SPECIAL EXTRA: Blood on the Russian Rails

What used to be the Nevsky Express

At 9:30 pm Moscow time on Saturday, the Nevsky Express high-speed train bound from Moscow for St. Petersburg derailed.   Three hours later, the Kremlin’s RIA Novosti newswire reported 10 passengers had been killed and 130 injured. But five hours after that, RIA was reporting that two dozen had been killed only 90 injured, and indicating that “the death toll could rise as new bodies were being taken out of the deformed railroad cars.”  32 passengers were reported missing. Nearly 700 people were on the train.  By the following afternoon, it was clear that more than three dozen had perished, triple the initial a report.

Quoting an anonymous source in “law enforcement,” RIA Novosti also reported on the cause of the derailment:  “Preliminarily, an explosion occurred under the ninth car,” it stated. “There was a clap. The last two cars almost fell apart. I’ve seen such things only in movies,” a passenger named Alexander told the newswire.

Once again, Russia rescue efforts were pathetic and infuriating.

One survivor, who herself spent a horrifying four hours trapped in the train awaiting rescue, reported:  “The young people from the Ministry of Emergency Situations carried us out on stretchers, but other people in uniform were just standing there and staring, and no one was even helping to carry out the wounded.”

And once again, it is difficult to know which version of the events would be the more repugnant, that the tragedy was caused by predictable Russian incompetence which the government is seeking to cover up by blaming it on terrorists, or that it was caused by an open assault from Islamic separatists or nationalist fanatics which the Kremlin is unable or unwilling to control. Either way, no thinking person can fail to appreciate the damning proof of inadeqacy on the part of the Putin regime that incidents of this kind respresent.  Unfortunately, the Russian electorate is not rich in thinking people.

Meanwhile, blood violence continues in Ingushetia and Dagestan unabated.

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  1. First and foremost, condolences to the victims and their families.

  2. The “St.Petersburg-separatists” from the group “Combat 18” claimed responsibility for the blast! The group stated,that “the war for the independence of Ingermanland (St.Petersburg) has now begun!!!!

    • Combat 18 (“18” as in “AH” – Adolf Hitler) is the British Neo-Nazi group (maybe there’s a copycat Russian too) and not any “St.Petersburg-separatists”.

  3. Tom, every thing you have written is new “news” to me! Can you please supply some more info on the above, please.

    Other than that it looks like Pootin’s disinformation machine will go into overdrive to attempt to hide the truth about this matter and his incompetence to lead the Russian nation.

  4. Official: Blast may have caused train wreck

    Russian Railways President Vladimir Yakunin told reporters Saturday that the Friday accident may have been caused by an explosion under the tracks, raising fears that the luxury train, popular with business executives and government officials, was the target of a terrorist attack.


  5. Bomb explosion pursued as primary lead in train crash probe


  6. Sergey Shelukhin

    I have to retract my previous comment about alternatively talented as too kind.
    Hardly ever have I seen such a deplorable “analysis”. For short, I’ll call it Kim-thinking. Let’s take Fort Hood shooting, and apply some Kim-thinking to it. Let’s take different possibilities. Could it be that US army is so glaringly incompetent as to nurse an Islamist terrorist in its midst for 2 decades? Or is it, like some claim, that evil, chauvinistic bureaucratic army machine turned a mildly disgruntled doctor into a maniac?
    How that we are talking about army machine, let’s consider that number of suicides in US army approaches number of casualties in Iraq this year – let’s add some Kim-perspective. Could it be because of the same soulless, evil army machine? Or maybe US army soldiers are wimps who commit suicide to avoid facing the enemy? Or maybe they realize how illegal US occuption is and cannot bear the atrocities they have to commit, of which only few like Abu Graib become public?
    Now that we are talking about suicides and shootings, let’s consider how workplace and school shootings are so abundant in the USA compared to other countries. including those with lax gun law. Could it be because of how American corporations mistreat and abuse workers? Or could the reason be atmosphere of distrust and contempt that prevails in collectives like those where shootings occurred all over the USA? Or, given that USA is prosperous country whose citizens have relatively little to complain, could it be that Americans are cruel and evil by nature, so they shoot their colleagues at whim?

    Am I doing well, Kim? Some more training, a sixpack to suspend logic and I could write for this site!

    • Um, Mr. Doofus? EVERYBODY in America is asking EXACTLY that question, and AMERICA JUST OUSTED THE REPUBLICANS FROM POWER. And many are already calling for Obama’s head. Think Russia plans out ousting United Russia any time soon, Master Moron?

      Gosh, you’re hilariously dumb. The fact that you are the best Russia can do really does say it all.

    • Ah, if it isn’t another Putin Fan.

      Firstly, Hasan was an avowed Islamist. He made that PAINFULLY clear for YEARS beforehand, and he NEVER went through the shell-shocked, “oh god what have I done” at the front NECESSARY for your other hypotheses to work out, so I will say it was ineptitude to actually put the puzzle pieces together while there was still time.

      And NOBODY forced the dicks at Abu Grahib to do what they did. This is obvious when you realize that as interrogators, they would NEVER have been promoted: to bloody sadistic. When you are interrogating using torture, you need relatively sober people who- if anything- should be SLIGHTLY ADVERSE to using it (albeit not to the point that they won’t use it if necessary).

      Sadists don’t ring out genuine intelligence reliably., a lesson even the Cheka and their descendants realized. That, and the fact that the US MILITARY was the first to uncover the abuses ALSO helps put that theory to bed.

      And as for the Second paragraph, you are just pulling things out of your arse without any facts, statistics, or events to support it.

      In short: that entire post was a waste of bandwich. Have a nice day.

