EDITORIAL: Greedy, Heartless Russians


Greedy, Heartless Russians

“In the United States, 90 percent of the population regularly donates to charities. For an American to give a portion of their income to charity is the most natural thing. We can only dream of such an attitude here.”

–Russian actress Chulpan Khamatova, a founder of Russia’s leading charity organization, the Give a Life foundation

Any time you compare Russia to America, the result is that Russia comes out looking like a third-world country on the brink of collapse.  Take charities, for example.   The most well-supported American charity by the American public is the Salvation Army, which every year collects public donations well in excess of $1.5 billion. Every one of the top 18 American charities ranked by income collects at least $100 million in public donations. Since Russia’s economy is only one-tenth the size of America’s, you would expect the top Russian charity to receive about $150 million in yearly public support.  But the Give a Life foundation, Russia’s best performer, doesn’t even get close to raking in $5 million per year.

There are three possible explanations for the wretched performance of Russian charities:  (1) Russians are greedy and heartless; (2) Russians are too poor to afford charity; (3) Russians are so appalled by the level of corruption in their country that they don’t trust anyone to properly dispose of their money.

We think all three explanations are accurate, but by far the most important factor is that Russians simply don’t care what happens to their fellow citizens, much less their fellow man.  If you examine Russian history, you see a consistent and reckless failure of the Russian people to stand up for the rights of their neighbors. This was particularly vivid during the time of Stalin.

But corruption too is critical.  Take for instance a recent charity concert promulgated by something called the Federation Foundation.  Sharon Stone showed up to listen to Russian “prime minister” Vladimir Putin sing “Blueberry Hill” in order to raise piles of cash for sick children.  The only problem was that there was no such thing as the Federation Foundation and Russia Beyond the Headlines reports that “a real uproar broke out after the mother of a gravely ill girl” who had been used in the Foundation’s propaganda materials “alleged in an open letter that the hospital where her daughter was being treated hadn’t received a penny from the foundation.” Oops.

And how about Russian poverty?  As with Russian corruption, if you listened to the lies being told by the Putin regime about its performance on Russian national TV, which it owns and controls, you would think that the only possible explanation for Russian failure to support charity is Russian heartlessness and greed. According to Putin, he has battled and defeated Russian corruption and poverty, and he has the public opinion poll ratings to prove it.

With the sinking of the unlicensed Volga River cruise ship Bulgaria the world saw the very worst that is Russia.  A captain sailed a listing ship despite the risk to his passengers. The passengers meekly allowed their children to risk their lives, and other passing boats sailed right by the disaster as it happened.  The government totally ignored the dangerous vessels, knowing that it could not replace them or make them safe and knowing that taking them out of service would make the public angry.  Instead of admitting its guilt, the goverment instead sought to use criminal charge to deflect attention from its failed policies. Where were those arrests a few weeks ago, when they might have saved lives?

Russia is a country that simply does not value individual human lives.  Russians watch in cowardly silence as the government liquidates opposition journalists and politicians like Politkovaskaya and Starovoitova, and it does not call the government to account in elections.  Russians do not give to charity despite their allegedly prosperous economy because they simply do not care what happens to fellow Russians or to future generations. In the time of Stalin, they informed on their neighbors for personal gain or just looked the other way as Stalin’s goons carried them off to the camps.

No country can survive immorality and stupidity this bestial. Certainly, Russia cannot.


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  1. I’m not particularly surprised by the Russian attitude to charities, given what happened in the early nineties.

    As I recall, the Orthodox Church, the Ice Hockey Federation, and Afghan Veteran organizations were given tax exemptions to import alcohol and cigarettes. The last two promptly became hotbeds of contract killings.

    All three were charities at the time. Probably best avoided!

  2. Russian nationalist

    1)”Greedy, Heartless Russians” – You are somehow reserved today with finding words writing about Russian subhumans. I expected you to be more eloquent. You forgot to mention that Russians drink vodka mixed with baby’s blood in the morning.
    2) “…the government liquidates opposition journalists and politicians like Politkovaskaya and Starovoitova…” Politkovskaya’s murder was organised by the Chechens. You don’t mention this fact obviously because of your well-known inherent politeness.
    Starovoitova was killed in 1998 when Yeltsin was still Russian president. I believe you like Yeltsin. No?

    • Jason Peacock

      I wish what this editorial relates were not true, but the history is clear: Russians are an especially barbaric people, many of whom ‘eat their own’ with a willingness wrong his or her neighbour for personal financial gain even if it means death to the victim, especially if the perpetrators enjoy a position of authority or a means to secure corrupt legal immunity. One major example has been the explosive case of Sergei Magnitsky.

