Photo Essay: It Seems Vladimir Putin is no Music Lover


It seems Russian “prime minister” Vladimir Putin is no music lover. Above is opposition leader Roman Dobrokhotov strumming on his guitar at an August 31st rally in Moscow. Care to guess what happened next?


A Russian blogger writes: “If you’re silent, they won’t touch you. As soon as you open your mouth, they’ll grab you. Very unpleasant and scary.”  (Молчишь и тебя не тронут.Только откроешь рот схватят.Очень не приятно и страшно.)

Hat tip: Global Voices.

5 responses to “Photo Essay: It Seems Vladimir Putin is no Music Lover

  1. Maybe Roman Dobrokhotov was playing…off-key?, or sour?
    No doubt, he was creating unhealthful ear-damaging, mind-rotting, cacaphony….?
    If only he had sweetly played, Putin’s favorite song: “We all love and adore Comrade Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin, Our Fearless Leader and Savior, May He Reign and Rule and Live Forever!”
    Apparently, if one in today’s Russia, doesn’t want OMON to break up your guitar, and crack your head open, one needs to play the right song !

  2. You mean something like this maybe?

  3. I was looking for the OMON somewhere already at the first picture.

  4. Shame on us all! for showing disrespect for, The Dear Leader. (oops! that so-named fellow, is the pot-bellied little Korean-nutter, the El Supremo of N. Korea!)
    Oh well, what is the difference between them?
    One nutcase stalin-admirer terrorizes his little cowpatch of a country, and threatens to nuke the rest of us, the other wacko stalin-admirer in Moscow, is ruining a much larger portion of the planet., but also threatening the world.
    When they both are history, then….we can have a little song at their expense: ‘Happy Days Are Here Again!”

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