitely proud that in just a few years, the Russian military evolved from perpetrators to a power capable of punishing the insane government and preventing another Grozny from happening well AT, that just shows why Russians are pretty much reviled throughout their former empire, and certainly explains why you are hated in the Baltics and Poland. In case you did not realize, nobody likes a lying hypocrite.

                    Russia did not prevent another Grozny, as the IFFC report clearly stated, the deliberate lies and falsifications about “mass murder” and “genocide” spread by Russian state media from the moment of the main fighting beginning were intended by the Russian government to incite racial hatred against Georgians in South Ossetia, and to facilitate the Russian led ethnic cleansing of Georgian civilians.

                    Russia, and the majority of Russians, are responsible for the preplanned ethnic cleansing of Georgians from South Ossetia, just as they are responsible for the previous ethnic cleansing of Georgians from Abkhazia.

                    • I got it, as per the IFCCFS or whatever commission, Georgians would not level a peaceful town, they just started shelling it, but they would have stopped, right in time… if not… . Whatever… any commission saying its ok to target a peaceful city at night has zero credibility. As for hate, this is nothing but a post-imperial syndrom. In a few decades, they will come back. Repented. Many of them do. Georgians crossing the Russian border by thousand in search of a better life. Latvians selling their prime real estate to the Russians.

                    • AT, the buildings targeted by the Georgians were separatist military and government installations.
                      As the IFFC report found, there was no evidence of the Georgians deliberately targeting civilians. The weapons they used were considered too inaccurate for the task (Russian made rubbish such as Grads), and it is interesting to note that the Russian military was quite happy to shell and bomb Gori long after any military targets had left the area.

                      There was however plenty of evidence that Russian forces and separatists deliberately targeted civilians before, during, and after the August war, including ethnic cleansing, rape, and murder.

                      The Georgians had no intention of “leveling Tshkinvali”, particularly as it holds several ancient Georgian churches, dating from the period well before the Ossetians arrived in the 15th century.

                      I guess your sub simian level of intelligence is a bit slow to grasp the fact that Georgians tend to avoid mass murder. It is something you Russians enjoy however.

                    • Of course, a report that concludes that its ok to target a city of the middle of the night would be very selective with respect to “evidence finding”.

                    • No, they said it was OK for the Georgians to retaliate against separatist shelling of Georgian villages, and that the targets struck by the Georgians were legitimate, however, as the report rightly pointed out, the Georgians used weapons that were too inaccurate (Grads) to ensure the safety of any civil population still in the city.

                      The report was certainly fair enough for the international community. Unfortunately people like yourself have no concept of fair.

                      It is interesting to note how selective you are with the facts AT

                    • Aha, retaliation by shelling a peaceful city in the middle of the night. Deranged.

                    • So how can Tskhinvali be “a peaceful city” if separatist forces were shelling Georgian villages for the previous 2 weeks?

                      Why do you only consider that separatists have rights (when they are pro Russian of course) and not the indigenous population?

                    • This is the ultimate paragon: Andrew is juxtopposing the indigenous population and the evidently non-indigenous Abkhazians who dare live in um… Abkhazia. And sure, the whole town by his sick, deranged logic deserves collective punishment in the form of a bombardment in the middle of the night. I can just imagine the level of murder and destruction the Georgians could inflict on the city if they were not stopped at the right time. …with the world’s de-facto approval. Well, whatever Andrew’s sick logic is, the Georgian mosters were stopped, and the two free young nations started moving towards building better lives for their citizens. And every passing day and year strengthens this hard-won freedom!

                    • AT you are most certainly retarded.

                      I did not “juxtapose” the Abkhazians and Ossetians, you did. You claimed the Abkhazians leveled Tamarasheni which is in the Tskhinvali region, due to having been “ethnicly cleansed” in 1989-92.

                      Unable to admit your error you then describe the Georgians as “settlers” in Shida Kartli/Tskhinvali when they are the indigenous population.

                      As for the “Abkhazians” do you mean the Apsu Abkhaz, who until recently were only found in the north west of Abkhazia, or the Georgian Abkhaz who are traditionally the majority population of the east and south east of Abkhazia?

                      Both Georgians and Apsua have lived in the province of Abkhazia for all of recorded history.

                      Greek historians describe Sokhumi (Dioscuras as they called it) as a Svanetian city, the historical monuments of Abkhazia and South Ossetia are invariably Georgian in style, built by Georgians, with Georgian inscriptions, such as the 4th C Churches in Sokhumi.

                      And the Georgians did not attempt to level Tskhinvali, they shelled government buildings and military posts, legitimate targets given the separatist attacks on peaceful Georgian towns and villages.

                      Even at the height of the Abkhazian war, Abkhaz in Georgian controlled towns were given rations same as Georgians, some crimes were committed by the Georgians certainly, but nothing on the scale of those committed as official policy by those committed by the separatists and their Russian masters whose policy of wholesale ethnic cleansing of the majority of the population has been rightfully condemned by history.

                      The deranged thing is that a person such as you thinks that Georgian civilians deserve collective punishment and ethnic cleansing, when their government was responding to unprovoked attacks targeted against Georgian civilians.