      No doubt every kind of ethnicity has its evildoers, but Russians are among the worst offenders in the greatest numbers for corruption to give its nation a very justifiable reputation and ranking as one of the most corrupt nations on earth.

      • Russian nationalist

        Jason Peacock “Russians are an especially barbaric people, many of whom eat their own…”
        Sure, I eat my fellow Russians from time to time too. Yummy! We have especially low IQ and descent directly from… hmm… African cannibals (does it sound politically correct enough?). By and large, we are dirty, parasitic nation easily detected by measuring our little brainless skulls. Oops, you know, actually you are not original with this lovely theory. There was a guy, known as Adolf Schicklgruber in Germany. He was quite popular some 70 years ago. Google him!

          • Russian nationalist

            Wow! You are so smart! I can use google too. Here we go:
            I like the story of American Albert Fish. So nasty! Yuck!
            Check this out. the USA, Australia, Germany! I wonder do people really so hungry over there?

            • You implied Russians don’t eat Russians, and that claim is false.

              If you are content to allow Russians to go on eating other Russians because some citizens of other countries also eat their own, you have very little love for Russia.

              You might also pause to consider that the US has had the same stable constitution for more than two centuries while Russian civilization has collapsed three times in just the past century alone. So, in other words, Russia has a little more to worry about.

              And the context of this post, showing that dollar-for-dollar Russians are 35 TIMES less generous to charity than Americans ought to clue you in to the scope and magnitude of this problem.

              • Russian nationalist

                Do you imply that American Constitution and 200 years of the American democracy prevent Americans from eating some other Americans? I didn’t know that the founding fathers were devotees of Voodoo magic. Every day your blog reveals some unknown facts.
                Seriously speaking, probably you are correct to some extent. But I personally and people around me prefer to make donations directly to the needy people we see around us. We and probably many others like us are not included into the statistics.
                I remember during the Soviet time they collected money “for the hungry children of Nicaragua”. We never knew where that money went. Once burned by milk you will blow on cold water. I want to know that my money goes to the people who are really in need. Of course it’s a telling sign of people’s distrust in the state’s institutions and intentions. But it’s not a sign of people’s greediness or heartlessness.

                • No, you misunderstand because you do not read. We did not imply but STATED that Americans eating Americans is less serious because America is a stable society. If Russia were stable, it would be unfair to single Russia out. But Russia isn’t stable. And Russia’s problem with cannibalism is FAR worse than America’s, just as Russia’s problem with crime generally, fire fatalities, road fatalities, smoking fatalities, AIDS fatalities and all other social ills is far worse.

                  If you can’t read, you should not write.

                  • Russian nationalist

                    “…Americans eating Americans is less serious …” You are a funny dude. I really like you. Unlike me you are definitely an avid reader. Did you read Daniil Kharms’ stories? He was a real master of absurdity. Oops, I forgot, sorry. You don’t read about Russia. You write about Russia.

                    • Jason Peacock

                      The idiomatic expression ‘eat their own’ also refers to the extreme propensity of Russians willing to harm their fellow Russians even to the point of murder if they have reason to believe that they can extract illicit financial advantage with impunity from legal justice. In principle, how is the practice of such many Russians victimizing others with corruption and murder any different than that of African savages who kill and eat victims for the advantage of increasing their ‘magical powers’ and influence in their cannibal clans?

        • Actually “Schicklgruber” was only a wartime propaganda by the Allies.


          • Russian nationalist

            I think you understand that my remark was not about “Schicklgruber” as such but about Nazi racist ideology. Shall we discuss the difference about Nazi perception of the Russians as subhumans and Russophobe’s view of the Russians as subhumans?

          • The term Schickgruber was used predominantly by the Americans – who have a tendency to fantasize somewhat. I have not seen this name for decades and thought it had died alongside the propaganda of Dr J Goebbels and the Soviet communists up to, but not including, M. Gorbachev.

            My, my wonders will never cease. It has raised its ugly head from Putin’s neo soviet Russia.

            • Russian nationalist

              Do you mean that a name “Schicklgruber” (surname of Hitler’s paternal grand mother) is the worst sign of Putin’s propaganda? LOL
              If I were Hitler I wouldn’t have been offended to be named by my grandma’s name. Anyway, it’s very good that you protect Hitler’s memory. If not you – who else then? LOL

              • Me?? me of all people protect Hitler!! That murdering idiot. Just shows how screwed up you really are.

                And I thought you had some intelligence. Obviously I was wrong. LOL

                What next comrade?? That Stalin was the gentlest, kindest of all Russians? Yes, ooh yes, I know he was Georgian, but I am talking about you now.

