Another Neo-Soviet Dissident is Born

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Prof. Petr Khomyakov, the Russian scientist and writer, said during his press conference in Kyiv Aug. 13 that he is outraged by Pres Medvedev arrogant letter to Pres Yushchenko and has asked for political asylum in Ukraine.
“Medvedev’s hardball attack against Pres Yushchenko has been due to the fact that nourishing a foreign enemy hoax is Kremlin’s last chance to remain in power. The Russian regime, let alone Russia, is far from stable. Despite its token stability, Russia is very close to collapse,” Homyakov said.

By Aug. 2010, the Russian scientist forecast, Russia may find itself on the brink of existence.

“I am loath to live in present-day Russia, in the country which restores the worst features of totalitarian regime and meddles with democratic development of its neighbors. By appealing to Pres Yushchenko for political asylum, I want to save my life which can be crushed by the regime’s lawlessness. I hope. I will be useful in promoting civilized social, economic and political relationships on the post-Soviet space,” he added.

The Russian professor has sent a letter to Pres Yushchenko, requesting political asylum, saying the Russian authorities have accused him of creating an extremist organization and filed a criminal case.

In his comments to our correspondent in Kyiv, Homyakov said Kremlin will try to play off a gas card to back its presidential candidate in Ukraine.

“In such situations, the Russian regime typically resorts to gas leverage, and this is likely to happen. Given the Russian regime’s increasing arrogance, they will put it bluntly: “If you elect our candidate we will cut the gas price by $15. If you elect another candidate, we will hike the gas price by $50,” Homyakov noted.

The life in Ukraine is more civilized and democratic, Homyakov went on, and this can be seen at the first glance. “Unlike Russia, there is political life in Ukraine. Russia is a closed regime run by a clan that grabbed power. The transfer of power is subject to clan traditions,” he said.

4 responses to “Another Neo-Soviet Dissident is Born

  1. He’s going to be safe in Ukraine?!? The dude had better by a Doberman Pinscher and a Geiger counter. Best of luck to him.

  2. Barb ,
    What an innate comment !

    Not that it matters , but you are obviously not
    aware of the fact that in the past few years there
    have been quite a number of moscovites and
    others who chose to live in Ukraine much for
    the same reason as Khomyakov and they have
    neither been nuked nor otherwise met their
    doom .

    • Except, and the point missed entirely by you, those other Russians hadn’t publically denounced Putin at a press conference.


      Polonium, gun shot wounds, falls out windows, Basmanny justice, whatever, people that cross the Pootie regularly meet with unnatural ends.

  3. I don’t think one will be put “on a secret service payroll” for doing that “discrediting.” The idea of Russian nationalism is so revoltingly odious that it is hardly necessary to discredit it any more. As they used to say in the ancient Rome, res ipsa loquitor — the thing speaks for itself. I think the Black Hundreds were comprised of Russian nationalists, were they not?

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