  7. Dear Comrade Sergei,
    What does all your anti-American dribble, have to do with this tragic train crash in Russia?
    This article is about that train crash, and what or who may have caused it.
    Are you trying to suggest, that somehow, Americans, engineered that blast?…perhaps, to embarass Putin? (ha!, ha!)
    Or, does it hurt your neo-soviet pride, that your many enemies in your own RF, have blown it up?
    As an American, I….and most of us here, know full well, that our country is not…perfect. We have real flaws.
    However, collecting all our national flaws together, (past and present)compared to what you have in your new gulag in your pathetic RF,
    makes America seem like a Heaven on Earth, and your RF as a Hell on Earth.
    My sympathies to the train victims and their loved ones, as also I give my sympathies to the countless many hundreds of thousands, of victims of your Kremlin KGB-gangster government. Their supporters are only starting, to get revenge, and to help to topple your wicked gangster-run government.
    Someday, Russia will be a free country, and no longer a threat to world peace. But, your gang needs to be surgically removed first, that is very clear. You stand in the way of real progress and prosperity for Russia. You need to go! (or, could you all, REPENT?)
    Just my thoughts, Sergei-

    • My comment was to point out the abhorrent nature of this article by example. As much as I hate FSB/KGB system (I would explain to you some things about it that I perceive, but why? You gloat enough already), Russian government has just about as much to do with this tragedy as US government with Fort Hood shootings or soldier suicides.

      • I find it curious and revealingly honest in your words “..you gloat enough already”.
        That statement shows one of the basic issues facing ordinary Russian people today, that is: rather than face whatever the issue that is being raised, it always seems to boil down to pride and a sense that the world is always out to ridicule mighty Russia. Introspection seems to elude the Russian psyche. They’d rather stew in the gutter than make the efforts to make a better future.
        I think once the regular Russian person finds a way to understand that life and society will get better once they accept that everyone has responsibility and a role in making this happen, and can escape the blame-game (eg saying it’s the fault of America that;- the Soviet Union fell, we are corrupt, our society’s run by gangsters etc) then things will start getting better.
        For instance, some proud Russophile will probably riducule me in a follow up comment because they will think i’ve insulted their country. That’s just my point.

    • Ivan Stepanovic Konjev

      If the government has to go or not will solely be decided by the Russian people in elections and not by a gang of foreigners who want their in the90s stolen assets back!
      Take your pathetic “symphaties ” and stick it up you a**.
      We Russians don`t need your sympathy,we are masters of our own fate.

      • Yeah well, your fate’s been pretty rosy so far. You’ve got KGB thugs as your overlords with their pretend elections where you get bashed by Nashi Putler youth or shot if you don’t vote for them. You’re doing a great job ruining Russia with that attitude of yours. Sounds like you enjoy sitting in the gutter like a loser. Poor Ivan and his pathetic pride.
        Oh, and for the record, this website tries to encourage the Russian people to stand up for themselves, but people like you would rather just sit in the corner and sulk instead of trying to improve your like. Blaming foreigners.. i mean really, you are a loser with an attitude like that.

  8. Some info about me

    I am a software developer, originally from Moscow Russia, now residing in Vancouver. Born 1984-02-02. I am a total computer geek. I like tons of music, both normal and weird, the favourite genre being progressive rock and favorite genre du jour changing all the time. I also like programming (obviously), reading, playing computer games (CRPGs and strategy games mostly), thinking about stuff (too much), drinking beer, and even hanging out sometimes (but not often).

    I am cynical, militantly atheistic, nihilistic, argumentative, and overall bad person.

    My typical handle is Raven.

    Email: realgeek@gmail.com,

    ICQ is 41166625; Skype is sergei.shelukhin.

    • Wow, that’s interesting. Mind telling us where you get the nerve to spam our blog with that crap? Are all Russians as boorishly rude as you?

      And you call yourself Oleg for what reason? That was a rhetorical question, FYI. Write any more drivel like this and it’ll just be deleted.

  9. Dear Kim


    Sergey Shelukhin

    What constitutes a complete moron?

    • Just do this one more time, you inbred freak, and see what happens.

      • Sergey Shelukhin

        Hmm.. as I said, I kindly ask that you clean up my contacts from comments, I don’t want them to be harvested by more spambots than there already are :)

        • Why Sergey? You put this information in the public domain, particularly the bit where you describe yourself as “an overall bad person” (how very true you lying scumbag).

          What are you afraid of Sergey? You live in Canada rather than Russia.

          If you think that Putin, Russia and Co. are so cool, please eff off back there, and stop defiling a commonwealth country with your presence.

          • Sergey Shelukhin

            I’m “afraid” of 2 things:
            1) Spam harvesting bots
            2) Idiots
            Due to relatively bigger popularity of this site and demographics of users both are much more populous here than on my small site where people who really need contacts may go.
            If you know internet ethics it is not polite to post others contacts to random places, even if they are in public domain.

            As for “bad person” – ever heard the word “irony”? Guess not.

            As for back to Russia – somehow I suspect I pay more taxes and do more public service to Canada than many people here to their respective countries. So I would kindly ask ypu to mind your own business in this area.

            If, of course, you read my site, you know that I don’t care about much of this stuff and just do it for intellectual challenge (which is npot great on manu troll blogs, which is why I stopped doing it, and barring this momentary lapse of reason will continue not doing), and to destroy some of the nerve cells of your crowd (which judging buy vitriol in your post has been pretty successful). So there.

        • Thanks , great blog . Good Information .

          Cheers Bill

      • Actually he is just quoting from Sergey Shulkins own website.

        If Sergey is honest enough to describe himself as such on the web, then Oleg desreves congratulations for bringing it to our attention!

  10. In pace Requiscat.

  11. Summary reply: I have nothing against America (well, I hate moralistic part of republican party and dislike cellphone carrier monopoly, but that’s about it); and my post has nothing to do with train crash.
    I just wanted to show how posting imbecile “analysis” containing of random ramblings and with no factual or consequential basis, looks like, when applied to your side.