                • Russian nationalist

                  Bohdan, I am afraid you are not following the discussion. We don’t discuss Hitler’s genealogy here but rather whether “La Russophobe’s” definitions of the Russian people amounts to Nazi racism. What’d you reckon?

                  • “Russian” is not a race, you totally illiterate dolt, it is a nationality. The nationality “Russian” is SUPPOSED to consist of MANY different races.

                    Our criticism of Russians, moreover, is not aimed at ALL Russians, but only the VAST MAJORITY who actively or passively support Putin and his Gestapo. Many other Russians (Politkovskaya, Starovoitova, Kozlovsky, Nemtsov, Milov, Ryzhkov, Latynina) are lionized as heroes on this blog.

                    Your ignorance and mendacity are truly Nazi-like, as is your pathetic propaganda.

                    • Russian nationalist

                      Your blog is internet hotbed for hate speech camouflaged with some anti-authoritarian rhetoric aiming to instigate and promote hatred towards Russians on grounds of nationality and ethnicity. Let me quote from you, my knowledgeable and polite friends:
                      From your recent blog entries: “Greedy, heartless Russians”; “Russians simply don’t care what happens to their fellow citizens”; “…a consistent and reckless failure of the Russian people to stand up for the rights of their neighbours…”; “Appalled by Russian barbarism…”; “Benighted by their neo-Soviet fog and childish idiocy, Russians cannot see…”; “But the best evidence of Russian hypocrisy and mendacity…”; “Russians screamed and howled in its predictable and impotent manner…”; “Russians watched as their fellow citizens met their doom, and waited for their own turn like brainless chickens before the slaughterhouse “; “…But as is so often the case with Russians, they do exactly the opposite of what they should be doing…”; “Russian ignorance, unbound”; “we continue to be utterly stunned by the extent of Russian barbarism and ignorance…”; “it is truly breathtaking that Russians can look at any other country and think themselves even remotely erudite…”; “…Russians are Hopeless…”; “…reminded the world how hopeless Russians really are…” etc.
                      I have to admit you succeed with that. Some of your commentators got the bait:
                      “The only thing the world should do is to be sure that those who will march to the gulags are all ethnic Russians”; “I have to remind you that the russian slaves marched from the so called ‘victory parade’ in moscow in 1945…”; “…the DOG FOOD that russian army is being fed with…”; “… it is difficult to consider russians humans; hence no place for them even in teh dock at Nurember”; “The French made a great financial deal in selling that junk called Mistral to stupid retarded Russians…” (MCCUSA).
                      “The stupidity of the average Moscal sheeple is unbelievable…”; “I just cannot wait to read the replies or excuses by those Russophile imbeciles…”; (BOHDAN) and so on and so forth.

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      Haha, this is really a supreme example:of something ABSOLUTELY UNPARDONABLE in “polite society”: Adding honesty to typical Western deceitful bluster, thus irrevocably spoiling the latter in the process.

                      >> Our criticism of Russians, moreover, is not aimed at ALL Russians, but only the VAST MAJORITY who actively or passively support Putin and his Gestapo. >>

                      Well put, team! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Of course, there are quite a few corollary questions that tacitly follow from this frank admission. Suffice it to say here though that Putin is definitely not alone in this predicament. Alongside Putin, we find Nasrallah, Mugabe, Chávez, Castro, Ahmadinejad, and so on and so forth. Ever heard of the proverbial “Axis of Evil”, guys?

                    • Although I am not a nationalist and disagree with the ideology of Russian nationalism as much as I disagree with any other ethnicity-based ideology, I should say the above summarizes this blog very accurately…and in addition one could quote la Russophobe’s own comments overtly defending statements of posters like Mccusa.

                    • Ah comrade Absolute Trash,

                      You have finally given yourself away! you are none other then that feeble brained communist apologist Manfredo Limpdick, the vegetable swede, operating under another alias, so common for your grovelling and dishonest type.

                      It’s a sad fact of life that you neither possess the honesty nor the integrity of every day human beings. But then what’s new.

                    • First, its just interesting what what would lead you to such a conclusion; second, you can e-mail the 0wner of this blog and ask if the messages of these two posters come from the same part of the world; third, why are you so obsessed with who I am? Finally, does inventing insulting names for other people here make you feel better? If you are older than 12, you might consider seeking professional help then.

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      Supposedly, Boredan would hardly notice if it were irrefutably proved to him that AT and myself are posting from different countries. It’s the same story with mccusa’s rants to the effect that I’m Russian, no matter what. Having long since run out of anything sensible to say, they stick to their utter depravity just like flies take to excrement.