                    • Funny how Abkhazians have a saying,

                      “Staling brought Georgians to Abkhazia. Shevarnadze took them back.”

          • AT wrote;
            From what we’ve seen, absolutely no need to nuke Russia’s neighboring nation, even if the intent is to punish their somewhat insane government
            Tell us, tell us, what is so ‘ somewhat insane Georgian Government did to deserve this ‘privilege? – perhaps, the Georgians don’t want to speak your language – you russian idiots don’t want to speak your own useless slang; and nobody else in the world for that matter. Perhaps they don’t want to have ANYTHING in common with the russian orthodox church – the Georgians adopted Christianity 700 years before you, russian baboons, so when the Georgians were reading the Bible you russians were still sitting on the trees. They don’t want to march to the Gulags – the Georgians want to leave this privilege sollely to the stupid russians….

            • What did they do? They tried to level a peaceful city in the middle of the night using heavy artillery. Georgians don’t speak Russian? They learn quickly when they move to Russia to take low-paid jobs or when they try to sell you, say, a real estate development project in Tbilisi. We all know that Georgians are Christians since 100 BC, so what? The last thing I care who read the Bible when. Its not the best reading material in my mind anyway.

              • No AT, they targeted separatist military and governmental installations.

                As Memorial (a Russian human rights group) found, there was no Georgian attempt to “level Tshkinvali”.

                There were however successful Russian attempts to level Tamarasheni and other Georgian towns in South Ossetia.

                You really are poorly educated aren’t you AT.

                • Sure, no attempt, just an attack with heavy artillery on a sleeping city in the middle of a night. Just sick.

                • The same Tamarasheni from which the Abkhazians were cruelly expelled in 1989−1992 and which Abkhazians destroyed fearing that it might become Georgia’s installation in the direct vicinity of their capital? Well, there is logic for taking measures to prevent Georgia’s future attempts to flatten Tskhinvali.

                  • No AT, you really are a retard.
                    There were no Abkhazians expelled from Tamarasheni (north of Tshkinvali) in 1989-1992.

                    Wrong part of the country retard, Tamarasheni is in EAST Georgia, while ABKHAZIA is part of WEST Georgia.

                    You have no knowledge of Georgian history whatsoever.

                    • Ossetians I mean who accounted for half of the village at the beginning of the 1990s, does not change the gist of it.

                    • No AT, wrong as usual, and now you are lying in order to cover up your stupidity.

                      The Georgians are the native population, and the Ossetians are the settlers.

                      In addition, the ethnic balance of the Georgian villages was pretty much maintained up until the 2008 Russian led ethnic cleansing, the head of the pro Georgian administration in the Georgian controlled villages was Dimitry Sanakoyev (an Ossetian), and Georgian controlled villages were in the main multi ethnic.

                      Separatist/Russian controlled villages were the ones where non Ossetians and non Russians (mainly Jews and Georgians) had been expelled from in the period 1989-1992, about the same time that Ossetians were expelling (once again with Russian assistance) the Ingush from North Ossetia.

                      You being Russian, it is no surprise you are an uneducated lying scumbag, but still…..

                    • What makes Georgians native and Ossetians settlers? And do “settlers” by your logic have fewer rights than the “natives”? Sick. Demented. The fact is that the village’s population was 50-50 Ossetian and Georgian at the beginning of the 1990s and was almost fully Georgian in 2008.

                    • Retard, you stated the Georgians are settlers.

                      Georgians are native by virtue of the fact that they are the indigenous population of the province.

                      The Ossetians did not become a majority until quite recently (last 100 years) in historical terms.

                      And yes, according to the UN charter, Native populations do have certain rights, especially if reduced to a minority by colonisation.

                      Now, please supply some evidence that the village was 50-50 prior to the 1989-92 war, and 100% Georgian afterwards.

                      As previously stated, the pro Georgian administration of Tbilisi controlled areas of South Ossetia was led by Dmitry Sanakoyev (who was previously a “separatist” hero of the 1989-92 conflict one might add) and Georgian villages tended to be multi ethnic prior to their destruction by Russian/separatist forces in 2008, as compared to separatist villages from which most non Ossetians had been driven out in 1992.

                      Your lack of historical knowledge and grievous factual errors make you a laughing stock AT, anbody would think you were that retard Maimoneedes/Arthur/RTR/Voice of Retardation…..

                    • I stated Georgians were settlers? When?

                    • Well, make it “Georgian inhabitants”. I did not mean to say that Georgians are relatively new settlers in Abkhazia. In any case, whether you whine or not, Georgians are now free to wallow in the mire of Saakashvili’s reformed Georgia with a GDP per capita of a Sub-Saharan African country, 55% of people employed in subsistence agriculture and mass immigration to — erm — Russia, while the Abkhazians and Ossetians are spared this bleak fate.

                    • AT, you are truly retarded.

                      Apsua and Ossetians are mired in a far worse situation under Russian occupation than that of the Georgians.

                      Note the Apsua complaints that Russians are allowed to buy land in Abkhazia (something supposedly illegal under the Abkhazian constitution) and the fact that the level of poverty in both Abkhazia and South Ossetia (despite the fact that both separatist regions are directly financed by Russia) are far far worse than that found in Georgia.