    As you say about Fort Hood or suicides or shootings, it was just a train crash, probably caused by terrorist act – similar to shooting cause by terrorist act or plane crash or whatever. Yet somehow to readers here train crash “analysis” looks ok and similar “analysis” of American tragedies looks stupid and outrageous or whatever.
    Goes to show your utmost neutrality.

    By the way, from witness accounts surfacing now first aid was coming relatively quickly given the location, time, and near-absence of roads – 20mins until ambulances from nearby prison arrived, ~50mins(?) until ambulances from Bologoye (small town close) came, and was efficient.

    • Sergey,

      Are these postcards from Russia on your webpage?


    • So, are you Oleg or Sergey, or is it the same name or what? I am now pretty confused.

      I don’t know what you mean by mentioning the carrier monopoly, we certainly have a choice of at least four major carriers in my area. About the moralists in the Republican Party, yes, you have a point. That’s a traditional religion oriented wing of their party, not that numerous but quite vocal. Every religion inspired movement is sometimes preachy; that’s their nature.

      • Sergey Shelukhin

        I have no idea who Oleg is, although name sounds Russian/Ukrainian/etc, other than that he’s someone who is not very bright, or well mannered, for that matter.
        He apparently found my site (which is not hard, as I use my real name) and posted parts of it here. I have no idea why, actually I already asked that contacts be deleted if possible.

      • Sergey Shelukhin

        As for points – cellphone carriers – well, oligopoly, whatever you call that. What are those 4 carriers? In Canada, there’s essentially one – Rogers and Fido even have same customer database as I accidentally found out when calling support after switching, services are poor, expensive and without alternatives.
        In Seattle area, from what I heard from numerous people it’s better, but not by much, and all people do is complain which carrier is worse, introduces more draconian fees, etc.

        As for moralistic, I would estimate that it’s not a small group; I don’t mean members, I mean supporters. A candidate telling people honestly that he is reasonable and doesn’t care for all the rampant anti-game-violence, anti-video-nudity, drug-war, anti-prostitution, gay-bashing, stem-cell-research-hating, Muslim-hating, immigrant-hating, whatever, crowds, he would be committing political suicide. Even the most progressive candidates make sure they go to church and don’t condone the things that 30-50% (I have no hard data) American electorate happens to abhor for no other reason that “morality”. On lesser issues like stem cell research, Obama wouldn’t calll Bush’s policy utter …, just quitely change the stance; and heaven forbid a candidate will say the truth (and act upon) some bigger issues, like war on drugs.

        • We have Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and there are some smaller ones too.

          “Morality” is important to us, and we are not ashamed. America is a traditional country, slightly right-of-center. By the way, going to church is not a crime or something to be ashamed of, even for irreligious persons like myself. They don’t have to “make sure,” it’s a our way of life.

          A lot of people attend only once or twice a year, just because of tradition, but nobody is forced to. I think you have an impression that the United States is some kind of a shiekdom, and this is just not true.

          • The “morality” of Guantanomo, Abu Graib, 9/11 job, Iraq War (1mn+ deaths), oppression of blacks, racism, Vietnam, sexism, McCarthy, police brutality, shootings, imperialism in Latin America, genocidal CIA operations around the world (http://www.huppi.com/kangaroo/CIAtimeline.html), etc… yes, we know of your so-called morality.

            • Pot kettle black.

              For starters,

              A. The government has never admitted to ordering the idiots who ran Abu Grahib to do what they did, and by all indications, they are probably telling the truth, setting aside the fact that they were the ones to BLOW THE WHISTLE on the entire sorry business, but also for the fact that what was done there was simply too stupid to have been any interrogation business worth its salt.

              B. Iraq War. Yes, it was justified, as even a cursory examination of Saddam Hussein’s behavior and the UN Ceasefire shows. And whose arse did you pull the 1 million + death toll from? Even the most fanatical Anti-War groups admit to a few hundred thousand. Maybe, MAYBE all the fronts of the War on Terror combined (excepting the Caucasus and Singkiang, because they are hardly real fronts), but not Iraq.

              C. 9/11. Ah, so you are a truth now, eh? And if not, how is 9/11 the US’s fault?

              D. Oppression of Blacks. Ignoring, of course, teh fact that the US fought its bloodiest war to end that oppression, and eventually helped end it completely during the 60’s. And the fact that Mother Russia does not treat its dark-skinned citizens well.

              D. Vietnam was bloody, and some of the actions we took were certainly wrong (sorry, but while the “agents’ would have been justified in CONTROLLED circumstances, spraying them indiscriminately was just wrong), in the end, the need to try and prevent Communist expansion in Southeast Asia made our intervention justified. Or perhaps the recent Vietnamese naval practices near the Straits of Malacca don’t mean anything to you?

              E. Sexism. Remind me again: which nation has a higher percentage of women working, or women working in high offices?

              F. McCarthy was a rabid dog, but in most cases, he was actually right. Or perhaps you have not deigned to look in the records of your beloved organization yet?

              G. Police brutality. Yes, it happens, it happens everywhere even when authorities try to do the best to stop it. But remind me, which nation ROUTINELY uses riot police or worse to break up peaceful protests by the opposition?

              F. Genocidal? I certainly can believe unsavory, but the CIA has hardly committed genocide. At worst, it propped up the arseholes who DID do it (Suharto being the #1 case example), but the operations themselves were hardly so. This, of course, being in strict contrast to your beloved organization and its predecessors and successor, where ethnic cleansing is an order of the day.

              H. “Imperialism in Latin America.” I will certainly agree that our intervention has not always been for the best, but considering the German or Soviet alternative, it generally has been. Maybe. But how is this different from your dear leader’s much-ballyhooed “Sphere of Influence” in Eastern Europe?

              I. Shootings. Which ones? The ones we commit against our Muslim minority, or the ones we commit against dissidents opposing our sitting President? Or am I supposed to believe that Russia has suffered no solo loons going off the deep end and shooting up people?

              You, sir (and I use that VERY lightly), are a hypocrite.

