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(1)  EDITORIAL:  Putin is Making our Job too Easy

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russia Today, in the Gutter

(3)  The Endless Lies of Russian “Journalists”

(4)  Photo Essay:  Holy Bling-Bling, Batman!

(5)  Annals of Russian Espionage

NOTE:  Inspired by links from leading LR commenter “Robert” publisher Kim Zigfeld excoriates Barack Obama for backing away from missile defense in Eastern Europe in the latest installment of her Pajamas Media Russia column.  Obama is the new Chamberlain! We cannot say we are surprised.

NOTE:  Kim also has her latest installment on the powerful American Thinker blog up and running now, exposing the disgraceful efforts of an American PR firm to help Russia lie about its aggression against Georgia.

EDITORIAL: You’re Making it too Easy for us, Mr. Putin


You’re Making it too Easy for us, Mr. Putin

It used to be somewhat challenging to expose the fraud that is Vladimir Putin. The smokescreen around him, created by the accident of soaring world crude prices, combined with his malignant ability to lie without shame or remorse, were somewhat formidable obstacles.

But now, it’s like shooting fishkies in a barrel. Putin is getting desperate, and he’s getting very sloppy.

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EDITORIAL: Russia Today, wallowing in the Gutter


 Russia Today, wallowing in the Gutter

The Navy proves UFOs are real!  They’ve landed, and we’ll tell you where they are! They’re everywhere!!

Scientists invent a camera that sees your soul!

Hairdresser turns robber into sex slave!

You may think we are recounting recent headlines from The National Enquirer, but we’re not.  These are the “new stories” offered to “readers” by the Kremlin’s online propaganda machine “Russia Today.”

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The Endless lies of Russian “Journalists”

Reader and frequent commenter “Andrew” points us to the following piece by Echo of Moscow radio’s Matviy Hanapolsky on Radio Free Europe exposing the fraud that is modern Russian “journalism”:

The television screen shows an elderly woman of around 80, badly dressed. She is an Ossetian, lives in Tskhinvali, and witnessed the tragic events of last year’s Russian-Georgian war.These investigative reports always follow the same scenario: the villains are at bottom, the mid-level boss is good, but all hopes lie with Putin, and because Putin exists, a bright future awaits us.

She was recalling how Georgian troops forced their way into her home. “They were wearing American military uniforms and had American weapons,” she says. “There was a chief instructor with them, he gave them orders in English.”

The camera continues to focus on the woman as she speaks. The journalist doesn’t interrupt. He doesn’t ask how someone who has never in her life seen anything except her own cow knows what kind of weapons and uniforms the soldiers wore, or how she could be sure the commands were in English.

The journalist knows, which is why he doesn’t interrupt. He and his group are the authors of this disinformation series that will be triumphantly screened by Russian state TV channels.

The woman was told what to say, and she is saying what she was told to. The journalist doesn’t conceal his face: state TV and radio pay handsomely, and the Russian media operate on the principle “five minutes of ignominy and you can live comfortably for the rest of your life.”

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Photo Essay: Holy bling-bling, Batman!

A $30,000 Breguet wristwatch

A $30,000 Breguet wristwatch

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Annals of Russian Espionage

Nataniel J. Nicholson

Nataniel J. Nicholson

AFP reports:

The son of a notorious CIA double-agent jailed in 1997 for spying for Russia has also pleaded guilty to espionage charges, the US Department of Justice said.

Nathaniel Nicholson, 25, appeared Thursday before District Judge Anna Brown and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government and conspiracy to commit money laundering, a statement said.

Harold Nicholson, 58, the highest-ranking CIA officer ever convicted of spying, was jailed in 1997 and is serving a 23-year prison sentence. He must also answer the latest conspiracy charges but has pleaded not guilty.

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