                      Also it would be interesting to know why the life expectancy in Georgia is so superior to that of Russians if they are so poor by comparison.

                  • I guess I did once. Well, a settler is not only the one who settles in a new place, but also the one who just settles. Make it “Georgian inhabitants”.

              • By the way AT, here is what a leveled city looks like, done by Russia of course:


              • Oh and here is what Russians did to Georgian villages

                Note, the red dots denote buildings destroyed by Russian and separatist forces after 10th August up till 19th August as part of their campaign of ethnic cleansing.

                Photo taken by Oleg Panfilov showing the total destruction of the Georgian village of Tamarasheni.

                • Well, regrettably, the Georgian settlers incited so much hatred against the local population that the Abkhazians had to resort ro raising Tamarasheni. Much of the same happened to the Russian settlements in Chechnya. I can sympathize with this.

                  • Wrong again moron. Tamarasheni is the Georgian town just north of Tskhinvali, in what is now known as “South Ossetia”

                    The Ossetians are the settlers, the first arrival of Ossetians south of the greater Caucasus range was in the 12th century when the King of Alania swore fealty to King David the Builder of Georgia. More settlers arrived during the 13th & 14th centuries, but were rapidly assimilated.

                    Ossetians remained a minority in the Tshkinvali region until the 19th century when large numbers began to migrate from North Ossetia, and they did not become a majority in the province as a whole until the beginning of the 20th century, and did not become a majority in Tshkinvali until the 1960’s.

                    In addition, Georgians and Ossetians actually get on very well on a personal level. There are more Ossetians living in Tbilisi than there are in South Ossetia.

                    Try actually learning something before you make a further fool of yourself AT

                    • How is 14th century relevant? What is relevant is that the Georgians cleansed the village at the end of the 1990s and were returned the favor at the end of 2008. What is most important, however, is that the Abkhazians and the Ossetians fight for and won the right not to live in the same country as Georgians. How else would these two nations could get rid of the dominance of a failed, hopeless statelet with an economy of a Sub-Saharan Africa, most people employed in agriculture and insane leadership?

                    • So once again AT, please provide evidence of Georgian ethnic cleansing in the late 90’s

                      You have once again proven your lack of anything resembling morals or humanity with your support of ethnic cleansing by Russia, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia.

              • AT,

                So your view, “The last thing I care who read the Bible when. Its not the best reading material in my mind anyway.” As a suggestion, no I’m not being funny – I’m serious – try Mein Kampf, it will undoubtedly go well with your fascist, cum communist, mentality.

                Besides when your idol, you know that mass murdering J. Stalin, believed that some CC or Politburo comrade had said or written something stupid he would normally answer with, “ha, ha, ha.”

                And so I too finish with ha, ha, ha.

                • Bohdan, you are deranged. What exactly in any of my messages says that Stalin or any Politburo member is my idol? As for “reducio ad Hitlerum”, its common knowledge by now that this argument is used when you don’t have any real ideas or arguments. At the same time, its my profound conviction that the Bible is far from being the best reading material. If God is what it is described in the Bible, we are better off without God.

                  • What me deranged? ha, ha, ha, comrade communist soviet commissar you are unbelievably backward to judge me by your standard. Is that the best you can do. If so you are pathetic, and an inveterate liar as well.

                    Don’t play stupid with me comrade, because you don’t need to prove this point as you have already succeeded admirably in this field.

                    Furthermore your “common knowledge” is a pack of soviet lies dreamed up by yourself. What’s the matter moron, does the truth hurt by striking a sore point.

                    If America is as bad as you paint it to be, than pack up and return to your beloved Putin era ruSSia. Where (I’m sure) you will be welcomed with open arms.

                    Also, if it your “profound conviction” about the Bible and God that they respectively are “far from being the best reading material.” and “we are better off without God.” Then you have serious mental problems thinking rationally, as that was and is the belief of the past and current Russian powers to be! Try reading the former (i.e. Bible) and understanding the latter (God) to gain some insight into honesty, decency and morality, before writing the brainless rubbish that you excel in so well.

                    • Bohdan, care to explain to me what, in your mind makes me “communist” or “soviet” or a “commissar”? On God and the Bible, I respect your conviction that you need the latter to understand the former, but I really cannot agree with a book portraying God as a manic-obsessive, mean, vengeful, attention seeking abomination.

                    • Also, where have I ever painted America as being “bad”? I consider America as one of the world’s greatest country and as a home country of mine. And I have the privilege to have retained allegiance to Russia, which is also a home country of mine and where I spend a good share of my time.

                    • Also, I hardly need to pack up to move between my two home countries. My assets in both allow me travel light.

                    • AT, spoken like a true hypocrite and liar.

                      You should refer to all your past comments to see your soviet leaning attitude of praise, praise and more praise about Russia while attacking America’s stance against the evil empire that your beloved ruSSia is.

                      You comrade are a classic example of a wasted space that could not even lie straight in bed!