              • “I. Shootings. Which ones? The ones we commit against our Muslim minority, or the ones we commit against dissidents opposing our sitting President? Or am I supposed to believe that Russia has suffered no solo loons going off the deep end and shooting up people?”

                Oh, plenty of them. As per the rogue military shootings, for example this (involving a dynamic duo of elite force deserters, who spent all of their 135 bullets they had with them quite well, killing at least 5 policemen, 4 civilians, and themselves):


                Of course as such it was no biggie and made no world headlines, and certainly no Wikipedia articles – just the business as usual in Russia.

          • Yeah, these are the carriers everyone is complaining about; esp. given that carrier choice if often a lock-in, such as if you want particular phone (in Russia for example most phones are sold unlocked even by cellphone companies themselves and there’s no lock-in contracts).

            As for moralistic- exactly! You got my point. That’s the part that I dislike about the USA compared to other 1st world countries like I dunno, Canada or Australia. They seem to be much less “right of the center” and traditional. However, I disagree on everyone in the states being so – it looks to me that while average Americans are sligtly more rightwing than Canadians too, the most of the voting shift is caused by people who are overly religious and right wing, and have much less influence in Canada or Australia and are next to extinct in Europe (well, if you don’t count mass unskilled immigrants there)

  12. I’m an overall bad person….he say…

    Absolutely no doubts.

    One day, I’ll live to see these communists swing.

    Now that he is done poisoning his own country,
    this toxic bilge rat export himself to spread
    the marxist contamination…

    • We’ll see who’ll be swinging come the Revolution! :)

      • To tell you the truth, I am already sick and tired of your Revolution, and I am sure many people are too. It’s getting nauseating. Why don’t you try to find a Trotskist or Maoist web site and share your pearls of wisdom with them. Maybe Sendero Luminoso needs fresh recruits.

      • Yes we shall.

        Say, have you attended a noose fitting yet?

        • An interesting insight into the hypocritical workings of the degenerate Russophobe “mind” (if it can be dignified with that term).

          Why did you address the question to me, and not to hotspur666?

          • Hypocritical? How is it hypocritical to see if one of Putin’s little internet commissars gets nailed? Or am I really supposed to believe that you do this on your own free time?

            And I did that because, unlike you, Hotspur has hardly been an apologist for a tyrant who will likely lead his nation into oblivion. Call that what you will, but when you bleat about hoping Russia takes the rest of the world down in a hail of nuclear fire should it fall, forgive me if I think you have passed beyond the pale of even semi-civilized discourse.

            After all, they strung up Fascists in Germany and Italy, and Communist die-hards in Eastern Europe. Why, pray tell, should you be any different?

            A little bit of brutality can avoid a whole lot of it when used correctly.

            • I’m not complaining, just pointing out your utter hypocrisy – you’re the one claiming to be a paragon of free speech. Of course we all know that some speech is freer than others in the endless cesspit that is Western civilization, which is just one more reason why its imperialism must be destroyed. It’s totalitarianism is so far-reaching that its denizens really do believe that slavery is freedom. lol.

              • “you’re the one claiming to be a paragon of free speech”

                A. And where have I said that?

                B. But even in the freest of societies, there are limitations.

                The bottom line is that speech, propaganda, and the like are weapons. You know this all too well, and so do your kin and the Islamists. And make no mistake: the results of your actions, my actions, and most other comments travel far beyond the blogosphere.

                In the end, it will probably be a fight to the last. And when you preach about atomic fire bringing down the rest of the world, forgive me if I not only regard you as a threat worthy of elimination, but also the likelihood that in such an event you will probably do something far more indisputably deserving of the noose.

                And as for “some speech is freer than others”, may I point out that that is ALWAYS the case ANYWHERE that wants to survive? Would you like your men fighting their conflict in Chechnya to give away classified information?

                And may I ALSO point out that both the West and myself are far more lenient of free speech, even OPPOSING free speech, in both general and particular?

                That, however, does not mean we sign a suicide pact. You have made no bones about the extremes, and so we are sometimes obliged to break part of our restrictions in war and repair the damage in peace to survive.

                Because, at the end of the day, we have no doubt you would do the same to us without mercy. And in ideological warfare, it is usually a fight to the last.

                So spare me your accusations of hypocrisy, you know little of my standards, and so cannot judge it. And spare me the snide remarks accusing the West of tyranny. Because at the end of the day, we will clean ourselves up, end the wartime measures we sometimes must employ, and go on our merry way, facts adequately shown by the aftermath of WWI, WWII, and the Cold War.

                Your Mother Russia has shown itself incapable of that unless it is literally beaten so badly the government collapses, like what happened during WWI.

                So spare me the accusations of double standards. Freedom is not a suicide pact, as you would know if you lived in one, and while there must be constraints in both times of peace and war to prevent it, that does not mean the enemy will be allowed free use to take advantage of our rights and freedom to tear them down from within.

                We have seen it happen over the last few decades, and the result should only confirm that.

                Because in the end, the defense of freedom from totalitarianism sometimes requires sacrifices. Not that you would know anything about that.

                • Whatever. Spare me your nauseatingly false moralism.

                  Like it or not, Western civilization is historically doomed. The Third World will use your own weapons against you to reclaim the dignity you stripped them off, and they will defeat and rightfully subjugate you.

                  • “Nauseatingly false moralism?”

                    So, such measures are absolutely beyond the pale when used to protect the individual freedoms of individuals in the West and elsewhere from foreign despotism, but are absolutely favorable when used to further the subjugate outside nation’s to the yoke of your own?

                    Now THAT IS a nauseatingly false morality. Which brings me back to my original point regarding the nooses.

                    “Like it or not, Western civilization is historically doomed.”

                    We have heard that ranted by numerous demagogues from the Kaiserreich to Nazi Germany to Czarist Russia to the USSR to Putin’s Regime to the KMT to the CCP to the Islamists.