                      Boredan, I have to ask you again since you wrote it for the second time (at least): Is “than” spelled “then” in Cretensian English? Or is it Ukro-Aussie English spelling?

                    • So, LR, in your view, Russians cannot govern themselves and, as a result, must not be allowed to have a form of governance supported by the majority. In other words, any rule by the people is just not for them.

                      Instead, you say, Russians should be ruled by an elite of people who are considered to be qualified to do so by representatives of a more advanced nation , despite the fact that the track records, plans, aspirations, ideas and values of this elite are perceived as unattractive by the vast majority of the Russians.

                      Thus, you appear to argue, Russians need some sort of an elite/master race to rule them, and the imposition of a non-democratic, [quasi-]colonial rule over them by a more enlightened/superior elite/nation would be in their interest in the first place? Right?

      • Russian nationalist

        “…the extreme propensity of Russians willing to harm their fellow Russians…” I like your quasi-scientific language. Let me quote some more scientists of your kind in support of your brilliant but outdated idea:
        “Furthermore, do not forget that these rulers (Russians) belong to a race which combines, in a rare mixture, bestial cruelty and an inconceivable gift for lying, and which today more than ever is conscious of a mission to impose its bloody oppression on the whole world. “ (Adolf Hitler “Mein Kampf”, Chapter XIV: Eastern Orientation or Eastern Policy);
        “…The subhuman (Russians) is a biological creature, crafted by nature, which has hands, legs, eyes and mouth, even the semblance of a brain. Nevertheless, this terrible creature is only a partial human being. Although it has features similar to a human, the subhuman is lower on the spiritual and psychological scale than any animal. Inside of this creature lies wild and unrestrained passions: an incessant need to destroy, filled with the most primitive desires, chaos and coldhearted villainy.” (Henry Himmler, “Der Untermensch”)

        • Didn’t Htler believe “these rulers” to be rather Jews?

          You know, like in this Holocaust-denial blog:
          (“Chinese bayonets”? Okay…)

          • Russian nationalist

            “The war against Russia will be such that it cannot be conducted in a knightly fashion. This struggle is one of ideologies and RACIAL DIFFERENCES and will have to be conducted with unprecedented, unmerciful and unrelenting harshness.”
            ADOLF HITLER, To conference of senior officers of Wehrmacht, March 1941
            “One basic principle must be the absolute rule for the S.S. men. We must be honest, decent, loyal, and comradely to members of our own blood and nobody else. What happens to a RUSSIAN and a Czech does not interest me in the least….Whether nations live in prosperity or starve to death interests me only in so far as we need them as SLAVES for our culture: otherwise it is of no interest to me….I wish the S.S. to adopt this attitude towards the problem of all foreign, non-Germanic peoples, ESPECIALLY RUSSIANS….
            “HEINRICH HIMMLER The Posen speech to SS officers (6 October 1943)

            • That’s not quite the answer to my (rhetorical) question. Germans believed the Russians to be Slavic-Asiatic (Mongol influence), but ruled by Jews.

              • And it was the Jews to be “a race which combines, in a rare mixture, bestial cruelty and an inconceivable gift for lying, and which today more than ever is conscious of a mission to impose its bloody oppression on the whole world”. (Communism being a part of the global Jewish conspiracy just like capitalism.)

                • So, according to you, Robert, Hitler did not consider most ethnicities living in Russia as non-humans? Or is it just another attempt to use a technical inaccuracy to try to discredit a factually correct statement? Whether you are a self-taught or a trained propagandist, you are one of the best here to use deflection and half-truths. This really speaks volumes for the agenda you are trying to promote — is it really so hopeless that you cannot do without these obvious and annoying tricks?

                  • I’m not talking to you.

                    (Just to remind you, because I didn’t even read beyond “Robert”.)

                    • Who cares (I think you did, though).

                    • Getting gender confused there AT?

                    • What? Is this one of your jokes involving your favorite topic or am I missing something?

                    • Absolute Trash

                      Many a thing are said in jest, but your comment “or am I missing something?” is spot on! The thing that you are missing is a lot of grey matter upstairs.

                    • No AT, just “Maggie” and you have a remarkable similarity in assinine writing style.

                      BTW, having been to several meetings recently at the Georgian Ministry of Justice, I can tell you right off, when you claim that meetings are held in Russian in Georgian government ministries, that is an outright lie, as the deputy Minister informed me, Georgian or English. Russian is lingua non grata in Georgian government buildings for official meetings.

                    • BogDone, what I am missing is how you manage to post so much without putting one single idea in any of your numerous posts.