                    • Huh? Not one single example or quote? Deranged, idiotic, sad…

                    • What AT, you cannot remember anything that you write and so you expect me to do your homework for you? No way buffoon.

                      Remember comrade, a liar has to have a very good memory to keep track of the lies they fabricate (and which they invariably don’t have) otherwise they get caught out. That is you down to a proverbial “T”.

                    • Well, really nothing then? Then you are a liar Bogdan.

  6. AT, Kleine Schwaine and the rest of KGB contributors,
    In unison everybody;
    Let us sing;
    kipuchzya, mogutshaiya nikem ne pobedimaya, moskva moya ty calaya obosranya no otzen lyubimaya..

    By the way, I am still trembling after seeing today, the moguchayu ‘russian air forces’ during the happy ‘victory parade’ on the red suare – 5 crappy helicopters hovering over delighted russian crowd. DOROGIYE RUSKIYE SOBACHKI STOP HUMILIATING YOURSELVES!!!!

    • Well, the point is you even have to use our language to insult us: a former holop is still a holop. And still remember the old songs you so hypocritycally sang to your old masters. What’s wrong about the 5 helicopters?

      • Kleine schwaine, the f#$%^ing russian baboon who thinks he is Swedish, are we changing the topic again – it means you agree with my statement that russia’s yearly humiliation aka the victory parade is well and kicking. But this year was a particularly interesting one – the ‘powerful’ russian air force comes down to 5 crappy helicopters – is there a subliminal messages from russia – we are in total sh##t….

        • I think I am Swedish? I enjoy a lot of Swedish things — not IKEA! But I have never been accused of thinking of myself as a Swede. It would actually look strange given my non-Nordic appearance. Otherwise, your post is difficult to understand. Would you care to explain why you consider the parade humiliation and what gave you the idea that the Russian air force comprises the 5 helicopters, which participated in the parade?

          • Haha, henceforth the drooling Pshek will forever be adding the following clarification when replying to AT:

            >> AT, the f#$%^ing russian baboon who does not think he is Swedish >>

            Snälla AT: Alltså hur FAAN kan du vara så ohyfsad att du inte uppskattar IKEA?!? :-)

            • Sorry, I don’t speak a word of the language. English? Russian? Francais?

              • Cher AT, comment as-tu osé être si impertinent jusqu’à ne pas admirer l’IKEA?!?

                Vive la Suède!

                • Sorry, I did not think you would take it personally. I keep an IKEA mirror in one of the bathrooms — does this redeem me?

                  • Manfred Steifschwanz

                    Все люди должны знать, что IKEA является шведский святее Папы для поляков!!

                    On a serious note: I’m no great fan of IKEA either — surprise, surprise!

                    • My God, Klaine Schwaine; you need help – are there any charitable institutions in Sweden to help you? There must be some good mental institutions there?It seems to me that reality is slightly different; you are really living in Manadan and dreaming of Sweden???

                    • Kleine schwaine, you are a typical Swedish person – every Swede has a cyrillic key-board, speaks fluent russian and insults his own magnificent country, Sweden, on a daily basis……

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      And every Russian speaks fluent Swedish, English, German, and French — agreed?

            • Klaine Schwaine wrote;

              Haha, henceforth the drooling Pshek will forever be adding the following clarification when replying to AT:

              >> AT, the f#$%^ing russian baboon who does not think he is Swedish >>

              Snälla AT: Alltså hur FAAN kan du vara så ohyfsad att du inte uppskattar IKEA?!? :-)


              My God you soooo stupid and retarded – you truly need medical treatment – what about the electric shocks….

              • Manfred Steifschwanz

                No, I need at least 20 years in a “Lycée de Merde Pure Catholique”, or as you referred to it in a recent post. “Catholic Boring School”, ha!

  7. AT wrote;
    What’s wrong about the 5 helicopters?
    We are scared to death that these 5 junk russian mighty helicopters will destroy the Western World – what a perfect deterrant to keep nuclear balance. Isn’t it a russian ‘genius’??

    By the way, I thought it will be easier for you to sing in russian than in german, am I correct??

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Actually, I find German pronounciation somewhat easier than Russian. My Russian has a weak Swedish accent to it whereas my German has no accent whatsoever.

      mccusa, neither you nor myself is a Western imbecile. Rather, one of us is a Westerner and one…

      • Are you bragging that you are a Westerner? Is this consistent with your periodic calls for destruction of the Western world and capitalism and your denunciations of “bourgeoisie?”

        By the way, nobody gives a rat’s ass what language you speak with an accent and which without. What’s that to us here?

        • I have to admit that the Western world, capitalist and bourgeois values are very dear to me, although its much fun to expose the little Pshek’s stupidity.

          • I don’t quite understand what this word “Pshek” means; you and others use it repeatedly, but there is no such word.

            And as to you statement, I doubt very much that Western values are dear to you. The most important of them are freedom and importance of an individual. Since you ardently support semi-totalitarian regime in the Kremlin (and maybe I should even drop the “semi” thing) which is openly derisive toward these values and suppresses much of freedom, I just don’t see how your previous statements can be reconciled with your last post.

            • RV, you also don’t know what barakhlo means, but I don’t remember your castigating mccusa for using the term. Preferential treatment?