                    Forgive me if we feel entitled to some skepticism on that matter after nearly a century has past and it hasn’t happened yet.

                    ” The Third World will use your own weapons against you”

                    SOME of them will, you are correct. But many others will fight alongside us, as any analysis of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Colombia will reveal.

                    ” to reclaim the dignity you stripped them off,”

                    While some of that may be true, hardly all of it is, particularly given the fact that in many cases, they stripped themselves of their own dignity, and that we were not the only ones to subjugate them.

                    Are you so eager about the Caucasus and Central Asia growing into a tinderbox of Anti-Russian Islamism?

                    ” and they will defeat and rightfully subjugate you.”

                    We will see, we will see. But even if that is the final roll of the dice, we must continue to defy them unto the last for the rights and liberties that are not only our birthright, but also those of the subjects of the Caliphate, the CCP, and the Kremlin as well.

                    And may we not yield them without blood.
                    But not with an apocalypse. While limited use of atomic weaponry may be needed, let us not ruin the planet or render in inhospitable to deny it to the enemy (like you selfishly and cruelly would), in the hopes that decades from now, a new generation of people may uncover the heritage and birthright endowed to them by god and themselves, and may rise from the ashes to hold our banner anew.

                    But also notice, knave, what you are failing to address. If the “Third World” ever gets powerful enough to subjugate the West, GUESS who they are ALSO powerful enough to subjugate!

                    While the West’s population may be in decline and it is now fighting for the allegiance of the burgeoning Muslim masses within its borders against the theocratic fury of the Islamists, Russia if far less fortunate than even that.

                    Its heartland birthrates are all but decimated beyond the point of return, it now faces declining power and an increasingly hostile Muslim population within its borders and in its “Sphere of Influence” angry both legitimately for its long history of oppression, atrocity, and imperialism, and illegitimately for Russia’s nature as “an infidel.”

                    Also remember that the US is halfway across the world from the Middle East, and Europe and India are across oceans, while the Caucasus and Central Asia form natural bridges from the Middle East to Russia proper! To Russia form the heartland of those Islamist powers such as Iran that you have been hurrying to arm!

                    Do you REALLY believe that the Islamists will leave Russia untouched while destroying the West? Think again, particularly given that the West has long been a sleeping giant, while Russia has been a dying one.

                    And, once again, the suicidal dreams of the Putinists are revealed for what they are: nightmares for Russia itself.

                    But keep on blathering, knave. For in the end, the fate of the world shall depend once again on the West.

                    • Knave? What kind of lameass insult is that lol? You must be one of those creepy old men jerking off to pink colored maps of the British empire and pictures of naked boys??

                      Anyhow, what you don’t realize is that after a true apocalypse, there will be no more suffering, sin, or blood. There will be peace on Earth, as God intended it to be. It is something everyone should work for, except those like you who take a perverse joy in enslaving others.

                    • Since your comment for some reason does not have a “reply”…

                      “Knave? What kind of lameass insult is that lol?”

                      If you could actually comprehend the DICTIONARY or even GOOGLE, youw ould know what kind it is. And it is hardly “lameass”, particularly since I prefer to actually having some smidgeon of originality over fools who use the idioticy of “leet.”

                      “You must be one of those creepy old men jerking off to pink colored maps of the British empire and pictures of naked boys??”

                      Wrong on three counts: my age, my preferences, and the degree of affection I have with maps.

                      And so what? Even if I WERE some mapsexual Geriatric, I could STILL hand you your ass in an argument.

                      But even so, I smell projection. How fond of Green maps of the Czarist Domains or Red ones of the USSR are you anyway?

                      “Anyhow, what you don’t realize is that after a true apocalypse, there will be no more suffering, sin, or blood. ”

                      Only if you believe there is no afterlife, which I SUPREEMLY doubt.

                      And I will also point out that there will also be NO LIFE on Earth, and the only “paradise” that might exist would be barren, possibly irradiated rock and some lifeless oceans slowly evaporating.

                      “There will be peace on Earth, as God intended it to be.”

                      Ah, so now you presume to speak for God? Tell me, if God intended peace on Earth in the way you mean, WHY DID HE CREATE LIFE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

                      “it is something everyone should work for, ”

                      Oh, so everyone should work towards absolute ruination for all life on Earth? So, if someone were to drop a couple of atomic bombs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the like, you would view that as good?

                      And what if the eeevviiilll West decided to nuke the entire world, including itself? You would view THAT as good? And what of the Islamists slitting the throats of Russian children in school, are they doing good as well?

                      “except those like you who take a perverse joy in enslaving others.”

                      By your definition, that would include pretty much EVERYONE, from MLK to JFK to FDR to your beloved Putin and Stalin to Hitler to Mao to Nobel to Hollywood.

                      You have successfully managed to find something La Russophobe and Putin would agree on. Congratuglations.

                    • “And what if the eeevviiilll West decided to nuke the entire world, including itself?”

                      That would be the single best thing it’s ever done. It will be the atonement for its sins.


                      Anyhow, trolling with you is getting pretty boring. Quitting. That said, it’s pretty funny how a bored American at work can kick up the Russophobe collective into such a frenzy and make you write such long posts just by making half-assed posts pretending to come from the crudest caricature of a KGB agent… not that the KGB even exists outside Belarus anyway. Lol. Have fun with your (non-existent) life.

                  • “That would be the single best thing it’s ever done. It will be the atonement for its sins.”

                    Oh really? So in atonement for slavery, ethnic murder, and in some cases genocide, the West should comit a planatary genocide? It should exterminate the human race and anything else caught int he blast?

                    You can’t make this up, folks.

                    “Anyhow, trolling with you is getting pretty boring. Quitting.”

                    Fine by me.

                    ” That said, it’s pretty funny how a bored American at work can kick up the Russophobe collective into such a frenzy and make you write such long posts just by making half-assed posts pretending to come from the crudest caricature of a KGB agent…”

                    Don’t flatter yourself. Iwrite long posts by DEFAULT, even when I am in agreement with the post I am replying to.

