EDITORIAL: Putin the Man, the Myth, the Monster


Putin the Man, the Myth, the Monster

In February of 2006, Roman Kupchinsky of Radio Free Europe wrote an article about about Vladimir Putin’s involvement with the St. Petersburg Mining Instiute, which Kupchisnky called “one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Russia, which traces its history back to 1773.”  He noted that “in 1997 Putin defended his doctoral dissertation examining how natural resources can contribute to regional economies and strategic planning” and then, two years later, wrote an article for the Institute’s Journal in which he continued his dissertation analysis and “posited that hydrocarbons were key to Russia’s development and the restoration of its former power. He argued that the most effective way to exploit this resource was through state regulation of the fuel sector, and by creating large and vertically integrated companies that would work in partnership with the state.”

Oops.  One month later, thanks to the efforts of the left-wing think tank Brookings Institution, the world learned that:

  • The unknown person (or persons) who actually wrote the paper had not really “written” it either, but rather simply copied large sections of it from American textbooks
  • The degree for which the thesis had been submitted was not doctoral but subdoctoral, so Putin was handed a degree he had not even theoretically, much less actually, earned

Ouch.  Given all that, it’s hardly likely that Putin had written the Journal article, either. 

To date, no disciplinary action of any kind has been taken against Putin, probably because his actions are perfectly normal in the context of Russian higher “education” — though to be sure most cheating, lying students are only given the degrees their papers qualify for, not the highest one in existence.

Our lead item today highlights Putin’s direct role in the massive loss of life that occured during the Beslan hostage crisis.  And that’s actually small potatoes compared to Putin’s role in the Moscow apartment bombings, which so many have lost their lives seeking to expose.  It’s to say nothing of the massive campaign of state-sponsored murder in Chechnya which Putin ordered, and for which he has been convicted over and over again in the European Court for Human rights (now, Putin is in the process of repudiating the court’s jurisdiction and refusing to pay further judgments).

What more evidence does the world require?

Putin is a cowardly thug and bully, and this was recently revealed in a humiliating exchange with the wife of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.  When Putin accused Solzhenitsyn of writing “propaganda” his wife publicly corrected Putin, who accepted the correction and changed his wording.  The incident stands in stark contrast to the craven manner in which the oligarchs responded to Putin’s bullying at Pikalyovo.

Like all bullies, Putin uses crude threats to mask his weakness and his cowardice.  When confronted by courage and strength, Putin has no idea how to respond and instantly capitulates.  It is time the people of Russia, and the world, realized who and what Putin is before he, like Stalin before him, drives the nation over the precipice of doom.


8 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin the Man, the Myth, the Monster


    You were warned, and ignored our warnings. You had a platform for your views, now it’s gone. In our view, very foolish and childish behavior. Goodbye forever, Eugene.

  2. Dunderhead ,
    Learn to spell .
    One of the ” claque ” .


    “You were warned, and ignored our warnings. You had a platform for your views, now it’s gone. In our view, very foolish and childish behavior. Goodbye forever, Eugene.”

    Eugene, learn how to behave right with idiots of all shapes and sizes sitting around the US sponsored feeding traugh inside and outside Russia “something like Novaya Gazeta” in that number. This sort of American propaganda on Russia is a kind of ideological sadism for a person with some intellect. Have seen lots of US sponsored dorks from the US “independent funds”in Russia, funnily though 75% of them proved to be Jews with Israeli passports like Nemtsov. Nemtsov, Kasparov (US passport), Politkovskaya (US passport) had/have nothing to do with real Russians as far as I can judge from my own experiance here in Russia. I wonder what could be the reaction of most Americans if Russia could have the same feeding trough with a bunch of “independently” fed clowns on a tight leash inside the US mass-media.
    I wish you well, Eugene.


    We will leave this racist garbage from this worthless piece of excrement stand as yet one more insight into the true nature of those who are Vladimir Putin’s friends. In that respect, we thank the commenter very kindly for his service.

    • To RTS – re: US sponsored Jews on a tight leash inside US mass-media…

      Some follow – up: 1. Do these Jews have any less ability to express themselves honestly and based in reality? I personally know several who are working in both independent media and funded media – and they are expressing their own experiences and opinions. Many of them (where the sites allow feedback) have experienced responses/comments on just this very theme somehow discounting them because they may even have Jewish sounding names.

      As far as tight leash – what are your comments based on? I know one or two organizations that ARE funded – and they are the most sloppily organized and controlled projects, with actually socialist/liberal types managing their sites who usually even have no idea what their writers are really saying. Often there IS no agenda or guidance. So, what leash are you talking about?

      As far as the majority of mainstream US media, they have very little depth on Russia, and usually follow the lead of their European (UK in particular) counterparts in sourcing articles, and even then make some mistakes. Almost none of their leads has had any extended time in Russia. Frankly, it just isn’t that interesting to the average American – so its logical from the mainstream media standpoint.

      However, that should not lead any Russian policy makers to think that they are not being observed as to the vast disconnect between their sayings and their actions. We do get a nice laugh about the pat statements coming out of the Russian American Business Summit (July 7th in Moscow) and you might fool some of those gullible, liberal “professionals” at State, but not those who are in the know…

  4. This is just the typical continuing kremlin mentality. They steal others’ stuff, and claim it as their own. BTW did you know that rooshans invented Swiss cheese? Star Trek fans may remember Chekov?

  5. Kavkazwatcher:

    Yes, they do have LESS ability to express themselves in Rooosha having a foreign passport in their pockets. Let them express their own experiences and opinions MORE in Israel and on Israeli burning issues.

    Might I ask you to be more specific on this? Did you mean Soros Open Society Institute, Ford Foundation, Henry M. Jackson Foundation, , Bradley Foundation, Guggenheim Foundation, J.M. Kaplan Fund, Scaife Foundation, Liberty Road, MacArthur Foundation or state-sponsored United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to name a few. All of them with their messianic ideology are well presented in “undemocratic” Russia funding destructive opposition groups.

    He who pays the piper, calls the tune. Market economy basic principles, you know – “anything you want for your money”.

    Most probably you meant to say not “others’stolen stuff” but “common knowlidge” and you would seem to be on the right track.
    < “We will leave this racist garbage from this worthless piece of excrement stand as yet one more insight into the true nature of those who are Vladimir Putin’s friends.”

    Do not throw heavy objects at me or I’ll call you a bad name. :-(

    • RTS:
      “state-sponsored”… USAID. Do you even know what you are talking about? USAID is NOT state sponsored, it is a US federal office in its own right, with its own missions mostly benefiting American private contractors, whilst in the process supporting some countries.

      As far as many of the others those are NOT state sponsored at all, and are private philanthropic orgs. which each have their own ideas about what to do, definitely they will not be dictated to by the federal government, unless they are applying a specific grant that they have won.

      Finally, market based economy? Each of those philanthropic orgs is definitely not market oriented, and again are usually run by less capital-motivated individuals. Aside from that their organizational skills are usually lacking and most grant providers have very little idea about what their funds are doing outside of the head offices.

      Sorry, will not disclose the orgs names, suffice it to say that I have had close dealings with several of them. If LR wishes I will be happy to disclose them specifically, with details, to him/her – confidentially, and off-the-record.

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