              On the individualist values, you cannot be much wrong. I am an ardent supporter of those. And, in fact, Russia is evolving into a highly individualistic society right. As I repeated many times, the current regime actually ensures individual freedoms enjoyed by the country’s majority and the country’s every sizeable minority in their everyday lives. Just please read my statements more carefully. I repeated this again and again and again, you just appear either not to get it or to ignore it. There is very little collectivist in Russia’s current regime.

              • I meant you cannot be much more wrong of course.

              • In fact, on this very forum one of the “Russophobes” living in Russia, a “Steamed McQueen”, if I am not mistaken directly stated that an average Russian enjoys fewer restrictions in his everyday life than an average US citizen. I would agree with this statement.

              • There you’ve got me. I don’t know what barakhlo is either, but I have not noticed it before. Perhaps, because it was not capitalized. Since I was just now given a chart with various ethnic slurs, I checked and found nothing there.

                Russia is certainly evolving along individualistic lines, but I did not mean that freedom to extort and to pay bribes is what this should be about.

                And about rejecting collectivist mentality, I remember they showed your Paramount Leader on TV publicly ordering a business owner to pay arrears on wages. People with individualistic sense go to court to redress grievances, collectivists petition the Leader to do it for them.

                • Re: bribes, freedom — I am not sure if any most classical Jeffersonian government will be able to eliminate bribes fast; I would not object exercising the freedom to pay flat tax in this country, however. Russians definitely enjoy it.

                  Re: “petitioning the Leader” — not really, individualists would do anything that effectively serves their individual goals. If a petition to a Leader works faster than due legal process, why would individualists reject this means?

                  • AT, Russians also enjoy the massive system of bribes and corruption that crushes them.

                    • Here we come again. Yes, Russians currently suffer from the massive system of bribes and corruption. Although this system is not as ubiquitous as is often pictured, it is a serious problem, which will not be resolved overnight. Russia has many more problems in addition to corruption, some of which are, in fact, more serious than corruption. Which of my previous statements does this prove to be wrong? Really, next time I will answer any of your statement with something equally unrelated, like “Andrew, Georgian women are also infamous for their moustache — doesn’t this bother you in your marital life?”

                    • Andrew, have you actually read my statement above?

                      Re: bribes — I am not sure if any most classical Jeffersonian government will be able to eliminate bribes fast;

                    • How typical of a Russian to resort to racial stereotypes, maybe we should mention the horror of Russian women over 30, definitely a case of get them while they are young….

                      Anyway, I am sympathizing with the average Russian who is crushed by the bribes they have to pay even to prove their home is their own, or to get their child basic medical treatment in the supposedly “free” state healthcare system in Russia.

                      Unfortunately you are too retarded to understand the sarcasm in the term enjoy in my previous post.

                      Maybe next time I will us speech marks to make it easier for you.

                      One should be nice to those who have to attend remedial education classes I guess.

                    • Well, read mccusa’s comment to see what’s typical. As far as the case of Georgian women’s moustache is concerned, this is not a stereotype, but a genetic trait and a commonly observed fact. Hit a sensitive spot, I get. Horror of Russian women? I have no idea what you are talking about. With your tendencies to talk too much about gay stuff, I am not surprised however. As for sympathy, reserve it for the Georgians : with a GDP of a Sub-Saharan African country and 55% of population employed in subsistence farming, they view Russia, with bribes or not, as a land of opportunity. And they leave their reformed Georgia by thousands. Having crossed the border, the swiftly recollect the Russian language and acquire toilet cleaning skills. As for sarcasm… just don’t try to use figures of speach before you get a better education.

                    • Not really AT, see your Russian predeliction for closet activities I find amusing rather than exciting, there is a reason Russian women prefer foreign men (including Georgians) as Russian men are notoriously abusive and bad in bed (read unable to perform).

                      Having lived in Georgia for several years, Georgian women are no more hairy than any others, of course during the cold war we all thought Russian women had mustaches, and it was an accepted fact that they are ugly. Certainly some Russian women are attractive, but they tend to fat and hairiness upon passing 30.

                      As for figures of speach really AT, too funny. Maybe you should learn English properly before posting.

                  • Andrew, I just knew that any mentioning of the topic would incite you to write at least a paragraph. You always do this. I was really amused to see a link where all your quotes related to the topic were provided. Quite a list. Your poor wife! I am still not sure what experiences with Russian men who are bad in bed and Russian fat women you are talking about, again, this should be your wife’s concern. As far as my typo is concerned — this is your gratitude for my teaching you how to spell “definitely”?

                • Re: “petitioning the Leader” — not really, individualists would do anything that effectively serves their individual goals. If a petition to a Leader works faster than due legal process, why would individualists reject this means?

            • RV, here’s a list of ethnic slurs worldwide, including “Pshek” and, as an aside, the quite cool Finnish slur for Swedes; to wit “Hurri” :-)


              • Well, I had no idea it was an ethnic slur in Russian. I don’t use ethnic slurs.

