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(1)  EDITORIAL:  Putin lies as the Nation Dies

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Let them Eat Cupcakes

(3)  Crisis in Belarus

(4)  Crisis in the Caucasus

(5)  Kozlovsky Twitters in English

NOTE:  Pajamas Media has powerful new evidence that Barack Obama’s book Dreams from my Father was ghost-written by lunatic terrorist William Ayers, a man with who Obama claimed during the campaign he had no significant relationship.   Oh Nobama! Say it ain’t so, Mr. Prez.  Or, say you’ll resign.

EDITORIAL: Putin lies as the Nation Dies


Putin lies as the Nation Dies

Once again, instead of facing a dangerous threat to the health of the Russian people, the Putin regime’s only response is lies and coverup. Well, what else can we expect from a clan of proud KGB spies whose forefathers have liquidated far more Russians than any foreign enemy ever dared to dream of doing?

The Wall Street Journal reports:

A top Russian virologist’s charge that health authorities are drastically understating the number of cases of H1N1, or swine, flu — a claim that senior health officials fiercely rejected — has raised questions about Russia’s claims to be relatively unaffected by the pandemic. The controversy started late Sunday, when state television carried an interview with Dmitry Lvov, head of the government’s Institute of Virology, who reported what he said was Russia’s first death from H1N1 influenza, saying his institute had tested a sample from the victim. Dr. Lvov, one of the country’s most prominent health specialists, also said there were “tens of thousands” of H1N1 cases in Russia, far more than the 381 the government officially reports.   In his TV interview, Dr. Lvov accused Dr. Onishchenko’s agency of trying to cover up the scale of the outbreak to conceal the failure of their efforts to keep it out of Russia. Dr. Onishchenko rejected those allegations.

Tens of thousands.  Once again, just to be clear:  Tens of thousands. And the government has reported what?  381.

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EDITORIAL: Let them Eat Cupcakes



Let them Eat Cupcakes

If you think those are Americans lining up to scarf down cupcakes, you’re very much mistaken.

They’re Arabs.  And they’re not in America.

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Crisis in Belarus

pictureRobert Amsterdam translates from Lenta.ru:

They have advised Medvedev not to awaken guerrillas in Byelorussians

Representatives of the Byelorussian opposition Yevgeny Afnagel and Dmitry Dashkevich have turned with an open letter to president of the RF Dmitry Medvedev. They express protest against the introduction of Russian troops onto the territory of the republic (Russian subdivisions have been thrown over into Byelorussia within the framework of training exercises). In the opinion of the oppositioneers, the introduction of Russian troops into Byelorussia creates a threat for its independence.

“We, Byelorussians, – a patient and amicable people. However we likewise love freedom and are prepared to fight for it. Do not awaken partisans [guerrillas–Trans.] in Byelorussians, Dmitry Anatolievich!”, – is said in the letter.

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Crisis in the Caucasus

Paul Goble reports:

The recent increase in attacks on religious leaders and ordinary citizens in the North Caucasus, the editors of Nezavisimaya Gazeta say, highlights a dangerous new development in that region: the increasing role of radical extremists who do not feel themselves limited by any moral considerations.  As a result, the Moscow paper says in an unsigned editorial, the conflict in the North Caucasus bears all the signs of “a civil war” in which everyone is a potential victim, a development, the paper continues, that Moscow in recent months appears to be almost entirely oblivious.

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Oleg Kozlovsky Twitters in English

Opposition leader Oleg Kozlovsky is now Twittering in English. Here are some of the latest entries (including the big news that his new wife is already pregnant! way to go, Oleg!):

After yesterday’s illegal arrests, Oborona with its friendly orgs held a protest right in metro trains today – http://tinyurl.com/l7h32d1:44 PM Sep 21st from Echofon

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