                    ” not that the KGB even exists outside Belarus anyway.”

                    See “FSB.” Name changes are nothing new to the Russian Secret police.

                    ” Lol. Have fun with your (non-existent) life.”

                    Do I smell projection?

  13. “from witness accounts surfacing now ”

    The Impaler’s propaganda machine getting in high gear…watch the American MSM proclaim Vlad a hero and Hussein the Mombasa Mau Mau bow again in front of his ideological master!

  14. The victims of this tragedy have been taken to the Tver hospital to await identification by the bereaved families.

    This building is typical of the average hospital in the regions of Russia. The road leading to the building is no more than a gravelled track the car park is neither tarmac nor concrete but just red clay. The facade of the building is crumbling, the large wooden doors are full of rot the metal framed windows are rusted the paint is long gone; the steps leading up to the hospital entrance are cracked with large chunks missing.

    This building is as grim as the tragic situation these poor relatives find themselves in. In Putin’s Russia there is no dignity for ordinary people not even in death.

  15. Update: Russia says bomb caused train crash that killed 26
    Today at 08:40 UGLOVKA, Russia (AP) — A powerful homemade bomb sent a high-speed Moscow-to-St. Petersburg train careening off its tracks, according to Russian officials, killing at least 26 people in what officials consider an act of terrorism.

    The head of Russia’s Federal Security Service, Alexander Bortnikov, said Saturday that experts found pieces of an explosive device that detonated around 9:30 Friday night as the train raced over it, gouging a five-foot (1.5 meter) crater and strewing smoking wreckage over a rural stretch of track. He said a terrorism inquiry had been opened.


  16. If you hate all Russian people so much, why does this incident even bother you? You don’t just criticize the Russian government, you insult all Russian people. I’ve never seen anything positive here ever written about Russian people, and the criticisms clearly go far beyond the necessary role of critical news commentators; your hatred of Russian society is obviously personal, and hence, again, weren’t you happy when you heard this news?


    You’re an ignorant, braying jackass.

    Did Martin Luther King “insult” white people when he called them to task for racism? Did we “insult” the Germans when we bludgeoned them over Nazism? If so, you’re damn right we’re insulting Russians, and we’ll keep on doing so until they change their malignant ways.

    For your information, you illiterate troll, “phobia” means fear, not hatred. We fear Russian dictatorship and imperialistic aggression.

    And for your information, you illiterate troll, we PRAISE RUSSIANS ALL THE TIME. Our last issue carried an essay by RUSSIAN OLEG KOZLOVSKY and our current issue contains an interview WITH RUSSIAN YURI FELSHTINSKY. All our greatest heroes are Russians.

    You, meanwhile, witless ape that you are, don’t have a single bad word to say about the Putin regime’s catastrophic failure to respond appropriately to this disaster or to manage terorrism, which is spreading unchecked in Russia’s southern regions. It’s the filthy likes of you that really hates Russia and is working feverishly to see it utterly destroyed.

  17. HAHAHAHA. I just wanted to see if the legends of your childishness are true. Wow, you should be a lawyer, that’s a really good counter argument, just insulting someone like that. I didn’t realize you are just some teenager in a basement somewhere, I thought perhaps you were an adult, but I was obviously wrong. Well done, great job setting up a forum for mature constructive intellectual dialogue. No wonder no one takes you seriously.


    Just FYI, you hilariously ignorant little insect, it doesn’t really show you have a serious attitude towards this massive loss of life that you type “ha ha” in capital letters, does it?

    And, FYI, this blog has been cited by leading world media outlets from the New York Review of Books to the Associated Press to the Moscow Times, and it’s one of the most heavily trafficked Russia blogs in the world — and it’s by far the most heavily commented upon Russia blog on the planet. Your delusionsal ravings hardly indicate a person who himself is taken seriously by anyone. Perhaps including himself.

  18. Oh, yes, you’re just like Martin Luther King. If you read his works, his style is really quite similar to yours. He constantly called people “braying jackasses.” Very mature.

    • Appears that another clueless racist kremlinoid “nashi” found this web site.

      Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes:

      “Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”

      “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”

      “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically… Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

      “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencious stupidity.”

      “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

      “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

      “Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

      “The first question which the priest and the Levite asked was: “If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?” But… the good Samaritan reversed the question: “If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?””


      “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.”

  19. Abu Ghraib scandal was a liberal media-induced hysteria about American service personnel subjecting detainees to abuse.

    I have read the accounts of the actual abuse and must admit that I was not impressed – most of the deeds sound like party pranks to me and one would have to endure worse “tortures” during the secret initiations to get into college fraternities :)

    For an example of real tortures Russian style may I suggest the article below which received no media attention.


    And a question to Sergey Shelukhin once you perused the article – you call “atrocities” when American woman holds a naked Iraqi prisoner by the leash. What do you call smashing prisoners fingers and knee caps with a hammer?

    • I heard that the female guards at Abu Ghraib exposed themselfs’ to the prisoners and touched them with their breasts. Ouch! What man can endure such tourture?

      • Sorry, but I still count that, as a staunch American NeoCon. Sexual torture remains torture, and it was one of the favorites of the female members of the KGB.

        In short, it still counts.

  20. Oh yes, no atrocities at all happened at Abu Ghraib…The prisoners were just being big babies, right?

    • Actual atrocities happened at Abu Ghraib, yes, but it was under the regime of Saddam Hussein. This was the source of the nearby mass graves. Thousands of people “disappeared” there forever.

      Look out for the films of torture AND killings there (people simply shot, blown up alive with explosives, pushed down from the roof while also alive) on the internet, compare with the American abuse scandal (Saddam’s era practice was of course no scandal, some of this was even shown on the Iraqi TV in order to terrorize people), and return to tell me what do you think about it now.