                      Andrew, are you delusional? What “Maggie”? Whad did she write and how does her style compare to mine? And how does this lead you to a conclusion regarding my confusion? Looking for conspiracy theories again? What can I say about the Georgian’s deputy minister? While to you this might be an indication of my integrity, to me, this is truly entertaining, as this is an indication of either (i) deputy minister’s integrity of (ii) how his “policies” are really enforced. This is in the same category as Georgia’s pathetic attempts to convince the Czechs to call it Dzeordzie — something the Czechs (and even some Gruzians) are rolling with laughter about. The Czechs are actually considering to accommodate the request, just for the fun of it. I think, Gurcistan is a more appropriate name for the Congo on the Black Sea anywhay.

                • Russian nationalist

                  Robert, a few replies above LR in his(her) usual calm but intelligent manner explained to me that – quote-“Russian” is not a race, you totally illiterate dolt…” unquote. To make his(her) statement more explicit he(she) continued: “The nationality “Russian” is SUPPOSED to consist of MANY different races”.
                  I see you don’t consider Jews who resided on the Soviet territory as individuals who held Russian (then Soviet) nationality. With all due respect I am Russian nationalist, but I am NOT a Nazi. I don’t deny ethnic non-Russians of the Russian (Soviet) nationality as you obviously do.
                  As for Hitler, he explained his view of Jews (Russian/Soviet nationals) in his “Mein Kampf” I quoted to you and elaborated (along with Himmler) on ethnic Russians (Russian/Soviet nationals) in other quotations I provided. Are we clear now?

                  • Am I a WWII German racist? Hello?

                    Anyway, they believed the Russians to be Asiatic-minded Slavic hordes (and also various Asians literally, as the term “Russen” meant all the Soviets – just like “England” meant Britain and there was always “Englischer” and not British, and so the multiethnic masses of Soviet POWs were all “Russische Kriegsgefangene” and their camps were “Russenlager” and so on) but ruled by Jewish overlords (“Jüdischer Bolschewismus”, you know, as introduced to Hitler by Rosenberg). And so the “those leaders” quote is about Jews. Really. Look, a book for you: http://us.macmillan.com/hitlerscrusade

                    • Russian nationalist

                      Robert, you started this conversation about particularities of the Nazi racial doctrine when I compared LR’s rhetoric concerning Russians to the Nazi’s rhetoric concerning subhuman Russians. I put examples of Hitler and Himmler sayings which are stylistically IDENTICAL to “La Russophobe’s” numerous degrading statements concerning Russians as either a national or ethnic group (see above).
                      The Nazi had particularly developed classification of subhumans starting with the Jews/Gypsies and followed by Slavs, including ethnic Russians etc. Will you argue that the Nazi did not see Russians as subhumans? I am sure you won’t.
                      Yes, Nazi racial theoreticians had a problem with ethnic Russians because technically Slavs are “Aryans”. That is why Nazi argued that a small segment of the Russian population could be germanised. Yes, “La Russophobe” has a problem with Russians because some of Russians match LR’s criteria of the “right behaviour”. All this did prevent neither Nazis nor “La Russophobe” from making GENERAL DEGRADING STATEMENTS concerning Russians as a national or ethnic group. As we all know in the Nazi case it led to practical policies towards both civilian ethnic Russians on the occupied territories of the USSR and ethnic Russian POWs held in Nazi concentration camps. That is why I argue that “La Russophobe’s” GENERAL DEGRADING remarks about Russians which provoke and instigate HATRED remarks of other blog’s commentators about Russians as a national or ethnic group (see examples above) are just one step away from PRACTICAL hatred actions against Russians.

                    • Russian nationalist

                      After your recommendation I have a look at Lorna Waddington’s “Hitler’s Crusade…” and some other her works including “The Anti-Komintern and Nazi Anti-Bolshevik Propaganda in the 1930s”, Journal of Contemporary History, Vol. 42, No. 4 (Oct., 2007).
                      In her works Lorna deals exclusively with Hitler’s anti-Semitism as a basis for his international policy, especially his international anti-Bolshevist, anti-Komintern policies.
                      However, she justly notes that “…foreign and racial policy were intimately intertwined in the Nazi concept of anti-Bolshevism, where plans for territorial expansion in Eastern Europe, notably in European Russia merged with a virulent anti-Semitism to produce a scheme for the conquest of vast tracts of land in the East and its ruthless Germanization” .