              • Kleine schwaine, the world stopped using ethnic slurs to describe russians – they are apparently not considered human…By the way, in the USA russia drop off the radar completely, but sometimes in the political discussion russia is mentioned. The last one I remember was a good one; when somebody mentioned russia the answer was;’ there is no place to discuss kleptocrats and criminals in this program’..

                • Silly Pshek, you forgot the compulsory clarification on line #1:

                  >> the f#$%^ing russian baboon who thinks he is Swedish >>

                  You’re also immensely downplaying your relevance in your very own field of expertise:

                  >> the world stopped using ethnic slurs to describe russians >>

                  Or do you not consider yourself part of the world? If only!

        • >> Are you bragging that you are a Westerner? >>

          Hell yes — well, not exactly. Needless to say, it’s the particular context that takes top precedence here. As far as the Pshek trashbag is concerned, who is and who is not a Westerner MATTERS A LOT. Be sure it evokes refined amusement in me indeed as mccusa desperately holds on to his foolish axiom that Manfred Steifschwanz must be a Russian. I couldn’t possibly care less as I never succumbed myself to the notion of Western supremacy in the first place, but it’s just an absolutely irresistible temptation pointing out to a wannabe Western imbecile who can claim “Herrenvolk” status.

          >> By the way, nobody gives a rat’s ass what language you speak with an accent and which without. What’s that to us here? >>

          Don’t be so dense, RV. My skills in the two specific languages of Russian and German make perfect sense in view of the Pshek’s latest witless rhetorical question. Remember too, dear, that you really don’t have to read each and every post submitted.

          • Kleine Schwaine, aka, the f#$%ing russian baboon who thinks he is Swedish,
            I know, I know to be accused of being Russian is an ultimate insult – to be a russian means that you are half russian and half mongolian, so typical russian has a slit eyes, mongol fold, high cheek bones bur rosy cheeks. To be a russian means that you don’t know anything about hygene, being russian also means that you are born slave without any self respect, honor or dignity, just look at your history – you have been put through the inimaginable cruelty, humiliation, and depravation by your own government – and apparently it is OK with you. Perhaps you russians should succumb to the Western Superiority so you will live like human being – perhaps not…. This pathological hate for Poland tels us that you are 100% russian…

            • Sorry, Pshek — however hard you try, your anti-Russian racist tantrums don’t have the magic to turn you into a WESTERN imbecile; you just remain that same old, boring Pshek imbecile which only Kim Zigfeld would fall heads over heels for (some reward, eh?). Out of sheer compassion for you, here are some assorted, yet highly dependable, tips in order to make your imbecility appear more Western:

              A) Strongly litter your poor English vocabulary with popular, reactionary buzzwords. Do bear in mind that some are indeed 100% mandatory according to the curriculum, most notably
              “terrorist”, “Islamofascist”, “al Qaeda”, and so on. Muslims and Arabs are fair game post-USSR. Catch up, at last.

              B) “B” as in Bohdan. The Ukro sod makes up for his hollow head with a whole host of slang idioms and proverbs in English. This makes his tantrums appear to originate from a level slightly above the foul, stinking gutter that’s yours and — of course — gives a boost to his Western imbecile credentials.

              C) IMPORTANT NOTE ON WORLD WAR 2 DRIVEL: Western imbeciles are not really interested in any Eastern European sob-stories, even if lip-service will be duly paid should the powers that be put emphasis on some quaint topic (Katyn, for instance). To a Western imbecile, World War 2 is 100% Anglo-centric, period.

              • Kleine Schwaine, russian baboon, wrote;
                C) IMPORTANT NOTE ON WORLD WAR 2 DRIVEL: Western imbeciles are not really interested in any Eastern European sob-stories, even if lip-service will be duly paid should the powers that be put emphasis on some quaint topic (Katyn, for instance). To a Western imbecile, World War 2 is 100% Anglo-centric, period.

                If Poland belongs toEastern Europe the so called ‘european russia’ should be called Western Asia….

              • Gee Whiz “Manfredo Stiff Dick”?

                Why just stop at ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’? Why not continue on all the way to ‘M’, where you will find ‘Manfredo Stiff Dick’ or to use the more correct Manfredo Stiff Prick alias that you use in its German vocabulary form! Why hide your real name, or is it that ridiculous or is it a Muscal one that shames you into using a ridiculous alias? What next comrade Vegetable Swede.

                Still it describes you superbly, as a ‘dick’, has a head that has no brain, a one ‘eye’ that is blind and whose closest and best friend is an arsehole.

                • Manfred Steifschwanz

                  Wrong, Boredan. You are not my best friend; far from it. But I do appreciate your honesty when referring to yourself :-)



                  • No, no and no Manfredo Stiffprick

                    It is you that is still wrong, as always. So back to kindergarten for you to learn English to understand that language properly. Better still, stick to your swede dialect, you sound so much better at it, as no one on this English speaking blog understands it – and that’s excellent in itself!!!

                    Geez can you make up stupidly sick stories, so don’t B/S about “honesty”, as you don’t know what that word means because you are one ‘hell of a lying basket’, you lying liar of all liars.

                    Your muddled thinking and irrelevance reveals that you have stopped taking your psychiatric medications? Naughty, naughty, go back on them immediately and sleep your psychosis off, tomorrow you will feel a little better.