      You want to know something about the old Iraq? Atrocities? How about genocide? No, not the idiotic Russian definition of genocide. Let me quote you something:

      Several thousand Kurdish villages were destroyed, forcing residents to live in appalling camps. In at least 40 cases, Iraqi forces under Saddam’s cousin, Ali Hassan al-Majid, used chemical weapons to kill and chase Kurds from their villages. Then, during the Anfal campaign from February to September 1988, Iraqi troops swept through the highlands of Iraqi Kurdistan rounding up everyone who remained in government-declared “prohibited zones.” Some 100,000 Kurds, mostly men and boys, were trucked to remote sites and executed. Only seven are known to have escaped.

      According to a 1988 audiotape of a meeting of leading Iraqi officials published by Human Rights Watch, al-Majid vowed to use chemical weapons against the Kurds, saying: “I will kill them all with chemical weapons! Who is going to say anything? The international community? F*** them!

      • So let me ask you something: If you were accused of murder, would your defense be to point out how other people have murdered in even more brutal ways? I don’t remember claiming that Iraq under Hussein was some kind of utopia. Actually, I don’t think anyone even mentioned Iraq under Hussein, did they? So I don’t really see the relevancy of any of what you just wrote. It’s like I say that Pearl Harbor is a bad movie, and your defense is that Armageddon is worse. It just doesn’t make any sense. You watch a lot of Fox News, don’t you?

        • No, you wrote:

          “Oh yes, no atrocities at all happened at Abu Ghraib…”

          So yes, just earlier. And are almost completely unknown outside Iraq. Abu Ghraib was a long-time Iraqi household symbol of the Saddam terror, so re-opening the prison there was bad in the first place – it’s like if the invading Vietnamese kept their Cambodian prisoners at Tuol Sleng after 1978 (mind you the Soviet “liberators” actually kept Auschwitz, Buchenwald and several other ex-Nazi camps running for a time being, and many thousands of civilians died there after 1945). You need some perspective, and for this I say you watch some Mukhabarat/Fedayeen home videos.

          For example:

    • Why is it so difficult for you to understand the differences between words “ABUSE”, “ATROCITY” , “TORTURE”?

      In Abu Ghraib service men were abusing prisoners and were rightfully punished. End of story.
      Did you read the article I posted – that is what I call torture and state mandated at that.

      I read recently about a muslim woman that American authorities had to undress and frisk due to a real suspicion she was carrying a bomb. Her lawyer is now suing the government claiming her being naked constitutes “torture”.
      The way American society slides down the drain pretty soon using a four letter word will be considered torture.

      Just read what actually transpired in Abu Ghraib and compare to events in article I posted and tell me that you dont see any difference.

  21. “Doesn’t hurt anyone”? Really?

  22. This is what chauvinist Western supremacism unleashed looks like… it is ironic that they use the eternal words of comrade MLK against the racism they purport to condemn, to further their own deviancies and bigotries.

    • How ironic.

      And you HONESTLY think Chauvenism is an insult? Have you ever HEARD of Nicholas Chauvin?

      And I love the irony of you lecturing us on MLK, given the abuses of Russia in Siberia, the Caucasus, and beyond.

      And what “deviancies” and “bigotries” are you referring to? You mean our noted dislike of tyrannical banana republic goons and the trolls who love them?

      I do believe that a wise man once staid that “Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.”

      Go back to your hole.

      • There is no good or evil. It is an invention of the aristocratic classes to justify their leeching on the poor and oppressed. No wonder it is the world’s foremost oppressors, the Westerners, who insist on speaking a language of good and evil to the Third World. Fanon was right. Violence is their only hope of regaining dignity.

        • Ah, an attempt to play Nietzsche. Tell me, knave, if there is no good or evil, if all morality is based on lies told by the “Haves” to oppress the “Have-Nots”, why do you get outraged when Islamist terrorists carve out the throats of Russian children- children not even young enough for puberty, children who have absolutely no idea why these men are doing this- while screaming “ALLAHU AKBAR?”

          And so we reach the singular point that demonstrates the bankrupt nature of such a thesis.

          And so does dignity exist outside of good and evil, and it does not even factor into the equation? I must remind you that even when the Red Army rampaged across Europe, the conscript and even on occasion his political officer would free the oppressed and largely exterminated masses from the living nightmare of places like Auschwitz in abject horror of what they saw?

          Was that gut reaction all about “dignity” without even a shred of morality?

          No wonder the traditional keeps of the “Jailhouse of Nations” talk hypocritically about dignity whille accusing the West of lying about there being a Right and Wrong.

          The only thing I can agree with you on is that Violence may well be the only hope of regaining dignity, liberty, and freedom available to some.

          Which brings me back to my prior point: if and when the Russian people or those in the “Sphere of Influence”” grow tired or fearful of Putin’s reign over their lives for whatever reason, I suggest you start sleeping with one eye open. Collaborators and abettors are usually not treated well during Liberation.

          • I hope to die a gruesome death by torture-murder at the hands of the CIA anyway. I will be a martyr for freedom.

            • “I hope to die a gruesome death by torture-murder at the hands of the CIA anyway.”

              Then you better hurry, guv’ner, because at the rate Obama & co are going, that won’t be avalible for much longer!

              “I will be a martyr for freedom.”

              Um, nope, sorry, that would require you actually fighting against Putin and his tyranny.

              But I suppose a “Martyr for tyranny” is good enough for you.

  23. Major attacks in Russia 1994-2009
    Today at 08:57 | Reuters Nov 28 (Reuters) – A bomb caused a Russian train crash that killed dozens of people and injured 100 more, officials said on Saturday, stoking fears of an upsurge in attacks in Russia’s heartland.

    The 14-carriage Nevsky Express carrying nearly 700 people was jolted off the rails on Friday night on the main line between Moscow and Russia’s second city, St Petersburg.

    The following is a chronology of major attacks on Russian soil over recent years:

    1994-1996 – Tens of thousands of people are killed in the first Chechen war.