                      You draw my attention to one side of Hitler’s policies – “virulent anti-Semitism” but completely miss the second part, that is, “plans for territorial expansion in Eastern Europe, notably in European Russia” inhabited (let me remind you) by millions of the ethnic Russians. As an integral part of Hitler policies these plans had to be rationalised in terms of racial doctrine, central for Nazi’s ideological views. Thus, the practical implementation of Nazi’s “lebensraum” concept was rationalized by including ethnic Russians into “Untermensch”, subhuman category along with Jews, Gypsies etc. I demonstrated to you the examples of this “rationalization” by quotes from Hitler and Himmler.
                      I find a striking resemblance between Nazi’s concept of “the Russian subhumans” based primarily on the political considerations and “La Russophobe’s” politically motivated general degrading, humiliating remarks about Russians as a national or ethnic group.
                      Conclusion: “La Russophobe’s” intention is NOT to inform readers and discuss with them the contemporary Russian politics, but rather provide informational pretexts to instigate hatred towards Russians.

                    • Nationalist, you are talking to a troll: as you will see from below, he will continue drowing you in irrelevant details. I am sure you saw my discussion about Chechnya with him. First, he would ask you for “specific names of victims”, when you provide those, he will question the source, when you quote a Western source, he would point out a technical inaccuracy or an inappropriate ad.

              • Manfred Steifschwanz

                And that’s precisely where mccusa fits in superbly. Granted, as long as the Zionazi — strictly speaking AshkeNAZI — monstrosity in Palestine is protected by Western imperialism’s tender loving care, Hitler’s Jew-bashing is strictly avoided, at least in public, among Western supremacists.

                • We all heard your anti-Semitic rants before, give us something knew

                  • That is “new”

                  • RV, do you really read what the provocateur “Manfred Steifschwanz” writes? Come on.

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      I think he should. If anything, my posts are the product of genuine, intellectual effort, whereas Bohdan, mccusa, and Andrew simply amount to mere “Stimmen aus dem Sumpf”.

                      One can easily imagine how you folks would have gloated, had the writing skills been reversed.

        • Jason Peacock

          So then, you deny the extremely base, bestial tendencies especially prevalent among Russians to be self-seeking to the extend of willingness to disadvantage, maim and even murder their victims for personal gain?

          • Russian nationalist

            Jason replace a word “Russians” with “the Blacks, “Jews”, “Americans” or “Germans” and you’ll be instantly “crucified” for you racist generalisation.

          • In other words, Jason you believe that Russians are characterized by prevalence of bestial cruelty and an inconceivable gift for lying, as well as tendencies towards imposing their bloody oppression on others?

          • Sounds right to me AT, considering the overall history of Russia, especially in the 20th century and the last 30 years in particular.

            • Sounded right to Hitler as well.

              • No AT, Russian state brutality is a historical fact, noted by the overwhelming majority of observers.

                If you think the Russian empire, or the Russian Red empire, or the current Russian Fascist empire are nice places to live, especially for minorities, you are quite simply retarded.

                I think that all people, be they minorities or ethnic Russians, deserve better than the mass murdering scum that currently run Russia.

                Unfortunately Putin apologists such as yourself, are no different to the Hitler/Stalin/Mao apologists who pollute discussion.

                • Hitler pointed out “historical facts” too when he said this about the Jews. I am not sure if Putin apologists are like you, a Hitler apologist, but you, not me agree with words of the leader of the real “fascist empire”.

                • Manfred Steifschwanz

                  Anglo-Americans = Most peaceful and tolerant people on planet Earth (not).

                  I guess we could agree on the following: This sick joke of a blog is a sewer for Western supremacists who, for some reason, forgot to switch over to Muslkm-bashing 20 years ago. It really stinks to High Heaven.

                  • At least now they are showing their true colors agreeing with Hitler’s quotes and openly arguing that Russians cannot govern themselves.

                  • Well, after all, Nazism IS just consummate Western brainrot, pure and simple. It has borrowed/drawn inspiration from USian settlerism and British colonial ideology, first and foremost. Hitler just happened to be a little “crude” against the Anglos and, to top it all, spoke a “lesser” language. As for Nazi Germany’s war of extermination against the Slavic peoples — no need to apologise. Needless to say, the same goes for USia’s ceaseless wars against the Third World.

    • “The Chechens”, as some Moscovite freelance contract-killer brothers (with a help from an FSB officer Pavel Ryaguzov and a former police officer Sergei Khadzhikurbanov), but hired for the hit by whom for Putin’s birthday?

      • Russian nationalist

        “Muscovite freelance contract-killers” (Dzhabrail Makhmudov, Rustam Makhmudov) are Chechens, aren’t they? Nobody knows so far whether it was Ramzan Kadyrov’s initiative or it was authorised by Putin himself. Anyway, when the time comes we’ll learn the truth.