              • Manfredo Stiffprick,

                Your comment “should the powers that be put emphasis on some quaint topic (Katyn, for instance).” just shows how devoid of truth and reason you really are.

                Try saying that to any normal Polish person, and see what contemptible remark – extremely well deserved – you will receive in return.

                • Manfred Steifschwanz

                  Don’t worry, my precious little Ukro. This forum has an irrepressible Pshek parading his knowledge for Manfred Steifschwanz to see.

                  As an aside, It’s amusing you do accept me as a Swede whereas the Pshek clearly does not.

            • Can you expand what in your view is wrong with being half-mongolian or to have slit eyes? As far as the digingy is concerned, do you think a dignified person would come to a web site every day with the only goal to post insults and racial slurs? You are trying to portray yourself as somehow part of the Western civilization here, but your posts comprise everything this civilization stands against. I can understand your anger, which is caused by your country’s history that, according to the modern version of your text books, comprised little but humiliation, but I suggest getting past it would be a more constructive outcome for you than venting it here.

              • Manfred Steifschwanz

                AT, with all due respect: Since when did Western civilization liberate anybody? Don’t ever confuse liberal platitudes with colonialist and imperialist reality. Indeed, Adolf Hitler was an arch-Westerner. However, given the prevailing circumstances, he had no choice but to level good ol’ Europe for his very Western desires. And so we’ve come to know Nazi Germany and its regime as “fascist” whereas ever-lasting Anglo-American-Zionist mass murder, torture, and lawlessness throughout the world qualifies as “Democracy” — more specifically “Western democracy”.

        • Poor AT, what a humongous inferiority complex but if anybody could see the russian public toilets one would understand….

          • You mentioned the word “toilet” in about half of your posts. I am not sure who has what complex, but I am worried about your mental health. Aftereffects of a Catholic Boarding School education?

            • AT,

              mccusa is quite right in referring to “the word ‘toilet’ in about half of” his posts when he is replying to you. In that you come over very strongly as a classic “English talking toilet” on account of the unbelievable rubbish (i.e. sh*t) you spin ad nauseam.

              Be a good little commie propagandist and get used to it, the sooner the better.

              • Bohdan, I wish mccusa’s toilet references were somehow literary. If you read his posts, you will find them quire literal, however. The guy is just obscessed with scatology. I guess his self-confessed Catholic Boarding School background played a role. Also, what exactly makes you think I am somehow related to communism? I am part of the generation that ensured the demise of communism, both in Russia and globally. Do you genuinely think that Russia is somehow communist at this point in time? I don’t think any people who post here would agree with you on that.

    • Who told you that the goal was to scare the Pscheks with 5 helicopters? What led you to conclude they are part of Russia’s nuclear shield?

      • AT, what a statement!! what a russian baboon you are – this statement is simply priceless!!!

      • Kleine Schwaine wrote;

        Who told you that the goal was to scare the Pscheks with 5 helicopters? What led you to conclude they are part of Russia’s nuclear shield?

        Don’t you even think you russian ‘comediens’ to stop ‘celebrating the’victory’ parade – you cannot be THAT cruel and deprive the civilized world of this pathetic performance of russian stupidity – you are truly a village idiots…..

        • Sorry, Pshek: It was AT — you know “the f#$%^ing russian baboon who does NOT think he is Swedish” — who wrote about the helicopters. Didn’t I (Manfred Steifschwanz, that is) sort of tell you that you should add the above clarification henceforth? It would make things so much easier for yourself, mon petit.

          Ergo: Two intelligent adversaries => Power outage all the way between mccusa’s dirty little ears. Poor sod indeed, this Pshek.

  8. The true ‘victory’ celebration took place in Lviv.

    • No need to say that the Lviv celebration was to your taste, it just confirms what you are. In my view, to allow what should be celebrated as a day that ensured Ukraine’s survival as a nation to deteriorate into a banal brawl is somewhat petty, undignified and tasteless. But that’s Ukraine.

      • What happened in Lviv?

        • A brawl between Ukrainian and Russian nationalists.

          • AT wrote,
            What happened in Ukraine: A brawl between Ukrainian and Russian nationalists.
            Wishful thinking, dear AT. The Ukrainian patriots, ‘celebrated’ the ‘victory’ parade, expressing, once again, the total contempt and hate for the russians occupiers – they desacrated russian and soviet flags, chanted ‘down with the dirty moscals’, cleaned their shoes with those flags – the symbols of russian/soviet barbarity, removed from the chest of the russians slaves those strange ribbons wore during the ‘victory’ parade. Those ribbons, by the way, remind the cloth the uniforms the slaves in the gulags were made – black/yellow stripes – how appropriate.

            AT, the so called ‘brawl’ between Ukrainian patriots and russian invaders send a simple mesage – UKRAINE WANTS TO BE A PART OF THE FREE AND DEMOCRATIC EUROPE. The russian/soviet alternative is not an option…

            • Yes, shows how civil these “patriots” are. And, sure, desacrating flags, changing insults, cleaning shoes with flags is the sure sign of readiness to join the free and democratic Europe.