    June 1995 – Chechen rebels seize hundreds of hostages in a hospital in the southern Russian town of Budennovsk. More than 100 people are killed during the rebel assault and a botched Russian commando raid.

    Jan 1996 – Chechen fighters take hundreds hostage in a hospital at Kizlyar in Dagestan, then move them by bus to Pervomaiskoye on the Chechen border. Most rebels escape but many hostages are killed when Russian forces attempt a rescue.

    Sept 1999 – Bombs destroy apartment blocks in Moscow, Buynaksk and Volgodonsk. More than 200 people are killed. Moscow blames Chechens who in turn blame Russian secret services.

    read rest at:


    • @Jan 1996 – Chechen fighters take hundreds hostage in a hospital at Kizlyar in Dagestan, then move them by bus to Pervomaiskoye on the Chechen border. Most rebels escape but many hostages are killed when Russian forces attempt a rescue.

      “Attempt a rescue”? No, what they did they attempted to kill everyone with heavy weapons. (They actually declared all of the hostages to be “executed” in advance of this “rescue” – the FSB chief Mikhail Barsukov said this personally.)

      The rebels saved most of their hostages from this “rescue” and released them all later in Chechnya (except the captured police and OMON, who were swapped for captives and the bodies left behind).

  24. He knows firsthand that Russia’s motorists are willing to stick their necks out. A few years ago, Mr. Formanchuk began protesting every time he was asked for a bribe, interrogating officers and filing formal complaints about each incident. In 2007, he went into a police station to register his car and was beaten so badly that he was hospitalized with brain and skull injuries.

    What happened then is the surprise: Motorists’ groups held demonstrations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. The protests were so widespread that they were covered by state-controlled television networks; a newscaster called the treatment of Mr. Formanchuk “outrageous.”

    Another rare outburst occurred in 2005, when a 36-year-old railroad worker, Oleg Shcherbinsky, was hit by the governor of Altai’s car as it tried to pass him at high speed while he was making a left turn. The governor was killed, and Mr. Shcherbinsky was sentenced to four years in a labor colony for failing to make way for the official.

    His sentence prompted huge protests, and motorists across Russia flew white ribbons in solidarity. The chorus of condemnation grew so loud that United Russia reversed its position and denounced the verdict. An appeals court released Mr. Shcherbinsky after 48 days in jail.


    • @Another rare outburst occurred in 2005, when a 36-year-old railroad worker, Oleg Shcherbinsky, was hit by the governor of Altai’s car as it tried to pass him at high speed while he was making a left turn. The governor was killed, and Mr. Shcherbinsky was sentenced to four years in a labor colony for failing to make way for the official.

      Sergei Ivanov’s (the KGB who has been Putin’s defense minister) son Alexander run over an elderly pedastrian woman on a crosswalk and of course got away with it:


      And guess what else?

      Criminal charges were later brought against Beridze’s (the victim) son-in-law, while Sergei Ivanov publicly declared that his son had suffered intense moral and physical trauma from the incident. Shortly thereafter, the criminal case against Alexander Ivanov was closed.

  25. @”And what of the Islamists slitting the throats of Russian children in school, are they doing good as well?”

    This didn’t happen except in tabloids and the early wild rumors.

  26. @”not that the KGB even exists outside Belarus anyway. Lol.”

    I guess the KGB of South Ossetia would feel quite offended by this.

  27. Ivan Stepanovic Konjev

    If the government has to go or not will solely be decided by the Russian people in elections and not by a gang of foreigners who want their in the90s stolen assets back!
    Take your pathetic “symphaties ” and stick it up your a**.
    We Russians don`t need your sympathy,we are masters of our own fate.

    • You’re not, actually. Your state has collapsed several times in the past century and is right on the verge of doing it again.

      You don’t rank in the top 130 nations of the world for lifespan. Your population is disappearing.

      Yet you repeat the mistakes of the past over and over again.

      Pride goeth before a fall.

      • Ivan Stepanovic Konjev

        The birth rate in the last few months witnessed a turnaround.
        Russias population is growing again.
        And for the first time in history we don`t live under an autocracy,flawed communist ideologies and chaos that joke creativity but in a free society.With flaws ,but improving.

        The fact of the matter is that we have gigantic resources,natural and human,that the rise of China will offer gigantic opportunities for us .
        The heart of the economy will in the future beat in Asia,and Russia owns a big chunk of it.
        And believe me we will exploit these opportunities ruthlessly…

        • Yes, your Muslim minorities in the south had even more children than usual and predictably few little alcohol-related deaths (most of deaths in Russia are alcohol-related this way or another). Congratulations, keep celebrating and never mind the statistics concerning ethnic Russians and the damage already done.

          No, it will be China to exploit your “non-autocratic, free” depopulated Asian wasteland ruthlessly.

          Oh, and the only time Russia was democratic was between February and November (or October, if you prefer) of 1917.

          But hey, live in you bubble dream if you want.

  28. This is exactly like writing:

    “Early on the morning on September 11, 2001, two airliners crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, killing everyone on board and many others working in the buildings. There were 2,976 deaths and 6,000+ injuries.

    Once again, it is difficult to know which is more horrifying, that the tragedy was caused by predictable American incompetence which the
    government is seeking to cover up by blaming it on terrorists, or that it was caused by an open assault from Islamic fanatics which the White
    House is unable or unwilling to control. Either way, no thinking person can fail to appreciate the damning proof of inadeqacy(sic) on the
    part of the Bush regime that incidents of this kind respresent(sic). Unfortunately, the American electorate is not rich in thinking people. “

  29. Arthur now your replying to posts from 5 weeks ago are you slow, mad or stupid?
    “get a life” your getting on my “wick”

  30. You are the best! Killer post once again. I found this blog last weekback on google and been keeping up with this killer content ever since. You’ve got some fantastic thoughts and I appreciate the info. Keep it going!

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