        • Yes, they were local criminals. It’s not like when Kadyrov Junior has dispatched a squad of the Chechen police to shoot the FSB’s podpolkovnik Baysarov full of holes for talking to the media.

          • Russian nationalist

            Robert, there are no Chechen “local criminals” in the Russian cities. All of Chechens are connected by strong clannish/tribal ties forming criminal or business-criminal teams. That is why we have two Chechen brothers in Politkovskaya’s case AND their uncle Lom-Ali Gaitukayev whose name emerged during the trial.

  3. In the Stalin times people were too terrorized to stand up for the neighbours when the black cars would arrive in the middle of the night to take them away.

    It was not like the “First they came…” indifference that apparently prevailed in the 1930s Germany (most of the Germans actually did not vote for the NSDAP, mind you), it was more like a primal fear, mixed with resignation to their fates.

    • Russian nationalist

      Robert, it’s quite primitive understanding of the Stalinist terror. I know you lot are not very much into reading some serious historical literature. You feel yourself more comfortable dealing with some stale clichés. Just in case I recommend you an excellent book “Everyday Stalinism: Ordinary Life In Extraordinary Times: Soviet Russia in the 1930’s” by Sheila Fitzpatrick. It might be somehow revealing for your understanding of Soviet Union of the 1930s.

      • I’ve read a historian’s account of life in a Moscow apartment complex for the high-ranking Party members during the great purge. Every day there were less and less people there, and people would just scrub the fat from the ashes of their nighbours (cremated nearby after beng shot in Lyubyanka) from their windows and do nothing, but not because of indifference or fanaticism (even forced and for display, like when Saddam Hussein has famously made the prominent Baathists to either shoot their collegues or to join them in being shot during his official takeover of the country) but rather because of their state of total terror and resignation, so they would do nothing but to wait for their turn when the cars would come for them.

        • I’m talking about this:

          • Russian nationalist

            Definitely all totalitarian police states have some political patterns in common. The Stalinist repressions of the second half of 1930s (like Suddam’s repressions in your video clip) were mostly about repressions against the Bolsheviks’ elite itself. These repressions came after 15 years of brutal policy against “common” Russian population conducted by the same people who were repressed by Stalin in the 1930s. Russia was literally beheaded during the revolution and the Civil War. The whole class of the educated ethnic Russians was either murdered or left abroad. The Russian peasantry fought against Stalinists during the collectivisation with hundreds of thousands executed and “replaced” to Siberia. By the time Stalin started purges of his real or imaginary rivals in the party nobody would stand up for them because it was THE VERY people who had terrorised the Russian population before.
            Take as an example marshal Tukhachevsky, Stalin’s “innocent” victim of the 1930s. It was the same Tukhachevsky who shot hostages, gassed and shelled Russian villages during Russian revolt against the Bolsheviks in Tambov region.

        • Russian nationalist

          Was it “Kremlin Wives: The Secret Lives of the Women behind the Kremlin Walls—From Lenin to Gorbachev” by Larissa Vasilieva? Vasilieva is not a historian but a journalist and a poet. Her book gives some interesting personal accounts about the sentiments spread among the Soviet elite she belonged to herself (her father was a designer of tanks). Nevertheless I am afraid it’s not a serious historical literature with deep analysis of some general social trends.

  4. Ming the Merciless

    And you are telling us Vlad “The Impaler” Putin is not a new Stalin?
    The Georgian Shalikashvili ‘s beginnings where far more innocuous than Vlad, who was a famous expert in torture for the KGB…Have no fear, your beloved Vladimir is the next little father of the people!


  5. Ming the Merciless

  6. Gypsies were not quite persecuted at the same level as Jews, at all. Look at their status in the camps – even at Auschwitz, where thousands were interned in the “family camp”, not working (except as Kapos or entertainers), wearing their civilian clothes (until it was decided these in the family camp would be killed). It’s quite complicated: http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005219

    And, by the way, the Soviet POWs (all of them called “Russians” even when not Russians) were treated even worse than Jews, there, in Auschwitz (Birkenau): http://writing.upenn.edu/~afilreis/Holocaust/auschwitz.html

    Anyway, once again, all I say your translation of “those leaders” as “Russians” was wrong. The Russians were perceived as not leaders of the enemy, but as just the Jewish cannon fodder against Germany and the German culture, the Western civilization / “Aryan race” / whatever. You know, like the American white-suprematist extremists preparing for their “Racial Holy War” believe basically the same about the blacks (that the blacks would be led by Jews in this war against the whites, or what not). AND so it was not about Russians. That’s all!