              • AT, the Ukrainians want the one thing and one thing only to get rid of the russian infestation of their country. May I suggest that russians should be pushed behind the Ural Mountains, but then it might upset Chinese, Mongols and all Central Asia….What to do with those russians rejected by the whole world.

                • Some Ukrainians do want that, they fall right into the category their own president labeled as “moral freaks”.

              • AT, Tell me how else can Ukrainians get rid of the russian infestation of their country???

  9. Medvedev Snubbing Beslan Mothers Talks

    President Dmitry Medvedev at the last minute dodged a meeting with mothers who lost their children in the bloody Beslan crisis, possibly fearing that they would criticize his patron and predecessor Vladimir Putin.

    The Kremlin failed to account for the cancellation, and though unofficial sources said the meeting was only rescheduled, that looked like damage control after what an analyst called a failed publicity stunt.

    Medvedev has already taken flak from bloggers this week for not inviting the more vocal critics of the Kremlin’s handling of the 2004 Beslan crisis, which left 334 dead — most of them children.

    Susanna Dudiyeva and Elvira Tutayeva flew from North Ossetia to Moscow on Thursday only to learn that their meeting with Medvedev — which he promised them months ago — was postponed until “sometime next week,” local news web site said.

    The presidential office issued no statement on the matter, and a Kremlin spokeswoman contacted by The Moscow Times refused to comment.

    “It was known yesterday, but we learned about it only today,” Dudiyeva, who is a member of the Beslan Mothers Committee, said Thursday.

    Medvedev had unspecified “urgent business,” another committee member, Aneta Gadiyeva, told, without elaborating. The president visited a Moscow children’s hospital Thursday, where he called on Russian filmmakers to shoot a movie about disabled kids “on par with ‘Forrest Gump.'”

    The three-day standoff at the Beslan school, seized by Islamist militants in September 2004, ended in a bloody storming by law enforcement agencies and the deaths of many hostages.

    Several official probes cleared governmental agencies involved in the siege, but critics, including many Beslan mothers, have accused officials of mishandling the operation and possibly sacrificing children’s lives in order to destroy the terrorists.

    Putin, who was the president in 2004, only offered to meet with the Beslan Mothers Committee once, but most members turned down the proposal in 2005 because it was scheduled for the anniversary of the siege and disrupted mourning for the victims.

    A group called Voice of Beslan split from the Beslan Mothers Committee, also in 2005, and took a pronounced anti-Kremlin stance on the matter, demanding the dismissal of top counter-terrorism officials, as well as Putin himself. The group was declared extremist and banned the same year, but continued to operate without legal status.

    Medvedev visited the memorial to the victims in Beslan in February, when he briefly spoke with Dudiyeva and Tutayeva and promised them a more substantial meeting. The invitation was not extended to Voice of Beslan members, which caused many bloggers to accuse him of hypocrisy.

    The committee said Wednesday that it was planning to ask Medvedev to punish regional, not federal, officials for their handling of the siege, and to create a legal status for victims of terrorist attacks, which would entitle them to certain social benefits for their loss.

    “Both the Beslan Mothers and the Voice of Beslan trust Medvedev, that’s why we have been seeking the meeting for the last two years,” Ella Kasayeva, chairwoman of the Voice of Beslan, said by telephone Thursday.

    “We believe he has a more human face,” she said.

    The meeting looked like a mistake by Medvedev’s PR team, which wanted to play him against Putin, but did not dare to, said Stanislav Belkovsky, an independent political analyst.

    “Medvedev’s team might have decided to pitch him against Putin, but realized at the last moment that he can’t do that,” Belkovsky said by telephone.

    “When the scandal with the Voice of Beslan roared across the Internet, Medvedev realized he would face questions he can’t answer,” he said.

  10. “Actually, you had 6 black senators during all the US history. 6 out of 1120 ever elected.”

    Senate elections are based on a winner takes all principle. In light of the fact that Blacks are a minority in virtually every US State, it’s surprising that any Blacks have won. This would be like a muslim winning the mayorship of Moscow.

    “Right now there are 2 hispanic senators (out of 100), though 16% citizens are hispanic.”
    The number of seats allocated are not based on the percent of the total votes a party obtains.

    P.S. 17% americans living below the poverty line (USD 5500- a year per family member) are represented by the brave 17 socialist senators, of course.

    5,500? I would love to see your source for this information.

    • I haven’t heard “and you lynch blacks” argument in a while. But there they go, it’s back. In his zealous anti-Americanism, he forgot for a second that we actually have a black President now.

      And the funny part in your message, James, is that you mentioned “winning the mayorship of Moscow.” What “winning?” Doesn’t the Paramount Leader for Life appoint the mayor of Moscow? Didn’t they just fire one, without bothering with all that pesky election?

  11. “17% americans living below the poverty line (USD 5500- a year per family member) are represented by the brave 17 socialist senators, of course.”

    My mistake. I thought it read 5,500 per family. Anyway, since when did definitions of poverty become objective? Each country defines poverty individually.

  12. Yeah, Maimun, the USA will nuke China to save Russia – don’t you call this cosmic stupidity????

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