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(1)  EDITORIAL:  Kadyrov, gone Wilding

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Another Russophile Worm Turns

(3)  A Bird named Yeltsin in a Gilded Cage

(4)  Heroin Addiction Spreads like Wildfire in Russia

(5)  Beware of Russian Cyber Gangs

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EDITORIAL: The Latest Barbaric Outrage from Russia’s Man in Chechnya


The Latest Barbaric Outrage from Russia’s Man in Chechnya

Last week, Russia was formally convicted after a trial once again for barbaric abuses of human rights in Chechnya by the European Court for Human Rights.  Last year, Russia was convicted more than 200 times for everything from kidnapping to murder by the ECHR, and already this year it has been ordered to pay more than $700,000 to its victims in the Caucasus region.  But the Kremlin, of course, goes right on flouting international law, and it’s only response to the convictions has been to threaten to reject the court’s jurisdiction.

That is, until recently.  In the past few months the Kremlin has hit upon a new masterstroke:  Blame the CIA.  That’s right, the CIA.

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EDITORIAL: Another Russophile Worm Turns


Another Worm Turns

Census Cancellation is Embarrassment for Russia
Army Corruption Creates “Soldier Slaves”
Why Russians don’t Like Money
Russia’s South Ravaged by Terrorist Attacks
Russian Economy in Steep Drop
FSB Involvement in Lebanon?

If you are a Russophile looking back on that sampling of headlines from posts we’ve published over the past six weeks, your blood probably begins to boil, doesn’t it?  “Those rat bastard Russophobic racists!” you probably exclaim, don’t you?  And we have to admit ourselves, that’s a pretty fierce barrage of Russia-bashing even by our standards, over such a short span of time.

Except of course that we didn’t write a single one of those posts. Every one of them was published in the past six weeks by Russia Blog a/k/a “The Real Russia Project,” which has seemingly been taken over by the head honcho of the Discovery Institute himself, Bruce Chapman — pushing Russian citizen/spy, Putin collaborator, Russia Today flunkie and Russia Blog editor Yuri Mamchur roughly to the periphery (all but one of the above posts were written by Chapman and one was actually written by Mamchur himself, who’s clearly been taken to the woodshed).

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A bird named Yeltsin in a Gilded Cage

The Moscow Times reports:

President Boris Yeltsin spent his retirement in a “golden cage,” his phone tapped and the Kremlin controlling visitors, former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov said in excerpts from a forthcoming book.

Vladimir Putin, who replaced Yeltsin as president in 2000, forced Yeltsin to celebrate his 75th birthday in the Kremlin and controlled the guest list, Kasyanov wrote in his memoir, excerpts of which were published in the opposition weekly The New Times this week.

“Yeltsin was very upset that they forced him to celebrate his birthday in the Kremlin and not as he wanted, freely, informally,” Kasyanov wrote in the book.

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Heroin Addiction Spreads like Wildfire in Russia

The Los Angeles Times reports:

The young man named Anton is a member of Russia’s “lost generation.”

He’s the son of middle-class, college-educated engineers; he studied at a good university and became a truck sales manager in Moscow. He’s also a 28-year-old heroin addict.

In the years since the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan triggered a sharp increase in poppy cultivation, Russia has been flooded with heroin. The drug has crept along a trail stretching from Afghanistan through Tajikistan and other Central Asian nations and over the Russian border, turning this country into the world’s top consumer of heroin, the government says.

The drug has spread like fire through a country uniquely unqualified to cope with its dangers: Narcotics were largely absent during Soviet times, and most people are still unaware of the risk of heroin addiction, even as an estimated 83 Russians a day die by overdosing on the drug, government figures show.

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Beware of Russian Cyber Gangs!

PC World reports:

Russian cybergangs have established a robust system for promoting Web sites that sell fake antivirus software, pharmaceuticals and counterfeit luxury products, according to a new report from security vendor Sophos.

To sell bogus goods, many of those sites rely on hundreds of “affiliate networks,” which are essentially contractors that find ways to direct Web users to the bad sites, wrote Dmitry Samosseiko, a Sophos analyst. He made a presentation this week at the Virus Bulletin security conference in Geneva.

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