    Now, about the direct connection between the Lebensraum (and also origins of this ideology) and “Hitler’s crusade”: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/worldwars/wwtwo/hitler_lebensraum_01.shtml (I already linked you this one, but once again). Note how at first Hitler was not even anti-Russian (Soviet, Bolshevik), and not even THAT anti-Jewish, and how it changed because of Rosenberg, who was a Baltic-German refugee from Moscow (and Rosenberg was actually quite a Russophile – he also supported the Ukrainian and Baltic nationalisms, not only in the staged pictures like http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/holocaust/h-rosen.htm this).

  7. Russian nationalist

    After the exchange of messages with you and with the blog’s contributors I can conclude the following:
    1)You avoid discussing “La Russophobe’s” obvious racist remarks about Russians;
    2)You don’t notice appalling unprovoked hostility of the blog’s contributors to everybody who has a slightly different point of view;
    3)Instead of discussing striking resemblance between Nazi’s propagandistic language towards Russians and “La Russophobe’s rhetoric towards Russians you talk about dynamics of the Nazi’s racial theory and politics. It’s definitely a very interesting topic but not in the context of “LR’s” xenophobia towards Russians;
    4)Besides me just one more user made a comment on the actual subject of this blog’s entry (charities in Russia);
    5)The intellectual level of the discussion initiated by the blog’s contributors could be well become an example for the Nazi’s “Untermensch” propaganda.
    6)I would be glad to talk to you at any other internet format or in person.
    Kind regards, Russian Nationalist

  8. Manfred Steifschwanz

    Goodbye, Russian Nationalist. I’m glad you seem to have eventually grasped the REAL significance of “Western values”. Ergo: Don’t ever try to curry any favour with the West. You have been rabidly attacked and abused here EXACTLY because presentday Russia isn’t under the jackboot of the Western military-corporate cabal. And the Western petty bourgeoisie doesn’t approve of that.

    Thanks RN and lots of luck,


  9. 1. It was your discussion. I just corrected you where you were (obviously) wrong.

    2. Actually I do.

    3. Oh, my very point is it was not “Nazi’s propagandistic language towards Russians”. It was about Jews (in general), and also “Russians” was as all their Soviet enemies were called (like, say, even a very Scottish infantry unit would be still “English” anyway in the eyes of Germans, and being off the coast of Scotland would be being in “English” territory – well, you know, most Russians also think British = necessarily “English”, even today, and so many westerners thought the same about any Soviet as a “Russian”, because after all they spoke Russian and were ruled from Moscow). And their occupational policies and their long-term plans for, say, most of Belarusians were not different at all, be it starvation, deportation or slavery, after the war was won, because the plans were changing and evolving (even the grand plans for the non-Soviet Jews, prior to the Final Solution – and even in the Soviet Union at first they were shooting only Jewish men, the change in the policy towards women and children came after some time and is finely described in The Kindly Ones http://books.google.com/books?id=WJULAQAAMAAJ which is a great novel, not only because it’s over 800-pages long, don’t listen to the legion of non-French nay-sayers who found it too shocking or even “evil” or something).

    I hope it was not not a goodbye post, because you’re one of the rare Russian commentators here who are not Nashi kids and/or just stupid, and I’d like to see more of your insight.

    • And this is in response to:

      “Instead of discussing striking resemblance between Nazi’s propagandistic language towards Russians and “La Russophobe’s rhetoric towards Russians you talk about dynamics of the Nazi’s racial theory and politics. It’s definitely a very interesting topic but not in the context of “LR’s” xenophobia towards Russians”

      …a clear example of “condemned of his own mouth”….

  10. And yet another proof that socialism/communism doesn’t work…

  11. Too many irrelevancies. Back to the topic, yes, I agree and more. I lived in Russia, and some of it’s former soviet satelite countries, for many years. The post-soviets (particularly Russians) are in denial, cowardly, opportunistic, back stabbing, self serving parasites!!! Yes, I say this wholeheardly with the supporting evidence. Russian women advertise themselves in the thousands looking for western men claiming they want family etc etc (when in relity they want to immigrate and the poor shmuck that married a Russian/post soviet ends up in divorce court just after she gets her citizenship). The men are idiots, and the women are only marginally more inteliigent than their male counterparts only because they know how to sell themselves sexually to get what they want. They buy their grades and university degrees, they get promoted without qualifications and usually through their network of acquanitences etc.

    They have no respect for human rights and they will sell their mother for a buck. In conclusion, they are AMORAL – immoral, corrupt and dirty stinking culture that cannot be trusted. Lastly, they lie and always break their promises, have to respect for the rule of law, and will do anythinbg to screw you and get ahead.

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